Public Program and Impressions, Evening

Natura Artis Magistra, Amsterdam (Holland)

1994-07-31 Public Program, Natura Artis Magistra, Amsterdam, Holland (Hindi), 92'
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1994-07-31 Impressions of Public Program, Natura Artis Magistra, Amsterdam, Holland, (Hindi), 33'
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Public Program in Hindi, Artis, Amsterdam, 31st July 1994, Translation

I bow to all the seekers of truth. First of all you should know that truth is what it is. You cannot change it. You cannot describe it. And the biggest thing to understand is that it cannot have any kind of reconciliation, or compromise with untruth. Truth is absolute. It cannot be different. People talk of different things, there is definitely something wrong there. So one should know first what this truth is. Truth is that you are not this mind, body, not all your thoughts or your emotions. You are the true spirit.

Unless you become one with the spirit you cannot get any satisfaction. Your search may never be over. So let us desire to become the spirit. People explain numerous things to you. Do this or that. Do penances, do fasts. You have done it all in your previous birth. This birth is to achieve the truth. And to get the truth, the right time has also come. It is very beautifully described in the “Nal Damayanti Vyakhyaan” how this time had to come. Once Nal caught hold of Kali and wanted to kill him, because Kali made him part with his wife. Nal said it is good for Kali to die. It should be his end. Kali said, “Let me die, but first hear my Mahatmya (significance).” “What is your Mahatmya? You only put confusion into the minds of people.” asked Nal. He replied, “When I rule, the people of Kaliyuga will go into bhraanti (confusion), and many people will put other people also into confusion. Their search for truth will be very strong at that time. And those who have been looking for God, who have been doing penances for ages in forests and mountains, they will all come into the world as common folk and they will get their salvation.” Similarly, many people in our country have talked about and discussed about this particular time.

Now all of you have left India and come here. But you people have retained many of your traditions. I am surprised how you all still understand Hindi so well. It’s pretty(really surprising?) amazing that even in this culture you have saved your culture and you have also read some old books. But what should be the purpose of all this hard work that we do in the name of religion? It is only for salvation. And this salvation has become very easy nowadays. I have also contributed in making this happen.

In earlier days, one master had only one pupil. This system lasted for thousands of years. Then these Nathpanthis came and they gave boons to a few people. You all would (must) have read about Raja Janaka who had only one disciple Nachiketa, who was also given realisation after many tests. Now there are some great gurus in India who are mostly hidden. They tell me that today’s human beings have nothing to do with realisation. They are lying in the middle of worldly affairs. They chase money and women. They run after false gurus. Now we must understand the Divine has nothing to do with money. Those who ask for money from people, who come as masters, we must see what good they are doing. Are they filling their pockets? This understanding is much needed. And your children will see that the people, who are teaching religion, are not religious themselves. And then they can also take to the wrong path.

Especially in this country of yours, people have created many problems. They do wrong things that your children will do tomorrow. As your culture cannot control them, they will ask, “Tell us, why you do all this. What have you gained?” So Sahaja Yoga is very important. Especially you all have come from British Guyana and from other places also. So you have to understand the purpose of your culture. Till now I never kept contact with Indians abroad, mostly. Sometimes, even if someone tried, I did not notice. That’s because few people who were coming to our programme, would sit in front and would leave half way through the programme. Finally these people said, “Mother, we will not let the Indians come. They come and leave halfway through the programme. It does not look good. We will not let them insult you. They have no respect for anyone.” So I thought okay, so be it. But then someone said that it is not right. Wherever Indians are they have to know you and respect you, and they should also have the innate advantage of Sahaja Yoga. After all, why should they be left out? I said, “Yoga cannot be forced. Those who really want it can achieve it”.

It is surprising that all the work is so spontaneous in Sahaja Yoga. This energy called Kundalini resides within you. Maybe you have heard about it. It is the ancient knowledge of our scriptures. According to them, by awakening this power settled within you, you become saintly. You become a saint, an ‘Auliya’, a realised soul. Krishna has described it as the path of liberation. You become established in this state, called as ‘Stith Pragnya’. All these things happen on their own, because all the powers are within you, in a dormant state. As they are awakened you can see how much you have changed. Where you have reached! To achieve this, people used to face so many hardships.

With this happening, first and foremost, you get physical benefits. As soon as this power rises it gets connected to the all pervading power of divine consciousness lying all around us. We all know that. It’s not something I need to tell you, that there is a divine energy in this world that does all the work of the creation. All the living work is done by this energy. It’s like flowers, it is no surprise to see them, but it is such a miracle! Similarly, your heart, if you ask the doctor, who runs it, then they will say it is self operated. Who is this Self? It is autonomous. Auto who? But they do not have answer to these questions. Science cannot give answers to everything. If you ask them why we came into this world, there is no answer. So this search, this seeking for inner knowledge is very much in India. And a few other places too. It would be unfair to say it is not there in any other place.

But like it happened in all religions it also happened here. Vivekananda used to say that our own religion is only “Braahamanachar” (Principles of conduct for men) and “Striyachar” (principles of conduct for women).

But only the one who knows Brahma should be called as Brahman. We call him “Dwija” in Sanskrit language. Dwija means born again. A bird is also called as Dwija. The bird is born twice. First it comes as an egg, and then it becomes a bird. There is a total change, a big transformation between the two states. So Dwija is the one, who is reborn. No one becomes a Brahman by wearing a sacred thread. And without knowing Brahma a true Brahman cannot be satisfied either. So whether you are Brahman or not, you may be of any race, but unless you get to know yourself, unless you have recognised that pure spirit, unless it is in your consciousness, and shows up in what we call the “Majja Sanstha” or the central nervous system, until then you have not found anything.

Buddha also comes from the word “Bodha”. Bodha means to know something on your central nervous system. Similarly Vedas, “Veda” has come from the word “Vid”. Vid also means the same thing as Bodha. The first verse of the Vedas says that, even if you have read the whole Veda but still have not realised your Spirit, then it is useless for you. So you may try to explain it in many words, but unless and until you experience it, there is no point.

When this experience happens you will see that your Kundalini rises up the spine, through the six chakras and then flows from your Sahasrara, which we call as the fontanel bone. In Sanskrit it is called “Talu”. When she’s out of this Talu, the integration with the cosmic energy takes place. Now this Divine energy is known by many names – Muslims call it “Ruh”, and Christians call it “The cool breeze of the Holy Ghost”, we call it “Param Chaitanya”. It must be called vibrations, divine vibrations, which we feel; it is the power of the Goddess. It’s also called as “Spanda”. People have written a lot about it, worked a lot on it, but they have forgotten the real and got lost in the hypocrisy game. And all these hypocrites, they only make money and give you all kinds of fake explanations. People accept everything in the name of religion. Many of you are from UP and Bihar, and in UP, Bihar there is so blatant hypocrisy, you know. Now, Kabira has called Kundalini as “Surti”. And there tobacco is called Surti. What can I say? Kundalini is your Mother; she gives you your second birth. People started to call it tobacco! “Give me some Surti” they say. Surti, Zarda etc, so they have named it. What stupidity! It’s like calling the Divine a monster.

Thus many wrong things happened in our country and people don’t even know. I talked to them in Bihar about Kundalini. They thought I was talking about “Kundali” that is horoscope. I had to tell them, no it is the Kundalini energy, which is within you. So now we’ve forgotten everything that was our real knowledge and are running after everything else which is illusion. There are so many fake people – someone does magic, someone gives diamonds, and someone gives ash. Where have you seen God doing works like this? Is this God’s work? We have to ask for the real from God. But our attention is always on the fake things. That is the reason so many such fake people have mushroomed. They will tell you that I will tell your future, or I’ll do ill of another man, or I will make him better. All these things don’t exist in God’s Kingdom. God is purity. And you should also get this purity. Unless and until you are pure, you cannot enjoy it.

This can happen only in Sahaja Yoga. Now you’ll be surprised that in Delhi University three doctors have received their MD in Sahaja Yoga. And I can tell you for real that with Sahaja Yoga we have cured many diseases like cancer. And those who got cured were told they had only a month to live. It’s been more than nine years now – they are still alive and are doing very well. They are great artists, great architects, and no ordinary people. They are happy, nice human beings, just that they had such terrible diseases especially blood cancer. And they were cured without any medication by their own inner power.

Thus you can yourselves treat many diseases, spontaneously. You can. You know on your fingers which centres are caught up. You know your centres and also of others. The collective consciousness is now awakened in you. So you are now collectively conscious. You get this new dimension, that you can see what is the trouble of others and also your own. If you can see it and also know how to fix it, you can do it for yourself and also for others. Because who are you and who is the other then? All are in the same ocean. When a drop becomes the ocean it understands everything about the ocean. In the same way you know about everyone, and there is no “other” left. Now you know about everyone, so if they desire, you can surely improve their heath at least. Secondly, many people now have mental problems also. People even go mad. Many people go mad. And these mad people can be cured by Sahaja Yoga.

Now here I have seen this madness in the Hare Rama Hare Krishna people. In our country, everybody greats each other by saying, “Rama Rama” or “Hare Krishna”. Will that lead you to God? And will you get your salvation? And then they keep begging from everyone in the name of Krishna. When Krishna is Kubera! Should you beg from him? They go begging especially on the main streets of London. And the Indians there feel great pity for them. Let’s give some money to them. Every Saturday they go to South Hall begging around, and everyone gives them money, rice, etc. Did Krishna ask these beggars to leave their households and go begging like this? Krishna never said any such thing that you keep begging on the streets. And then they sell books. What’s the use of selling books? Even what’s the use of reading books? In our country Kabira has said, “Padhi padhi pundit murkh bhaye”. (Too much reading makes you a fool).


So I used to wonder how come priests become fools by too much reading. Now I have met many. They only see what they read and write. Who will practice what you have read and written? Who will do it? Like I said, if you are told to take medication for headaches, you are given a prescription. But if you keep on reading that prescription, and go on saying, take the prescription, take the prescription; will your headache go away? If you want to heal the headache then take the medication. Like it is written in the Gita and also in The Ramayana it has been written that you have to get your salvation. Become one with your spirit. It remained so, just written there. What have we done about it? Only we’ve increased other meaningless things unnecessarily. So much so that there are these Devadasis, now it’s getting over because some rules have been formed lately. Then these Kutches had this thing that their “Mahants”. They used to have relationship with every new bride. They used to call it God’s relation. This has also been caught now. In Hinduism at least this is good that the malpractices they have, government fixes it. They have done things for the women. Like earlier only the boy used to get all the money, now it’s equal between boys and girls. So in Hinduism, at least corrections can be made. Not in Muslim religion. You cannot change even a little bit. Even if you talk about a little change, people are ready to kill you. There is no freedom. But this freedom also, people take to any limits. Once we saw, the place of Gyaneshwara, its called Alandi, there women go with a pot of basil full with soil and walk for miles. Now they are dizzy, have trouble getting and going. They faint in between but still continue no problem! What’s in it now? What is the need of Basil to Gyaneshwara? And what’s the need to get this heavy pitcher filled with soil and water? Such odd things. Pandharpur in Maharashtra has even more strange things. People go on pilgrimage to Pandharpur. They are called “Warkari”. They have to go there by foot and should walk for a month. A complete month and that also with torn clothes, they call it “Lattar” in Marathi. And when they reach, there are these people who are called “Badwe” who are the Brahmanas. And they break their skulls like coconuts. And then these people go crazy, and these Brahamanas say they have reached the “Unmanee dasha”, a very high state of being. So many odd things exist here. Now this Vishwanath temple in Varanasi. I went and I saw there, that these Panda people are robbing all the money. So I told them I will not come to your temple unless you stop all this money business.

There was a hidden door and the women wearing jewellery, etc. were pulled from there. They would rob them of their jewellery and make them prostitutes. Varanasi has many prostitutes. This type of life, how can it be religious? Those who speak of religion, how can they have interest in money? How can that be? How can they have interest in women? Or how can they fight for this land and that land?

Now Shri Ram Chandra Ji was born in that place its right. And it’s also true that the mosque was created at the birthplace. For this land they created such a brawl, because no one knows the truth. Someone asked me, Mother was Shri Ramchandraji born here? I said yes. He asked me, how do you know Mother? I told him I know because of this Divine consciousness. It is Shri Rama’s place. Then he said that the mosque was made to fall in 5 hours. And it is a fact that even seven bulldozers working for five days is also not enough to do that. So how did this happen? Now if you ask me I would say it was Shri Hanumana. You may not agree but there is no doubt that Shri Hanumana did it. But if you tell this to anyone in India, then it finished. Either the Muslims or the Congress people will come and kill you. No one understands one small little thing. Sri Ram is called as Yugpurush even in our constitution. And so, if it is his birth place then why should this not be done. I am not in favour of any religion. Hindu religion is a secular religion. It accepts all religions, all saints. Now we believe in Shirdi Sainath, he was a Muslim, Kabir was a Muslim. We do not think of their race or religion. Kabir was a saint, we believe in him, and then Jhulelal was a great Muslim scholar also. Similarly Nizamuddin Ji, people in Delhi always respected him. His disciple, Amir Khusro, he wrote many beautiful poems in Hindi, they are songs, we sing them in weddings, and we believe in them. Moinuddin Chisti Sahib was similar, we believe in him. Wherever there is a saint we believe in him. Think about Haji Malang, he was a Muslim. And I am surprised in Bombay, there is this Mr. Thackeray, he recognizes Haji Malang. He goes and prays at his tomb. The greatness of this religion is that if there is any saint in any religion then he is respected. It’s only us who are well aware of this. But now it’s different. Like people follow a lot this Sathya Sai Baba. You can well make out from his face what a man he is. I wonder why we do not find out about someone. However, now the cameras have exposed him. They have found out it’s all a fraud. But earlier many people used to believe in him. Especially Indians abroad followed him a lot. Are you looking for diamonds or Spirit? Only people who are looking for diamonds will go to such places, such wrong places.

Especially I’ve seen this man’s disciples, either they have heart attack or they become blind. All big Johnnies got robbed. Going to a wrong man you are bound to get hurt. But whatever is done is done. People used to believe so much in Rajneesh at one time. Such dirty things he used to teach and people believed him. At least in our country we should not believe in these things. But the Gujaratis used to follow Rajneesh a lot. Then came this Muktanand another man, people also used to follow him a lot. He was a scoundrel. He had diamonds worth 600 crores with him. Those who believe in such people, those who walk on such wrong paths, they should at least see if they have got anything from such a man.

Except that he looted money, looted everyone, what did he give you? And how can you charge for real giving? It is priceless. And the one, who gives it, does it in love and deliverance, not to take something from you. We have to save the world today. Surprisingly this is in countries where so much is talked about God. And there are countries like Russia which are amazing. They don’t have any such religious background. You will not believe, they don’t allow anyone except me in that country. They drove out all these so called Gurus. No one can enter there. And I was invited and also given a huge award. It’s surprising that their university has given this award to only10 people till now. One of them was Einstein and one of them is me. I said what have I done? They said Einstein only worked on matter, you transform human beings. They honoured me so much. This time 3000 scientist and doctors are all coming and going to do a big conference. And there’s the Patriarch of the church, he called me. But here you cannot do that. It cannot happen in India because there are so many fake people. They are all false and consider me also the same, and keep my name in the same league. I am telling them since 1970 about all false people, and that they are all monsters, but still the press never takes the side of truth. Now some change is definitely coming. Many things are now written by Indian Express, but with restraint. I can openly talk against them, dare anyone say anything to me. Because they are all thieves you know. And if you call a thief as a thief what can he say?

But you should have the courage to say it. In our country there are so many of these thieves, I can’t tell you. But you should not cheat in the name of religion. You cannot steal in the name of God. Do what you want in any other field. Be it politics, economics, but not in religion.

Thankfully our country still has the speciality of its culture, because of which our society is still very good. Women are still respected, men also, and family is very good. It’s a special thing, and nowhere else it is like this. I would say it is the Indian woman who is responsible for this. Our woman is highly intelligent and very tolerant. She has made her country and her children by suffering and tolerance. But this is a wrong thing, and men should understand, they need to change slowly. But the woman here has her own internal strength and has suffered a lot. But she has maintained her society, and I’m so glad to see that you people also have tried to do the same here. Woman is the base of society. For us woman represents the strength, the energy. Energy which is not manifested. We have so many electrical connections everywhere but you cannot see the electrical energy. It does not manifest. It is hidden. Woman also keeps her power hidden in India. The biggest thing is respect. This is because our society and culture is very deep. Even the Muslim women, Sikh and Christian women have such depth and gravity. They are themselves very stable. And because of them society is fine, even today. You must have heard of Lal Bahadur Shastri, our prime minister. My husband was his official secretary. So we got to know them. His mother was not at all educated. But I was surprised to see how much depth she had inside her, so much understanding in her. You could listen to her for hours. She was completely one with the essence of religion, even though she was not educated. Shastriji was also a very religious man. Not only that, one should say he was a Realised Soul. Now in our country there are very few men like these, Shastriji was one I should say, and Gandhiji. I was with Gandhiji since childhood, and I used to tell him to start Sahaja Yoga. He used to say let us get our freedom first, and then we will begin Sahaja Yoga. And I helped him in writing his Bhajnavali. I was 7 years old then and he had great affection for me, everything was there, but sadly he was killed after freedom.

So our country suffered a lot and many negative people also came. They caused a lot of harm to the nation. Hopefully things will improve gradually. Our CNC Sahib is now in Sahaja Yoga and I have also given realisation to our Prime Minister. Still they run after false gurus. These days so many such gurus come in London. Murari Babu is one of them. I accidentally went in his program once. That day I was going by taxi, and the taxi driver took me there. So he was performing the ritual of Sri Rama’s marriage. So Shri Ramchandraji and Sitaji were getting married. A little boy was made Shri Rama, and a little girl was Shri Sita. And then he was asking for dowry for Sitaji from his disciples, and all these ladies were taking off their bangles and giving for Sitaji. So this Murari Babu, then this Dongreji, and then Athavleji. All are the same.

In Maharashtra where so much has been talked about religion, where so much has been said about who is real and who is fake, where such great saints like Ramdas have come, there such false people are mushrooming. In Bombay, especially with the Gujaratis there is lot of following. I can’t understand why they run after all wrong people. But surprisingly Sahaja Yoga has settled in Delhi very nicely. Also in UP, Lucknow, Ghaziabad, Meerut, Moradabad, Dehradun, Haridwar. It has spread everywhere. It has also started well in Patna. Generally I see people have very less interest in religion. But surprisingly in these places people have gone deep in Sahaja Yoga. It’s easy for them because their traditions are deeply rooted in them. For the people here, I have to work very hard. But once they get it they settle deep in it. They know so much about Shri Ganesha, Shri Vishnu, even you people may not know. They will tell you every little detail about them. They told me that people think we know a lot Mother. I said they are all book worms; books cannot give you real knowledge. Come to the Kingdom of God first and then you will know. An educated man can be the most stupid. So you should explain to them that we actually have got to know the reality and now you can also know. What good are books to you? What are you going to get from reading books? If you want to know something, know the real. So they said that we will try to explain to the Indians here. They are very knowledgeable people and also very humble.

We in India feel we have read everything. One gentleman came to visit me and asked me, who is a Hindu, Mother? So I asked him what happened. He said there is no Hindu here. Not a single Hindu in Bengal, I asked him. He said Mother, if you ask them, someone says, I am a Brahmasamaji, or a Hare Rama Hare Krishna, or someone says I am Brahma, but nobody says that I am a Hindu. I said, really. Mother, they talk of all other things! Because you have complete freedom to do what you want. Who will teach them Hindutva when they don’t even want to call themselves Hindu? In Bengal if this is the situation then you can well imagine other places. I said, if you want to find out Hindus then find out who all have their bath everyday in the morning. The one who takes his bath everyday consider him to be a Hindu.
Now this Hindu word has come because of Alexander. We were first “Bhartiya”. We were known by the name of Bharat, the son of Dushyant. Later when Alexander came to India he had to cross the Indus River. People told them that the name of this river is “Sindhu”. They could not speak the letter “s” so they said “Hindu” Since then we became Hindus. So there was nothing like Hindu before, it was only “Bhartiya” (Indian). And “Bhartiya” is a very great and independent thing.

But there was one thing good because of this independence, that we had no fanaticism. There are few fanatics in Hinduism too, but not many. Not as much as in Muslims, and Christians. They believe in a book. And you cannot go beyond the book. And even if there are some faults in the book you still believe in it as that is your only evidence. This book is not written by Isa and not written by Prophet and neither written by Moses. It is written by someone else. Still it is the evidence. On the basis of this evidence they kill people. If you ask them about the dead bodies in the graves, they say that this body will rise and come out, and shall be resurrected when resurrection time will come, of which I am talking, which the Muslims call as “Qiyama” and the Christians call as “The Last Judgement”. Now tell me what is going to come out of the graves after 500 years. They listen to all stupid things. They bury people everywhere in acres and acres of land. Nowhere in the world they understand about death as much as we do in India. Like if someone dies in our country, we play “Shahnai” so that no bhoot should be there. Also we do the memorial service for the person, very properly, call people for dinner so that no repressed desire of the person remains unfulfilled. So we try, somehow that all is worked out and there are no dead souls remaining. Here it is upside down. In England if someone died they open a bottle of champagne. I said if someone dies do you open the champagne? We were both so surprised. So, we went to the funeral there, and then he said lets go home, we have great lunch. We both were so aghast; he thought we were sick or something. He was a very dear friend of my husband, we were obviously feeling very sad, and these people were into champagne and everything. We were completely shocked, we did not know that English are such funny people that they blow away champagne when someone dies. There is no culture at all. If someone dies in our country not a grain is cooked. You all must know all this. So we know a lot of good things. Now we have come abroad so that does not mean that we should forget the main purpose of our culture. The purpose of our culture is only to know our true self. And realise this divine consciousness. It is our purpose and we must not forget it.

You must have seen many funny things here. And they are all crazy people. Lifelong they earn, and then they run everywhere for holidays. They do not have a penny left. They go out and come back with skin cancer. It’s stupid to go to such hot places. Then they say now tell us any place in India where it’s very hot. It’s best to put them in the oven I say. Why you want to go to such hot places? It hurts us so much in the heat and these people I don’t know what drives them so crazy! Quite insane. If one person would have hair like this then everyone wants it like that. Anything new comes out everyone gets after it and starts imitating. Women also wear similar clothes, will have hair in the same way, they have no personality of their own. They will do whatever everyone is doing. They pretend to be the same. Everyone should have some personality of his own. They told me that here women are told to expose as much as they can. In our country if you say this then you shall be slapped. If a woman is asked to expose, the person shall be exposed with a slap! These people are crazy you will be surprised to see them. But you also have to be special, otherwise why will they listen to you. They will say that you are another type of crazy people, ringing bells in temples, have strange marks on their forehead and keep roaming here and there, and nothing else. It’s not like that. You are great people. The greatest thing is that you have come from India. They say you have to do many penances and good deeds to be born in India. And you are Indians so you are special. So you should receive this special blessing within you. You have so many miracles in life are so blessed by God. Till now very few Indians have remained here and I hope that you people will get it and stay. Get it and then grow in it. Don’t leave it midway. Like today, you hear my lecture then you go to another guru then to third. These people drive you crazy, its better you leave this craziness. Go deep within yourselves. If you have to quench your thirst then you go deep at one place or do you go on digging at ten places? So deeply understand this thing and get it. If this happens in you, then these people are really eager to help you. See how they are singing to welcome you. They sing in Sanskrit for you. Even we cannot sing in Sanskrit as these people sing it so clearly. They have made the tune themselves and go and sing in all countries. We should understand that our culture is spreading all over the world and where are we? What did we achieve? We are still busy with age old customs and rituals. And we are continuing with the same stuff. Now we have to achieve this thing, that which is our own heritage since time immemorial. And if we don’t achieve it then it shall be proved that these people have more understanding of religion and are more righteous. And we are still not achieving it, and are still stuck in age old rituals. It’s something we should really understand, though I often say that it’s not required to work very hard with the Indians, they get it very easily. So all of you please take off your shoes. You know that while praying we take off our shoes. We do so in any prayer and temples. For these people I have to explain differently, but I don’t need to make you understand. When I said this for the first time in England, half of the people actually left the hall and went away, as though I asked them to commit a sin!

I am sorry I had to speak in Hindi Language, and I must say Hindi is better than English for such kind of a subject, I am sorry to say. For spirit you see, in English language you have, spirit is the alcohol, spirit is the dead body and spirit is also the “Atman”. It’s a very confusing thing you see. On spiritual subjects, the best is to speak in Sanskrit Marathi or Hindi language. But I have never studied English before; somehow I never studied it because I was a medical student. But I think it is the easiest language to follow and there must have been thousands of my lectures in English language, also in Hindi, Marathi. But the problem is, you see the whole basis of our traditions and our we can say the culture, is moral, culture is for morality. If there is no morality in culture…that culture is foreign to us. Because we are ancient people, and also the climate in India is so good, that you need not sort of worry about going out or anything. People live in forests just to find out why we are on this earth. Just to get an answer for this question. And they discovered it, long time back they discovered it, long time back they discovered, 14000 years back, Markandaya has written about Kundalini, can you imagine! So like that it has been there this knowledge, but it was not exposed to general public, so far because they thought they are not yet ready to take it, if they get a little bit, they may try to misuse or something. And out of this great knowledge, you see this, now in these modern times, somehow I have been able to achieve something little more, that you can get your amass realisation. That means it’s not necessary for you to go to Himalayas, stand on your heads, do anything fasting or anything. You just get it within yourself, because it is your own power, it is within you, it’s your own Mother, and she is anxious to give you your second birth, and you just get it. There’s nothing to be done about it. It is Sahaja, means born with you. In India you will be surprised I don’t have to tell them, do this or do that. But in the west it is not possible, you have to tell them. Perhaps Indians are blessed as far as religion is concerned. They have a proper understanding. One boy who was in Cambridge told me, that I was surprised that these people do things they don’t think it is wrong. Like they take drugs, they think this is their challenge. Anything is a challenge to them. But for Indians you see, they think this is wrong, we should not do it. So why is it that the people from India think like that? Because, for ages together we know what is right what is wrong. Quite a lot and it’s so traditional. Now after coming in the west I have discovered, some Indian girls were in France, where they said Mother these people are mad. I said why? What are they doing? They eat banana and then drink water. Then they come from outside from heat and just drink water. And they will drink coffee and drink water. I mean, we Indians all know. I don’t know the Indians here, but Indians in India know that this is all absurd because this will create problem, to have something cold after hot, we all know. Whether you are a Muslim, Hindu, Christian, or anybody. So this is what is to be seen that the whole culture was for health, also for your morality. Morality is the main thing. And that’s what has kept this country afloat. Despite we don’t have good politicians we don’t have good economics. 300 years these British lived in our country. You can imagine, without visas or anything. And looted us completely, no doubt. But even after that we are surviving. And we are aspiring to come up. Nowhere in the world, had they ruled for 300 years. They ruled for 300 years and so many are still there. Doesn’t matter, India has accepted not only people, but also languages. There are so many words from other languages in our country. And it’s so open; they are so open and innocent, that we lost our country to English. We believed them. We couldn’t be that cunning to understand their cunningness. That’s how we were under 300 years imagine, domination of English. And English never learnt anything from us. Very surprising. On the contrary we used to say that always a mad dog and an English goes into the “sang”. The way to regard something as madness. The way they were living. So they were actually treated just like some foreigners, some different people of a different race, of different ideas. It was really very surprising how we lived with them. But when they went away, I found they went without any idea of the great treasure we have. The other day, I met a Chinese cultural Hitachi, and he said now I know what treasure you have in your country. Because always people used to say, don’t become enemies of India. Because they have some hidden treasure of spirituality with them. When I told him about it he was amazed. He said, really! And I had also met their Prime Minister. So he said, I’ll talk to him and I am sure you will be called there with great honour as it is in Russia. But I was surprised that these are our neighbours, and they knew all about us that we have some treasure with us, as far as spirituality was concerned, which was hidden. But English never discovered it. They never, they thought we are very low type of people or something. So you see, you need a very subtler personality to understand the depth of spirituality. To understand what Indians are.

Now I am very happy the Indians here have kept up their traditions, and also the culture of our country. And they also know the language. It’s very surprising. I mean our Indians who are even educated abroad, they forget their language. How these people have maintained it, it’s extremely remarkable I must say. And I really congratulate them for this. So may God bless you all. And now we will have a little session for our realisation. Later on you must come to our centres. That is very important. You must come to our centres and become masters of this art. This is very simple and you can do it. But you have to be humble. Forget all your so called knowledge. As Surdas has said after writing SurSagar, “Surdas ki sabhi avidya dur karo nandlal”. (Take away all the Avidya of Surdas, O Krishna). This is all Avidya, please take it away, he prayed to Nandlal, who is Sri Krishna. Similarly we also have to pray that all this, that we have read should be finished and we have to know the reality.

It is very easy for Indians. Are you getting cool breeze in your hand? Otherwise other people are all Sahaja Yogis, or some people who are new, who have come for the first time. No, No, I am saying other than Indians.

Yes, is it coming? Shanti Prakashji please tell if you are feeling in the hands or not? It is coming! Good!
This is the specialty of Indians.

Now put the right hand towards me. Like this. And keep your hand on your fontanel bone and see if you can feel the coolness or not. A little above, like this. Is it coming? And if it is not coming, on your head, say, “Mother, Please come through my head”, 3 times. It is coming! Happens by asking! Whatever you say!

Now put the left hand towards me. Now check with your right hand. Check if you can feel the cool breeze from the head. Don’t touch your fontanel bone. Try to feel that which is coming out of the head. Is it there? Those who are not feeling should say, “Mother please come in my head”. Check a little above.

For these people it is hard. You have to tell them to forgive everyone, forgive yourself. You people don’t need to be told anything. You feel it, right? It comes higher, much higher. Now check again with your right hand. Bend your head and see for yourself whether there is cool or hot breeze coming out. See with the Indians. All have got it. Yes!

Now please put both your hands towards the sky and push back your heads. Please ask a question, “Mother, is this the all pervading power of the divine love?” Ask 3 times. Now put down your hands please. Now put both the hands towards me, like this and don’t think. So the first state of thoughtless awareness, Nirvichara Samadhi, is established.

Please look towards me and try not to think. You will feel thoughtlessness. Is it happening? Keep your hands like this towards me. Yes!

Now all those who are feeling cool or hot breeze on their fingertips, centre of their palm, or out of their fontanelle bone area, please raise both your hands. It can be cool or hot breeze; if you have not forgiven then it will be hot breeze.

You did not feel? Raise your hands. Good! I bow to you all of you. Your saintly life has started. The primule is coming out of the seed, as you can say. But it has to grow into a tree and so you have to know that this is a collective happening. So now you have to come to our centres. You have to respect your realization. You have to know your real self. After this you don’t have to pay anything. Neither here nor there, nowhere.

Please come and grow yourself. If you have done well, the next year when I come, I would be able to see lots of Indians who have reached good states. Your illnesses would be finished, your questions shall be gone and you will be astonished to see what you have got. You can’t pay for this; there is no need of money. Divine does not know money. This is a headache of humans. So I bless you all and I hope you all will take to yourself realization, completely. You have lot of powers which shall be awakened. You will be astonished. And also goddess Lakshmi, who resides in all of you, shall be awakened. And lots of questions of people, which are still not answered, shall be finished completely. So you have all my blessings. So when I come here next year, I hope everyone would have worked hard on themselves and would have grown. I was very happy to see your desire to get your self-knowledge. Please tell about it to others and make yourselves such that you can help others in their salvation.

You can awaken the Kundalini of others, you can cure others of their illnesses and you can do a lot. But first, you have to grow and establish yourself in Sahaja Yoga. For that you should come to the centre, it does not take a lot of time. Not at all. You should stay with these people where they take a hall. They will respect you a lot and will take care of you. They invite you with love. You will always feel respected. But come with humility and try to learn. You have all my blessings.

If they want they can sing one song – Vishwavandita. There is still time.

I should tell you who has written this song. He is a blind singer and poet. His name is Ravindra Jain, who worked for Ramayana also. He only met me three times. I call him the blind Surdas. I don’t know how he wrote these things about me. I was astonished. He really recognizes and appreciates Sahaja Yoga. He has written this song that you will listen.

What was the name of that song? “Jab se hum Sahaja Yogi bane…” Yes!