Pure attention becomes very powerful

São Paulo (Brazil)

1994-10-16 Pure attention becomes very powerful, São Paulo, Brazil, 84' Chapters: Talk, Self-Realization, Bhajans after program, DepartureDownload subtitles: EN,PT (2)View subtitles:
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1994-10-16 Public Program, Sao Paulo, Brazil-Without live translation, 69' Download subtitles: EN,PT (2)View subtitles:
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1994-10-16 Public Program, Sao Paulo, Brazil

I bow to all the seekers of truth. 

At the very outset, I have to say that truth is what it is. You cannot change it. You cannot challenge it, and unfortunately, with this human awareness you cannot know it. In our evolutionary process, we have become human beings but still we don’t know the absolute truth. Something more has to happen to us that we all know the absolute truth. Because we don’t know the absolute truth that’s why we have arguments. We have problems, we quarrel and fight, and ultimately we have wars. In all the scriptures, it is written that you are to be born again. Whatever I am going to tell you, you should not take it for granted. This blind faith has brought lots of problems to us. But, you should keep your mind open as scientist and if you find what I am saying has been proved then as honest people you have to accept it. Because it is for your benevolence, for the benevolence of your family, for the benevolence of your country, and for the benevolence of the whole World. Unfortunately, most of the problems come from human beings in this World. And almost all the problems of human beings come from these centres being in jeopardy. These subtle centres are responsible for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being. 

You have been already told about this power kundalini, which resides in the sacrum bone. That means the Greek knew it’s a scared bone. This power is the power of pure desire within you. All other desires are not pure because we want to have, say for example, today we want to have a house, then tomorrow we want to have a car, then we want to have a helicopter, it goes on like this from one to another. According to economics, wants are not satiable in general. But, whether you are aware or not, the pure desire to become one with the divine is within you. In modern times, as predicted, many people who are seeking the truth have been born. I call it as a blossom time but they have called it by many other names. In the Quran, it is called as Ruh. No, I am sorry Qiyama, is Qiyama. Is called as Qiyama. And in the Bible, as the Last Judgement. So, it is left to your freedom, whether you want to go to Heaven or you want to go to Hell. 

If we look at the science, we should know that it has its own limitations. And while seeking the truth, we will not know because it is so limited. Firstly, it is amoral and secondly, it cannot answer many questions. It cannot say why are we on this Earth. It cannot say what is our identity. So, people are changing their dresses, changing their hairstyles, all kinds of things they do thinking that is their identity. But, the identity is within you. That is, you are not this body, this mind, this intellect, these emotions, these conditionings, this ego. But, you are the pure spirit. When we say my intellect, my body, who is the owner of this ‘my’? The second truth is that there is a all-pervading divine power of love, which does all the living work. We have never felt this divine power before. It is also called by different names. Some call it the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, and some call it as the all-pervading divine power of love. And some call it as Paramchaitanya. So, the second important thing at this time is that you have to become the spirit. And you have to feel this all-pervading power on your central nervous system. If this does not happen, you will be restless. You’ll have all the problems and you will never feel satisfied in life. People have been seeking everywhere in these special times. They have been taking frantically so many things but they have not been able to understand what they are seeking. 

Firstly, we must know that it is a living process of evolution. You cannot pay for it. This is your own power and is your own potential glory has to be manifested. When this power rises within you it passes through six centres. It nourishes your six centres by which you get your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual problem solved. In India, in the Delhi University, there are four doctors now who have got their M.D. with Sahaja Yoga curing. It cures many diseases and is by your own power. Is very easy to know what diseases you have. Or, to know if you have mental problems because on your fingertips you can feel your centres. These centres are, he has shown as it is, even a child can make it out. Now, if you know how to cure these centres, you get alright. You can also feel the centres of others. Thus, you can cure others also because you develop a new dimension in your awareness, which is called as collective consciousness. 

Second thing that happens to you, that you become absolutely thoughtlessly aware. If I say you that pay attention to yourself, you cannot pay. If I say that you stand in your presence, you cannot – present. We only thing about the future or about the past. The past is finished and future doesn’t exist. So, to be in the present, something more has to happen because present is the reality. So, when this kundalini rises, she elongates our thoughts and we become thoughtlessly aware. We are fully aware but there is not thought. If you want to think, you can think but actually you get divine inspirations. When you are thoughtlessly aware, you are absolutely peaceful within yourself. You watch the whole World like a drama and you are a witness. All your worries disappear. All your problems disappear. You get out of them. As if the divine power takes over. Like this instrument [the mic] has no meaning unless and until it is connected to the mains. In the same way, our life has no meaning unless and until we are connected to this all-pervading power. Your attention also becomes very innocent, devoid of any lust or greed. 

When we take to religions, we should understand that today the religions have reached another state of perversion. They are money-orientated or power-orientated, and are fighting among themselves. One may call yourself as Christian, Hindu, Muslim, anything, anybody can commit any sin. Also, people like Christ and Mohammed Sahib, all such great people were really so pure and did not know what sort of people they are facing. Whatever they have commanded is for the saints, for the enlightened ones but not for normal human beings. Normal beings cannot, normal human beings, cannot follow them.  Like Christ has said in the 5th chapter of Matthews, that if your one eye commits a sin, you take it out. Or, if your hand does any sinful thing, you cut your hand. If somebody slaps on one cheek, turn the other cheek. I haven’t seen any Christian without eyes and without hands, so far. That means Christians are not Christians, they are not following Christ at all. Even Mohammed Sahib was worse. He thought all the rules and regulations are only for men, so do something more for women. So, he said any woman who has bad intentions about any man should be buried in the Mother Earth half-way and should be put to death with stones. Now, please tell me in America, how many would live, American women? So, this kind of serious, very strict rules were made for ordinary human beings. Because they did not know what human beings are like, that’s why they crucified him. They had no sensitivity of spirituality. So first, one has to become an enlightened soul, a saint, then only one can follow Christ or Mohammed Sahib. A normal human being is full of weaknesses and it’s too much to follow these great great people. 

In Sahaja Yoga, we have no punishments. There’s only divine love. Because we understand as human beings as they are. But with the kundalini awakening, you become exactly what Christ has asked you to be. That is, your attention becomes absolutely innocent – devoid of lust and greed. And this pure attention becomes very powerful. With this attention, which is so pure, the person emits peace and joy. And creates a very holy atmosphere. It’s not talking but it’s a happening. It is no sermon but actualisation of the baptism. 

One has to know that you cannot pay for this living process. God does not understand money. You can pay for this hall but you cannot pay for your self-realisation. Or, for your enlightenment. If you just apply this test, to people, you will know who are false and who are real. In this short lecture, I may not be able to tell you all about Sahaja Yoga. Saha means ‘with’ and ja mean ‘born’. Born with you is the right to have this Yoga, means the union with the divine power. This is your right; this is your birth right to have it. Last time, when I was driving, I went over Sao Paulo. And I felt there are many seekers here because there were holy vibrations. And I asked them, please organize some program in Sao Paulo. Because there are so many real seekers here. And I am happy that you all have come for your self-realisation. Above all, you jump into the ocean of joy. 

Happiness and unhappiness are the two coins of one coin…should say two sides of one coin. When your ego is pampered you feel happy and when it is punctured you feel unhappy. But joy is singular, where you witness the whole World and you see everything as a beautiful creation of God. And your attention is so powerful that you can solve so many problems of the World. You reach another state, which we call as doubtless awareness, where you get all the powers to raise the kundalini of others – give them their self-knowledge. You can cure others; you can create peace on this Earth. Because you become innately righteous. I don’t have to tell you; don’t do this, don’t do that. It’s like this, if I have a snake in my hand and I am very adamant; if you tell me there is a snake, I won’t believe, I’ll say it’s a rope. Because, because there is darkness, I can’t see. [repeats for translator] And I am adamant, I don’t want to believe till the snake bites me, I don’t believe. But as soon as there is some light, I myself throwaway the snake.  All that is destructive in me, I give up. Nobody has to tell me. Such a state of righteousness, you have within yourself, which is manifested. And then you come to know that all the religions were born as beautiful flowers on the same tree of spirituality. We pluck the flowers and we are fighting with the dead flowers. Thus, you transcend all these limitations of racialism, of communalism, of all kinds of nonsense that we have been adhering to.  All this is your own. 

Tonight, you all can get your enlightenment. You all can feel the all-pervading power of divine love. Only thing you have to have the pure desire and full confidence in yourself. Of course, I cannot force it on you. I respect your freedom as human beings. If you don’t want to have, you can leave the hall. It will hardly take 10-15 minutes. I know the people here are seekers, earnest seekers. And is your right to have your ascent. 

Firstly, this kundalini is your own mother, is your individual mother. She knows all about you. She knows what mistakes you have committed and also she knows your aspirations. And she is very anxious to give you your second birth. So, you don’t have to worry about yourself, please don’t judge yourself. Let her judge. So, you should be pleasantly placed towards yourself. So, the first and the foremost thing we should have is self-confidence. And should not feel guilty about anything. This guilt is a horrible thing. This creates a problem on the left-hand side here on the left centre [showing left vishuddhi] and can give you lots of troubles. It gives you spondylitis, angina, it gives you lethargic organs, diseases like tuberculosis. So, why to have guilt? Whatever was wrong in the past is over now, finished. We are talking about the present. Please don’t feel guilty. Because if this centre is in problem, the kundalini won’t pass through. As I love you, you have to love yourself. 

Then another condition is that, you should not, you should forgive everyone. Some people think it is difficult. But logically, whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive, then you torture yourself and play into wrong hands. But at this moment, it is very important to forgive. Because the centre at the optic chiasma is constricted like this, like a cross. And if you don’t forgive, it won’t open like this [shows square-shaped opening with fingers]. And at this important moment, kundalini can pass through. As it is, you have tortured yourself with this myth of not forgiving. And at this moment, you should not miss this great important thing of your life – is enlightenment. Also, you need not think about people whom you have to forgive because it’s a headache. In general, you have to forgive everyone. 

The third condition is that you have to take out your shoes. I know it is very simple but in London, first time when I had a program, I asked them they have to take their shoes, they walked out of the hall, half of them. So, Sahaja Yoga is not meant for stupid people. Is not meant for idiots, I should say. Also, it is not meant for arrogant people. You have to ask for your self-realisation, otherwise I cannot force it on you. But firstly, you should be humble. With so little advertisement and everything, so many of you have come, it’s very encouraging for all of us. You will get your sprouting, I would say, like a seed sprouts. Because it is all built-in within you. But it is a collective happening. You cannot be working it out in your homes and houses, you have to come to the collective to grow. What surprises me that when I go to any country, there are thousands who come. I don’t know how they have so much trust in me, I am a foreigner for you. But later on, they don’t trust their own people who are here to help you. They can help you to grow. Because after this, who is the other? [repeats for translator] You become collectively conscious. The microcosm becomes macrocosm. A drop becomes the ocean. Such love, such friendship, such pure relationship develops that our society improves tremendously. There’s a lot to be said but I think first let us have our enlightenment. There are so many lights here, you have to just switch on and they come out because it is already built in. If I have to tell, you all the history of electricity and how it was brought here, you will be bored stiff. So, is better to put the lights on first. 

Now, it’s very simple as I told you. I am happy you all have taken out your shoes without any grudges. [audience laughs] You should be very pleasantly placed towards yourself. As I have told you, you don’t have to do anything, it’s spontaneous. Only for tonight, you’ll have to nourish your centres with your self-confidence which I’ll tell you how to do it. 

[self-realisation starts]