It is your right to be united with the Divine Power of Love

Tolyatti (Russia)

1994-09-16 It is your right to be united with the Divine Power of Love, Togliatti, Russia, 48' Chapters: Interview with Yogis, Talk, Self-Realization, Bhajans after program, Departure
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1994-09-17 Departure after the Program, Togliatti, Russia, DP-RAW, 11'
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Public Program. Togliatti (Russia), 17 September 1994.

I bow to all the seekers of Truth. It seems Tolyatti is a special place in Russia. where we have so many seekers and very genuine people, so many singers, musicians, dancers such a beautiful volgari yuvavour. its such a pleasure to me to be with you again.

           At the very out said, we all should know that Truth is what it is. We can not change it, we can not describe it and even if you read about it, you don’t get to it. There is a happening which has to take place within us. As you know what’s stuff you know that there is a power called ‘Kundalini’ within us. In the triangular bone which is called as Sacrum that means the Greeks knew its a Sacred bone. Sahaja means saha is ‘with’ ja means ‘born with you’. Born with you is the right to have this yoga.{not mine doesn’t.. take it little away (inAudible) little away(SriMataji laughs)} which means it is born with you the right to be united you have the yoga. To be united to this All-pervading power of Divine Love. You see these beautiful flowers here, who makes them?. How one type of flower is grown in one type of tree or a on bush. We do not understand, its a Miracle and our heart who runs our heart? if you ask the Doctors, they will say it is Autonomous nervous system. Who is this Auto? no one can answer. Science can not answer many questions.

            Unless and until you become one with this Divine power, you will not understand why you are on this Earth. But, if you think that doing some rituals or practising some austerities or going to Himalayas will achieve that ascent is not possible. Actually we must know that Christ or Mohammad saheb and all these people were very pure personalities Of such a high quality that they did not understand human beings. It’s written in the Bible in the fifth chapter of Matthews that ” if you commit any sin with your eye, take it your eye. Or if you commit any sin with your hand, cut out your hand. Also, if somebody slaps you on your one cheek, you put another cheek to it”. This is very difficult. Imagine in the west all people will have taken out their eyes and cut out their hands, because that’s so immoral. They have no sense of family, no sense of morality.

            So this religion which Christ has said is meant for people who are of very high caliber. He must be thinking that human beings are all Realised souls, very evolved. So, he has said ” I will send you the Holy Ghost “. If he was the last, if he was the final then why did he say that he will send the Holy Ghost here? The Holy Ghost has to have three qualities. One is a Comforter by which Holy Ghost has to cure people, give them the comfort. Like the way you are comfortably sitting and you can get your Realisation. The second job was a Counsiler. That Holy Ghost will give you counsil which will be for your good and which will help you to guide your life and the third quality described is a Redemption, redeemer. That means the Holy Ghost will forgive all your sins and will redeem you means, he will evolve you and take you to a higher life and then he said the kingdom will be yours, kingdom of GOD will be yours. This is what exactly Sahajayoga is, and that is how you are now so many of you are realised souls here and so very dedicated. It is a miracle that so many people have got their Realisations here. Many people have been cured. Even in a big meeting like this it was very surprising.

             In Moscow, one lady came to me on her wheelchair and I just told her now you get up and walk. She got up and she started running, She forgot even her chair there and when we were going in the car later on we found her running for the bus. So people who have faith, not blind faith once they have got their Realisation, they can feel this All-Pervading power of Divine Love and they once they have faith, they immediately react so fast that they are cured completely. Today I went to a school where I saw children were all Realised sould born in Togliatti and this is the sign that there are many Sahaja yogis in Togliatti.

             Children don’t want to be born in places where there is no Sahaja yoga. They take birth in places where they will be given spiritual life. These are special people who are getting birth. Very spiritual and you are blessed with these children. You will realise and you will understand them better. Otherwise maybe if they are born to people who have no spirituality, they may be torchured. So, this Kundalini awakening is very spontaneous and works out very fast, for thousands of people it works out and it doesn’t give any trouble to you. When the Kundalini rises, She nourishes your subtle centres. All the world problems are mostly because of human beings and most or I should say, all the human problems come from their subtle centres. If these centres are put right through Kundalini awakening, and if they are nourished by It, then our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems are solved automatically. This requires a deep understanding that the time has come for us to evolve now.

              After evolution you feel the cool breeze on your fingertips. Even the children can feel it. Now with this you can feel your own centres. So you get your self knowledge. You also feel the centre of others. Sitting down here, you can feel the centres of anyone anywhere. Even if somebody is dead you can feel the centres of that person. If you know how to correct these centers then you can correct your centres and correct the centres of others. Thus we can get rid off all these problems for which we have to pay so much we have to suffer so much. As you feel the centres of others, that means you become collectively conscious. That means who is the other? Microcosm becomes the Macrocosm. Like a drop becomes the Ocean. You become a personality which is Universal. A Global personality. There is no difference anymore. Another thing happens that you know the absolute Truth on your fingertips. Normally we know relative truths. Somebody says this is good, somebody says that is good. But, we have to know the truth which is absolute, otherwise there will be quarrels, fights and wars. Many people don’t believe in GOD. You have to just put your hands like this and ask: ” Mother is there GOD? ” and immediately you start getting a kind of a cool breeze sensation. They said that Christ was the Son of GOD. That is the Truth. So you have to feel, also ask a question: ” Mother, was Christ the Son of GOD? ” See., so whatever you learn in Sahaja yoga, you can verify. Everything can be verified in Sahaja yoga. Because, it is an absolute truth. if there is a false guru, you can find out easily. But they gradually disappear one by one. They are so frightened of reality. In my lifetime so many of them are finished. Nobody can be mislead you now.

               Now your attention becomes enlightened and in the enlightened attention, you give up everything that is destructive for you. You give up all immorality, you give up smoking, drinking, everything and you lead a very spiritual life and great brotherhood among yourself, great love. in India, we get sometimes, three, four thousand people together from sixty-five nations and surprisingly there is never a quarrel, fight never. Great fun and enjoyment. Above all you jump into the ocean of Joy. Waves of Joy start coming in you. Joy is singular. Happiness and unhappiness are two sides of one coin. If your ego is pampered then you feel happy. But if your ego is punctured, then you feel unhappy. But Joy is a state where you become a witness everything and see everything as a drama. Sahaja yoga is so simple and is meant for simple people not for complicated, not for over-ambitious people, not for idiots, not for people of arrogance. If you are humble, you get your self-realisation in no time.

             We had a very good experience in St.Petersburg the other day, when we had a conference of two thousand scientists and afterwards we had also another big programme where people got realisation without doing anything to them and I am sure is will happen tonight here also. So just put your hands towards ME like this. All of you. I think the breeze has stopped now. If you feel a cool breeze like thing or a hot breeze in your hand and also through your fontenelle bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Try to feel it. He is a posessed boy. Ask him to go out. Go out.(Mixed unknown sound) Please put your hand up like this. No no this one is alright, this one Red and Black. yeah put your hand, stupid fellow. Posessed. I can see now. Please put your hand on top of your head. All of you please put. Now put your right hand towards me and feel it with left hand. Now with the left hand again and with the right hand. From your own head you should feel. All those who have felt cool breeze on their hands or on their fingertips or out of their fontanelle bone area, please raise both your hands. (Sree Mataji laughs) That is Tolyatti. Its a thing I can not describe my Joy. To see so many saints sitting before me. I never never expected in my life time and that I should come to Tolyatti where there are so many saints already. I love you all with my heart. You must all of you should meditate and pray because whatever your desires will be fulfilled. You will be protected all the time.

             The director in charge of that area what is it called where we are staying, where we are staying that place that Volga, near the Volga, Where that place, you see, the director of that came and told me, some mafia came to trouble him very much. He looked at my photo and said Mother please protect me and they all run away forever(Sree Mataji laughs). I have heard also about another one who was renovating the house and the mafia came there, and when he was renovating mafia came and said that you must pay us for protection, so he said we are already protected. So they said alright will come and fight tomorrow with the guns with those people who are protecting you. So he said you can not fight them with guns. So he said how, because he said they are divine, that’s divine force and he told them about Sahaja yoga and they ran away and never came back. All these things will be happening very beautiful things, like now I am in Italy so all mafias run away and also half of the politicians are in jail(Sree Mataji laughs). So, So all bad people who are against the development of the country will have to be very careful now and you don’t have to worry about anyone. Gradually financial position improves, everything improves. But one thing I would like to warn you that I have seen lots of imported things selling in your shops. At a very exorbitant prirces.

             If you are patriotic don’t buy anything out of these imported things. This is all the junk in the west, they can not sell because of recession. So why should you waste your money on this junk. In Turkey they did so and they have become absolutely poor. You need not try to be Germans or French. You should be Russians. Because Russians are much higher in spirituality and one day they will have to learn from you. So understand that though they are little dearth of money, it doesn’t matter. With Sahaja yoga you get satisfaction and with that satisfaction you can live with whatever is available.

             In the west there is so much greed. Before that now you got realisation. So please try to be satisfied people. Because you have got the pure desire of Kundalini. Other desires are not pure. Today people want a House then a Car then a Helicopter then an Aeroplane there is no end to it. There is no end to it. So that kind of a desire is of no use. Whatever you desire and you get it, when you are not happy what’s the use of such a desire. So I would request you again and again, please don’t buy anything that is imported. In India you won’t find even one shop where you have imported things. Mahatma Gandhi told us ” Don’t buy anything imported ” and the British had to leave us, they couldn’t manage and we didn’t have so many things, we had to spend our own yarn and where Khadi which was very coarse, coarse, coarse, coarse is rough.
            To buy things of your country, they are very artistic they are very beautiful and your prosperity will improve. Next year again I will come. Also we are going to have a Diwali puja this time in Turkey. All who want to come are very welcome. Moreover we are going to have weddings. Those who want to get married in Turkey should give their forms to their leaders. Thank you very much. Want to sing one song..Alright sing a song (Sree Mataji laughs), Where is that dancer Reema? On my way out we should call her later on. Later on, later on I will see Reema. Later on. Moon has come. See the dancer the one green colour (inaudible) who is dancing (inaudible)