Medical Conference

St. Petersburg (Russia)

1994-09-14 Scientific Conference St Petersburg Russia DP-RAW, 121'
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Medical Conference, St Petersberg (Russia), 14 September 1994.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

I am so enamored by this august gathering here, and all this is because of Dr. Voronov who has done so much. I don’t know how Dr. Voronov; I don’t know how he found Me. He came to see Me and I was amazed that he’s a scientist and such a great seeker of truth. Also, I am so much surprised that scientists are talking of morality, it’s something unusual. It’s only in Russia people can do that. Because science is amoral and has nothing to do with spirituality. It is now this new step I find, you people who are so advanced that you want to know about spirituality. Spirituality is metascience.

The morality sense has come now to science and scientific research that they are realizing that there are genes in the human beings which get into mutation. I have told long time back that there are two genes especially, which look after our morality. With one gene mutation we do sin against the Mother. Sin against the Mother is that you indulge into things which are immoral, everything that is self destructive. This self destruction is what we call immorality.

The second gene in the human being is, goes into mutation when you do the sin against the Father. Against the Father the mutation takes place when we are aggressive, violent, we are thieves or do things which are improper in the legal way. These genes get into mutation and then person start doing all kinds of things. Either he starts destroying himself or he starts destroying others. Thank God they have now reached the state of genes in the medical science, and I am sure they’ll find out these two mutation bound genes in human beings. Only through traditions of moral life that these can be preserved.

In the democratic countries freedom was given, so they went absolutely haywire and these two genes have gone into such mutation that people do not even know that they are doing something wrong.

In a way, science has shown that going beyond limits of science one can get reactions. When there is no limits of production of anything which is scientifically found out, people go on producing things like atom bomb, hydrogen bomb, all kinds of things. Then it recoils. Now there is a big movement to stop the production of these bombs. This aggressiveness which started with scientific advancement went too far. It dominated so many countries and destroyed so many people. And the second part which is the sin against the Mother, where people have now taken to drugs, alcohol, womanizing – all kinds of wrong things. In America you cannot talk against homosexuality because homosexual gave votes for Clinton to be elected, and the AIDS are the reaction now to stop it. Now with this reaction what is happening is that they have now become like martyrs, they think it’s a very big thing they have done. Because their ego now is hurt and they do not want to admit that they have done mistake, that they have got this AIDS, this horrible disease. But who creates the genes, and who puts them into mutation? In the science yet there is no answer. Here you see within yourself, this is the mechanism.

They can see? All right.

This is a built-in system within us, very subtle built-in system within us. You are all scientist here so you should have an open mind. Whatever I am telling you today is before you some sort of a hypothesis. If it is true, then you have to accept it as honest people, because it is for the benevolence of you as individuals, for the benevolence of your country and the benevolence of the whole world.

Here you see a triangular bone which is called as sacrum, which Greeks knew was a sacred bone. In this bone lies a power of pure desire. All other desires are not pure. Today you want to buy a house and a car, then a helicopter. You go on buying, you are never satisfied. According to economics, wants are not satisfied, in general.

So this is the pure desire within us. You may be aware of it or may not be. Now what is the pure desire? The pure desire is to be the Spirit. You are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not this intellect, you are not these emotions, you are not these conditionings, nor you are your ego – but you are pure Spirit. In the evolutionary state you have reached a state which we call as human beings, but is not the end of the journey. Even in science you find out something then somebody else comes in says, “No that’s not so,” and somebody else comes in says, “No that’s not so.” So we do not know the absolute truth. If we had known the absolute truth there would have been no quarrels, no fights, no wars. I said this is metascience but was known in My country thousands of years back.

If I have done anything it’s this: that I have brought this knowledge to the masses. It’s nothing great. All right, so all human problems create world problems, and all human problems comes from these centers which are our foundations. These centers act on the left and on the right. Like this, the centers are. The left side sympathetic and the right side sympathetic are not doing the same work. They do two types, absolutely different. The channels which look after these two are shown here and in the center is the parasympathetic nervous system.

Again I say it is metascience. In the center is the parasympathetic nervous system. I need not tell doctors, they know that when you want to run you can increase the beat of the heart. In emergency sympathetic acts, but the heart is brought to normal by parasympathetic. Now in the brain, as you see on top of the brain these channels go and create from the left side you see this they cross over, in the optic chiasma about that time they cross and create a balloon-like thing. These balloons are created by the left side, this one, left side activity, and you get your conditionings. This can be called as psyche but psyche is ambiguous I think.

Say a mother is nursing a child and the child is very happy, but she turns him round so he doesn’t like it, so the second line of ego starts, then she scolds him, “Don’t do like this.” Then the first line of conditioning start. Thus we live either on ego or on conditioning. We see these beautiful flowers, but they are miracles, aren’t they? Who creates these flowers?

If you ask a doctor who runs your heart, he’ll say it is autonomous nervous system, but who is this “auto”? This they cannot answer. Now this Kundalini which is in the triangular bone is your Mother, is your individual Mother. She knows everything about you. She’s a doctor also, and also a psychologist, and a scientist. She thinks, She understands, above all She loves. Everyone of you have this power. This power when awakened passes through six centers above. These six centers are responsible for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.

We can deal with one center today, it’s a very short time. This center is the second center of Swadishthana, which is on the physical side manifest as aortic plexus, aortic plexus. You see I don’t know what you call that. All right, only we’ll deal with one today and you’ll be amazed how many diseases can be cured if this one center can be enlightened. The function of this center, because it moves like this, you see as you have got this thing, it moves and can also then contract. It’s like a lotus. So the function is to look after liver, and so pancreas and spleen, kidneys and intestines – one center. Also it has another very important work is to convert the fat for the use of the grey cells, energy.

Now the scientists have not reached that point. So a person who thinks too much – he is futuristic, he plans – such a person uses the energy of his grey cells, isn’t it? So this center becomes concerned about the supply of the energy. So all these organs start suffering from starvation. First attack is on liver. The function of liver is to deliver the poison from the body into the blood. I am talking in general. All right, now what happens that the heat accumulates in the liver. Such a person starts becoming thin because there is poison in the liver. He becomes hot tempered, he develops skin troubles. Then this heat can start moving to other organs, because the organs are also suffering. So when it goes to the pancreas, people start suffering from a disease called diabetes. Diabetes can only happen to people who are futuristic, who sit on the seat, plan things, only they get it. In My country the farmers take at least six spoons of sugar in one cup of water, cup of tea. They don’t get diabetes because whatever they are, they spend and sleep off. This disease is more in the West. In the West people have insurances, all kinds of problems if they even have a small little thing. It’s a mad race of insurance.

Now the other, spleen, is the most important. I don’t know about Russia, but in the other western countries the people sleep very late. They have to attend drinking parties, dancing parties, maddening parties. There is they get up very late. Somehow or other they dress up hectically and start reading newspapers. Now our spleen is a speedometer. It creates red blood cells, as you know very well, when there is emergency. But the life is so hectic, and then to read newspaper in the morning you get such a shock that this poor spleen starts working. Then they get into the car and there is a traffic as we had. I am sorry I am late but we started long time but there was such a traffic on the way. So they get upset and go to the office and the boss starts shouting at them. They are just slaves of the time. Even if somebody’s one minute late, you’ll shout for fifteen minutes. So this poor spleen doesn’t know how to cope with this hectic personality that also become hectic and vulnerable to blood cancer. I must tell you that truthfully, that blood cancer has been cured by Sahaja Yoga, without changing blood, without doing anything.

Now third thing is the kidney. With this heat the kidney also coagulates, so you cannot even pass your urine. So you go for dialysis and die bankrupt. This is a fact. Now this can also be very much cured by this Kundalini awakening. There is no need at all to go in for dialysis. Then comes the intestines. The intestines also lose their movement and people get constipated. Some develop terrible constipation at the end of the intestine, large intestine. Now apart from that, when this heat rises above it reaches the heart. If there is a young boy who is drinking too much, who is playing tennis or something very hard game and who thinks too much, such a young boy can get a heart attack which is always fatal. Also heart attack people get it in old age because this heat goes and contracts the heart, so you get a massive heart attack, not angina, not angina, but massive heart attack. Then this heat rises even above and goes to the brain and constricts some arteries and you get concussion of the brain on the left hand side, left hand because it crosses over and one gets paralysis, on the right hand side. It’s a reaction. There are diseases on the left hand side also.

I don’t know why I am so thirsty here.

Now when it is on the left hand side, your diseases are of a more serious nature. I don’t know how far you will believe Me. Left side gives you psychosomatic diseases. All incurable diseases. Right from muscular diseases, cancer, heart – angina, madness, lunacy, out of which psychosomatic are these diseases and lunacy is just somatic – I’m sorry, psychic or lunacy and all that. All others are psychosomatic. They come from viruses. Now on the left side is all our past, since our creation. So there are many dead vegetables which have gone out of the circulation of evolution, dead animals, dead human beings. Now these, like tomorrow, will become out of the circulation. So when the attention starts moving towards the left, towards the past, or you get a shock or you start feeling sorry for something, then it goes to the left. Russia has more left side I feel because of whatever was the political situation before.

So one has to be in the center because if you go to the left, then these viruses catch you or some dead animals will catch you, some micro animals might catch you or some human beings who are dead. So the possessions take place. Now with the awakening of the Kundalini your attention is drawn in the center, all the religions were created to create a balance, not to go to extremes. But why the balance? Because with the balance only you can ascend. As I said these flowers are created, all living work is done by All-Pervading Divine Power. In the Bible is described as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, in the Koran as Ruh.

And also you say Ruh? Really? Good.

And in Indian philosophy is described as Paramachaitanya. Adi Shankaracharya said, “Salilam Salilam.” Means, ” cool, cool.” So you have to become one with that. That is the yoga. Once you are united with that All-Pervading Power, then you become empowered.

Our thoughts rise and fall, again rise and fall and we are jumping on the cusp of the thoughts. We cannot be in the present, and the reality is in the present. So when this Kundalini rises on this center on the optic chiasma, She creates present in you, becomes silent, thoughtlessly aware. You are aware but thoughtless, so you jump out of your problems also. If you are standing in the water you are afraid of the high waves, but if you jump out of it into a boat you can see that, you can enjoy them, but if you learn how to swim you can jump in and save many, so you become into next state, doubtlessly aware.

You have so many powers potential in you, they are awakened. In India many artists have become world famous. Many painters have become world famous in Australia. It is a bliss. Actually you enter into the Kingdom of God. And all the time you feel you are being looked after, guided, protected. That is your right, we call it Sahaja Yoga. “Saha” means with “ja” is born. Means it is born with you, this right to be in this yoga to union. So you become divine. Automatically you become absolutely moral, you become righteous, you enjoy all your virtues, you become your own guide in the light of the Spirit. Overnight, I have seen, people have given up their drugs. This is the last breakthrough of our evolution.

I am so very thankful to our professor for organizing this beautiful, augustus meeting for Me. Can you imagine Christ addressing you people like this? Can you imagine Christ addressing them? These are modern times that I have this chance to talk to you, these are modern times and enlightened people. They crucified Him. Christ was a great divine personality, very great. He didn’t understand human beings, because He was so pure. What He has said that if your eye commits a sin take it out, if your right hand commits a sin, cut it. In the West everybody would have been without hands and eyes if they followed Him.

Then I think Mohamed Sahib thought that Christ had so much, He had said about the men to be that strict, you see, but women He didn’t say anything. So he said about women horrible things. It is too much. I just thought that first let them have little light. Now supposing I am obstinate, I have a snake in My hand and I am standing in the darkness, but you are adamant and I don’t want to listen to you. I am adamant, don’t want to listen to you. You go on telling Me there is a snake. I will not leave it till it bites Me. But if there is little light, immediately I’ll leave it Myself. That is what I thought that human beings if they get little light they will immediately change, and has worked. I never dreamt that I will be able to address such people in Russia, never dreamt. It is really thanks to you, Professor, really. Such a great honor for Me, I don’t know what to say. It’s really destined I think that such divine people should be sitting before Me.

In this short lecture I am sorry I can’t tell you everything about Sahaja Yoga. In English language only I must have given at least five thousand lectures. But lecture is just a mental acrobat. You have to go beyond it and achieve a state of enlightenment. Enlightenment doesn’t mean any brand like born again or anything. It is a actualization and the becoming. It’s not just talk, talk, talk. It is also not blind faith. This is an actual happening. This happening has to take place, for which you don’t have to pay. It is a living process. When you put a seed in the Mother Earth, it sprouts. How much does the Mother Earth take from us money? Because it is built in the Mother Earth to sprout and built into the seed to be sprouted. It’s a living process of spontaneity. Nobody can explain why are we on this earth. Nobody can say why, when the fetus starts growing why don’t we throw it away, as all the foreign things have to be thrown away out of the body? But it is preserved, looked after. Till it has to be thrown, it is kept in the womb. Who does that?

The other day somebody asked Me, “Why am I on this earth?”

I said, “To become divine and to enter into the Kingdom of God.”

So he said, “What? Will that help me?”

I told him, “First you enter. It will not only help you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, but it will help others.”

On your fingertips you can feel your centers. On your fingertips you can feel the centers of others. Otherwise half of the people die only during diagnosis. Only on fingertips you can find out the trouble. They talk the language of centers. You can feel the vibrations of anyone, if they are dead, alive or far away. Now if you know how to correct, you can correct your centers and correct the centers of others. Because, who is the other? You have become collective now, that means the microcosm has become the macrocosm, or the drop has become the sea. This is your capacity. This is your glory. This is what you have to have your own. No obligation. It’s all love and compassion. The power is of love, of divine love, of pure love without any lust or greed. We have never used, never used the power of love. Now the time has come, and one day I’m sure this Russia will be the leader of the whole world. This knowledge is coming, say, from an Indian person, or India, but science has come from the West, so doesn’t matter. If it is coming from the East, why should people think it’s something low? All the wise people will realize that they are divine. Of course it is not meant for idiots and childish people. I find Russians are very wise and very introspective. First when I came with My husband, I told My husband that Russia will be the first in spirituality.

May God bless you all!