Evening Program, Concert of Anand Murdeshwar, Eve of Shri Krishna Puja

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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Evening before Shri Krishna Puja, flute concert, Cabella (Italy), 27 August 1994.

[1:50:00, Shri Mataji is talking to the Indian musicians in Hindi.]

So, I have to thank these two great musicians who are here. You, of course, know them very well, and they have been coming here before also. This time it was just the last minute, working out, we were not very sure if they’ll be here or not, and it all worked out in a Sahaj way.
And we have to really thank them very much, because today we are celebrating Shri Krishna’s puja and he used to play this bansuri what you can call the flute [in Sanskrit].

This was, his style was such that, what we saw about the Colombian’s thought and the philosophy, is to balance, to balance everything. The way He stands, you see, He puts the bansuri on this side, [on the right] but his right foot is on this side [on the left] so just to balance the music. And with this music, He used to balance the whole cosmic forces.
Of course, description about his flute was that when He played [Hindi, “chita bata se …”] means they became just like, we can say, pictures ; even the cows, they would not move, even the birds, they would not sing- every thing. And the people also just enthralled completely by his magic. And they would be just like pictures sitting stand.

And that’s what I found today also. I must say the music was so beautiful. And may Shri Krishna bless you both, so that the rhythm of Shri Krishna and his ‘murli’ [flute in Hindi].
It’s a great occasion for us, because according to Sahaja Yoga, America is the Vishuddhi chakra where resides Shri Krishna, whom we call Akbar in Urdu language. Now his style is so special that He communicates with everyone. In the same way, you see, music, our Indian music can communicate with everyone. It has that capacity, because it is a spiritual music, and that can really enthrall people the way it was happening tonight. I was so very overjoyed.

Because we started the whole program rather late, because we had some problems with the customs, this, that, it always happens like that – something- but despite that, the whole night, we had very, very nice time.

So, I have to also thank the Americans, North and South, Canadians, for bringing such a nice entertaining show of a peak quality: the music was wonderful, also the drama was very beautiful. But above all I thought I felt, the film was really done professionally and very beautifully done. So, now I can think that we can also make a film for Sahaja Yoga. I must try to script.

The blessings of the Divine are such, that it not only creates artists, but it gives a special type of a dimension to an artist and his very great power to express the creativity that is bubbling in him. And we saw this little boy, who’s such a small little thing I tell you, and he played so well, I mean he is another banding artist you know, tomorrow [To the musicians] he might become your disciple, I think! [Laughter]
But he has a magical power as I told you that his grand-father and his father, both were – are, his father is still there and he is, they are all very well-known artists. And now he is becoming a genius I think now, it’s all becoming so nice.

And about the other gentleman, I must say, every time I hear him, it seems that sort of divine percussions are coming into his head. The way he played today was also so remarkable, I can’t believe it. The same person I met before has become so engrossed in the practicing of this, you see, what we call “rias”. He must have done lots of things before also, must have leant. But in Sahaj, it started expressing itself, whatever they must have leant from their gurus just started coming out. Normally they are afraid to play, but I have seen in Sahaj, the hands open out, you see. And every time I meet, even a new artist, I’m surprised that they start playing such wonderful things.

The other day we had an experience in Germany. We had a musician and also everybody was rather apologetic about him. I said : “let’s see”. And when he started playing I tell you, he was supposed to be Ravi Shankar’s disciple, at a time. But, I mean, I forgot Ravi Shankar, every one, the way he started playing, just, what music coming out! He’s a young fellow, wonderful! And then he just, after finishing, he said ; “it is an experience to play for Shri Mataji” I said : “It’s an experience for us also! “ It was so sweet and so beautifully, delicately rendered, the all thing was so beautifully done, as we saw today also. So I hope some artists will come out Sahaja Yogis who are here and will work out lots of things of art. We have seen also the art in other ways, paintings and we saw the drama and the film and everything, shows a lot of art is developing now in Sahaja Yoga;

But I must tell you also I’ve seen some very beautiful poems being written. Apart from that there are people who are writing very well about Sahaja Yoga. There’s one gentleman in Romania, who has written such a tremendously deep book. He has consulted, I think, all the religious books because there’s Koran, there’s Bible, every thing, he brought it to Sahaja Yoga. So, it’s all coming up now. We have to just understand that we have to pay attention to ourselves, and meditate, and I’m sure all the creativity will definitely manifest, and will go on, showing better and better results. It is absolutely evident now. But it is for Sahaja Yogis now to take it up, in a serious way. Whatever is your talent, may be music, may be art, may be film making, or may be writing also. Whatever comes up, you should really now devote some time to that talent that you have. And it is going to work out, I’m sure, very well.

I was happy today we all could be here and could enjoy all this music. Actually, it was becoming very difficult till some time, because we were worried about this customs nonsense. But it is over now, and people are here. It s a very also surprising that the newspaper has published a report from Cabella, praising you all, that, even if there are 15 hundred people, we have never seen them quarrelling, fighting, they don’t smoke, they don’t drink, they don’t take drugs, and they are wonderful people, you see, all this praises coming, so this is a description that I think, once upon a time, people must have given of – great race of heavenly people. And that’s how they have described the all thing. It was very amazing how things are working out in Sahaja Yoga, because of you people, because you are so dedicated and you are so much understanding what you have got within yourself. So now, you see, with this music, I have to say that the music within also is very great. If you enjoy this music, then you know that you enjoy also the music of your Spirit.
May God bless you all.
Sorry for today’s delay of course, but I bless you all from my heart. And my God give you greater and greater creativity so that you express and manifest, through your life, Sahaj.
May God bless you”