In Sahaja Yoga you do not have confess everything

Uniwersytet Warszawski, Warsaw (Poland)

1994-09-03 In Sahaja Yoga you do not have confess everything, Warsaw, Poland, 54' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Arrival, Talk, Self-Realization, Bhajans after program
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In Sahaja Yoga You Do Not Have Confess Everything (Uniwersytet Warszawski, Warsaw (Poland))

I bow all the seekers of truth. 

At the very [ outset] we have to understand that truth is what it is, we cannot change it, we cannot transform it. And also we cannot purchase it. Now whatever I am going to tell you today, you did not accept by [UNCLEAR]. If it is truth then you have to accept it as scientist [UNCLEAR you have to keep] your minds open and I am going with this hypothesis[UNCLEAR].

The first thing we have to know that you are not this body, this mind, this emotions and intelligence, [UNCLEARsuperego,] ego and conditioning. But we are the pure spirit. We see there are beautiful flowers, very beautiful flowers and you take them for granted. We don’t think it is a miracle. If you ask a doctor, who runs the heart, he’ll tell you that it is an autonomous nervous system. But who is this auto? There are many many questions it cannot be answered by science. Because it cannot cross this all limits. It cannot answer the question why are we on this earth.  But as you have been told about this internal instrument we have within us, built in our evolutionary process. 

Now we have become human beings. But there has to be [UNCLEAR upgrade] into the new dimension [UNCLEARafter whatever this is] which Christ has described as [UNCLEAR] that means we are to born again. So just by taking a [UNCLEAR pract], you do not become but you are born again then you are an enlightened person. 

And you have tremendous powers of compassion and dynamism. But people now do some sort of an organization everywhere in the world. May be because you are born in it or you are conditioned into it. 

All organizations have to part so [UNCLEAR] because those [UNCLEAR, leaders]  ,hey are not spirit oriented. They are either money-oriented or power-oriented. Moreover now if you take the question of Christianity, in the New Testament [] in the fifth of chapter of []Mathews, you will find how strict Christ was about people who wanted to be Christian. You can find how Christ was so strict about the Christians what they should be like because we must pure ourselves so innocence [UNCLEAR is preserved] and also divine. So he said that one eye is doing a wrong thing, you take out your eye.

If your one hand is doing a wrong thing, cut out your hand. How many Christians could be to  keep both their hands if you see modern times. How many could be to keep both their eyes[UNCLEAR, before Christ]?

And also I believe that Mohammed Sahib saw. thatChrist was very strict on men so he make some rules for woman. It is true but it cannot be [UNCLEAR followed]. It just happens. So they can see happens.

It’s on  you. It is your own power. This kundalini is your own individual mother. She knows everything about you.

So when Kundalini rises, the first thing that happens to you that you start feeling cool breeze of the Holy Ghost on your finger tips and out of your fontanel bone area. So your fingers are enlightened and you can feel your own centres and the centres of others.

All the world problems mostly come from human beings. And all human problems come from the energy centres. If these centres are cured, are established, all your problems will be solved. Because it [UNCLEAR strengthen] your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual [UNCLEAR].

When the Kundalini rises, she enlightens these centres. She nourishes them and also she integrates them. It is a spontaneous living process. All these you see living process is done by the power which is all-pervading power of divine love. That is one,one has to feelon the fingers. This power once you are connected with, you know the absolute truth on your fingertips. What we gave, we gave on [UNCLEAR, relative way]. 

But once you know the absolute truth, everybody knows the same. How can there will be problem, but you know that absolute, you will not have any discussion, no arguments. And [, no war]. Now as you know in [UNCLEAR] they have [UNCLEAR] but [UNCLEAR].

If they are being enlightened there would have been no problem at all. Because [] you develop a new dimension in your attention which we call as collective consciousness where you can feelothers. So who is the other? With this happening you become a universal being. 

Also, you realizenot you think, but you realizethat all things, different religions, they are like flowers of the same tree of spirituality.  People [] pluck them and now I came to[UNCLEAR pick]  the dead flowers. 

Then the second thing happens that your attention becomes enlightened. And wherever you put your attention, it acts, it works. Also, you become extremely peaceful person. I know people who are supposed to be very peaceful people  because they have awards for peace, big organization of peace. But they are really not peaceful. They are so hot-tempered that you cannot believe how they got these awards. The peace has to be within yourself. But when these centres enlighten,your health improves, you get cured completely of many diseases.

Sahaja Yoga has cured many incurable diseases. And now in Russia, St Petersburg the [UNCLEAR, patriot] has invited me to address[UNCLEAR meeting] of 300 scientists with lots of doctors. 

Now what [UNCLEAR it is] I havetell you that it will happen to you that you feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost on your fingertips tonight. But you have to know that it is just the beginning and it has to grow. For that it is important that you must know that this work is collective it is not individual. So you have to come to the collective. You don’t have to pay anything for it nothing. It is absolutely free. 

What do we pay to Mother Earth for giving usthese flowers? So there is no, no involvement at all or any obligation. But you have to respect your own realization then you can grow very well. So many things happen but in this short lecture I wouldn’t be able to tell you [UNCLEAR all the information]. 

At least I have given [] more than 4.000 lectures in English language and you can all hear them [UNCLEAR]. First, you get your Self-Realization. 

So there are three conditions which are [UNCLEAR]. The first one is that you have to forgive everyone. Now, some people say that it is very difficult to forgive. But logically you forgive or don’t forgive what do you do? You don’t do anything. On the contrary, if you don’t forgive then you suffer and play in wrong hands. At this centre on optic chiasma is like this, absolutely constrict ]. If you don’t forgive, it won’t open. As it is you have to suffer so much. And at this important moment, you should really forgive to getyour realization. Otherwise, you will miss sucha great opportunity.

So the second condition is that you have to forgive yourself. You are not to feel guilty at all. After all  you are a human being. If you have done anything wrong it is alright. You are not [, ghost]. You don’t have to take out your eye and cut your hands. Only thing is that you must know that if you feel guilty thenthis centre on left-hand side catches very badly. And you get diseases like angina, [UNCLEAR spotalises] and also lethargic organs. 

In Sahaja Yoga, you do not have to confess everything. Your Kundalini   is your mother, she knows everything about you. So you should not judge yourself, let herjudge. She is so anxious to give you your Self-Realization  so do not feel guilty at all. And again if this centre is closed the Kundalini won’t rise.

Third condition is very simple that you have to take out your shoes. Now [UNCLEAR, you know] in India when I say you take out your shoes half of them walked out. You see this Mother Earth helps us a lot to suck in our problems. So please take out your shoes. You can take out your [, socks].

There was a little girl, little boy. [UNCLEAR, (someone is talking)]. Just a minute, [UNCLEAR] 

I can’t understand this English. [UNCLEAR] one minute I will tell you people, will you please sit down, please sit, no, no, no. You see one lady [UNCLEAR, like this], why don’t you [UNCLEAR] get [UNCLEAR], get out [UNCLEAR].

There was a little boy who came to me [UNCLEAR] who could not walk and he is walking now[UNCLEAR]

You see [] these are nonsense paid by different organisation [UNCLEAR]. But they don’t know [UNCLEAR] benevolence. [UNCLEAR] What is she going to take? They can pay for her. 

You see if she doesn’t want to  have realization she can go out. But she should [UNCLEARact as] protecting you, to disturb. Doesn’t matter, take it easy.  [UNCLEAR] 

Compared what Christ had suffered or Mohammed Sahib has suffered. I have not suffered so much. So many saints have suffered. Not after self-realization, nobody dare touch this [UNCLEAR lady] now. I didn’t understand again [UNCLEAR], it was some sort of a common [UNCLEAR]. I couldn’t understand. I am sorry.

Alright so, you see, there is just you have to feel that you want your Self-Realization and this should be your desire because kundalini is the power of pure desire. According to economics wants isgeneral are not [UNCLEAR, sociable]. 

For example today you want to have a house then you want to have a car then you want to have a helicopter then helicopter goes on and on and on. So when we get this pure desire within us, and these powers start flowing through us. You know your identity. You do know the your purpose of your life. You have so much empower that you want to do something that is extremely needed to be done today for the betterment of humanity, such love and compassion. 

We have seminars with three to four thousand people from 65 countries but there is such a friendship, such love, pure love without any [UNCLEAR impurity]. This new race is already there. All their problems even financial are solved. Only I must say, I am sorry to say but Poland is not yet that sensitive, like in Russia we have [] thousands and thousands of Sahaja Yogis. [UNCLEAR] I asked them aren’t you worry about this what is happening in your country, politically. So they said, Mother, why should we worry, we are in kingdom of God, so tranquil and peaceful.

Alright so now we come to our session of kundalini awakening. We have two powers left and right. Left is for our mundane desire[UNCLEAR] and right is for the action.

So we put our left hand on our lap on the left hand side and put both feet apart from each other. You don’t have go to Himalayas, stand on your heads. You don’t have to give up anything. It’s the inside transformation.

Now please put your left hand towards me, symbolically it means you want your Self-Realization. And we use our right hand to give nourishment to our centres. 

So we have to put our right hand on our heart. In the heart resides the spirit, right hand on the heart, left hand like this. Now in the heart resides the spirit. If you become the Spirit, you become your own master, your own guide. We work on the left hand side; we work on the left hand. 

So we take our right hand in upper portion on our abdomen on the left hand side. Here is the centre of your mastery created by great prophets. 

Then we take our right hand in lower portion on our abdomen on the left hand side. This is a centre where we have the pure divine knowledge. 

Then again we take our right hand in upper portion of our abdomen, then on our heart. 

Then in the corner of the neck, between shoulder and your neck and turn our head toward right. I have already told you about this centre. 

Then we take our right hand on top of our foreheads across and bow down []. This is the centre to forgive others. Now without doing anything, without counting your mistakes just for your satisfaction, you put your hand [] all the way back and push back your [, head]. Here you have to ask for forgiveness from the All-Pervading Divine power of love. 

Now the last centre you have to stretch your palm and put the centre of our palm on top of the fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now you have to put down your head and move your hand clockwise. If you push back your fingers thenyou can move your skull, clockwise, seven times, bend your head, push back your fingers, move it seven times. That’s all we have to do. 

Now we have to close our eyes, close our eyes and not to open them till I tell you. 

Now both of knees have to be apart, the left hand on your lap and right hand on your heart. 

Here you have to ask me a question, very fundamental about yourself. You can call me mother or you can call me [] Shri Mataji. Please ask three times in your heart, Mother, am I the spirit? I have told you that [] you become the spirit; you become your own guide, your own master. 

So please take the right hand the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side. And here you have to ask another fundamental question about yourself. Please ask three times, Mother, am I my own master? I have told you that I respect your freedom and the pure divine knowledge cannot be forced on you. So you have to ask for it.

So take your right hand the lower portion of your abdomen. And ask the question or ask Mother, please give me pure divine knowledge. Please ask this question six times, because this centre has got six petals. As soon as you ask  

(The video is cut off and continues with the music) 

They won’t understand.

(Continues with the music)

Thank you very much. [UNCLEAR Its a pleasure] to see that we have Polish children singing [] Sanskrit songsvery [UNCLEAR] 

I have seen only in Poland this happening, it shows that people are sensitive and are going to work it out. Remember that God loves [] you and in [UNCLEAR]that you enter into his kingdom and settle down.

May God bless you all.

I will come after one year again