Public Program

St. Petersburg (Russia)

1994-09-15 Public Program, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia, 75' Chapters: Arrival, Introduction with bhajans, Talk
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 1994-09-15 Public program;Sankt-Petersburg Russia

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset we all have to know one thing that this truth is what it is. You cannot change it, it has been, it is and will be, because it is eternal. The truth is that you are not this body, this mind, these emotions, intellect, ego or your conditionings but you are the pure spirit. Another truth is that there is a all-pervading power of Divine love which does all the living work. When we are seeking truth one has to know that whatever so far we have known is not the absolute truth. For example, people are seeking joy, they are getting money, buying things out of money having possessions. Then they try to get their joy in power. They want to have higher positions so that they can control people. There are all kinds of pursuits people have in their lives. But it doesn’t give them joy, doesn’t give them satisfaction. What is the satisfaction is their ascent. That is what Christ has said that you are to be born again. And in the Bible also, in Indian Scriptures it is written that you are to be born again. In Sanskrit language a bird is called ‘Dwijaha’ and also a Brahmin, or the one who is known this brahama, who is enlightened is called Dwijaha’. Because once the bird is like an egg, when it matures, the mother breaks the head of the egg and the bird comes out. But the bird is very different from the egg. And then it starts flying. In the same way a realized soul is first a human being, then he matures by the Kundalini awakening, he becomes an enlightened soul. Without enlightenment you cannot follow any religion, you cannot understand it. For example, when ‘Moses’ came from the mountain, {unclear}  he brought with him the ten commandments. But he informed the people, [unclear] quite decadent condition. Very immoral, money-oriented and very frivolous. They were killing each other and were doing all kinds of wrong things. He got so fed up that for them he brought ‘Shariyat’, for the Jews. Its described in the Bible, in the oldest, { unclear}. So it was very strict and very cruel also. It said that if  anybody steals anything, his both hands should be cut. And if somebody has immoral [unclear] means  a man or a women then they should be buried upto the neck or upto the  waist into the land and should be beaten with stones. This was { unclear} .But Jews found very very difficult to follow. So they thought we better go and respect near the wall, there is one wall, they have where they go and respect. This a device they found  [unclear] but [unclear] but it’s very difficult. So they are doing everything and hiding it. Once I was travelling from Vienna to London and I went off to sleep. When I opened my eyes I was surprised, they were different people, very smartly dressed, ladies wearing very small skirts, smoking. So I asked the air hostess, “ Is this some other airport?” She said, no this is a direct flight, so I said, “who are these?” She said, they are the same. But as soon as they left their country, now they have become westernised. So I was surprised that these people, why do they try to be Muslim, they better give up Islam, if they cannot follow then it will be hypocritical. These people in charge of Islam did not find any other method to avoid, like [unclear] . They are supposed to make prayers quite nicely but some of them do that but not all. So it is very difficult to follow Islam, to be very frank. Not even one percent people are [unclear] . Then came, also Christianity came before that. And as Christ was such a pure soul, he thought all of the human beings are also like this. So, he said if you commit any sin with your one eye, take it out. If you commit any sin with your hand cut it out. If somebody slaps you on this face put another face to him. Imagine what would happen to all the Christians, they would be without both the eyes, both the hands. So Christianity also became very difficult. Because just by talking you cannot prove Christianity. Just by wearing the cross, you cannot prove Christianity. So it became like a confession sort of a thing. [unclear] was that You go and confess, finish. So people developed guilt and left Vishuddhi. All this was meant for enlightenment. So, Sahaja yoga is the real thing. What happens that you become enlightened. And you yourself start seeing yourself. And you start looking at yourself as a witness. Also you know the absolute truth. And you can find out what’s wrong with you and what’s wrong with others. By this you are not concerned as to how the person is dressed or how he looks but you are bothered about the centres he has. And you are worried about your own centres. When somebody comes and tells me, “ Mother, my agnya is very bad please cure it. Meaning I am very egoistical. But now a day nobody says I am egoistical. Or somebody says my mooladhar is very bad, means he is immoral. But nobody says that I am immoral. So they talk the language of the Chakras, centres. And so everybody’s chakra is. After realization you become like lotuses out of the power. And fragrance of these lotuses start taking the whole atmosphere. You are so satisfied. You are not bothered about anything. And waves of joy start flowing in your life. What work you do is to do sahaja yoga, spread Sahaja yoga, talk sahaja yoga. They become very peaceful. Now we have so many people here and so many came to Ganpatiphule and other places, I was stunned, have never seen them quarrelling. You may come from Romania, you may come from Russia, Bulgaria, you may come from England, you may come from America, India, any place, you all feel you are one. You transcend all racialism, automatically. Fundamentalism. Everything drops out, and you become a global personality, Universal personality. And on your faces you can see the glow. And you yourself become so active and so dynamic. At the same time, you are very compassionate. Or do nothing but work for Sahaja yoga, which is the highest. You are not [unclear]. We don’t have hierarchies. We have no awards. But everybody, whether they are at the top or at the bottom of society, they all become one. There is no force on anyone. There is no compulsion. There is no[unclear], and you become such happy joyous people. Because you enter into the kingdom of God. Then you don’t worry about anything. Every moment there are blessings for that. And the blessings that you have, you are amazed, they are like miracles. You are so satisfied with yourself that you don’t have to worry about the nonsensical things as others do. If you have lost the way, you think it’s all right, after all I have to go that way. You communicate with each other with your vibrations. The Divine love flows through you. Like the sap in the tree. It moves to different parts of your society, if it’s the father, you respect the father, as he should be. If it’s the mother you look after the mother, if your brother, sisters everybody you give whatever is desired. And to sahajyogis and to Sahaja yoga you give your complete dedication and it starts and doesn’t stay at one place. The fragrance then spreads all over. There is a, I mean when people start describing to me the miracles. All kinds of miracles, which are really unbelievable. So I told somebody that why don’t you compile these miracles. Within one month he said they have gone up to my head. I said, I cannot sort them out, you yourself sort these he said I can’t, it’s such a lot, I don’t know what to do.  Ordinary people become great poets, orators and people who had taken to bad habits, give up overnight. If I say, don’t drink, don’t smoke, half of the people will go. But best thing is to put the light of spirit in you. Once you have that light within you, you are your own master, your own guide. [unclear] There is one thing I would like to warn the Russians. I have seen this in Turkey, I have seen this in Turkey. In Turkey people don’t have so much money but  they have a German Television. And through German television, they are very much impressed by German. They start using the German clothes, German cutlery, crockery and also the food. And now they have become extremely [unclear] . I find the same here. In the shops I have been, I have seen all kinds of German things, American, European, nonsensical all, what you can call junk, which they cannot sell there. Because they have no discretion. They cannot sell. So they are like junk, just useless and they are exporting all junk here. And I am surprised people wear those dresses at such a high price. They all very patriotic. In India we cannot import anything from outside, you cannot have one shop, which is imported, even one shop. So there is no need to run after these junky things and make yourself poor. They all sell in dollars, and one dollar is, “how much in rupees…two thousand, just imagine, that’s the point, tell them.” You should not buy anything of that kind. Because that will really ruin your country completely. Whatever you can buy in your rubbles, you should buy that. Or just don’t buy. This is the way you can build up your country. I have nothing against Germans now, because German Sahaja yogis are very fond of Russians. And they also told me, “why are they buying this junk?”  So, you can imagine. So, at least those who are in Sahaja yoga should not buy anything which comes from outside, even from India. Because you are at the beginning stage. Off course, money is not important, but if you become beggars, who will listen to you. This is very important, because your country is building up now. Sahaja yoga is definitely nothing much spiritual. But it penetrates into every area of your life. Because you have to have wisdom and understanding. It is not that you are a sahaja yogi and you can be cut out from your society, cut out from your country. You are a part and parcel of this country and a very dynamic one. There are so many things that can be done for helping your country also. I think, since last year, things have improved a lot here. And people are[unclear]. But still if you do not understand the tricks of the western entrepreneurs, you will [unclear] . While you have such a big artist in your country. Tremendous artists, beautiful work. You should only buy from the artist and encourage their art. There are very few countries, who have hand made things. One is Russia, one is India and one is China. And the Chinese art is moving everywhere. Because they respect, respect their art. It’s better to have one artistic piece then to have ten plastic things. Artistic things are made by an artist and he puts all his joy in it. They are so beautiful, that when you watch them you become thoughtlessly aware, a stage you have to achieve in Sahaja yoga. The second stage as you know is the doubtless awareness. For that you have to just love yourself and love others. Just you have to change. I must say, the qualities of Sahaja yogis, in Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, also Poland, also Czechoslovakia is much better than anywhere else. It’s very surprising. And the dedication they have, and the understanding they have, shows [ unclear] they are all very wise people. What I know is that they know  [ unclear]  . They do not rationally try to avoid mistakes, by saying no-no this is this, that is that, they always accept their mistakes. So there cannot be any guilt and there cannot be any ego. So if one commits any mistakes , it’s all right, we are all human beings. Accept the mistake and say I will not do this again, finished. Sahaja yoga is such a cleansing process; such a cleansing. It cleanses you. Makes you absolutely pure and it also reflects through you, your beauty and your radiance. The more you are dedicated, the more you achieve your joy. When there was a coup year, I could not come at that time. And I asked the sahaja yogis, are you still worried about the coup, and all that is happening in your country. And they said, Mother, why should we worry, we are in the kingdom of God. What an answer, I was really surprised at their confidence and satisfaction. A sahaja yogi has no complains of any kind. Everything is [unclear]. The blessings of Divine are great and one day this country will lead the whole world in spirituality, now I know. Today I was amazed at your scientists, they are so mature and wise, that they are trying to connect morality with [unclear] . In the whole world you cannot find scientist, who will even think of this. They can never read a sense of what people are suffering, its coming from immorality.  I was so much surprised, that a gentleman, who is a surgeon, ninety year old, was talking against alcoholism. In the whole world I cannot think of any surgeon talking about this, he’ll lose all his practice. You can’t talk of morality. They think it is…out of making sense. I was so much surprised at the wisdom of this scientist. With such people as your leaders, I am sure, one day you can show the world one day, what is spirituality, what is morality. With Sahaja yoga, morality starts acting through you. You become moral. You become righteous. You cannot be immoral. You become a different person. And the whole personality changes in such a way that people respect you for your wisdom. I am so very happy to come here as you call it St Peter’s burg, I was here first time and I was amazed, the way people were sensitive about sahaja yoga. Such beautiful city and so artistic. Such a beautiful city and one of the most beautiful. Such a beautiful city, one of the most beautiful. You must respect your building and with that [ unclear]  . And so the artist who came here must have been a realized soul. Only an enlightened person can make such beautiful houses. So in some cases we are appreciate only what is old, that is gold. We should not try to be modern. They are all   [unclear]    absolutely stupid. You can’t understand [unclear] these Americans. One Russian sahaja yogi is in Chicago. They say in Chicago we have programme only for Russian and Indians, not for others. I said why? So, he said, “Because, Americans are like children, they will not bother. So you are already so matured. And such great qualities you have of introspection. And I am sure, one day the spirituality of Russia will cover the whole world. Christ never had this chance. He never came to Russia, otherwise it would have been very difficult. In any case, understand that now you are sahajyogis of a country which can give so much to the whole world. You have a very big responsibility. Two things you must remember. At home you must meditate every day. And you must go to the collective programmes. This is very important. If you meditate at home, you will know, what’s wrong with you. And when you will go to the collective, you will be corrected and others will be corrected. I am very happy today to see you all here and I am sure I will come back again after one year, and by that time you will have many many more sahajayogis. You want to sing one song, you can BHAJAN………

Off course, to this, I will go now, but today I am before you, not Christ. When…. Christ has said that I will send you the Holy Ghost, what about that? Also he has said that whatever you say against me is all right, but nothing against the Holy Ghost I will tolerate. When Moses came people said we only believe in Abraham. Because there was no Abraham [ unclear] to say that. You can put Abraham into pocket and [ unclear] to Christ. Nobody is [unclear]   then came….after Moses came Christ, so they said we believe in Moses and not in Christ. Christ had only ten disciples. And ultimately they crucified him. Now I have come here [unclear]. Christ has said in the 5th chapter, Mathews, second verse, you will [ unclear] Christ, Christ I will not recognize you. [unclear]  Who do not know that they were told that you will be born again. And that Holy Ghost will do the job. So one has to understand that all such people who talk of something past are just trying to avoid, face the reality. I am very much thankful to [unclear] about the scientist. We have many scientists in India, all over the world who are Sahaja yogis and who are doing the work of Sahaja yoga all over. But not such a force not such a conference. They can say with such understanding. Its said that, work which he has done will be really remembered in the history of spirituality. People like him will definitely take you out of this. All kinds of problems are there of very stupid people also but you should be wise to understand what’s real problem. and [unclear] that’s all. So now I say goodbye and best of luck.

 Thank you very much. 

You have already got it, “ Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost,[unclear]. Now let us see how many are feeling the cool breeze in their hands. Cool or Hot breeze over their heads. Please put on your hands, both the hands. All of you. I know, you all have got realization. 

Bhajan…….Mataji, Mataji you face shines like…..