Penetrate into the depth of reality

Los Angeles (United States)

1994-09-28 Penetrate into the depth of reality, Los Angeles, United States, 85'
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Persian Public Program, Wednesday, September 28th, 1994

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset we have to understand that truth it what it is. We cannot change it we cannot transform it, above all at this human awareness we cannot know it. This is the main reason that we have different ideas, ideologies because we don’t know what is the absolute truth. To seek the absolute truth one has to know that something more has to happen to our awareness. Through our evolutionary process we have to achieve a different higher awareness. This consciousness or this seeking has been there since long everywhere. But now in this modern times it has become very serious. But unfortunately people don’t know what to seek and they are mislead. First of all whatever I am going to tell you, you don’t have to take it for granted. Because we have had big problems with this blindfolded faiths. So whatever I am going to tell you, you have to take it like a scientist with an open mind. I am putting forward you a hypothesis. And if this hypothesis is proved then it is better we accept it because it is for the benevolence of your being, for the benevolence of your country, for the benevolence of the whole world. It has been promised in all the scriptures that such and such time will come when people will achieve their self-knowledge, their self-realisation. But unfortunately, human being are so conditioned that they don’t realise what they have to seek. First thing we have to know that we are not this body, this mind, this intellect, these emotions, this ego or conditionings; but we are the pure spirit. Because we say my body, my emotions, who is the owner of this my? That’s what we have to be. So we have to be pure spirit. This is the first thing we are seeking. And the second thing is very important to know that when we take this flowers for granted we don’t understand or we don’t want to know how they are there. Its a miracle, if you see its a miracle how it works. If you ask a doctor who runs you heart, he will say its an autonomous nervous system. But who is this auto? That they can’t answer. Science itself is amoral and has its own limitations. It cannot answer all the questions, specially why are we on this earth, why this evolution and where are we to go now. You have been already told because they have told me that they have talked about the subtle system that is within us. This is the system that we can say is autonomous nervous system in a way which is grossly expressing itself. But within yourself there are two powers left and right which are supporting or manifesting left and right sympathetic nervous system. And the central one is the parasympathetic nervous system. Luckily doctors are very honest and they don’t know much about parasympathetic, that’s a fact. Now in this triangular bone as you have been told there is a power called as kundalini. This power which is the kundalini is in the sacrum bone and the Greeks knew very well that sacrum bone is sacred so they called it sacrum. I have been to Greece and I asked them and they said ‘of course we knew this’ that there is some treasure we have. And also he told me very surprising that this treasure, the knowledge of this treasure is only with Indians. They have this ?? . Even in China I heard about the same thing. But when you start talking about the kundalini they start thinking its like a tantrik work. Now I have to explain to you that this power is the one which rises, like a premule of the seed passes through 6 centres and breaks through your fontanelle bone area and connects you to this all-pervading power which does all this miraculous work. This is actually, what you can call as the actualisation of the baptism or you can cal the brahma randra bhed as they call it in Sanskrit. This happening takes place spontaneously as a living process. You don’t have to pay for it. One thing we don’t understand that God doesn’t understand any money, he doesn’t know any banking. So when we start paying for realisation, for odd or for all kinds of realisations we are really being mislead. All kinds of misleading things have been done. Its very surprising that intelligent educated people never ask questions about what they are doing about their ascent, about their spirituality, about their divinity. They just accepts which has been going for ages together by their forefathers and their forefather. But this is a special time where so many real seekers are born. Of course, I must say America is nowhere compared to them. Because in Russia I get never any program done in a hall or a stadium. 16 to 18 thousand people are there and they all get their realisation. What I found out that they have no conditionings. They don’t know anything about God, they don’t know anything about Rama, they don’t know anything about Christ, nothing. Clean slates ! But once they get to Sahaja Yoga they understand everything so well and penetrate into the depth of reality. This kind of conditionings that we have had instead of helping us you are stuck in this. Its like this, you go to, supposing you have to go to some hall you have to climb some steps, but to enter inside the hall you have to give up those steps. While we are stuck with it. We can’t get out of it. This is the biggest problem I think. I don’t know what to say. But when you see in America way people have no sense of real seeking, I am shocked ! And I can’t understand why are they like that. They are educated, they are well off people, there is no problem with them; but that thing is lacking in them to understand what is reality and that unless and until you get to that reality you cannot be happy, you cannot be satisfied. This has to work out. This is the last breakthrough of your evolution and you have to do it, you have to get it. This is what is brought to you absolutely free. But still they will be busy doing all those rituals, and I don’t know what all they do. The best is, there’s somebody who is coming here and celebrating the marriage of Ram and Sita, I told them I am also going to celebrate now. That’s what suits the people I think. I can’t understand Ram and Sita were married long time back, what is the need to marry them again and again. But I don’t know what happens to the intelligence of even Indians. This is the heritage of Indians, but they to take to such things or they take to tantrikas who are just abusing people. They are all making money. That’s what it is. If you put one criteria that you will not pay them, immediately you will know they are not there. How can you pay, just think of it. We have become human beings. How much did we pay? How did we pay for getting this flowers to mother earth? This is a natural spontaneous living process for which you cannot pay. And people are; I don’t know why they want so much money, I don’t understand what they do with it. But such a misleading thing it has started that so many of beautiful seekers are lost. As there are many Indian I find here I would like to tell you that by reading books you cannot read selfrealisation.12.45
Kabira has said “Padith padith pandit murakh bhaye” means by reading too much learned have become stupid. So I said what is this, what is this Kabira saying? But I have met many like that. They are, they will show you book, they will read this book, read this page, thousands will attend that kind of nonsense. Today only we were watching some program. There a gentleman saying how to read bible. Now I must tell you that people don’t read bible otherwise they would give up. Because Christ and Mohammed Sahib were very very great people and not only that they were very pure people. They didn’t know what sort of things human beings are. So the 5th chapter of Mathews, Christ has said “If your one eye is doing something sinful, take it out. If another eye is doing something sinful, take it out. If your one hand is doing something wrong, cut it out. If another hand does something wrong, cut it out. If somebody slaps you on one face, you turn another face too.” I have yet to meet any Christian who has lost his both eyes and both arms. They are so self sufficient “Oh! @We are Christian”. Now I think Mohammed Sahib must have thought that this is too much for men, all restrictions; so let us do something for women also. So he must have put this restrictions. But he doesn’t know if this restrictions are put on women, I don’t know how many will be living in this America. To look at any man with a bad eye, you have to be buried in the mother earth half way and to be beaten up with shoes or with stones. Now what do you say. If you start doing that in America, how many Hollywood actresses would be living? So this morality as was preached by them was of very high quality and very [difficult/erent ]??. Then also this Sharia, Sharia as they call it by the Muslims, actually it is given if you read the old testament on the Jeremiah that it was given to the Jews by Moses because he found them extremely decadent when he brought this 10 commandments. So, he said that your hands should be cut if you do any stealing. I mean this was going too far, I must say with human beings. And that now they have taken in Islamic laws. I don’t know even one single Muslim who should have his both hand intact. Because, I mean they are human beings, they are not Gods. But these people thought they are all realised souls, very great souls, so they gave all these laws and regulations. Imagine what would have happened to all the Jews if they would have followed? So they gave it up to the Muslims, and now Muslims are supposed to be following it. Supposed to be. So now same with our Hinduism as we call it. Its said that in every body resides the spirit. How can we have caste system. We just ask a question if A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H has a spirit in the heart, every body has a spirit, so how can we have caste system? There was no caste system before. It was according to our work we were doing not according to our birth. It started later on.
Now Shri Rama’s life was written down by Valmiki who was a decoit, to begin with. He was not even a brahmin. He was just what we call as a fisherman, low cast. Then the second thing is what about Shri Krishna? His Gita was written by Vyas. Vyasa was the son of, the illegitimate son of a fisherwoman. Shri Krishna would always go to eat, live with Vidura who was a realised soul. But he would not take food at Duryodhan’s place. Vidura was a dasi putra, means a son of a maidservant. All of them have shown them in their life Shri Rama eating the berries which were was touched by a very very old aboriginal Bhilini lady, enjoying it very much. The description is beautiful that he was enjoying it and Lakshmana didn’t like it. What is this? She has eaten it and now she is giving to (Rama). She says I have tasted all of them because I know you don’t like sour things. So they are not sour, you can have it. Lakshmana was angry. So Sitaji says so let me also have some of it. No, no, no these are the best, I wouldn’t give you. Let me have I am your wife you see, must give me. He gave her some. She said I have never eaten such nice berries. See. So Lakshamana says give me also. Sister-in-law give me also. No, no now I am not going to give you because you are so much angry because she has tasted it. I wouldn’t give you. He said please give me. She gives him. And he really says that these are fruits from the heavens. The whole things show this love, that divine is love. The whole thing is of expression of divine love. We have never used the power of love. We have used the power of hatred, or money or other powers; but never have we used the power of love which is so dynamic, which is so compassionate, which is so delicate, which is so sharp. We have no idea as to this power that is the divine power is. When we touch it what can happen to you. We just get transformed. And this transformation makes you, into a person who never gets sick, whose temper goes away, who develops wisdom. This is of course outward manifestation. But inside what happens is that all these centres, 6 centres get enlightened. Most of the world problems are from human beings. I think all the human problems come from these centres. When they are in jeopardy you have all these problems; physical, mental, emotional and also spiritual. But somehow if you put this centres right these problems are solved. Now one must understand that the last centre which is in the red colour you see is the one that works out on the physical level what you call them pelvic plexus, doing all the, all the, what you call excretion, inclusive of sex 21.00
That shows that kundalini awakening has nothing to do with sex. Nobody has said that.
26.14 – One day you wouldn’t believe but India will lead the whole world in spirituality, not in money. And in any way, Indian’s are much more moral than anywhere else. Now the reason is there are two genes within us which look after our morality. It’s again meta-science. Now, these two genes are on two chromosomes on both the ends. And one gets spoilt or get into mutation when you commit sins against the mother. Sins against the mother is indulgences, all kinds of indulgences sins ??. And another one gets into mutation when you do sin against the father which is aggression, temper, violence, all that. And this mutation then passes from one gene to another to another, and after some time it becomes that they are not aware that they are doing wrong. Like drugs and all that I have seen affect also the brain but also the genes. It affects the brain so much that they don’t realise that they are doing wrong. They don’t know it is wrong. They go on doing wrong things but they are not aware of it. Now this, thank God to traditions, whatever it is; we may be not so rich, may not be so smart, but, there is one thing ‘morality’ is very important. I was surprised for a conference of 2000 scientists and about 10000 other people, they gave me a subject ‘medicine and self-knowledge’ ? What a subject to handle ‘Medicine and self-knowledge’ means how self-knowledge gives you morality, how your help improves through that. So the work is the only parasympathetic nervous system. Kundalini passes through the centre, enlightening those energy centres which give out all you plexuses and it acts, it thinks, it knows, above all it loves. Because this Kundalini is your own mother. Everybody has an individual mother and she knows all about you. She knows your aspirations, she knows your drawbacks, she knows about everything. So you don’t have to judge, don’t have to judge yourselves. She knows. You just have to leave it to her and she is so anxious to give you self-realisation, the second birth. So it is very important that we should try to achieve it. As a result, your attention becomes enlightened. In your attention there is no greed, no lust; you become innocent. As Christ has said thou shall not have adulterous eyes. Imagine for Christians to say that, can you imagine? That happens automatically. You really become innocent. And you will be surprised to know that innocence is an eternal thing within us. Never gets destroyed. There are some clouds which are removed and really become very innocent. But such an innocent person becomes very powerful. Wherever it puts its attention it acts, it works out. When we think one thought rises, another thought falls out, another thought rises, another thought falls. We are jumping on the cusps of these thoughts. We live in the future or in the past. But if I say you come in your present, you cannot. But when kundalini rises, she elongates these thoughts and the centre which we call as ‘vilamba’ a pause, where our attention goes and we become thoughtlessly aware. We are aware but thoughtless. This state is called as nirvichar samadhi. At this stage, we achieve our peace. We become peaceful. We watch the whole thing like a drama. We become the witness. Now we become the peace. I have known people who got peace awards and peace organisations and this and that, they also gave me peace award I must say; but these people are so hot-tempered. You have to approach them with a barch??. How can you give them peace awards, I don’t know?! They have no peace within. So this peace is established within yourself. I must say I was with Mahatma Gandhi and also with Lal Bahadur Shastri, very very close. Both were realised, souls. And Gandhiji always told me that ‘unless and until we are free we cannot talk of Sahaja yoga’. But when we became free you know how many problems came to our country, and he was no more. Then came another disciple of him, Lal Bahadur Shastri, born on the same date, same style. But Gandhiji was an austere man, very austere. I mean his character. I lived with him. I have so many beautiful moments with him. He used to call me Nepali, you see. And because I was very young, I was a child, he would listen to me. Otherwise, he would be angry with people for doing something wrong, and very strict. Get up 4 o’clock, have your bath, go for a walk, all these things. But he was such a great person. Without his disciplining, we could never have won our freedom. And discipline in his own life. I met him just one day before his death. I really can’t understand why people should kill anybody like that, was such a great soul. Same with Lal Bahadur Shastri. I was very close to him. He was another realised soul and he also said that let me settle down then we will start Sahaja yoga very ??. So discuss with me about these things. But one thing common been both of them was this, very common, was that the principle of every religion is the same that you must get your self-realisation. The essence of every religion is the same. There is nothing to fight. There is nothing to fight. And their Bhajanavali (hymn book) if you read, they’re also under my consultation he did it according to the chakras. It was really so great. These two people, I mean I was so close to them; normally if you go close to any one of these big people you want to run away because they are not big at all. But Gandhiji and Lal Bahadur Shastri were two great person I must say. Being very close to them and they wanted that this somehow I should find out a way, a method by which amass realisation could be given. And I found it in the year 1970, I found it. But by that time both were not there. Still, it worked out. And now I must say in India people are very aware of Sahaja yoga. In Delhi, we have at least 16000 Sahaja yogis. Delhi city itself we have 16000. And moreover every place we have done very well except for few provinces, which I don’t know why it doesn’t work out. Alright, whatever it is, we have to understand that if we watch especially America I feel it is getting destroyed from within. Not only by drugs but also by thinking. Like I read an article recently about Mr Simpson who killed his wife. So the deduction they had that because that after marriage people husbands kill wives, and wives kill husband; only here may be or may be other places; so we should not marry. You should not have any marriages. I mean imagine. If you start doing all these things, all immoral things are encouraged today, then you cannot save this country. Its the responsibility of the people who are thinking, who are seeking truth to tell them what is the reality to save them. For that, you will feel committed yourself. Once you will have realisation you will think why should I only enjoy, why not others. Now with all these people who are here most of them, they have come all the way from India and they are all young people. 36.00
Some are architects, doctors, learned people. But they have realised their responsibilities, not for themselves only, for others. Tomorrow somebody gets cancer then they come to Sahaja yoga. , not the way. You can cure cancer. You can do everything. But you have to be equipped. Above all what happens to you that you can feel the truth absolutely on your fingertips. In Koran/Quran it is written that when Kiyama (resurrection time) will come, when resurrection time will come, your hands will speak and they will give a witness, Shahadat (witness against you) against you. They will tell what’s wrong within, it happens. Because you can feel your centres on your fingertips and you can feel the centres of others on your fingertips. Because who is the other, you become collectively conscious. A drop becomes the ocean, a microcosm becomes a macrocosm. So, there is nobody the other. They all feel what’s wrong with you. 37.05
They talk the language of centres and chakras. Not what clothes you wear, what caste you are, what race you are; but what are the centres like and on that they cure. After that, I must say some doctors had an objection that mother if you start getting people cured without any money, what will happen to us? So I told them, baba, how many come to Sahaja yoga first of all? Secondly, there are many people who have no money to come to you also. So all the rich people will leave it to you because very rich people are difficult. Christ has said that you cannot pass a camel through the eye of a needle but not the rich man. And he is true also, I tell you. Because they are lost, rich, rich, rich… So much of a greed. No satisfaction of anything. The reason is wants, in general, are not sachetiable, is a economic science. Today you want a house, alright, get a house. Then you want carpets, get carpets. Then you want to have a car, get the car. Then you want a helicopter. Goes on like this. Whatever you get you are not satisfied with it. So you are moving from one to another without feeling satisfied. So, what gives you satisfaction is this that you pure desire which is the kundalini. She is the power of pure desire. And once she is awakened then you are absolutely satisfied with yourself. You know how to enjoy everything. You will enjoy this carpet, you will enjoy everything, every bit of it you will enjoy. Life becomes a joy full existence. You jump into the ocean of joy. Really it happens. It is there at ?? and the bliss of this all-pervading power, I need not tell you. Recently there is a gentleman here from Delhi. His son had a very bad accident with his motorbike quite far away and he came walking home. And they didn’t know how he came. They asked I don’t know how he came. But there was a very bad accident and he was not at all hurt. A little bit of scratch somewhere. There is another one this story, I mean I don’t know how to believe it or if you can believe it so just… there was a girl whose father is a Sahaja yogi. She got frustrated in some love affair may be something, and her father had a revolver because he is a customs officer. So she shot herself from here (pointing somewhere in the left lower abdomen) and the bullet came out from here (pointing right shoulder). She was little bit bleeding. They took her to the hospital. They said her heart is sound, her lungs are sound, nothing! As if the bullet was having a nice time inside and nicely came out, is unbelievable, its a fact. So many such stories they tell me and so many things that has blessed them. And when they tell me about this I am quite amazed. So I told somebody you better compile them. Within one month she said, “Mother it has gone all up to my head, now I don’t know which one to compile”. I said “forget it. Let it be because we have no time”. So you must know you entered into the Kingdom of God. It is not a kingdom of Mr Bill Clinton. No, this is the Kingdom of God where you are looked after, you are loved, you are lead into the right path. You meet nice people and life becomes so easy; Sahaja. Just you see that some nice people are meeting you; suddenly. Something nice happening. For all this, you have to have only pure desire to ascend. That’s all. That’s all is wanted that you want to ascend. And if that is done with humility you will be amazed what glories you have, what great talents you have. You must have heard about Amjad Ali, Sefat Hussain, all these people have been in Sahaja yoga. Also Debu Chaudhary. So many people. Debu Chaudhary had a problem of sitarist have that, he had cramps on his fingers and also on the thumb. So he came to me. Got cured. Not only he but his son is a great artist. We have so many poets, so many orators all over the world. And really amazing how these talents come up. And they don’t talk trash. They don’t believe in nonsense, they are dignified. But always laughing and enjoying themselves. And its such a life, a new race of, a new age is this. All other stories of a new age of cutting your hair like this or putting something in the nose is not. Or even Hare Ramas wearing dhotis in that cold of Chicago; I told them why are you wearing dhotis here. He said our guru has initiated. In this cold, your guru has initiated dhotis for what. In India everybody wears dhotis, are they all going to go to heaven. Such things people are doing. And thousands are there like that. They said no, our guru has initiated, we are going to wear dhotis only. Imagine. Is a simple thing to understand that by wearing dhoti or a pant or a jean or anything you are not going to go to heaven. It is something inside that has to happen. Now he was not… he was very angry. He said my guru told me this that. ?? said the fun thing you have given me Gita. Krishna has said to begin with is the ‘krodha’ is the anger is to root of ??. very angry person, what is he doing. Austerity brings this anger. Austere if you become, deny this deny that, nothing to be denied. You just become detached within yourself. Will not eat this, will not eat that, just for yourself. Like their guru his name Prabhupad, he came to see me because my husband was Chairman of Shipping Corporation of India. So they said you are very spiritual we have heard now can you take some murtis from here to East Africa for a temple. I said now how many temples you want to have? Then he started talking about this and that. But I said alright I will tell my husband. Said that but I heard that you are a spiritual lady, living in comfort and you have diamonds on you, how can it be? How can you be spiritual? I smiled at him. I said what have you done to be spiritual. I gave up my family, I every day stand on my head, alright and I do what you call I gave up every one. And this and that n that n that. So, I told him alright “One condition, in this house or on my body whatever you think is equal to the dust particle of Shri Krishna, you take it. Anything. But should be equal. He started looking here and there. I said then what have you given up. You have just given up what you call as stones or dust or something like that. I am not holding on to anything so what will I give up. If you are holding on to something then only you can give up. I was surprised. I was really surprised under what misunderstanding these people are that you cannot have a normal family life, you cannot have any normal thing. I mean Guru Nanak was married. Rama was married. Krishna was married. Everybody was marrying. Who has told you to give up your families, go to the Himalayas and stand there? In Sahaja yoga not necessary. We have to create a new society of very normal good people. Who love each other, who care for each other, such a brotherhood. It is amazing to see. I have never seen these people come for seminars, thousands of them; never fighting, never quarreling. Ofcourse they pull each other’s leg sometimes just to have some fun, that’s all right. But what a life. You ask them. They said no fun without Sahaja yoga.

So I am thankful to you. You have waited for me. Because they told me “there are hardly 20 people, mother would you like to come?” Then they said it is 40 people. I said alright I will come whether there are even two people,???. Of course you must be having some questions. I would like you to write your questions and give it to Dr Worlikar. He himself is quite capable of answering all the questions for you. And he himself had a big miracle of his heart, as he knows that and he is a very wise man. He is very wise for Cerritos (in LA), I think he is very wise. Not I am saying Cerritos people are not wise, I am not saying that. But he is very wise I think the way he understands the people, the way he understands life and problems and why people don’t take to Sahaja, thinking, is very remarkable. And he is such a help to me, to make me understand all of you. So any questions you have, I would love to have the questions sometimes and I will answer them. But just now it will take about 10-15 minutes for you to get your realisation. And I think you should all get your realisation. Of course I cannot force on you. If you don’t want to have it, it cannot be forced. I respect your freedom absolutely. But there is one thing, the way they have told me that here people mother get realisation and they get lost. So I remember the parable of Christ that he said some seeds fell on the rock and some fell on a proper ground. They were sprouted but didn’t become trees. But some has sprouted and they became great trees of wisdom. The same thing. You can do a lot because there is so much within you. You can become your own master. You can do a lot for others. But you don’t realise what is your potential, what you could be, what is the purpose of your life. And if you really realise that then you will definitely come to our centres and grow into it. You don’t have to pay. In any way, you don’t have to pay. We don’t want any money from you in any way. There was one gentleman who told me “mother, there are some Nigerians who want to give us money.” I said “why do you need money for? What is the need?” It is a headache to have money you know. And they found it was a scam. Thank God. Otherwise, they would have said, “I am not practical”. So far we had no problem of money, and money is not everything. Whenever you want you can get money. What is money after all? Equal to the dust particle of God Almighty. So, you don’t have to pay money. Nothing of the kind. You have to just pay attention to your self and respect your self-realisation. For that you have to come to our collectivity, you have to come and learn. But many people come when I am here and they get lost. And that is what Worlikar told me that this is what is the situation. I said I don’t how to make them understand it is important. You are missing the point. You are here only for this. You are missing the point. You must value your life. Must value yourself. So, again and again, I would request please now after getting your realisation please come to our centres and know about Sahaja yoga, master it. 50.35
If you are a doctor it is better. But even if you are not you can be a doctor without becoming a real doctor, you can become a doctor’s doctor.
It would take 10 – 15 minutes. But I would say that you should not leave in between. If you want to leave, you can leave now. Just very simple. Please be seated all of you.
Alright. So there are three conditions we have. Very simple, three conditions. The first one is that you should not feel guilty at all. People might have told you that you are sinner this that, all nonsense, don’t believe it. When you are here, you are no more a sinner; you are a seeker. And please don’t feel guilty for anything. When you feel guilty, physically also this centre catches. And when this centre catches then you develop physical problems, this spondylitis, also angina comes from that. And lethargic organs also if you develop this centre very badly. So what’s the use having this myth. If you would have done any mistakes, alright, you should have faced it at that time. But why do you want to carry it all life? So please don’t feel guilty. That is first. That means you must forgive yourself fully. I mean there is nothing wrong. After all, as I said you are human beings, you are not Gods. So you will commit mistakes, what’s the harm. So now don’t try to condemn yourself by any chance.53.0
Now the second condition is forgiven yourself and you have to forgive everyone. Whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands. You torture yourself for nothing at all and play into wrong hands. So you just forgive everyone. There now who will say its very difficult. What do you do? It is a myth. Even don’t think about people whom you want to think or forgive. Just forget, forget them. Say “in general I forgive everyone”. Everyone. Because it is of no help.
Now the Third condition is very simple, you have to take out your shoes; that’s all. I mean to say you should be pleasantly placed towards yourself. [speaking to sy]. Alright.

Translation from Hindi:

I will just speak in Hindi.  These foreigners are doing Sahaja so well.  And this is your inheritance or responsibility.  And what has happened to the Indian people here.  They are going and performing the marriage of Sita and Rama.  They do all sorts of strange things.  You are educated people and you should understand that why are we doing senseless things.  You should understand that this is all foolishness.

There is a Maharani (Queen) of Dhangendar.  I will tell you a story about her.  She got hold of a maid servant and made her into a Devi (goddess) and started worshipping her.  She herself told Me that in Los Angeles she has lots of followers.  This name Los (lost angels) Angeles must have come from this kind of people.  Just imagine.  They are making money out of this.  They are organising a marriage between Shri Rama and Shri Sita.  Is this a sensible thing.  She said in Kalyug there has to be bhakti.  I said “Yes. There should be bhakti.  But you have no connection.  How are you doing bhakti and to whom?”  If your telephone has no connection, then whom are you calling.  First get your connection, and then do bhakti (worship).

You will be surprised that curing these people’s throats, My own throat gets into trouble.  Those who keep chanting Hare Rama Hare Krishna like mad.  Who taught them this madness.  Shri Krishna did not teach this.  I just don’t understand.  Only making money.  Only making money.  Standing on Oxford Street wearing dhotis and sarees, and dancing.  Hair pieces keep falling off, and they keep dancing.  I said “Shri Krishna is Kuber (God of wealth).  How can you beg in the name of Kuber.  He gave Sudama so much Aishwarya (wealth) just like that.  If you are a devotee of Shri Krishna, you should be giving and giving.  Instead you are begging”.  Any place they get, they are begging.  They have spoiled the name of Shri Krishna so much.

I have never said this before, but after meeting these people I feel this movement is one of very fooling people.  So bad.  And people actually give them alms.  They leave their jobs, leave their houses, children.  Leave everything, and start begging.  In which dharma (religion) is it written like this.  We Indians must grasp the real truth, and place reality before the people.

Even in China people say that India is the place of spirituality.  That is what people expect from you.  Are these Hindusthanis (people of India).  When I asked “Why do all of you go to these false Gurus”, the foreigners said, “Mother, these are Indians  How can Indians tell lies”.  I said, “actually they are experts in telling lies.  No one is greater than us in telling lies.  What makes you think that they are not telling lies”.  So they said “We thought that since they are Indians they cannot tell lies.”  People consider us very pious and holy. Yes, we are peace loving, and we are afraid of fighting, and violence.  We do not fight.  But considering what people think of us, that we are not.

The example of this is that wherever I go, because I am an Indian, thousands will come.  But when we tell them that they should come to our Centers, or we talk about Sahaja Yoga, they will not come.  I said “I am an Indian, why do you trust and respect Me so much”.  They say, “Shri Mataji, from Your appearance and Your Personality we feel that”.  But I see that any Indian who comes, like one man who was just released from the jail came, even he collected thousands of disciples.  This is the importance and advantage of being an Indian. Do you know from where all these rogues come; and what business they are doing.  Inspite of this, people accept  them just because they are Indians.  Basically it is so.

We should try to understand what are the expectations that these people have from us.  They feel we are very dharmic (religious), very genuine and serious, and they have great expectations.  Wherever you go.  Wherever.  Any place.  If an Indian appears in a saffron robe, everyone will flock to them.  Germans.  Even Germans, who normally do not bow to anyone, they prostrate before these Indians.  This is a special trait about us.  A sort of God given boon or benefaction. No one can accomplish God’s work the way an Indian can. Indians should come to us.  I hope that all the Indians here will come into Sahaja Yoga, and will mould themselves into God’s instruments, and will fulfil people’s belief in them.  So many Iranians came.  You will see tomorrow.  They have come here also.  The Jews have also come.  But Indians don’t come.  They recognise and follow the Dhanangara Devi (the false devi).  Absolutely absurd.  Now you don’t have to do much.

1.00.25 English speech:

Just put both the hands towards me like this. Now both the feet have to be separate because of the two powers we have. And the left hand is symbolically suggesting that you want to have your self-realisation. This (left) hand represents your left side which is the power of desire. So your desire is expressed when you put this hand like this. Now the right hand represents the power of action. So we will try to nourish our centres and we are working only on the left-hand side. This is only for tonight. Only for tonight. Don’t have to do it again. Only you have to desire just now that you should have your self-realisation, that’s all. Now please put your left hand towards me and first we put our right hand on our heart. In the heart is the reflection of God Almighty which we call as spirit, Atma. [Translation from hindi: Bend your neck and head]. Now, if you become the spirit you become your guide in the light of the spirit. You become your own master. So please take your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side and press it hard. This is the centre of your mastery which is created by many prophets and many great seers, which is to be awakened. Now please take your right hand now in the lower portion of the abdomen on the left-hand side again. This is the centre of pure divine knowledge. Surprisingly the centre is here. Sometime I may explain to you how this works out. Now, raise your right hand in the upper portion of the abdomen on the left-hand side and now on the heart again. Now, please put your right hand in the corner of our neck and your shoulder and put your head to your right. I have already told you about this centre that when you feel guilty it goes into trouble. Now, we have to know there is a centre on the optic chasma which is absolutely constricted and we have to forgive otherwise it wouldn’t open. So now please put your right hand on top of your forehead across and put down your head as far as possible. Here you have to forgive everyone in general without thinking about them. If you don’t forgive then the centre wouldn’t open and the kundalini wouldn’t pass through. As it is you have tortured yourself by not forgiving. And now at this great moment if you do not forgive the kundalini wouldn’t pass through. Now please take your right hand on the back side of your head and push back your head as far as possible. This is the centre where without feeling guilty, without counting mistakes, just for your satisfaction you have to ask forgiveness from this all-pervading divine power, Chaitanya. Now stretch your palm fully. Put the centre of the palm on the fontanelle bone area which was the soft bone in your childhood. Now stretch your palm fully. Please put the centre of the palm on top of your fontanelle bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Centre of your palm. It is very important. Now push back your fingers so that there is a proper pressure on your scalp. This will reduce your stress and all that very easily. Now please put down your head nicely and move your scalp seven times, clockwise, slowly. Scalp I am saying not the hand so much. That’s all you have to do. Push back your fingers, put down your head, push back your fingers, put down your head. Please put down your head. So there is a good pressure on your scalp. Now move your scalp slowly seven times. Stretch back your fingers, stretch back. [Translation from hindi: Don’t hold your head. Just spread your fingers at the back.]. This is all we have to do. Now we have to close our eyes until I tell you please don’t open your eyes. Now please put both the feet apart from each other. Now please put your left hand towards me. Need not to slouch or need not put any strain. Just sit comfortably in your seat.

Now please put right hand on your heart and now close your eyes and please don’t open them till I tell you. Here you have to ask me a very fundamental question about yourself in your heart 3 times. You can call me mother or Shri Mataji. So please ask a question in your heart “Mother Am I the Spirit?”Ask three times. “Mother, Am I the Spirit ?” [Translation from hindi: Mother, am I the Spirit (twice)] Now please take you right hand in the upper portion of the abdomen on the left-hand side. I have already told you that if you become the spirit you become your own guide, your own master. So ask another question about your self, three times “Mother am I my own master?” “Mother am I my own master?” I have already told you that I respect your freedom,I cannot force on you pure divine knowledge. So now please put your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen and here you have to say 6 times because this centre has got 6 petals; please say 6 times “Mother please give me pure divine knowledge” “Mother please give me pure divine knowledge”. Now, when you ask for divine knowledge, kundalini starts moving.You wouldn’t feel anything. Now we have to nourish our upper centres to open for the ascent of the kundalini. So now, raise your right hand in the upper portion of the abdomen in the left-hand side. Here press it hard. Here you have to say with your full self-confidence 10 times “Mother I am my own master”. Please say it 10 times “Mother I am my own master”. At the very outset, I have told you that you are not this body, this mind, these emotions, this intellect, this conditioning, this ego; but you are the pure spirit. So now raise your right hand on top of your heart, and here you have to say again with full confidence 12 times “Mother I am the pure spirit”. Please say it “Mother I am the pure spirit”. This all-pervading divine power which we have never felt before is the ocean of knowledge, is the ocean of bliss, is the ocean of forgiveness. So whatever mistakes you might commit, they are easily dissolved by this power of ocean of forgiveness. So please forgive yourself. Now put your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and turn your head to your right. Here you have to say 16 times with full self-confidence “Mother I am not guilty at all”. Please say it 16 times, it is very important to say that. I feel this centre is catching. Now as I have told you, whether you forgive, you don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. But if you don’t’ forgive at this time centre of Agnya wouldn’t open and kundalini wouldn’t pass through. So please forgive. So please forgive everyone in general. It is a myth. Now raise your right hand on top of your forehead across and please put down your head as far as possible. Here you have to say, not how many times, but from your heart, “Mother I forgive everyone in general”; from your heart. Now without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, just for your satisfaction, you have to ask forgiveness from this all-pervading divine power of paramachaitanya. So now please take your right hand back side of your head and push back your head, here you have to say again from your heart, not how many times, “Oh Divine power, if I have done anything wrong knowingly or unknowingly please forgive me” please say it from your heart. Now the last centre is very important and please do it attentively that stretch your palm fully. Put the centre of the palm on the top of your fontanelle bone area and put down your head as far as possible. Now stretch back your fingers is very important, stretch back your fingers. At this centre, I must say that I cannot force self-realisation on you. You have to ask for it. So please move your scalp slowly seven times clockwise saying 7 times “Mother please give me my self-realisation” Please take down your hands. Please open your eyes. You may put both the hands towards me. Now put the right hand towards me like this, put down your head and see if there is a cool or hot breeze like a vibration coming out of your fontanelle bone area. Please see with the left hand. Please don’t put it on top of your head, little away. Some people get it further on. So just move your hand and see for yourself there’s a cool or hot breeze like thing coming out of your head. Now please try with the left hand. Now please put the left hand like this towards me, put the right hand on top of your head, bend your head, and again see, bend your head; see for your self if there is a cool or hot breeze like vibrations are coming out of your own fontanelle bone area. If it is hot that means you have not forgiven yourself or you have not forgive others. So please forgive. Forgiving is a very big power. Now again once more with the right hand towards me, and with the left hand on top of your fontanelle bone area please see. Move your hand and don’t doubt. Just see it is coming out of your own head. If it is not coming just say “Mother please come into my head, come out of my head Mother” that’s your mother, kundalini is your mother just ask her. Bend your heads. Bend your heads. Now please put both the hands like this towards me and don’t think. Now you have to put both the hands towards the sky like this and ask a question three times; any one of these three questions you ask one of them three times. Please put up your hands up and your head back. Now ask a question, first question is “Mother is this the cool breeze of the holy ghost” ask this question three times, or the second question you can ask three times “Mother is this the all-pervading power of Divine love” Or the third question you can ask “Mother is this the Parama Chaitanya, is this the rooh ”? Ask any one of these questions three times. Put back your head. Push back your head. Now please bring it down. Put both the hands towards me like this. All those who are feeling the cool or hot breeze on the fingertips or on the palm, centre of palm or out of the fontanelle bone area, please raise both your hands. All those who have felt the cool breeze on the hand. You didn’t feel? [Translation from Hindi: You didn’t feel? Then put your hand up].Everybody has got it practically. May God bless you. Now as I said you have to respect your self-realisation. And you have to go and see these people. And I am sure next year I’ll meet very great saints of Los Angeles. I bow to all the saints. Your life of saint has started now. May God bless you. At the most within one month, you can master this art, everyone, no doubt. [Translation from Hindi: Come, let us go.]