Achieve the state of self knowledge

Vancouver, Robson Square Media Centre (Canada)

1994-09-26 Achieve the state of self knowledge, Vancouver, Canada, 18' Download subtitles: DE,ENView subtitles:
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1994-09-26 Public Program in Vancouver

I bow to all the seekers of truth at the very outset We have to know that Truth is what it is You cannot change it You cannot describe it Unfortunately at this human awareness, you cannot know it Whatever. I am going to tell you today Please do not accept it Blindfolded We have had lots of problems With this blindfolded failed so far so best is to keep your mind open like scientist and Treat my talk as a hypothesis and if you find it That what I am saying saying can be proved then you must accept it Because it is for your benevolence It is for the benevolence of your family It is for the benevolence of your city many Valence of Your country the Benevolence of the whole world So what is the truth the truth is? That you are not this body this mind This intellect these emotions This ego or your conditionings, but you are the pure spirit The second truth is that we see such beautiful flowers here And we take them for granted If you think about it It is a miracle and If you ask the doctor who runs your heart? He will say It’s an autonomous nervous system, but if you ask the doctor who is this auto? He won’t be able to tell you science itself has its own limitation For example it is a-moral secondly science cannot answer many fundamental questions For example, we don’t know why are we on this Earth We don’t know why did we evolve to the human state and science cannot tell you why are we here This question can be only answered if Your awareness is raised to a higher state In the evolutionary process You have become human beings But you don’t know the absolute truth That’s why we have so many theories so many quarrels so many fights amounting to war like atmosphere But somehow if you know the absolute truth then all of you will know the same, there cannot be any argument fights or The question of war doesn’t arise with such people What is most important for us to know [is] that most of the world problems come from human beings and all of the human problems come from the problems of these centers, subtle centers of energy, which are within us. These subtle centers of energy which are within us are responsible for our physical, emotional also financial, above all, the spiritual problem The sort of spiritual problem is very obvious nowadays This is [a] special time when it is said that People will be seeking the truth In the ancient books in India Bhrigu muni has described exactly when Sahaja Yoga will start and How the people would be? seeking the truth and How their Kundalini will be awakened and how they will achieve the state of self-knowledge We have William Blake, a great poet from England about 100 Years back He said that at this time Men of God will be born and they will get their divinity and They’ll make others also divine We have Rabindranath Tagore in India who has also described CS Lewis also has described, so many people have described about Sahaj Yoga That this is the special time I call it the blossom time Because there are so many beautiful flowers about to become the fruits But it is also called in the Koran as Qiyamah Mohammed Sahib has said that at this time your hands will speak and they’ll give witness against you — means in your hands you will feel your centers, and they will tell you what’s wrong with you Apart from that, Guru Nanaka has described beautifully about this time how what will happen and how this miracle of transformation of human beings will take place In the Bible, we have the last judgment whatever we read, we think by reading we’ll achieve higher life is a misconception there’s a poet called Kabira in India who said [Sanskrit] — by reading too much even the learned have become stupid I couldn’t understand how can the people who have read too much can become stupid but now I meet so many of them Nothing goes into their head Because they have learned certain things that are going on. the other day I met the lead gentlemen the head of the New York Hare Rama Hare Krishna He came to me I said why are you wearing this dhoti in this country, it’s such a cold country What is the need to wear a dhoti here? He said my guru has told me that this is the initiation [you] where the dhoti I said by wearing Dhoti Are you going to go? To something higher yes my guru taught In our country everybody wears a nothing And all the time they talk of Hare Ram, or higher education are they all going to go to heavens? He said see you are talking against my guru who I can’t bear it, so I’m not talking against your guru But I am a mother I have to tell you the truth This way you are bound now to this kind of a stupid austerity in a place like New York where the temperature is below zero you are wearing a dhoti I as a mother I don’t want you to wear it.

It’s nonsense That’s all I am telling what is the need to wear the dhoti? The dhoti is of no use Because I have seen people dancing in Oxford street, and the whole dhoti Everything falls down because they don’t know how to wear it This is not the way You feel spiritual It’s not outside — it is inside within yourself It has to happen within yourself it cannot happen outside by changing dresses I said you are like hippies Because you think by changing the dress you are going to achieve something he says but we don’t drink we don’t smoke I said Sahaja Yogis also. Don’t drink and don’t smoke, but it’s not compulsory for them Automatically they have given up So how it has happened it has happened like this that Supposing I am very obstinate like a Hare Rama Hare Krishna, supposing. They’re holding on to a snake and You tell me that see there’s a snake in your hand and darkness. [I] can’t see so I will say no. There’s no snake this is a rope The snake bites me. I’ll go on holding on to that snake but supposing there is little light Immediately, I’ll see the snake moving. I’ll throw it away It’s like this unless and until you have enlightenment You cannot achieve Self realization that is both are just the same enlightenment means Self-Realization Now they said about the bhakti means devotion, we pray to God you are praying to God there are many people who pray to God also like that. I have seen I was born myself in a Christian family, and I was surprised they Would just wear very materialistic people praying to God or God give me a son Give me money. Give me this give me that as if the God is in their pocket It goes on like this You are not yet connected to the divine unless until you are connected to God.

What are you asking? It is very? Down-To-Earth understanding that if you do not have Connection in your telephone, who are you telephoning? On the contrary your telephone May get out of order if not that if not that You will go mad absolutely Because like mad you are singing there like mad. They are moving about This is sheer madness Wasting a beautiful life For which you have come to achieve your ascent Of course let me go to religion Nothing wrong with the religion as such but wrong with our own understanding I Feel Christ and Mohammed Sahib and all these great people never understood human beings They were too great, too pure they had no human realization Because Christ says in the fifth chapter Matthews that if your one eye does something wrong, take it out If another one does something wrong take it out If your hand does something wrong, cut the hand Another hand cut I haven’t met one Christian who has taken out even one eye If they had followed Christ there would have been people without eyes without hides all over then he says that if they slap you on your one cheek, you turn another cheek I haven’t seen anyone like that Can imagine the Christians going round the whole world occupying all the places with the Bible in one hand and a revolver in that other Where is the principle of Christ? Who follows that? Vatican does not follow Churches do not follow. How can the people follow that? Christ didn’t know nobody wants to take out their eyes whatever it is He got himself crucified, alright He was too great for us Then Mohammed Sahib must have thought that Christ has been so strict, too strict With the men so let us do something for women also Now horrible things he has written for women who go into immoral life now imagine What would happen to American ladies, I don’t know horrifying Because they thought that if people become immoral, then they’re lost — they’re finished, they are good for nothing Then also Sharia he brought Sharia as they call it, which was given to Jews by Moses when he saw the decadent society of Jews when he came all the way with the ten commandments he was surprised how decadent they were and he knew they cannot follow these commandments so he wrote down all this Sharia which is in the Jeremiah if you read, in the Bible itself in the Old Testament now so one should understand that these great people gave the religion, but that one was very very difficult to follow In that way we have to understand that These people expected us to be of a level which we are not The level is of a saint of an enlightened person who innately Is righteous, is religious, you don’t have to tell anything and He doesn’t do anything wrong if by mistake he does something he repents for it so this state we have to achieve first and that state I call as the state of self knowledge so when this Kundalini rises She passes through six centers now this also Very important to understand that she passes through six centers and the seventh Center is the red one below this seventh center looks after pelvic plexus which is responsible for our excretion inclusive of sex So sex has nothing to do with our ascent actually when your Kundalini ascending you just Stop your activity of the pelvic plexus, completely entirely you become like a child You become like a child because here innocence is never lost whatever you may do To destroy it it is there because it is of an eternal nature, it is eternal Some clouds are there but as soon as the Kundalini rises This innocence start manifesting and you are amazed What happens to you firstly all these centers get enlightened They get integrated and your health improves automatically if I say You need not believe, but I can tell you for doctors in India in Delhi University have got their MD from [unclear] to MD in curing in curable diseases because when she (Kundalini) rises She enlightens all the centers Fundamentally [we] are nothing but these centers When these centers go into trouble, then only we get all kinds of diseases Sometimes they are somatic sometimes they are psychosomatic