Kundalini creates the space between the thoughts

Bucharest, Polyvalent Hall (Romania)

1994-09-02 Kundalini creates the space between the thoughts, Bucharest, Romania, 88' Chapters: Arrival, Talk, Self-Realization, Bhajans after program
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Public Program, Bucharest (Romania), 2 September 1994.

Please be seated. I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset we have to know that Truth is what it is. You cannot describe it, you cannot transform it and you cannot give a sermon about it. You have to know it on your central nervous system. In Sanskrit the word used is “bodha”, meaning “to be enlightened”. [AGAIN], another word is known as “vidya” from where the word “Vedas” have come. So, you have to know the Truth not mentally, not emotionally, because this will condition you. So, to know on the central nervous system is to become the Spirit. Because you are not this body, this mind, these conditionings, these egos, these emotions. Because you say “my body”, “my emotions”, “my intelligence”, it’s all “my” – who is this “me”?

So, the first truth you have to know on your central nervous system [IS] that you are the Spirit.Then we see such beautiful flowers here – it’s a miracle, it’s a miracle. But we take it for granted. If we ask who has created these flowers from a seed, we can’t answer. You’ll say “the Mother Earth”, but it’s a living process. Also, we cannot say who runs our heart. The doctors may say that it’s autonomous nervous system. But who is this “auto”? Who is this Self? That is the Spirit. You have to become the Spirit. This is an actualization of the experience of baptism. It is not anybody can come and put his hand on your head with little water and you become baptized. If it was that simple, it would have been very good. But those who are at the helm of affairs of religion are not authorized by God. They can be anyone of us. They are not enlightened people.

So, one has to realize that to be a good Christian, to be a good Hindu, to be a good Muslim, you have to have Enlightenment. Because all those who are carrying these brands on their heads can do anything, commit any murder, commit anything. So, there is no truth in it carrying this brand. I think they have told you about the inner subtle system that resides within us. Now, you must not believe Me also blindfolded. This blind faith has created all fundamentalists and all kinds of conditioned people. They think God is in their pocket. And they misuse their organizations for anything. For making money, for deceiving people, for doing laundering money, they can use it for that, for murdering… in short, they can become even mafias, secret mafias. And poor simple people go on believing them.

So it is necessary for us to open our eyes and feel our Spirit. Whatever you have done in the past, in the search of the Truth, forget it. The past is over. You have to be in the present. Because future doesn’t exist. But if I say you stay in your present, you cannot. You can jump from past to future, future to past. Between these thoughts is the place of present, very little. This present you can only achieve when this power which we call Kundalini rises within us and creates that space between the thoughts, which is the present.

The second truth is that all this living work is done by the All Pervading Power of Divine Love. In the Bible it is described as the All Pervading Power of Divine Love. Also in Koran as Ruh. And in Indian scriptures as Paramachaitanya. Also, Hatha Yoga, Patanjali has described as Ruthambara Pragnya. They have all become experts, you see the way they say, I can’t believe it! Specially Romanians are really remarkable. The Indian musicians, very great musicians, were really ashamed of themselves to see these people learning so fast. While Indian musicians took so many years to learn and sing like this. It’s really great, I’m really enamored.

I think Romania is a place where people are genuinely seeking the Truth. They are not so materialistic, they are not hypocritical. With hypocrisy how can you achieve Truth? So now, what happens to you when this Kundalini, the power in the sacrum bone rises? The sacrum bone is called by the Greeks, means they knew it’s a sacred bone. Also, they had a proper concept of Athena – Atha – “Atha” means “primordial”. So they believed in the Primordial Mother. But in other religions I don’t know why they avoided talking about the Feminine Power of God. It is very sad. Because of that women have no respect, as they should have, as the feminine power, the Shakti. I am sorry to see how the women in the West, also in your countries, have to work so hard to attract the men’s attention. All the time to be slaves to men’s wishes… Now, in America is the other way round, I think. Every action has a reaction. But woman is the potential power of man.

But in the case of Divinity, She is the kinetic power of God Almighty. God Almighty is just a spectator. He’s just a witness. He’s watching the work of the Primordial Mother. But if anyone tries to trouble the Holy Ghost or to Shakti then He takes care of that. So when this power, this power which is the reflection of the Primordial Mother within you, rises, then it passes through all the centers and enlightens them. By that these centers which are the basis of human body, just get transformed. All the problems of this world practically come from human beings. And all the problems of human beings come from their centers. When this Kundalini Power rises She enlightens, She corrects and She integrates all the centers. And ultimately connects you to the All Pervading Power. That connection gives you many blessings. The first blessing is that you become absolutely peaceful within yourself. It is like the axis of a wheel which is moving, your attention jumps to the axis, from there it watches the wheel. Or, if you are standing in the water, you are afraid of the waves, but if you get into the boat you can enjoy the waves. And if you know how to swim you can jump into the water and get others who are drowning in the water. This is what exactly happens to you, that you become at that stage, in the present, thoughtlessly aware. There is no thought, but you are completely aware. The whole mechanism is absorbing everything of the present. And you develop a photo memory.

So many people talk of peace, they have organizations of peace, they’ve got awards of peace. But they’re very hot tempered, I met many of them. They never smile, they never laugh. And if you want to approach them, you have to approach them with a bargepole. Now, if such horrible people are given awards, I don’t understand, how do they get peace awards, for what? They have no peace within.The second thing that happens to you it is very miraculous, that your attention becomes enlightened. I say becomes, is not mental. That means you can pay attention to anyone and know about his chakras. And you can know about your own centers, that is the self-knowledge. So, you know about yourself and you know about others. You don’t know how they dress up, how they look, but how their centers are. So, if you know how to correct those centers, you can correct yourself and you can correct others. I tell you, so many people have got cured from Sahaja Yoga, of very, very incurable diseases.

There is going to be a conference in Russia, of the doctors. And the Patriarch himself has invited Me. I wish they do it here also in your country.

So now, the time has come for us to get our transformation. By this transformation you pick up the power within yourself, you are no more a weak person, nor you are aggressive, you become very dynamic, at the same time extremely compassionate. You don’t feel your age. You don’t feel tired. And whatever work you do is for your benevolence and for benevolence of the whole world. It is such a blissful state you reach, that whatever work you do is also blessed by the Divine. Spirit is the source of absolute Truth.

We live in the relative world. Some say communism is good, some say democracy is good, some say this religion is good, some say this religion is good… this we do with our rationality or with our conditioning. But the Truth is one. And when you know the absolute Truth, everybody who’s enlightened knows it. If everybody knows the same Truth, then where is there to have any quarrel, discussion, argument and war? So these mental projections which are fighting each other just dropped off. You know about others, what’s wrong with others, all of you know the same. It is very surprising that in India we have seminars where there are at least three, four thousands people from sixty five nations. There is no fight, there is no quarrel, just fun. They enjoy each other, whatever country they may be, whatever race they may be. Because you are not limited, you transcend your limitations. That has to achieve and can be achieved Sahaj, means spontaneously.

Now, the greatest thing that happens to you, that you jump into the Sea of …, or Ocean of Joy. Now, the Joy is singular, it is not like happiness and unhappiness. It is not that one time you feel happy and then you feel unhappy, because if your ego is pampered you do that. If the ego is pampered you feel happy, if it is punctured you feel unhappy. But joy is something so innate. And that is a state one has to achieve. In that state you become doubtlessly aware. The first state, thoughtlessly aware, is called as Nirvichara Samadhi. And the second one is called, which is doubtless, is doubtless awareness, is called as Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

Now, if this deep knowledge is coming from India, why should you resist? After all, the science has come from West, which we have accepted. But science it is amoral and it has its limitations. But with this happening you become moral. You’re not to be told “don’t do this, don’t do”, nothing of the kind. It just becomes. It’s a thing I always tell, that there is a snake in my hand and I am obstinate and I am standing in darkness. And somebody tells me it’s a snake. I say “No, it’s a rope”. Till it bites me I’ll hold it. But if there is light, I’ll immediately leave it. In the same way, when you become enlightened, you give up everything that is very, very destructive. It’s so simple, that I’ve seen in England, people gave up drugs overnight, overnight. Because the light of the Spirit, when it penetrates into your attention, you just become an enlightened personality.

Can you think of Lord Buddha killing somebody? Can you think of Lord Jesus Christ killing somebody? And if these, these incarnations, if they had to kill, they will only kill the people who were devils. So you can see, there is such a glory within you, such a great personality within you, so compassionate and dynamic! Whatever talents you have, can be very well manifesting. This is your own power. You are not obliged to Me. It’s your own power which rises and gives you your Self Realization. Like the Mother Earth, if you put a seed in the Mother Earth, it sprouts by itself spontaneously. Because Mother Earth has got the built in quality to sprout and the seed has built in quality to get sprouted. In the same way – in the same way – you have the potential to achieve this state.

I know there are some thoughts going on your mind and that you want to ask some questions also. It’s a very deep, subtle subject. Only in English language I must have given at least four thousands, minimum four thousands lectures. And maybe many more in other languages. You can all listen to it, but after you have achieved a proper state. Because by reading we get conditioned. Kabir, a great poet, has said “by reading too much even the learned became stupid”. Because books are just an indication where to go, what to do. By remembering these books by heart will not take you to the Kingdom of God. You have to become. Becoming is very important.

As the bird in Sanskrit language is called as dwijaha, born twice, also a person who’s enlightened is called as dwijaha. But by putting “born again” on your head you don’t become. You have to be really born again. And then you have powers. The first is you can give Realizations, not to one, but to thousands. You can cure people, you can cure yourself, you can make everyone peaceful. Also, all your desires are fulfilled. But now, the desires also change, they are also very different from what they were before. You are so surprised how things work out so well. So many people I’ve seen tried to remove our posters but they could not. I mean why should they be afraid of My poster, I don’t know? Because they belong to some organization, to something and they are afraid that that organization might be exposed. But I’m not here to spoil anything, but to fulfill the promises.

Now, imagine, I know Mohammed Sahab has been very cruel with women, they say. But look at Christ also, who can be a Christian? He’s told in Matthew’s 5th Chapter that those who have a bad eye, they should remove their eyes; those who have hands which do bad things they, remove their hand. Most of the Europeans and Americans would be with one hand and with one eye, I can tell you. It’s not easy to follow Christ, I tell you, very difficult… These people didn’t know what human beings were. They were too great. And I think Mohammed Sahab must have thought that “Christ said all these for men, now let me say for women also”. At their level they were all right, but not at human level. Imagine, everybody having one eye, one hand… And then (He) said if somebody slaps you on this, you put the other cheek, imagine, Christians, ha, impossible. Oh My God, they went to America, killed all the aboriginals, all of them. Thank God, Columbus went to America, if he was coming to India, we would not have been here. Thank God! Because, you see, this idea of these people was right. But they said it was right. And Shariat was given by Moses to Jews. So can you imagine, these three religions, how can you follow? These three religions they can’t follow. Because you’ll have to either cut your eye, cut your hand, you see. Or Shariat is even worse.

Better is to become enlightened souls. Then we need not cut our hand and cut our eyes. Because you really become righteous people, really become. And you are surprised how you have transformed yourselves. In this short lecture I don’t think I can tell you everything and you have to know a lot, no doubt. After Realization it’s just the beginning like a sprouting of the seed. So when the Kundalini awakens and you feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost on your hands, on your fingertips, don’t just get blown off with the experience. In the modern times it is not an individual happening. But it is a collective happening. So I’m very happy that the collective of Romania is so great. They have transformed their lives, they are very beautiful.

I’ve gone to Russia when there was putsch and I asked the Russian, Russian Sahaja yogis: “Aren’t you afraid of these problems?” They said: “Mother, why? We are in the Kingdom of God, why should we be afraid of these petty politics here?” That’s what it is. We have to feel secure with our Spirit being awakened. And we feel absolutely protected. So, we will have the session now for Realization. [UNCLEAR]

As we don’t take any money, we don’t have very big palaces for you to meditate, but very ordinary places where you have to go with all humility. We have to be humble, otherwise it won’t work out. So, I have to request that you all, when you get Realization, should attend our collective programs. We have collective programs and then also seminars. Then you can write to Me also, if you want, and also you can ask questions and you’ll understand yourself much better. We have some very good Sahaja yogis in Romania. I really enjoy being in the collective.

The another request I have, that I respect your freedom. If you want to have Self Realization, then only I can give you. You have to ask for it. I cannot force it on you. Actually the power of Kundalini is the Power of Pure Desire within you. All other desires come and go. In general they are never satisfied. But this is the only pure desire, whether you know it or not, within you, that you have to become the Spirit whether if you know it or not. If you understand this, that I cannot force it on you, I would request the people who don’t want to have their Realization to go out of this hall. It will hardly take 10 minutes. But those who don’t want, I cannot force on them…They are all there… This is for your benevolence, for the benevolence of your family, for the benevolence of your country, and for the benevolence of the whole world. Just now you don’t have to think about anything, but one desire that you should all get your Self Realization. From…think are all sited, all nicely.

I hope you’ll all be seated down, not to stand, please be seated. There is…right side as well.. Some movement is there. Nobody should get up when we are going to start the Kundalini awakening, you can go now, don’t disturb later on. Now, there are three conditions which are very simple, I must tell you. Firstly, as I told you, you cannot pay for it. But the first condition is that you have to forgive everyone. Now, people think that it’s very difficult to forgive. But if you see logically, whether you forgive, you don’t forgive, what do you do? But when you don’t forgive, then you play into wrong hands and torture yourself. And those who have tortured you are very happy.

Then, another simple thing is that at this moment you should just say that “I forgive everyone”, don’t think about them. The another thing is that you have to forgive yourself, that is not to feel guilty for anything. That’s another myth. Whatever has happened has happened. What’s the use of torturing yourself now? But do you know? By doing that you spoil this center here, on the left side. In Sahaja Yoga you don’t have to confess anything. Your Kundalini, who is your own individual mother, knows everything about you. She will judge. She will judge you. You don’t have to judge yourself. And this center, if it is spoiled, then you get spondylitis, you get angina, you get lethargic organs. Horrible things can happen if this center is caught. Feeling guilty is worse than smoking. And if you don’t forgive then this center which is on the optic chiasm, which is like this constricted, will not open at all. So you have to forgive, so it opens out. It’s a very constricted chakra, center.

The third condition is not difficult; you have to take out your shoes. Those who are sitting on the ground are perfectly alright, they can take out their shoes and those who are sitting on the chairs should take out their shoes and put both their feet away from each other. Because these are two powers, left and right. And they should be kept away.

Now, you all have to do few things which I tell you. And if you don’t want to do it, you better go. To be civil to others, to be civil to others. So, we put both the hands like this and this suggests that the left hand is for your desire power. So, symbolically you are desiring to have your Self Realization. So keep this left hand all the time on your lap, on the left hand side, like this.

Now, the right side is the power of action. So, you have to use this for nourishing our own centers with our self-confidence. So we put our right hand on our heart. In the heart resides the Spirit. If you become the Spirit then you become your own master, your own guru. So please put your right hand in the upper portion of you abdomen which is the center of our mastery. This is the center which is created by great prophets. We have to just enlighten it. So, now we put our right hand in the lower portion of our abdomen, on the left hand side. This is the center of pure knowledge.

Now we have to raise our hand again to the upper portion of abdomen, on the left hand side. We are only working on the left hand side. Then we raise our right hand on our heart. Then we raise our right hand in the corner of our neck and shoulder. And we turn our head to our right. Then we take our right hand on top of our forehead across and bend our head. This is the center where we have to forgive everyone in general.

Now we take back our right hand on the back side of our head and push back our head as far as possible. Here, without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, you have to ask forgiveness from the Divine Power. Now, the last center is, stretch your palm as far as possible and put the center of your palm on top of the fontanel bone area, which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now, push back your fingers as far as possible and put down your head. Please press your scalp well and move the scalp, not the hand, 7 times clockwise. Bend your heads, bend your heads. Move it. Now move back your fingers, move back your fingers. Press it hard. Now, that’s all we have to do.

Now, you have to close your eyes. Before that see that both your feet are apart from each other. Now, please put your right hand on your heart. Please don’t open your eyes till I tell you. You can even take out your glasses, your spectacles. Here resides the Spirit. You can ask Me a question three times, you can call Me “Mother” or “Shri Mataji”. So, ask a the question here, three times, a very fundamental question about yourself. “Mother am I the Spirit?” Please ask the question three times: “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask three times. Voice doesn’t go with this, yes is better.

So, now, if you become the Spirit you become your own master. So take down your right hand to the upper portion of your abdomen and ask another question: “Mother, am I my own master?” Ask this question three times. I’ve already told you that I respect your freedom and I cannot give you the pure knowledge by forcing on you. I mean to say it cannot be done, it cannot be forced. So now take down your hand in the lower portion of your abdomen and push it. This center has six petals, so ask six times: “Mother, please give me pure Divine knowledge.”

Now, raise your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen. Press it hard. As soon as you ask for the pure Divine knowledge the Kundalini has started moving. But we have to open our higher centers with our full confidence. So now, here on this center you have to say ten times: “Mother, I am my own master.” Say it with full confidence. At the very outset I told you that you are not this body, this mind, these conditionings, this ego, but you are the pure Spirit. So now raise your right hand on your heart and say it with full confidence in yourself, 12 times: “Mother, I am the pure Spirit.”

This All Pervading Power of Divine Love is the Ocean of Truth, is the Ocean of Knowledge. It is the Ocean of Compassion, the Ocean of Blessings. But above all it is the Ocean of Forgiveness. So, whatever mistakes you have committed, will be easily dissolved in this great Ocean of Forgiveness. So forgive yourself and put your hand in the corner of your neck and shoulder and turn your head to your right. Here you have to say again with full self confidence, sixteen times: “Mother, I am not guilty at all.”

I have already told you that whether you forgive or you don’t forgive you don’t do anything, it’s a myth. But if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands and you torture yourself. At this time, if you don’t forgive, this center which is very constricted will not open and Kundalini cannot pass through. And you’ll miss the opportunity of your Self Realization which is the most important thing. So now raise your right hand on top of your forehead and put down your head. Here you have to say from your heart, not how many times: “Mother…” (please put down your heads): “Mother, I forgive everyone in general.” You don’t have to even think about them.

Now, for your self-satisfaction, without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, you have to ask forgiveness from the All Pervading Power of Divine Love. So please take your right hand to the back side of your head and push back your head as far as possible. Here again you have to say from your heart, not how many times: “Mother, oh, Divine Power, please forgive me if I’ve done any mistakes, knowingly or unknowingly.” You have to do this without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes. Just for your own satisfaction.

Now, the last center is very important. So you have to stretch your palm fully and put it on top of the fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. The important thing is that you stretch back your fingers, so that there’s a good pressure on your scalp. You have to now bend your head. Here again I respect your freedom. I cannot force Self Realization on you. You have to ask for it. So now bend your head and seven times move your scalp, seven times, clockwise, saying seven times: “Mother, give me my Self Realization.” Move your scalp, move your scalp, they are not moving. Now please take down your hands. Please open your eyes. Put both the hands like this towards Me, lifted little. Watch Me without thinking.

Now please put your right hand towards Me like this and bend your head. See with the left hand away from the head, little away, see that there is a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your own head. Bend your heads, bend your heads. Now, please take your left hand and bend your head and see for yourself with the right hand. Left hand towards Me, with the right hand you try to see if there’s a cool or a hot breeze light thing coming out of your head. With the right hand [UNCLEAR]. Now with the left [UNCLEAR].

Now put the right hand like this and bend your head and again see with the left hand. Good. It could be hot or it could be cold. Now raise your both the hands towards the sky like this and turn your head up. Here you have to ask any one of these 3 questions to Me. You can ask: “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” three times …Holy Ghost, breeze of the Holy Ghost. Then now second question is: “Mother, is this the All Pervading Power of Divine Love?” The third one is: “Mother, is it Paramachaitanya?” Ask any one of these questions three times. Now please bring down your hands. Now put both the hands like this. All those who have felt cool breeze on fingertips or on the palm or out of the fontanel bone area, maybe hot also, doesn’t matter, raise both your hands. Ha, ha! Romania, after all. May God bless you!

Again, here I want to see. May God bless you! This side? Oh …Can I see on the front side? May God bless you!

You are all now saints and I bow to you. You don’t have to give up families, you don’t have to give up properties, you don’t have to do anything nonsensical. You don’t have to fast, you don’t have to do anything to torture your body or mind. Just come to the collective and enjoy. Enjoy each other and enjoy your life. Enjoy the blessings.
May God bless you all!