About Koran and Muslims

Istanbul (Turkey)


About Koran and Muslims, Istanbul (Turkey) 05/11/1994

[No sound. Abu Bakr?] killed two more Khalifas and became Khalifa himself. And the last Khalifa before him was killed and his liver was eaten by his mother, mother of this Abu Bakr. What a horrible fellow he was! And just to become the Khalifa, he did this. By that time, nobody had written Bible of this Koran. Because it was not written down anywhere. It was remembered by heart because Muhammad Sahib did not know how to read and write. So, this fellow went round all the people who were the sons of the people who had learnt or who had remembered by heart, who had carried this for forty years.

After forty years, Koran was edited by this horrible fellow Abu Bakr and he did according to the way he was. He was something like our great mister Paul. But he hated women, he hated women and that is why he did a lot of nonsense in that – actually, how much of original Koran is there? One doesn’t know.
But he made it like this, that Koran is the last word and whatever is in the Koran is all right. But just see, despite everything, how the truth has come! Whatever we see, even today, is there. But the most important thing that Muhammad Sahib himself, never separated himself from other religions. He described about Moses, Abraham, he described about Christ and then he described about himself. He never separated them. He did say, there’re three religions, or he is the best, nothing of the kind.

Only the point where these Muslims have taken a wrong view is that he put a seal. He said, “I am the seal of the Masters of the Prophets”. Here he said, “I am not Divine”. Then he said, “I am the seal”. Now, two points in them: seal means not necessarily that he has sealed it, but it means also a style, the same style as Abraham, Moses, Christ, he is the same style. But he said, “I am not Divine”. Because if you say that you are Divine, everybody gets after you. May have said, may not have said because maybe, the great mister Abu Bakr must have done.

But if he has said that he was the seal, he was the last word, then why did he talk of the twelve Al-Mahdî who is going to come and give you resurrection. Now, what about that?

Now you ask a question, “Mother, are you the twelve Al-Mahdî?” That’s the test. See the vibrations! So, I’m the one who has to give resurrection and the one who has come. These, all these little things, if somebody can read it carefully, one would understand that he never said that, “I am the last one” firstly. He never said that Bible is the last word or Koran is the last word. He continued, you see, he showed one after another, all of them recontinue in that line of Divinity which he clearly said.
And the one who has edited, it’s a well-known fact that he is Abu Bakr. And my father told me all these things and then I verify from others, it’s a fact. But who dare say anything? Because they are violent people and if you say anything they’ll just come and kill you.

That too, I would say, among Muslims, there are two types. One, who are educated, enlightened people, who have read other books, they would always like to take the brighter side of the whole thing and would like to consider something else. But those who are uneducated have to be fundamentalist because they don’t understand, they are absolutely ignorant.

But now we are in Turkey where a great, another great soul came, Kemal Pacha Atatürk. He is the one who shattered all this. He could see clearly. He changed so many things, he brought about so many laws, and he brought women and men on the same level. Still, there are people who are trying to go back and change the laws and all that. What is happening is this country is suffering because they are giving up what Atatürk told. Now for us it is to reestablish that great vision of Atatürk in this country. Not only that, but to help them in every way first.

You see, they are so simple, so innocent, that they are attacked by three, four forces I find here. Firstly, Islam is a very moral religion, over moral, I told you today. So, the women were sticking onto men, men were sticking onto women. But I’m told that now many prostitutes are coming from other countries, especially Russia, very surprising. They come here and they are spoiling the family that’s one thig. Another is Kurdish people, they are still of the same level as the- we can say these tribal, just like tribal. I met them so I know. They are absolutely tribal, they don’t understand anything, quarrelsome, fighting cocks. Thirdly, at the time of Muhammad, life was so miserable and so oppressive that he had to fight. But that doesn’t mean that Muslims must also fight everywhere, wherever they go, they must fight, they must spread Islam.

Now the point is: what has Islam given them? Where are they? What it has given them? They are very immoral, extremely cruel, why? Koran never said so. Koran never said of conversion, never said that you convert people. This is a Christian madness. And from Christian, it has come to Koran. Even Christ never said that you should be converted. He said, “You have to be born again”. And Muhammad also never said, “Convert people”.

But in India, you ‘ll be surprised, the way they were so cruel in India, you have no idea. It cannot be described the cruelty there. So, one feels pity for them. They are following God, following religion. You are taking the peace, you are taking to the joy, you are going in the way of complete destruction! One way they are, say, they are against the Westerners because they are immoral. So, immoral people also are getting destroyed. And so-called moral also are getting destroyed. They are fighting among themselves. All the time, they are fighting among themselves. Wherever you find a Muslim, the father will fight with the son, the son will fight with his brother.
In our country, when Aurangzeb was ruling, horrible he was but his sons, they killed each other! Four of them. They did all kinds of things. There was one fellow who was a Realized soul, he was also killed. So, the killing to them is a religious thing, a ritual.

I would say that after seeing what they have done in India, no one can believe that Koran can do any good to them. They are the poorest people in India, poorest. When I see them, I really feel like crying. Because one man has produced say, twenty children, twenty-four children, one man. And they are left on the street because “Talaq, talaq, talaq” finished. This, never Muhammad Sahib has said. If you understand Divinity, you understand him.
Can I do such a thing? Will I permit such a thing? Will I allow such a thing? Then you judge him by Me. So, no use criticizing Muhammad Sahib because he was divine, he was divinity, no doubt about it, but the people who followed them are really mad. Like the Christians who followed Christ are mad too. If you are to judge Christ, judge Him from Me. Will My Mother do that? Will She do this? She will never do it.
So, if you start judging them by my standard, you will understand that none of them were wrong, none of them were against Divine laws. They were all together. They came to change the world to help me in such a big way. Without them, I would not have been as successful as I am. Because they have definitely created chakras within you, in a very subtle way. And their chakras, we worked out. So, don’t judge Muslims, Christians, Hindus, or Sikhs, the way they follow their religion, but the way the people who created them lived.

So, for you, an example is here. I can’t do many things which are described about this. Impossible. He had to marry all right, five wives or four wives, all right. Because that was the time when there were very few women, very few, and many, many men died very, I would say, very few men, and very few men who could marry. So, the women didn’t know what to do. He married even, he said, “You marry even a young girl doesn’t matter, but marry them. He was for marriages. He wanted that there should be marriages and that women should not become prostitutes. Now, what the Muslims grudge is that the Christians are immoral.
They are nowhere less, I can tell you, they are nowhere less.

I’ve seen them. I was travelling from Riyadh to London and I went off to sleep. When I got up, I was surprised to see that they were all different people. I couldn’t understand these dandies fandies [unsure], from where they have appeared? They were all wearing these things on their heads, you see, what I call as the Italian devil cloth. And suddenly, they became very great you see, dandies. Bodh eyes, this, that, smoking and drinking, and women also drinking. So, I thought, “It must have been some other place. It might be Paris we might have touched. So, the air hostess said, “No, no they are the same people”. I said, “They were the same? ” “Yes, absolutely the same. We never touch any other port”.

This kind of hypocrisy cannot be any religion. In Sahaja Yoga, one thing, you cannot be hypocritical. If you are there you’ll be corrected, corrected, corrected till you are all right. You cannot carry on with your chakras. All kinds of defects they have and they start emitting bad vibrations and spoil the Vishwa Nirmala Dharma, means the innate pure religion we have to have. 

If you follow a religion, you have to be a perfect member of that. You cannot be a hypocrite, that’s the point.  In Sahaja Yoga, anybody who thinks that he can be till I live, I will know who they are. Till you live, you will know who they are. So, it’s a new race we are starting. It’s a race of Realized souls, who know what is right and wrong and who’ll go out of the way to keep the right path all right. So, the responsibility is much more. As you said, you have light, you are enlightened, now keep the lights on. You must know that you have a very big responsibility, a very big responsibility to keep this path of true, pure religion enlightened for others also. 

If you say something, and do something, then we are not religious at all. That’s hypocrisy.
So please try to understand, so many Sahaja Yogis we had to ask them to go away because you know they had funny problems: Agnya, sometimes this, sometimes that. They had to go away. But still, there is forgiveness in Sahaja Yoga, there’s redemption in Sahaja Yoga, there are love and compassion and it works. The only difference is that there is no punishment, no physical punishment, no mental punishment. We just say, “All right, you cannot fit here, so go away”. Instead of having any punishment. If there is any difference between other religions and this religion is this: that there is no punishment for whatever you may do to Me or to anyone. Though maybe Christ might punish, that I don’t know. Deities might punish, that’s different. But as far as I am concerned, I am not going to punish. I’ll say, “All right. Thank you very much, you can go away”. And that becomes the greatest punishment now for people.

So, you have to keep your health all right, wealth all right, your temperament all right. Everything should be pleasant and joyous. That’s all. Automatically it can be. How we enjoy today thoroughly and how the beautiful singing, dancing, everything is so nice, so beautiful. There was nothing that was ugly or funny.

Even the modern dancing and modern music were so beautiful, you know. It was so beautiful. That, normally I got a headache from that but nothing, my headache has gone, it’s so good. So, if it is done with that purity, that understanding, the creativity takes every form in a beautiful way. Like many flowers, every flower is a beauty. So, I would request you all to remember that you cannot be hypocritical. Hypocrisy is not going to help. Don’t support any hypocrite, in no way. That’s all. You don’t have to punish, not have to say any word, nothing. It is not my job to punish them. There are so many who can punish them, so why worry?

I really feel very happy today that we have entered into that area, where I was longing to enter and that is it. And I must also say, Guillemette has done so much research work and we should give her a hand for this.

Whosoever has written this, I don’t know who has written the whole thing [the scenario of the play].
Antonio: It is Guillemette, Shri Mataji.
Shri Mataji: Guillemette has written. I could see that as I know her. She positively feels, she has married a Muslim, she positively feels that Muslims can be brought to Sahaja Yoga and can be redeemed. They should be, they are human beings, after all. I feel the same way. And this is how we are now going to enter into a new era and you’ll be happy to know that Tunisia government has invited Me, government.

 Also, in Brazil, you’ll be happy to know that when I went to Brazil, at the airport of Brasilia, the mayor himself brought the key of Brazil, and gave it to Me and requesting me “Mother, we give this key to you, please look after Brazilian”.
Of course, Russia has done so much honor to Me. I was really feeling very shy about it. But, they are very sensitive and very wise people. How they could see that, this is the greatest saving for the whole world. And the way they have taken up! I tell you one day, they’ll be regarded as the greatest scientists, because they have seen the point, you see, so easily, while in other countries, I cannot expect these people to really understand what is Sahaja Yoga is. So, now it’s for you to manifest it and to think about it with a very great understanding.

You’ll be surprised that we came to Turkey because of Carla. She’s another dynamic lady. Such devotion she had. She said, “Mother you come to Turkey? ” I could never have come to Turkey. I mean, it’s an unknown place to Me in every way. But I always read the life of Kamal Pasha and I’ve such tremendous respect for him.
As soon as she said, “Mother can you come to Turkey? ” I said, “I will “. Then she’s the one who started all this. And the way she identified herself completely with it. Now she has gone to Malaysia and everybody is very happy with her. We have many great Sahaja Yoginis who have done such great pioneer work also.

But I must say that Gregoire is the one who started it. Wherever he was posted, he felt lonely so he wanted to have Sahaja Yogis and he got them. [Laughter]
So, we have many people who are pioneer and also now they are going to South Africa to other African countries and I am surprised at the way they are daring at things, working it out. Like Dulio went to Brazil and Horacio went to Argentina. And Gregoire sister, Marie-Laure, she went to this very difficult place, Bogota, and she worked it out for that country.

So, like that, we have many who are doing it and I cannot name all of them today but really, they stand out for their ability to create. Like Philippe has gone to East Germany which I suggested to him, he immediately agree. He is working it out there. And also, we have, somebody in Hong Kong who has started, doing very good work. Everywhere I was surprised that these people went there and worked it out. They did not get contaminated or they didn’t try to assert themselves. And that is how Sahaja Yoga has spread.
But the person who started with Gregoire is Rajesh who is here, who’s a very shy person himself. I don’t know how he told the address, my address to Gregoire, and Gregoire came to Me.

So, everything has worked out so beautifully like a small little stream flows and then becomes a big river and meets the ocean of the world. In this way, it has happened.

On this day of Diwali, you should really feel very happy and joyous that we have been blessed so much. That so many of us know the truth, and so many of us are enlightened. We are a strong, strong collectivity.
Thank you very much.

Gregoire: Shri Mataji Rajesh has asked me to say a few words. Shri Mataji, You could have saved the world and You could have met your purpose, staying in India only. We don’t understand and never will how much care, tenderness and compassion and hardships you have gone through to save us in al those countries.
This place, here, is a very historical city. It was called Constantinople, then Byzantium, now Istanbul, but I think it should be called Nirmalpur because you have opened such a dimension of joy and such a powerful Diwali. Shri Mataji, they would like to thank you very much.
And now we pray that your holy feet will touch Africa and that they will be victorious there. Jai Shri Mataji.