5th Day of Navaratri

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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Navaratri Puja, Cabella Ligure, (Italy), 9 October 1994.

Today we are going to do puja for Navaratri. Yesterday you saw, beautiful description of Navaratri and how the Mother Goddess has created all kinds of powers within you. It’s not that only She has the powers, but you all have the powers, and you can all work it out, you can all find out whether these powers are there or not.

With us, the realisation is very important, but there the Kundalini has given you this realisation. Of course Kundalini is a part or, we can say, reflection of Adi Shakti, and also the Jagadamba is also part of Adi Shakti.

She’s placed in the centre of two hearts, which is a very important point. Now all these powers are placed in that chakra. So you imagine how many of these powers must be there, and Her powers are expressed through the centre heart in all the Ganas you have around your body. Now these Ganas are the ones who do give you the protection, give you the sleep, give you the energy, give you the blessings. All of them are at work all the time, and these bodies are extremely dedicated and connected all the time to the Mother Amba, we can call Jagadamba. Now She is the Mother of the Universe, so you can imagine, how busy She has to be to look after the whole Universe!

When this centre becomes weak, that means Her connection with the Ganas is reduced; Ganas also are weak and all the powers that could be exercised cannot be done because of this weakness. It’s a very subtle centre because it is Mother’s centre. It is impossible to understand the love of Mother, it’s absolutely impossible. When the girls get married and they become mothers, then they start understanding how much their mother must have done for them to come up.

In the same way, when sahaja yogis become good sahaja yogis, like Ganas, they realize how much the Ganas had to have patience, had to have love and intelligence to fight the negativity.

So all the forces of the Jagadamba act towards hitting the negativity of all kinds. That is Her first and foremost nature, is to destroy all the negativity that is in this world and is against Sahaj, against you. Her destruction takes place in so many ways. First of all we have to know that if you sin against the Goddess then all kinds of physical problems start, like psychosomatic diseases, all kinds: we can say cancer, AIDS, all of them. But some of the diseases have got also mixed up with the Ganapati.

Now Ganapati is the Lord of all the Ganas, so the Mother has Ganapati and She controls all these Ganas through Her son Ganapati. It is so connected.

So the sin against the Mother, when we do, means when we become immoral. Immoral means – when we start indulging into things which are not permitted by dharma. By dharma, whatever is permitted is the legal. Now you people understand Sahaj dharma innately, from within, I didn’t have to tell you. Now you know this is wrong, is wrong, this is right, this is right. So any such things when you try to do, because She’s a Mother, She takes time to punish you. No doubt.

But if you commit a sin against the Father, like boastfulness, talking big, being cruel, harsh and all that, immediately the punishment comes in, but from Her, She being the ocean of compassion, the punishment is more delayed and a full chance is given to the person to improve himself and guide himself. But when the punishment starts, then you get into diseases which are of a very serious nature.

So, it comes from one thing what we call as fear. When somebody frightens you or aggresses you or becomes like a mosquito, as they say – somebody who is oppressed by aggressive people or is threatened, intimidated, then a person starts losing faith in the powers of Mother. As a result, such a person-

[A child is talking loudly and disturbing] The child is talking too much. Can you take away the child from there? Where is he? Outside? Ask them to control the children. You must control. This is negative child who is talking. Who is the child? Whose child it is? Who is that? Please look after your child – is not normal. Normally, children who are all right become very quiet during My speech. [Child is still talking] Now take him- take her out, ask her to take her out.

So, this Centre Heart is to be looked after. Out of fear, if somebody’s thrown onto the left side, away from the Mother, because She’s the one who gives us confidence, who gives us courage and bravery, but if you are frightened, or if you are under fear, also you can be thrown to the left side and you can get into all kinds of diseases which are very serious, incurable as they call them.

Another thing is, if you are driven by your senses into indulgences without any dharma, then also this central path throws away, you can say, you to the left side because you are not worthy of being at the lotus feet of the Mother.

Now this centre is the one which, when we are afraid, the sternum bone starts moving like a remote control and informs all the Ganas that the attack is coming. But when you deliberately go to the left side and get into indulgences, then they’re not bothered, they said, “All right, go ahead, do what you like, you can behave the way you want to behave.”

All these different types of movements towards the left takes you away from your Mother.

I’ll tell you a story about somebody in America. He’s a very old sahaja yogi, Indian. He came out of his shop where he was working, and got into his car. There was one man sitting with a dagger and he hit him with the dagger on the centre heart, and this fellow started bleeding. He said, “I don’t know what happened to me Mother, I got such strength, I caught hold of him and I started fighting with him and I took the dagger from him. He had the handle and the dagger came into my hand, and the fellow ran away. But still, I was not worried about my bleeding. What I did, I called my colleague, who was coming out of the car. I ran after him and he took me in his car for half an hour searching that fellow.” They didn’t go to the police. And then they went to the police, the police were surprised, the whole shirt was full of blood. They said nobody would believe, even the police was shocked. “For half an hour we were searching this fellow, why didn’t you come to the police?” He said, “It would have taken half an hour for you to come, so we thought better do it ourselves.” See the courage!

Then, of course, he was taken to the hospital and he was alright. They stitched him up but he’s alright. That is the sign of a person who can never get any one of these horrible diseases, because there is no fear in his mind, of any kind. And he’s an Indian. He said, “I’ve never even slapped my own children, I’ve never fought with anyone, I’m not a wrestler by any chance, nothing of the kind, but it happened.” He says, “I don’t know from where I got this Shakti, and how I did it, I just don’t know.”

There are many stories like this, I can tell you, about sahaja yogis, and about so many saints; how they were never afraid of attacking someone when somebody attacks them, or of protecting themselves from all kinds of horrible things with their courage. This is something one cannot believe sometimes, but it is happening every day, I get letters from people, how they have been courageous.

If you believe in the Goddess, then know that She’s extremely powerful, She’s very intelligent and if She has to protect you She’ll protect you out and out, in such a way that you will not know how you have been protected. But this faith has to be developed.

Faith has to be developed by experience also; how you have been protected always, how you have been helped always, how you came out of so many crises. But despite that, if you get upset, worried, if some clouds appear in the sky of your life, then if you get upset, that means you are still weak.

So first thing, if you are really worshipping the Goddess then you should have no worry at all, of any kind, and you should have no fear at all. Go ahead! Fearlessly! Whatever you are doing, do it fearlessly. But at the same time I have to tell you the other side, that one should not go about like a zombie. It doesn’t mean that. Saying all kinds of nonsensical things of the right side. But if you have to do something, do it with clear cut ideas and also without any fear. So, all Her powers will start manifesting in you.

A man who is fearless has nothing to worry about his sleep, his well-being, nothing. He’s fearless. Again, I say ‘fearless’ doesn’t mean that you go on hitting everybody, saying all kinds of things, no! It means that, [if] you are fearless, anybody who attacks you, you can always protect yourself.

I mean this story I told you, because this was not a protection which was from within, like Goddess protecting them, but actually he protected himself. So? the power had started working through him. You should allow your mind, your body, to project these powers. Otherwise we say here pujas, everything, alright, and the power is there, but your mind, which tells you “No, no, no, this is not so.”

There are so many stories, so many miracles people have described about this, so first of all you should not have any fear about anything. If you have done nothing wrong, if you are on the right path, you will be always protected. Now remember this: you will be always protected. Remember this and believe in this, that “I am always protected.” This is something very difficult, because perhaps our mind gives ideas. “Oh God, what will happen, now what is going to happen, this thing, that.” So, first and foremost thing, as I said, is – to be fearless – to make the Goddess express Herself.

Supposing now, take it like this, now all the Ganas are following you. Now if the leader of an army is a frightened personality, what will others do? Thus you become dependent upon yourself. This faith also must be developed. I have seen people who are sick, so they must come and see Me, because they do not depend upon themselves. They can cure themselves. There’s no need for them to come and see Me, and there are many cases where people have cured themselves, cured others, just with prayer. But the faith, when it is not mature, then they think I should treat them, I should touch them, I should do this, I should do that. Now I’ve stopped it! I used to do once upon a time. Reason is now you depend upon yourself. Not only that you can help yourself, but you are going to help others.

But if you do not have faith in yourself that you can cure, you can look after yourself, you can protect yourself, so the whole thing becomes like a, all the time the Mother has to do the job. Now you, first of all, you have to feed the little baby. Alright you can let him eat, look after him, do everything, but when he grows up, then he doesn’t want his mother to feed you. In the same way, the sahaja yogis, now: how many years I have been working here? You have to grow up, dignified, and you should mature so that you can yourself do things properly.

This maturity is there because your Mother has blessed you. All Her powers She has given you, every. But one power of patience is difficult. You have to be patient like your Mother. You might think it’s very difficult but try to be. Must have patience, first of all, with yourself.

I have known many people who think they are spiritually nothing and they have not achieved anything – this is absolutely a sort of escapicism, that you want to escape your personality. Just see, if you introspect you’ll find out that you have developed into a real spiritual giant now! Nobody can touch you, you can do everything, you can look after yourself, you can support others. Whatever are the powers of all these that they were singing yesterday, all these powers are manifesting in you, but still you leave it to chance, and I should say, you leave it to others, not to yourself.

Now this is one point, that no one, so far, has done this kind of a job, is to connect all the disciples to the Divine Power. Because it is the Divine Power of Love, you must know how to love others, that’s very important!

But again, when it comes to love, they will love their child, love their wife. I mean it’s very common in Sahaja Yoga. They’re too attached to their children. Before this they were known to be absolutely selfish, had no attachment for children, or wife or anything, but now it is like a glue! Children are glued to them, wife is glued to them, and the family [is] very important. This is another temptation from which you have to get out. I am not saying that you have to give up your family or child, but again I say – the detachment. The detachment is your power. Watch everything with detachment.

Now don’t think that, “Oh, I came only a few days back in Sahaja Yoga.” No. Don’t think, “Somebody is higher than me, I’m no good.” No. You just introspect yourself and see for yourself how many powers you have already got. And the more you’ll know, the more you’ll become humble. It’s very surprising. You will become humble! No fear of any kind. You can have fear if you have some, say, lot of money with you. If you are very well educated you might have fear of jealousies. If you have other wealth like ornaments and things, you’ll be afraid of big thieves coming round. If you are a politician, you might be afraid that somebody might take away your seat when you are away. But when it comes really to Sahaja Yoga, it’s the other way round. Who can steal your Self-realisation? Tell Me. Who can steal your powers? Who can steal your vibrations? Think of it! And who can steal your love? Because it is coming from the Spirit, which is eternal and the flow is all the time there. Only when you go away from your Spirit, then only, you feel all these things which one feels in the darkness.

Then another power of Mother is that She gives you the state in which you are a sakshi, you are a witness, watching everything. You have tremendous patience, tremendous patience. Whatever has happened, is alL right, let it be. This will be alright, that will be alright, this and that. So, you get rid of horrible thing called anger and this gives you such a peaceful witness state that you start becoming younger and younger.

I will tell you some Sahaja Yogis, whom I gave Realisation, say last year. This year I met them, I could not recognize! They have suddenly become ten years younger. It’s very surprising, and I was, Myself, had to confess that I, really, I can’t recognize you are the same people, or are you the son of that fellow?

So then, what happens to you is that you become a peaceful personality. Why? Because your Mother is there always. This faith, She’s always there, She always with us, always protecting us, but now we are grown up so She has given us all the powers. All the properties She has given us. So what? What is there to be afraid of?

But this faith has to be not just a blind faith but an enlightened faith. And this, the difference is, in blind faith you have faith but no powers, in enlightened faith you have faith and all the powers.

When that happens to you, you start growing very much fast. First in your dharma. And you are not afraid of your virtues. You tell people, you talk about Sahaja Yoga, everywhere and it works, it clicks. Once you don’t have any fear, the whole picture will be clear to you because you become a visionary, what we call in Sanskrit ‘drashtas’. Like, see how C.S. Lewis could see our position, how could William Blake* predict our future, how could Gyaneshwara wrote about pasaigar, which is description of all the Sahaja Yogis? But all the time He’s saying, “Now you get up and work and do this because you are that, and you have got it.” He is trying to assure people all the time. How could Rabindranath Tagore see our going to Ganapatipule? How could it happen? It happens only when people are in enlightened faith. In enlightened faith your Mother gives you another very great power, is of discretion. Of discretion.

Somebody came to Me, “Mother, you see this gentleman is very good, this, that, and you know, nobody has looked after him this, that, he’s very well educated, very moneyed person, this, that.” I said, “All right, show Me the photograph.” I saw the photograph, I said, “No, it’s better keep him out, absolutely, keep him out.” He was amazed! How She’s saying “Keep him out, absolutely”? I saw the photograph and from the photograph only, how could Mother say that? I could feel the vibrations! Immediately I said, “Is wrong.”

One gentleman came here and told Me that some Nigerians have written letter to him that you put £35,000 in the bank, or something like that, and we’ll put our money, quite a lot, in millions, and then you can have one third of that. He came and told me the story. I said, “Really? Keep out of it.” So, he said, “Why?” “It’s a scam!” When he went back to America they found it was a scam. He said, “Mother, how did you know?” I said, “You can feel the vibrations, so hot! So it is a scam.”

You have got vibrations, you can feel your vibrations. Now if you don’t want to use this new awareness, what’s the use of coming to Sahaja Yoga?

He was very upset when I told him “forget it.” He thought, “Why Mother is saying so?” I said, “Now what do you need money for, you need money? All right, we have, don’t, don’t take these things.” When I told him it’s a scam, he got a shock, and when he went back he found out it was a scam. So, at the airport only he was on My feet, prostrated, I said, “What happened?” “Mother, You are the limit, what You said is there.” But I said “It was the vibrations which told me that he is a cheat, so if he says so, that he’s going to give you so much money, it’s not correct,” because his vibrations were so very bad.

In this way you can gradually experience. With the experience, try to put the experience in your heart, and have faith in that experience. What were you? What have you become now? How many experiences of Sahaja Yoga you had. Of the Mother’s attention on you? Now if you have that enlightened faith, enlightened faith in you, you become powerful. You are powerless because your faith is like this. But if you become really a evolved, matured, realised soul, then all your powers will work.

There’s a fisherman in India who is, I mean he’s a graduate, though he’s a fisherman. So one day he was going on a boat to another island to do Sahaja Yoga, and when he came out of his hut he found huge, big clouds, black ones, hovering, and the Vishnumaya playing. Just he stood on the shore and told Vishnumaya, “Please tell these clouds to behave themselves! I am going for the work of Mother, and dare not trouble me on the way!” Just stopped! The people who were with him told Me that this Harishchandra was talking like that. They got into the boat, they did the programme, came home. When he went into his boat, rain started. So, you control all five elements by your enlightened faith, for which you don’t even have to say anything, the powers are so great that they act.

See now, today when the puja was to be done, suddenly it became pleasant. I didn’t ask, just it became pleasant. Much better than yesterday. Could have been very cold. But this should become, again, a faith which is reality. If you remember last time we had a horrible rain and the whole thing was jumping up and people had to pull all these pillars down. As soon as they started saying My ‘jai,’ it stopped. Now this experience should make you… there was no need for you to pull these pillars, but you had to just sing My ‘jai,’ that’s all. Instead of that you were busy with pulling, all of you, that thing. I was just looking at you, I didn’t know how to say anything, I said “Let them try!”

So, these ordeals also come to make you mature. These ordeals, if they are not there…these ordeals if they do not come, then you will not supersede them, and if you’ll not supersede them, you will not know what is your faith. A person who is standing on the shore will say, “I don’t know how to swim,” but supposing you made him jump into the water, and he swims, then he knows that he can swim. Because you do not know what you have become, you do not know that you can swim.You do not know that you can also save others. You are still busy with small, small, little, little things here and there. But if you just know what type you have become, then you are going to completely change. Your smallness, which looks like a little particle, will cover the whole sky.

But this power, that is within you, will not give you ego. One thing, the test is – it makes you humble. This is one of the things, that it makes you humble and extremely loving and compassionate. You’ll not hurt other people with these powers, that’s the sign it is Mother’s love, the power of Mother’s love. A person who has a Mother, very loving and nice-is a psychological fact – becomes a very nice person. It’s a psychological fact. So now if you realise what you are now, what you have become.

Navaratri Puja is, that’s why, is a very, very powerful puja in a way, because it manifests, opens out, the channels of your power. That’s why it’s very, very important, and since morning, I’ve been just flowing with vibrations, tremendous! It was like a waterfall of vibrations. And the whole time I’m seeing light, light, light, I was thinking, “Now I don’t know what am I going to speak also!” That’s why I closed my eyes because all the time there will be something else I will be seeing and not you people so better, I thought I’ll close my eyes.

But now you are the light. You are the light. Light is not afraid of darkness, is it? Because it can remove the darkness. That’s what you are, but you don’t know what you are, and you live with very small, very small ideas about yourself. I’m not saying that you should become like gurus that go around talking big with two horns in their head, no! What is your decoration is your humility, is your kindness, is your sweetness, and the way you handle people. You’ll be amazed, I also tell people when I find there is something wrong with them. I also do it, no doubt, but in a way that the person understands it is for the benevolence of that person.

So, the whole personality, the whole temperament, everything changes. The whole face changes, the whole movement changes, the style of talking changes. Automatically as if, you know, the machinery has changed within. So you develop the qualities of a real Mahayogi. This Mahayogi condition is achieved by many people also before, but they had to go through very circuitous life. They had to give up everything, not to show, but really from the heart they had to detach. They had to get out of it, go to some far-fetched places, and live on ordinary food. All kinds of, even Buddha suffered so much. Christ suffered so much. They were incarnations but still they had to suffer. Rama suffered so much, Sri Krishna suffered so much, imagine! But you people didn’t have to suffer. On the contrary you all came out of the suffering – enjoyment, music, everything.

But, to enjoy Sahaja Yoga in Nirananda, absolutely without anything else but joy, then one has to know that he should give up all the myths with which he’s living. All kinds of myths there are. Some people have myths where, “We are poor.” Some have myths, “We’re very rich.” Some have this thing that, “We are very unhappy” Some have that, “We are very happy.” All kinds of myths these are. These are all myths.

What is the thing is the complete emptiness. Complete emptiness. That is joy. This emptiness is filled with joy. Complete emptiness. Then you don’t expect anything from anyone and this emptiness from within is actually, gives chance to compassion and love to enter into you. Supposing there’s something in a pot already, what can you pour into it? What can you give it to it? So, if you are completely empty within, nothing of this nonsense of the past and the future, the aspirations, the ambitions, all those things, and falsehood. If you just become empty, it is filled in with nothing but joy, and joy of such an eternal nature. You never ask for it, you do not look forward to it. It is there all the time, and this is what I wish today you people can feel it.

As you know, the Devi’s things are so very deep and subtle. How She took a form of a Mother, and how She looked after Her bhaktas with love, how She fought demons and also negativity. But now the demons have entered into your hearts. These false gurus have entered into your brains. Through these horrible books so many things are coming, all the time attacking you. Even if you kill those demons, still they’ll be lingering in your heads. They should be actually killed when they, once they are reflected into your mind, have gone away. Then only it’s possible to eliminate them, otherwise they’ll go away but leave their bhoots into your heads.

So, these negativities which come from wrong type of following you have had, from wrong books that you have been reading. Also in Sahaja Yoga when you come, you can be misled by some people, it’s possible. In that case also, forgive that person. That person may improve, but you may continue with the same ideas and funny things, and [those ideas] may suddenly come up.

So, the quality is of compassion and love, fearlessness and courage, and the complete emptiness. In this emptiness then you are not worried about what we have to achieve, how many people you have to gather, how many must come to Sahaja Yoga – you’re not bothered about that. Automatically it will work out, but you will not desire for it, and you’ll not hanker, “Oh, my God, see there’s not many people, what to do? This…that.” It’s good for us in a way, because where is the place in heaven for so many stupid people? So we should not run after people who are negative and useless, but we must definitely take over the people who are genuinely good.

One thing more I would like to tell you, that automatically such people are dropped out in Sahaja Yoga. In one shot they will go away. They don’t stay because they don’t deserve to be there. They don’t deserve to have the Mother’s powers. So, this happens in a very beautiful, subtle manner, and I see, I go late always, to any programme, so those who are useless just disappear, and some of them disappear half way through because nothing goes into their head, you know. They don’t understand anything. So they go away. So now the ones which are left are the real seekers of truth and they get all of them Realisation. In Sanskrit they call it ‘shayen’ means ‘selection’. This is a natural selection that takes place, and how people go away, and how they come back to Sahaja Yoga, it’s very interesting. This is a common happening in Sahaja Yoga you know. You should not get upset.

Now if you get too many people, say from Russia, and not so much from Switzerland, maybe you might think that way, but now it’s not that bad. Then, we should not worry because we are no more Russians or Swiss. We are super-human beings, we are sahaja yogis. Whether they are Russians, or whether they are Indians, or from some African land, it’s alright. As long as they’re sahaja yogis, you should be happy. If the Swiss are coming to Sahaja Yoga, we should be happy. So this attachment in a way is good to begin with, that you want to bring more Swiss, because you want to have company – now you can’t live with one person in a jungle with all the others, non-sahaja yogis, you see, difficult. So you want to have company, so you want to have more and more and more. But doesn’t matter. As many as there are, sufficient and we shouldn’t worry about those things, the number. But when we want to share our love, then we do feel the dearth, not because we are Swiss, but because we cannot share.

That time a new personality rises, and this new personality is the one which works. I mean we are not giving you any money, there are no awards for you, there’s no way there’s much encouragement. Like we have your, sort of a picture hanging here, nothing of the kind. Can you imagine, in any organisation anybody would work like this, the way you work? Nobody would. They give you awards, they give you bonuses, also they give you promotions. They do all kinds of things, you see, to keep you going, but we don’t do anything in Sahaja Yoga.

So, what makes you work so hard in Sahaja Yoga, what makes you spread Sahaja Yoga? Only thing is that you want to share. You can’t help it. It’s like a drunkard, you see. If he has a bottle he must have at least one person to share with him, because he thinks that it would be sinful. “As it is I’m doing sin, why not share with somebody else? So it would be half-half divided.” (laughter)

But in Sahaja Yoga you share it, you want to spread it. Is because you are collective. You have become collective, that’s why. You want more to come in, more to join, to enjoy. You become a very noble person, you see. Like, of course drunkards do that, but supposing somebody has a lottery or some, he gets a very big business, he won’t like to share. But you think that, why not? If I am so much enjoying, why not others? “Why not people have the same bliss as I have?” So, because you become extremely noble, so noble, you work so hard, so very hard to achieve it. I mean no words can describe My joy when I see you people working it so spontaneously.

Yesterday I saw the film, the whole drama, and I was really very much amazed and touched that this Marathi music has come to Cabella. Can you imagine any Italian thinking of it? Even hundred years to come, he would not think. But how it has come so spontaneously and is working out? Because there is a sense of collectivity. The New Age people talk of is here, no doubt, this is the New Age, and new consciousness is also there.

But what is the new now, is the new collectivity, and that collectivity acts that you want to spread it, it acts. Like your hunger, it is another kind of hunger, that you want to create more sahaja yogis, you want to have more brothers and sisters, and you want to help them so that they could come to the pujas and all that and become good sahaja yogis. Now this kind of an ambition or a joy, or whatever you may call it, is, the whole plan shows that in your heart the collectivity is prospering, and that’s why you cannot enjoy Sahaja Yoga alone, sitting in the Himalayas. No! You want to have other people.

This is now the sign of how the Mother’s love has taken roots in your hearts, and how you are all going to spread Sahaja Yoga. Of course, I am told that somebody in Australia, [is] making money. Australia has been always a problem. They are making money out of this, so I just don’t know what to say. Because, this is, I can’t understand! How can they think of making money or doing all kinds of things, and doing all kinds of asahaj things. Some sort of a headache comes up, doesn’t matter. Leave it to Me, I’ll manage it, whatever it is.

But you just become great lights of your Mother. That’s what I have to request you tonight. You have all the power flowing in you. You have the light, which has enlightened it, but, you must expand. Expand it more and more and more and you’ll be surprised what Tukarama has said that, “I am like a small little particle of dust, and also I am the whole sky.” This is what is your personality.

May God bless you all.

[During puja]

It’s getting all warm now, you can remove your shawls.

First take out My socks if you don’t mind.

(looking at puja thali)

My goodness. That’s not good! What did you do with it. It’s all black. Shine it. No it should not have done. You see there’s a very simple way, putting some tamarind and washing it off. Should we ask [who washed it]? Chintze ka apla kade chintze?

Do not use polish for this!

In the kitchen they must have done it, if it was in the kitchen. You can see the black coming off. Polish? You see there’s no need, with a little bit of tamarind you can do it. Just learn it, it’s very simple. Or with lemon, immediately washes it off. It’s kept in the kitchen ah, the ladies must have done it! Just bring it.

Now should we ask for the children say 5 to 10 years the children, ask to announce.

(looking at children come to do puja) These are all ganas you know, all ganas!

You tell them in the kitchen not to clean with this thing. Don’t touch this brass polish at all. They have silver polish and brass polish but there’s no need, no need at all. This tamarind will do and what else is the lemon, but you should just wash it fast, that’s all.

Now how many are going to sahaj school? No one?

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