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New York City (United States)

1994-10-03 Talk Science, Religions, Courage, Joy HD, 82'
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1994-10-03 Indian Public Program, New York

‘’I bow to all the seekers of truth.’’ The other day I told you, that truth is what it is, it has been, it is and it will be. We cannot change the truth, we cannot challenge it and unfortunately at this human awareness we cannot know it. Something more has to happen to us in our evolutionary process to know the truth. That’s why all the scriptures have said that you are to be born again. And in Sanskrit an enlightened soul is called as “ Dviijaha”and a bird is also called as Dviijaha, means twice-born. But when the bird comes as an egg, it grows, matures and then it becomes a bird. Now this bird has no resemblance with the egg which it was. In the same way one has to know that when you are born again then there is no resemblance between you and yourself which was in the past. You get completely transformed into a very different personality. Which is an enlightened personality. You have been already told about the subtle system we have within ourselves. This subtle system has been created throughout our evolutionary process. And now the last breakthrough has to take place. And this last breakthrough has to work out in these modern times, as we call it in Indian language ‘Kaliyuga’.and this is the worst ‘Kaliyuga’, I mean the ‘Ghor Kaliyuga’.At this time the people will get into illusions and they will be frustrated, and then they will seek the truth is already predicted by many people. But we have to know first of all what is the truth? You don’t have to believe whatever I am going to say. But you should keep your mind open like scientist and treat it as a hypothesis. If it works then you must accept as honest people because this is for your well-being, for the benevolence of your family of your city, of your country and of the whole world. Because all the problems that we have are created by ourselves, by human beings. All these problems human being’s problems come from their centres. And if these centres are in trouble you have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems. So we have to do something about knowing, what are these centres and what is their function in our body. These are the subtle energy centres about which you have been already told.

So the first truth is that you are not this body, this mind, these emotions, this intellect, these conditionings, or your ego. Because you say my ego, my conditionings, my emotions so who is the owner of this “My”? So what are you? I say that you are the pure spirit, you have to reach that state where you become the spirit. It is a question of becoming, not giving you a big lecture or sermon but it is the question of becoming. And this becoming can come in only possible if you desire it. It cannot be forced on you. So these days there are so many seekers of truth, they have been seeking the truth also without knowing what they were seeking? In that mistake or you can say in that misunderstanding they were misguided by many horrible people. Some also came from India. Am ashamed about it, but you also are responsible in a way to know that how can you get your higher spiritual status, your self-realization by doing all kinds of nonsensical things. The nonsensical things we have been doing are, there’s somebody who came and said that you can all levitate yourself up to 3 feet and can go above it. So people pay thousands of pounds to do that. Something absurd, why should you levitate, I mean levitation do you become spiritual? This idea of levitation has come from ‘Tantrikaas’……. They have talked about it and it’s very surprising, I saw a man, who came to me who was possessed and he was just raising his body jumping up…. if they tell you how we can teach you how to move the pendulum of another person to control his mind immediately you jump at such nonsensical thing, why do you want to move a pendulum? People have paid so much money in this America, when I hear about it I am really amazed. Another fellow came here, and has made so much money, when he came back to India one doctor visited him and he gave him a real gold watch. It’s very surprising. He said it’s all American prasaad, American blessings. So they all came to America, I don’t know under what impression, to make large amount of money. Another lady was selling her shawls in Australia. These are spiritual shawls as if God has woven them. And Australians bought them at such a high price. The shawl itself costs you about at the most 100 to 200 rupees in India and she sold it for 100 to 200 pounds. Such nonsensical things if people tell you and you believe in it then at least you should have gone and seen what sort of a lifestyle they have ? how do they live, how do they behave with other people, what is their moral standard? No, still you didn’t bother to find out. You just jumped at them as if they are already descending from heavens. But you will be amazed to know that some of them came directly out of the jail, and they could not settle in India so they have come to America. They wore those dresses and befooled you. Actually why they came here because they knew there are seekers, there is a market of seekers and so it was all marketing…

A seeking of truth was very strong in this country, even much more then in India. Indians take everything for granted. They are not the ones who will think what we have been doing, have been something sensible or not. Their forefathers did it, their great grandparents did it and they are doing the same thing. They don’t want to take to something, they don’t want to listen to something where we say that you have to transform yourself; but it came only in America this idea that we have to transform ourselves. So nicely a market was created…

The truth is that you are the pure spirit and there is an all-pervading power of Divine Love, which does all the living work. For example, these flowers you see are a miracle, very beautiful they are no doubt but they are living and it’s a miracle. But we take them for granted. If you ask the doctor who runs your heart, he’ll say it’s the autonomous nervous system but if you ask who is this auto he will have no answer. So the second truth is that there is a power of Divine love which is all-pervading. All the scriptures have talked about it; for example, in our Sanskrit language it is called as “Param Chaitanya”…. Patanjali has given him another name “Ritambhara PrAgnya”…but in the Bible it is the cool breeze of the “Holy Ghost”…in the  ‘Kuran it is “Ruuh” also among the Jews it’s the ‘All-Pervading Power Of God’. But nobody bothered to find out what is this? We really sometimes take to science and we find it is a moral it cannot answer many questions especially the question ‘Why are we on this earth’? 

So we take to another kind of explanation that is the religion and when we get to the religion, first we find them all fighting with each other and if you go deep down into it you will find out they are not sprit oriented at all. They are money-oriented or power-oriented. None of them talk of the ascent that is awaiting you at this important time. This ascent is the easiest thing that can happen today and this is the special time because we are in a mood of a great deep seeking of truth. It could not happen otherwise before. It could not happen at the time of ‘Shri Rama’, ‘Shri Krishna’, or even at the time of ‘Lord Jesus Christ’ or even at the time as ‘Hazrat Mohammed’. It was not possible. People were not ready, they were not seeking, they were not willing to take to anything that one was something so important. And also I feel that people like Moses or Christ or Mohammed sahab all of them were very pure spiritual people. They never understood what impurities human beings have…never. They didn’t know what sort of human beings they are facing; so their laws were for angles not for human beings. Like Christ has said in his fifth chapter, Mathews, that if your one eye does anything wrong then you take it out and throw it away, if your hand does anything wrong then you cut it off…or if somebody slaps you on this side turn the other face, other side of your cheek, can you imagine? I am yet to come across any Christian who has lost even one eye… Now the question of Islam is another extremely difficult thing, nobody follows, it’s just forsake, for example, first of all I think Mohammed Sahab must have thought that Christ was so strict with men so let us have some rules and regulations about women. So any women who becomes immoral was to be buried in the ground halfway and to be beaten up with shoes or with stones; think of American women what will happen to them, if they follow Islam…It’s terrible…but on top of that he accepted ‘Shariyat’ which is the laws, we can say, given by Moses to Jews in Jerimiah in our Bible, you can say that. Now these are even worse than anything else, if you steal anything then your hands should be cut permanently. I mean this one was the worst type of laws given by Moses when he found that the people who were supposed to be seeking the truth have become so decadent. This kind of I should say a understanding about human being was absolutely not the truth. See human beings are not angels, they are human beings and to err is human. If human beings don’t make mistakes is God going to make mistakes?…. So on the whole what we find that all these religions based on books also have brought in a very big question before us that can human beings follow these religions? Then came our Hindu religion where is the laws are tremendous which Hindus are not at all aware of. It is the love, that should be used throughout and except for God Almighty nobody has business to kill anyone. Then it was all also I must say ‘Shri Krishna’ was a diplomat very clever. He thought the human beings are not alright, he understood perhaps so he tried to say things in a very diplomatic way. He said that whatever work you do karma you put it at the lotus feet of God. Is not possible…is not possible unless and until you are a realized soul, it is not possible. For bhakti he said do “ Annaya Bhakti”. When there is not the other then you do the bhakti means you are a realize soul when you are connected with God. Unless and until you are connected how can you do any devotion to God? How can you pray to him? This ordinary thing like telephone if telephone is not connected, whom are you telephoning?

So they blamed God, see this God is so bad, we are praying to him, we are doing this, fasting, this that and still he doesn’t listen to us. Nobody has asked you to fast. There is no need to stand on your head either, there is no need for you to go to the Himalayas. It is all within yourself is said by all people like Gurunanaka, Kabira,  Gyaneshwara all these great saints have said that it is within you, you seek it here, where are you going to the Jungles? But nobody listened to them even in India and now in Maharashtra, I have seen people walking miles together to go to a temple…and they don’t eat anything and they don’t wear proper dresses just some sort of a Gunny bag. For months together they walk and ultimately what they get is a Brahmin goes and hits their heads so they get off their heads and they say this is unmani, this is the one promise by God now what to say? So in every religion there has been all kinds of perverted nonsensical rituals and that’s how people have lost faith in God and also in religion. But this is wrong, this is most unscientific, unless and until you have found out if there is God or not how can you lose your faith in God? It’s a very unscientific attitude I think, that people say that I don’t believe in God, because first you find out there is God or not…I say there is, you say there is not; so better find out. If you find if there is no God alright but you have done nothing of the kind and just off hand you cannot say such a big thing that there is no God. Now the time has come to prove the existence of God. The time has come to make everything very tangible, very sensible; because once you become a self-realized enlightened personality you start feeling this all-pervading power on your fingertips. On your fingertips, in kuran, Mohhamad Sahab has clearly written, at the time of ‘Kyama’, at the time of resurrection your hands will speak and they will give a shahadat meaning, witness against you and this is exactly what happens in Sahaja yoga that once you get your realization you start feeling this all-pervading power around. Then all these centres which are responsible of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being, they all get enlightened, integrated and nourished.So all the problems which are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disappear. Very simple. I have seen people getting rid of their diseases just in our programmes, very surprising. Even you don’t touch them, don’t say anything to them they get it. It’s not because of me or because of anything else but it’s your own power of Kundalini, which is your own. You have this power in your Sacrum bone that means it was a sacred bone accepted by Greeks and this kundalini when she rises she does the job. It is your own power which manifests and which works it out, is all placed their very nicely and she is your individual mother, she is your individual mother, she knows everything about you. It’s like a tape-record you know she has recorded everything what are we been up to. She knows also your aspirations, knows your past, she knows everything about you. When she rises she gives you the second birth because she is anxious to give you your second birth. Now there are some books which are so funny that they say kundalini rising can give you some sort of a problem. It does not, never …I have been working with the Kundalini Awakening for the last 25 years, I have not seen anybody getting any trouble at all. When you were born your mother took all the trouble upon herself, in the same way the Kundalini takes all the trouble upon herself and give you your self-realization. She is I told you, is  your individual mother and she knows everything about you. So why should you judge yourself? Why should you feel guilty? Why should you try to put yourself down?  Because she knows you and she will and she judges you and she is the one who is going to give you self-realization. So why should you try to judge yourself and find faults with you for nothing at all…or the other side of it is like this that all our life we are in such a stress, we are we cannot forgive people. The life in New York especially is such a hectic such a pressuring life that people would say that Mother how can you get your self-realization here, you can but then what happens to you, the whole thing becomes like a drama. If you are passing through the traffic you are watching and enjoying yourself, you are not bothered If you are going on the plane you think you are just sitting on your sofa set and nicely enjoying yourself. Can see me, I am 72 years of age and I travel practically every day and I travel and have a programme again travel and have a programme now tomorrow I am again travelling to Milano, but I don’t feel anything. Because we think too much, I have seen many of your actors and actresses in a say films and things, as soon as they will sit down on the chair they’ll say…Haa…God knows what has happened to them? Why are they so tired? because they think and think and think. This thinking makes them very tired so what we do normally is to we are always thinking about the past or the future. We cannot be in the present, cannot be. So our mind is jumping on the cusp of past and future on the thoughts all the time., but when this kundalini rises, she elongates those thoughts and you become, again I say become ‘Thoughtlessly aware’. You are aware but thoughtless that is the present, Present is the reality…. not the past or the future. So you become one with reality. Thoughtlessly aware is the first state which we call in Sanskrit as ‘Nirvichar Samadhi’…Second state you achieve is called as ‘Doubtlessly aware’ meaning ‘Nirvikalpa  Samadhi’ where there is no thought, doubt in your mind, no doubt. You know there is a power that you are connected with it, that this power is flowing through you and then whatever you do is done by this power. This power is so full of blessings that if I tell you something you won’t believe the way it has shown its effects different ways apart from, I don’t know if they have shown you my photographs which are really remarkable but apart from that how they have protected and how they have guided, how they have helped, how they have made human beings dynamic is really unbelievable. For example, we’ll say this Miss Universe,this, she is a Sahajayogini and she came to me and she said “Mother, can I go for a beauty contest? I said, why not, she said but, I said what’s the matter? She said, I don’t want to wear funny dresses, I said, no you wear the swimming dresses naa, just think that you are going for a swim, then you won’t feel it so bad. But she is a Sahajyogini, so she said first I am going for India beauty contest, I said you will be selected and you will become Miss Universe. She could not believe it and she became because I wouldn’t call her a very great beauty as such from Indian point of view but she became because they asked her questions and they saw her poise and her behaviour and everything and they were amazed at the whole thing and that’s how she’s got this great award and she couldn’t believe it.

So this is nothing, there are many artists who have become great artists and musicians from India and abroad also we have so many talents coming up and there are so many aa.. painters and sculptures who have come up. It helps in every way because when kundalini enlightens your brain, you become a peaceful personality, absolutely a peaceful personality and also you become so dynamic. You understand your thought is enlightened and you understand much more then you could ever understand about any subject because you become subtle and subtler and subtler and that’s how you understand about everything in such a manner that normally people don’t see that. Then your attention, what Christ has said that take out your eye. Now what Mohammad Sahib has said, that supposing you have looked at a woman, alright, till then it’s not a sin then you turn your head, alright, but if you again look at her then you have committed a sin. Just think of it. Here I find in New York everybody’s eyes going like this, like this, like this…really….I don’t know what they are looking at? But they see nothing, because they go on like this you see like some dolls you know you must have seen, if the screw becomes loose the eyes go on like that….so, by this happening you become so innocent, now I must tell you that your innocence is never lost, never lost, it is there all the time, it is eternal but there are some clouds on it as soon as you get your realization, your innocence is re-established. This Sri Ganesha, the one she danced, Shri Ganesha is the symbol of that innocence. Your attention becomes devoid of lust and greed, but not only that your attention becomes enlightened. In that enlightened attention what happens you see what is destructive for you, what is constructive for you. For example, now I am a very say obstinate person, it’s all darkness here and I have a snake in my hand and somebody tells me I have a snake in my hand, I will not give up because I am obstinate you know. Till that snakes bites me I will be holding on to it, but as soon as there is some light I ‘ll throw it away. In the same way when attention is enlightened immediately you know, my goodness what have I been doing this, it’s all wrong so you take a U turn, absolutely a U turn and your life becomes so moral, so virtuous, so righteous that you start suspecting yourself what’s the matter with me? I was not like this I just can’t do the things…firstly you must have tried not to do something, tried I shouldn’t do this, I shouldn’t do that, but there was no courage but now that courage has come, that strength has come and you are doing exactly whatever is benevolent for you…I don’t have to tell you don’t do this, don’t do, in the modern times you tell somebody half of them will walk out so what happens you yourself become your own guide, yourself become your own master and yourself you know what has to be done for your ascent. Then this enlightened attention is so powerful that wherever you project it, it acts anywhere you project it; it acts. Any place about anyone it acts. And it definitely improves and cures that person on which or that community or that area on which you have put your attention. Such an enlightened attention comes and that is your own, is within you in a potential state just starts manifesting after your realization. 

Now you can feel your centres on your hand. Fingertips that’s the self-knowledge. You know about yourself what’s wrong, where. It’s the Parasympathetic nervous system you can say, if your doctors will understand that you know where is the problem and also you can feel the centres of others, because now what has happened that you become ‘Collectively conscious’ in Sanskrit it is ‘Samuhik Chetana’..Samuhik Chetana; that means you can feel the centres of others. Now if know how to correct your centres, you can correct your centres and you can correct the centres of others. Is very simple, it is extremely easy to know, what to do, how to do it and it works out. It’s very –  very simple, it’s too simple that people can’t believe it. Of course I must tell you that we have seen people getting cured of cancer of all kinds of diseases even Aids with Sahaja yoga. Even Aids, but there’s a little Psychological problem of the Aids people that they think they are Martyrs you see. They don’t want to get cured they think they are Martyrs of a very big sort of a principle for which they have fought, so it’s difficult to handle them; but there are people who have been cured, but the problem I have told you that they think they are great Martyrs, it’s impossible to talk to them. So all kinds of diseases can be cured through your own Kundalini, except for those which are like dead things like, supposing they have put a steel in your hand, then it’s impossible to remove it or else there’s a cataract in your eye it’s impossible, somethings like that, but otherwise you get automatically cured. One thing that your diagnosis is the easiest thing, a child can diagnose it immediately he will tell you, what’s wrong with what chakra. So you can find out from people what’s wrong with them, only by just putting hands towards themselves. 

[English translation from Hindi]

All Indians got up and left immediately…most of the Indians do not have concern for anything…son, very few are remained. I am watching since long Indians get up and leave from here. Such a situation in London, you listen, they will sit in front, because I am An Indian and they have right on Me. And they leave in between. So I have informed, if Indians come, let them sit backside, then they said You all are racist. Say whatever but sit backside. Really Indians’ minds are spoilt after they come out. Money is filled in their minds or something else has happened to them. Same Indians, if you see, there are 16000 Sahaja yogis in Delhi. They are in thousands all over in Ghaziabad. But here Indians condition is like this, tomorrow if their children start taking drugs, then they will come to me….yes their heads are spoilt…you are saying right, But you should know the adverse effect of money also…with this all disease also will come…but some people, who are truthful, see how they are settled, they know, what better is going to happen then this! We Indians don’t think, what we will do with this money…tell me..they were singing Marathi song, I don’t see any single Maharashtrian here because Saints were born at their places hence they think God is in their pocket. Is there a Maharashtrian

 [Shri Mataji speaks in English]

You are from where ?…achha,surprising….ye toh Gujrat manje Gujrat aahe…all right; I am sorry I had to say something in Hindi Language. All right, so now this attention which becomes enlightened can help yourself off course but wherever it is projected it will help that person, that locality, that community everything…So you can cure people, you can raise their Kundalini. So many things you can do which you have never done before. In this small lecture, I don’t know how much I can tell you because I tell you I must have given at least three-four thousand lectures only in English language and I know other languages also and I don’t know how much I can tell you about this great thing. But this is all mental, this is all mental you have to go beyond mind and to go beyond mind. This Kundalini has to rise and give you realization which is a happening which has to take place and it is very easy to get this realization. It is Sahaja, means spontaneous, ‘Sa’ means with and ‘Jah’ is born with you, is the right to get this union. That’s what it is., above all I must tell you, you jump in the ocean of joy. You have seen these people right from Russia, India, Romania, America from all over are here and singing Sanskrit songs you know. English could not say one sentence though they lived there for 300 years in our country. I mean they spoke, we didn’t know what language they were speaking and now look at these people, even Indians are amazed the way they can sing these songs. This is all the blessing of Sahaja yoga and this joy that I am talking about is a singular thing, happiness and unhappiness are the two sides of one coin, if your ego is punctured you feel unhappy, if it is pampered you feel happy. It’s an artificial thing but Joy is something where you become a witness of the whole thing, the whole thing becomes a drama and you start enjoying. Now we have in India sometimes seminars, in Russia seminars of thousands of people, now Sahaja yoga is working in 60 nations, I think 65, but I have never seen them quarrelling or fighting never, off course they pull each other’s leg sometimes and enjoy some jokes, that’s all right, that one has to because there’s fun. For them there is no need to have holidays there is no need to spend in money in cinemas and all these entertainments and all these stupid things that are going around. They only enjoy each other’s company of pure love. There’s no lust, there’s no greed, there is no expectation. This is the new race and the new age. Just by branding something as new age it doesn’t become. It has to show its validity, how it’s a new age, what new things have happened, how these people have become something different. And this is the time when you have to enter into the ‘Kingdom of God’ to enjoy his blessings. All these stupid ideas of austerities and fasting are not necessary. There is no need to fast because he is God Almighty who is our Father, who loves us very much. Which father would like his son, I don’t know about America, but normally, which Father would like his son to suffer to meet him. Not possible; So this is the Father of all the fathers. With all that Fatherhood why should we torture our lives, It’s all right you can fast if you want to do it for your health sake or something but don’t blame your ‘Father The God’.

Now as it is we have all these things just built in within us, like a seed if you put it in the Mother earth sprouts, the ‘Kundalini rises’ but the ‘Kundalini’ is the power of pure desire, all our desires are impure, for example you want to have a house, you want to have then carpets, you want to have furniture, you want to have a car, then we want to have a big car. They told me that people borrow money here to buy a big car, but I said why? because they want to show that the car should be big, I said why? One gentleman told me why, his secretary’s car is four times bigger than mine, but why? They said, because they want to show but to whom? Nobody sees, nobody knows, who is the owner of the car? It’s a Myth. Another thing, I was told in this country everybody is indebted. I mean then how are you rich. I don’t understand…Indebted person cannot be rich isn’t. But what they do is spend their money on holidays. For holidays, it’s a crisis in their life if they cannot go for a holidays. They’ll borrow money bur go for a holiday, for what? To make their skins dark, it’s another madness. Here they are racist they don’t like black people then why do they want to make their skin dark…What a contradiction? I can’t understand!! They waste money like this unnecessarily, I tell you in this America about 25 years back nobody used to go on holidays. I am an old woman and I know. This is some entrepreneurs have started a craze that you must go for a holiday. So any craze they start, they start doing it. Why not have your own ideas about things, Why not? For example, they have parties of dogs, I was told can’t understand. They are particular organisations which fix the funeral for you, I can’t understand!! All kinds of stupid things they are wasting money; anything stupid comes out your ‘Halloween’ is another very great stupid nonsense. It is celebrating the birth of all the dead bodies, I think who have become Ghosts, it’s a ghostly thing, I wanted to buy a house, I went with my daughter and they had put a Halloween lady there, she said, don’t buy this; this is inauspicious. There is a devil in the front door. So to do anything nonsensical they are willing. What’s wrong?? What’s the wrong, anything even aids people, you tell them this is wrong, What’s wrong?? Who are you?? All right go ahead with all this Tomfoolery…but I am sure now some people must have matured and have become wiser, very important is to mature and to become wise and to get your self-realization. So many problems you have in this country of which you are not at all aware, I mean in India 18 people died in a place, they stopped all our ships, they stopped all our aeroplanes, everything, what is it, here with Aids how many people are dying, not only where ever the go they are spreading Aids everywhere, do you know that? They have given Aids to everyone. In Calcutta they have given Aids to thousands…So whatever little is told by the Media is accepted and people just go mad about it. Now let us think, why?  why?  you have to be in, in the Lunatic asylum. There is something more that you have to achieve, so that you save this country. You won’t believe, I have been coming to this country for the last 25 years, Russia I went only 4 years, Russians are not conditioned people, they are like clean sleets, there’s a joke, we had one programme in Tolyatti once and one American sahajayogi was there and a Tolyatti sahaji was there, He asked him how many sahaja yogis you have in America? this is three years back, so he said we have 56, oh My God, you have 56 thousand and we have only 21 thousand, because to come to Sahaja yoga you cannot pay. You cannot purchase me, you cannot purchase your self-realization, so you forget that you have money. Then you have to become something, it’s not just a brand. Like the other day I saw ‘Hare Rama’ people walking with their dhotis. I asked them why do you wear dhotis in this cold, it’s so cold, you will get very cold winds. I am a mother you know. They said my Guru has initiated that I should wear dhoti, I said what sort of a Guru is this one? that he has initiated that you wear dhoti in this terrible cold…Oh yes! because then I will get my ‘Nirvana’. I said in India at least 80 percent people wear dhoti, because it’s so hot, they are all going to get ‘Nirvana’ before you. All such things are there which they accept which are nonsensical so I feel that now all those people who are here should understand the responsibility as Americans, whatever it is, this is one of the richest country, it is such a blessed country. God has given you so much here…now the time has come to realize that it is on its way to destruction and the destruction is coming from within not from without. So awaken now! and try to save this country through Sahaja yoga. It’s not difficult at all. You’ll have all your powers, you will know everything about it, don’t have to pay for anything. You’ll realize your identity that you are a channel of God’s love, and first time you will be using this Divine Love. If you use this Divine Love, you will be surprised that how foolishly we have been using the power of hatred. So this is my last lecture in America this time and I have seen very sensible, nice people sitting before me. So I request you all to take your self-realization seriously which you’ll get tonight here. Understand your value, understand what you are, what you have to do now for your country, what is so important for your children, for your progeny for your family life, haan this Simson fellow, he killed his wife, so now they are giving articles all over the world because you see, Americans think they can write about everything that one should not marry because when you marry only you kill your wife, or your husband. If you don’t marry there won’t be any killing, imagine! Such an article is appearing, now what I am saying, that is very important, my concern is very much there, and some Sahaj yogis told me “Mother, you come and stay here, then it will work out better”. I wish, I could do that, but you are all there, you are wise people. It is your responsibility to see that you save this country, otherwise you will be held responsible, that you did not do anything for it. It’s no use talking politics, this, that nonsense, nothing. Now you are in the kingdom of God, so what you have to do is to get more people into it, you don’t have to pay anything for it. But little time has to be given. I assure you, your health will be all right, off course your wealth will be all right also and apart from that, you ‘ll be absolutely peaceful personality. We talk of peace, peace, peace. I have seen people getting peace awards, they are so horribly hot-tempered, that you can’t touch them without a barge poll. So, that kind of a peace I am not talking, but a real peace, which comes from within and this real peace that comes from within emits peace for others. So this kind of a peace we can establish very easily if you all people take it seriously about it…Many people told me, “Mother you don’t take money, so Americans won’t take you seriously.” I mean, this is too much, I said. What can you pay? What can you pay me? It is invaluable, can you pay for love?  You cannot, so even to say such a thing you know, shows that people have not understood the value of spirituality. Or what did we pay to Christ? We sold him…. So, we will have now ten minutes programme, only ten minutes and you will get your realization, only ten minutes. For that I have to tell you one thing, I cannot force Sahaja yoga on you, if you do not want to have, I cannot force it. Off course, it is not for idiots also. You cannot give realization to idiots and lunatics. You cannot give realization to people who are extremely arrogant. It doesn’t work out, but all those who want it will have it. It’s your desire, your freedom to choose it and to get it and that’s how you all are going to get it. It’s not going to be difficult at all. So if anyone wants to go out, I’ll give one minute, you can go out, but when we are doing this self-realization, please don’t get up and walk.