Evening Program and Talk to Sahaja Yogis

Barcelona (Spain)

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Music Program and Talk to Sahaja Yogis

‘It was really very heartening to meet you all here. I know we are growing slowly in Spain but there are deep roots that take time. I can see my love and your love growing so strong. I’ve got to find out why in Spain it’s difficult to make people understand that spirituality is very important. Somehow you Sahaja Yogis should show in your life that to you, life is fun because I think the Spanish are very fun-loving people. But fun which is just a temporary pleasure is not lasting. So through your lives you can show them that fun is everlasting if it is the source of Spirit.’
‘You all have to go all out, as they have done in Italy and many other places. You know Italy was so much under the impression of the Catholic Church and the Christian Democratic party, and also they had a combination with the mafia. Despite that, now everything has become different. The Sahaja Yogis started going into the districts, into the smaller places, and started talking about Sahaja Yoga, telling them that they are in darkness and they have to take to light. They worked together, emphatically together, and told people emphatically that we have to be all of us to be awakened. They started giving also concerts, like you are giving, in different smaller villages. So they would use only Italian language because if you sing in Hindi or Marathi they won’t understand. So the best is to use Spanish songs, meet people, talk to them, tell them about Sahaja Yoga and that the time has come for us to be resurrected.’
‘I heard that there was a tremendous influence of the French culture on Spain. Naturally the morality part was sort of feared. If you talked about morality, people didn’t like it. On one side they say that Christianity has adopted France as the eldest daughter; on the other side, they are just anti-Christ. You must have read Bible, and Christ has said in the fifth chapter of Matthew that if your one eye does a sin, take it out, and if your one hand does anything wrong, cut it out. I haven’t seen any Christian anywhere doing that. They call themselves Christian, but they are not; it’s a very difficult religion to follow. If you religiously follow the religion, you will be without both the hands and without the eyes. Also Christ has said that if they slap you on one face (cheek), then you turn another face. I mean, you know about Christian nations. I need not tell you what they did in America, the Spanish especially. All the names are Spanish, so many speak Spanish, but they are so aggressive and so arrogant, I don’t know how they call themselves Christians.’
‘The way they like bullfighting shows they are nowhere near Christianity. And then came Mohammed who thought the whole strictness is for men, so better do something for women also. So they (the incarnations) were actually such pure people they didn’t know they were dealing with human beings. They thought they were dealing with Sahaja Yogis. But in Sahaja Yoga there’s only love, and also forgiveness. Nobody’s punished; only they’re asked to leave Sahaja Yoga. Nobody wants to lose the love of Mother so they get punished automatically. And again and again they ask, `Should we come back to Sahaja Yoga?’ The main thing is we are not power-oriented and we use the power of divine love.’
‘We are not people who are hypocritical. What we say and what we do is the same. That’s how you can enjoy reality because you like it. Whether it’s a small number or a big number, what is needed is our depth in our heart, and the sincerity to ourselves. When I hear your songs, I can see how deep you are and how you understand Sahaja Yoga. Believe Me, one day these roots will sprout into big trees in Spain. I bless this country, again and again, and all Sahaja Yogis from My heart. Thank you very much.’