Arrival Talk

Boryspil International Airport, Boryspil (Ukraine)


Speech at arrival in Borispol airport, Kiev (Ukraine). 17 September 1994.

I do not know how to thank you all for such a welcome you have organized for me.
Actually on Moscow’s airport they where little noncorporative and I was worried because they said you can not go to Kiev. All the prayers have worked and I am here with you. There are so many who have come with me and everybody is so anxious to meet you here. They have had a big conference of the scientist. There were 2000 scientists and about 10,000 people and they were convinced that morality is very important for medicine. Without morality people can not keep good health. They contaminated diseases. And I was surprised this is only possible in your country either Russia or Kiev where people have enlightened mind. No one can think of such [not clear] in another countries. You people are very advance in your wisdom.
Also you are very deep in understanding the spirituality how important it is. I don’t know when will I learn Russian? as it is quite difficult language. If I would have come in my young age I would have learnt it But I did not come at that time and I find even if I do not understand you language but I understand by heart. Some Indian have come and they said this people have very very large heart we cannot compared with them.
Even the English, the Germans, Australians all of them fill that about you. So now we have a Diwali Puja in Ita..Istanbul and it is specially I have arranged there so it is easy for you to come there. We are going to have marriages there so I would like to have the forms filled by you. So I hope to you see you in Istanbul which is not so difficult to go form here.

So May GOD bless you all, May GOD bless You.