Kundalini is the reflection of that Primordial Mother within you

Ukraina Palace, Kyiv (Ukraine)

1994-09-18 Kundalini is the reflection of that Primordial Mother within you, Kiev, Ukraine, 63' Chapters: Arrival, Introduction with music, Talk, Self-Realization, Bhajans after programDownload subtitles: EN (1)View subtitles:
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Public Program, Ukrayina Palace, Kyiv, Ukraine, 09/18/1994

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.

At the very outset we have to know that Truth is what it is. We can not change it, we can not describe it, and unfortunately at this humane awareness we can not know it.

Whatever I’m trying to tell you here you should not take it to blindfolded. The blind faith has created lots of problems for us. But you must keep your mind open like a scientist. And if it is proved, than you have to accept it as honest people. Because it is for your good, for the benevolence of your country, and for the benevolence of the whole world.

In the evolutionary process we have reached up to the point where we can called as humane beings. But we have not reached our highestly goal because we do not know the Absolute Truth.. The truth about you is that you are not this body, this mind, this intellect, these emotions. Also you are not these conditionings and this ego. You say, “My intellect, my emotions, my body”. It’s all “my”. Who is this “Me”? So this is what is going to happen now that you have to become the Spirit. Because you are the Spirit.

The second great Truth is that you see these flowers; they are all miracles of beautiful garden. We take them for granted; we don’t even wonder how they have been created by this Mother Earth. Who does this work? Who runs our heart? If you ask a doctors, they’ll say, “It is autonomous nervous system”. But who is this “Auto”? So we have to understand that there is some Power, which does this. This Power is the All Pervading Power of Divine Love. In Koran they call it “Ruh”. And in the Bible they call it as the “cool breeze of the Holy Ghost”. Indian Scriptures it is called as “Param Chaitanya”. Patanjali has called as “Rutam Bhara Pragnya”. Whatever name you may call It, but It exists all the time into every part and parcel of Creation. And does all the living work. We can not explain the living work. As you know science is very limited. It can not say why are you on this Earth. What is the purpose of your life. What is your identity. Also it is immoral. Out of science people have created atom bombs and all kinds of things without any discrimination. You too have here this disaster – Chernobyl. All this is because of unlimited movement of science.

So then what should we do? Within us lies a power, which we call as Kundalini. As it is shown there it is in the triangular bone called as sacrum. That means the Greeks knew it is a sacred bone. This Kundalini is the reflection of the Holy Ghost. Very surprisingly there is no mention of the Primordial Mother. We have got Father – the God, Son – the God, but no Mother. They call Her Holy Ghost. This Kundalini is the reflection of that Primordial Mother within you. She seated there to give you your second birth. She’s your own Mother. And she is anxious to give you your second birth. In Sanskrit language an enlightened soul is called as dvijaha. Means “born twice”, “twice born”. Also the birds are called as dvijaha. Because they are first born as eggs and then they become the birds. In the same way a humane being is born as a humane being and then he becomes an enlightened soul. This bird is very different from the egg. In the same way an enlightened soul is very different from this humane state. So it is very important for us to become the enlightened ones.

Christ was a pure logos what you call “the first sound”. We call it omkara. He was too pure to understand humane beings. And what He has said in the fifth chapter Mathew that, “If you eye does anything wrong, then take it out”. “If your hand does anything wrong, cut it out”. “If somebody slaps you on this side, you give the another side”. This is very difficult for humane beings. I think most of the people, in the West specially, would be without eyes, without hands. Because they have no value for morality. But He has said that you have to be born again. So some people brand themselves as “born again”. You may be a Christian, Hindu, Muslim, anything, you can commit any sin. Also this “born again” the same style, it’s just a brand. There is no transformation. Mohammed Sahib came afterwards and he thought, “Christ has been very strict with men”. So He got the Shariat which was given by Moses to Jews, for the Muslims.

Now, imagine this Shariat is so horrible that if you steal anything, you cut your hands. If you abuse anybody, you cut your tong. I think most of the Americans will be without tongs. Because at every sentence they abuse. But Mohammed Sahib gave this Shariat to the Muslims. And thought that the Shariat is very strong on men, so He also have brought some strictness for women. Both Mohammed Sahib and Christ were different people, absolutely above our grasp. It’s very difficult to follow Them. So you have to be enlightened soul if you want to follow Them. This is what Sahaja Yoga is. That your Kundalini awakens and starts passing through six centers and comes out of your fontanel bone area and connects you to the this All Pervading Power of Divine Love. We have so far used only the power of hatred, never of pure love. Love, which is devoid of greed or any kind of expectation. Pure love without any lust. And this is the power, which is doing all the beautiful things for us. So first thing that happens to you that you start feeling the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your fontanel bone area. This is the actualization of baptism. It is not just some priest put some water and says, “Now you are a Christian” or a Muslim says, “Now you have become a Muslim”, is not like that. It is an actualization, it’s a happening within you.

So when this Kundalini rises she passes through these six centers. All the problems of the world are mostly because of humane beings. And most of the humane problems are because of these centers because they are for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. So when the Kundalini passes through these six centers she enlightens them, she integrates them, and also she nourishes them. Thus many diseases are cured. Mentally, mental diseases are cured also. Even financial problems improved. Emotional problems. And the person becomes extremely dynamic as well as extremely compassionate. We have many musicians in India who were not so good when they came to Sahaja Yoga and today they are world famous. This is nothing, there are so many things happen that people who have never been orators become orators, poets, writers. All kinds of potential capacities start manifesting. We are all the time thinking and the thoughts rise and fall, rise and fall. They either come from the past or from the future. So we are jumping in the past or in the future all the time. But if I say, “Be in your present”, you can not. But when the Kundalini rises she elongates those thoughts and sets the little space in between, which is the present, which expands. And you become thoughtlessly aware. You aware, but absolutely thoughtless. Then inspirations start coming. And you don’t know from where they come.

We have six centers and they go into jeopardy because of our maybe wrong decisions. But the lowest center is for our innocence. Our innocence can never be destroyed because it is eternal. Only it can be covered with some clouds. But with the awakening of the Kundalini the innocence comes back to us. Our attention becomes absolutely innocent and there is no lust and greed in our attention. It is very subtle that we can feel the center, our own centers on our fingertips. And whenever we put our attention on anyone we can feel his centers also. Because who is the other? The microcosm has become the macrocosm. A drop has become the ocean. You become a global personality and then you talk the language of centers. You transit all the limitations of racialism, nationalism, all kinds of -isms. Your attention becomes innocent and it acts, whenever you put your attention it works. Above all you know the absolute truth. On your fingertips you can know the absolute truth. Many people don’t believe in God. They can ask a question, “Is there a God?” And immediately they get start feeling the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost on their hands because that’s the truth. Christ was the Son of God, no doubt. So you can ask the question, “Was He the Son of God?” and immediately you start getting cool breeze on your fingertips. Now if you know how to correct your centers, you can correct your centers because you get the Self-knowledge. And also you get the knowledge about others. You can cure others also. When you become thoughtlessly aware, you become absolutely peaceful. You become very dynamic, but you feel very young. I’m about seventy-two years of age now running [UNRECOGNIZED WORD]. And every day I’m traveling, every day practically. I don’t think I am traveling. I’m sitting everywhere and that’s what I feel. In the same way you all drop your age and become much younger and happier. You become so peaceful and wherever you go you manifest peace and joy.

Above all you jump in the sea of joy. Joy is the singular thing. But happiness and unhappiness are the two sides of a coin. If your ego is pampered you feel happy, if it is punchered you’ll feel unhappy. But joy is singular. You become the witness and see everything as a drama and really you swim in the ocean of joy. Thus you enter into the Kingdom of God. This is the Last Judgment, it is for you to decide whether you want to enter into the Kingdom of God or you want to destroy yourself. And then you are surprised how blissful everything becomes. You are protected all the time. No mafia can trouble you. All mafia people will be destroyed when we’ll have lots of Sahaja Yogis here. It has happened in Italy, the mafia of Italy is completely destroyed. And sixty percent dishonest people, politicians and others are in jail.

This happens when the Divine Power works. I’m happy to see you all in such good health. First time when I had come there were so many patients of Chernobyl. And last year there was a negative force of this “White Order”. All such forces are now destroyed practically, everything.

But one thing I would like to warn you: the Western culture is coming, is the most dangerous thing you can think of. First of all you have to become absolutely stupid people. Like there is an actress who married eight times in America. And thousands of people went to see her going for her honeymoon with her twenty-five younger husband. And there were ten helicopters hovering around her house and they were parachuting down with their cameras. So many of them fell on the tree, some fell on the people. Such stupid things they are teaching. They have only two hundred year old people. There is one fellow – Simpson, who murdered his wife, so now they are saying you should not have marriages, because people murder wives. They followed this stupid Freud for years together where he said that there is a bad relationship between a son and the mother. There’s no wisdom, they have no wisdom, they are not mature at all. They are good at making money and also because they have a country, which has lots of things. But they are now in recession, all over, everywhere in Europe they are in recession. And they are exporting all their junk to your country. And they get so much of your money. They make you absolutely poor. Like in Turkey people were so much under the influence of German television and they started taking all German things, buying all German things, even the food. They felt an inferiority complex. But they are great artists; I don’t know how these people impressed such matured, wise people. As a result that country has become very poor. They are also selling here lot of junk. And even in Russia they are having shops and shops of this junk. In India you can’t find one shop with imported things, not even one shop. Only those who go abroad can bring some things, very little. So you should not, really, buy anything from these shops. Because these things are throwing away. They have over-production and they don’t know what to do with it, it can not fetch any money.

Also this modern music is very bad for the brain. The doctors have said, everybody said but nobody listens. Now they have got intoxicated. But you people are wise, take to wisdom. Not that stupid fashions. Specially women have to be very careful. They started a fashion of exposing all the legs with the six inches of skirt. And all of them, all those women got varicose veins, pains, arthritis, all kinds of diseases. Then the fashion came where they had long skirts but open. In such cold countries why do the stupid things like this? But you people have lots of wisdom, now don’t lose it. Specially the women. You have to preserve this country. And not to make yourself cheap. Women who are cheap are never respected. I am really worried about this point that if you start taking to Western culture you’ll be completely lost nation. We have experience of this in India. And Mahatma Gandhi started a movement that nothing from abroad we’ll buy. And the British who have ruled us for three hundred years had to go back. So please I would request you all not to take to this junk and used. I’m so thankful to you for your love and for your kindness. People of not only Kyiv, but the whole of Ukraine are extremely lovable. I don’t know how to express Myself, because I have Myself become like an ocean of love. I hope all of you get your Realization tonight. It is your freedom I respect. If you don’t want to have your Realization, you may go. I can not force on you. As I told you this is the Last Judgment. Mohammed Sahib has said, “When [SOUNDS LIKE – Kyama] will come, – means when the Resurrection time will come, –then your hands will speak and they will give evidence against you”, means they’ll tell you what centers are wrong in you. So this process is only for ten minutes that you will feel this cool breeze, but those who do not want, should leave the hall.

It is spontaneous, it is Sahaj. “Saha” means “with”, “ja” is “born”. It is born with you, this right to have this Yoga, means the union with the Divine Power. You can not pay for it. This is one should understand that you can not pay for your spiritual life. You can pay for this hall, maybe for the carpets, but you can’t pay for Divine Love. We have no organization. There are sixty-five nations where we have Sahaja Yoga. Specially in Russia in a place called place Togliatti we have more than twenty one thousands Sahaja Yogis. I have no secretary, nothing; it is all working so well because coming from your heart.

So I would request all of you to put your hands like this towards Me. Just higher.

All right. Now you have to bend your head and put your right hand on top of the fontanel bone area and see if there’s a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your head. You have to forgive everyone. Also you have to forgive yourself, you are not to feel guilty at all. At this moment you are not to say anything about others or about yourself. No confessions. All right? If it is hot, that means you have not yet forgiven.

Now put the right hand towards Me and now bend your head again and see for yourself if there’s a cool or a hot breeze coming out.

Now again with the left hand you try, bend your head and see for yourself if there’s a hot or a cool breeze like vibrations are coming out of your head.

Now please put both the hands towards the sky like this and ask one of these questions. You can call Me Mother or Shri Mataji. Now please ask a question, “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” Ask in your heart three times. Or else ask three times, “Mother, is this the All Pervading Power of Divine Love?” Or else you can ask three times, “Mother, is this the Parama Chaitanya?”

Now please take down your hands. Please put your hands like this towards Me, look at Me and don’t think.

Now, please those who have got cool breeze in the palm or on the fingertips or out of the fontanel bone area, cool or hot, please raise both your hands.

(Shri Mataji laughs). That is Kyiv, I tell you. All of you. May God bless you. Your hands are shining. May God bless you. May God bless you.

I bow to you, I bow to you, now you have started your saintly life. Now you have to grow. For that you have to come to our centers. You don’t have to pay anything. But you will know everything about yourself within yourself. Within one month you’ll become masters. You can give Realization to others. You can raise their Kundalini and also you can cure people. In the center they will tell you how to meditate for ten minutes every evening. All your problems will be solved. Is the Divine Force that will work it out.

I bless you from My heart. I’ll again come next year and I’ll hope to see you all grown up much bigger than this.

Thank you very much.

They have to clap. (The Kyiv bhajan group is going to sing Vishwa Vandita and Shri Mataji said it to the interpreter to convey to the public.)

And now enjoy your Self.