Friday Evening Program at Navaratri Puja

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)


Navaratri Puja, Friday evening program, presented by Switzerland, Cabella Ligure (Italy)
October 7th, 1994

But this drama is such an identification of these people I feel as they call in Sanskrit language “Sahaj avastha” [unsure], the oneness.
That, at the time when Shankaracharya was here, there was some intellectual, his name was Sharma and he started arguing with Shankaracharya. He said: “You are not married, you have no life as a married man, you are not belonging to the samsara, and what are you talking? It’s not so practical what you say.”
So, he argued and argued with him, you see, as I have to argue with many people sometimes. [Shri Mataji is laughting] And then he gave it up.
So he said: “Forget everything. Just praise the Mother.” So he wrote this. “Saundarya Lahari” was written because he said: “Everything is useless to talk, talk, talk, talk, talk and discuss. Better sing the praise of the Mother. That’s how this “Saundarya Lahari” has come.
He was so fed up of the intellectuals, the people who read
[Shri Mataji is laughting].
This is what they have felt such a manifestation of the whole whim of mind this way. I can’t imagine how could people from Switzerland can do such a thing. But they have!
May God bless you all right.
May God bless you.