Diwali Puja: Lights of Pure Compassion

Istanbul (Turkey)

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Diwali Puja Talk. Istanbul (Turkey) – November 5, 1994.

[This talk was translated to Russian and Romanian as Shri Mataji spoke.]

Today we are going to celebrate the Diwali, which means the rows of lights or, you can say, group of lights.

We need somebody to translate into Turkish also. It’s all right.

This Diwali has been a festival of very ancient times in India. I already told in My previous lectures what are these five days are. After killing Narakasura. Diwali was celebrated when it was the darkest night of the year. So now, it is very symbolic of these modern times because the worst time, as far as morality is concerned has been in these modern times. We call it the Ghor [???] Kali Yuga — Ghor Kali Yug, the worst modern times. That means a complete darkness and, as you see around, you’ll find out that there is complete darkness as far as morality is concerned, but that’s why there are all kinds of crises. Because of that, also, there are many who are seeking the light, the truth.

In the dark age of ignorance, people have no knowledge as to what they should do, why or they are on this Earth. As you know very well, that thousands and thousands of real seekers who are born at this time, that is why this job was given to Me is to create Diwali in this dark ages of ignorance. It’s not an easy job because, on one side, we have all the dark forces acting against the truth. Also, on the other side, we have to fight the false people who are taking advantage of your seeking. Firstly, people don’t know what to seek, so all these false people have been money-oriented and they tried to work out marketing of their falsehood and they have the expertise to do it.

Somebody asked Me about that, television lady, what about the cults who are killing people and doing all sorts of things that they did in Switzerland. So I said it’s true, they are crooks, they are horrible, they are criminals who call themselves as spiritual, but the mistake lies with the people who follow them. So a person who is absolutely immoral, absolutely dishonest, who launders money to Swiss banks, cannot be a guru. He used to buy these drugs and sell them. He used to buy weapons and sell them. He was worse than his disciples, much worse. They have used a kind of a suggestion from the books of so-called Guru Gita or something where it is said you should surrender everything to your guru. That means it was to suggest that a disciple should be willing to surrender everything to the guru.

So, it was for the disciple, but for the guru, he should not grab anything, he shouldn’t ask for anything, he should not be greedy. All these things are already written down. But nobody reads what is required of a guru and only they see that you have to surrender everything to the guru.

Why I’m telling you all this, because how the darkness is so deep and so dangerous. Moreover, the other day I read an article which said that in Milan there is a very, very organisation, a global organisation of Satanism. Many politicians and many people in the government, very highly placed ministers, prime ministers are involved in it. Many people who are bank managers or bank owners and also the people who call themselves social workers and also those who have got peace award and this award, that award. So this is what is the worst times of Kali Yuga, modern times.

Now, the second day of Diwali, last day, is where a brother and sisters celebrate together for relationship which is so pure and protective. That is to show that, after putting the lights, morality must be the first priority for the society. I need not tell you today immoral side of modern times. It’s horrible. Immorality is the greatest darkness of modern times where people do not know how they relate to each other for which, as I told you before, Christ has suggested that you take out the eyes of a man who looks at a woman twice because He found, at that time, people were horrid. Who can follow Christ in these modern times? Both the eyes, both the hands will be cut off. On the whole, if you see, I haven’t seen any Christian like that, so far.

Mohammed-sahib was even more strict. He thought nothing has been done for the women, so he passed through some regulations about women also. So he said that any woman who looks at a man with bad eyes should be [???] halfway and should be killed by stoning. I don’t know what would have happened to the American ladies if they follow this.

So when I came to this Earth I discovered that these two are very difficult, specially in Kali Yuga. These laws are actually meant for not normal human beings, but for angels. So modern man is even worse than a normal human being because they want something destructive all the time, like the Spanish ask the bull to hit them.

Now the description of modern times is there to show you in what times we are living and I realised it’s not an easy thing to talk to them about anything that is good without giving them realisation. Unless and until you give them realisation, nothing can penetrate into their minds on just mental level. And also giving only lectures and sermons, the whole thing will be at a mental level only. And also the religions which are so-called are really very harmful for the spiritual growth of human beings. I felt that enlightenment is the only way one can save this world. In this darkness of ignorance, the darkest night of the whole history of this world, we needed light and lights, many lights.

(the translator ask Shri Mataji about the meaning of Agni)
Agni, yes, Agni means fire in Sanskrit language.

All right. So the world divided into so many countries, so many races, so many languages and also their own thinking — think of a global religion was only possible when people got their realisation.

So, I had to tell you, human beings, what are their problems. So, in a light, in India, we have the pot or the container which is made of clay, then the oil, and then the wick. Now, this body, this mind, you can call all that is visible and is within, is all the pot and the oil is the compassion, the love and the wick is the Kundalini, the pure desire, and the spark is the spirit. So, first of all, the container has to be all right. It should be all right. It should be able to contain the oil properly and should not allow it to ooze out. Now there are two holes that cause problem. One is your ego. Another is your conditionings. So, if a Sahaja Yogi thinks of his conditionings, that “I am a Christian or, you can say, that I come from this race, I’m this community,” so all these limitations with which we build ourselves are so flimsy that they break out because there is no reality in them. There’s no substance so they fizzle out. They all act like possessions and a person becomes absolutely blind.

After coming to Sahaja Yoga, I’ve seen Christians will adhere to Christ, Muslims will adhere to Mohammed-sahib or to Ali and others will adhere to the conditionings from which they have come, but they don’t adhere to Me, so they cannot see the integration of all these personalities in one person. One has to know, on this point, that you have got the light. You are enlightened. You are not an egg. You have become a bird. So you have to give up all that is falsehood. If you are fully enlightened you will give up automatically, you don’t have to be told. When the light is enlightened, it automatically feel responsible that it has to give light. Nobody has to tell that “You please give light” because it is light. Because it is eternal light, nothing can kill it. I will say a Sanskrit Shloka, [Hindi spoken ???] — means it cannot be killed by [???], not air can blow it away, nothing can destroy it. Even if you want to suck it, you cannot. It’s such a powerful light you have got within yourself. You can verify whether it is eternal or not. You should introspect and see for yourself. You’ve got such a unique light within you. Not in the history of this world of spirituality so many have got realisation, such light within them..

So how could these stupid, flimsy, useless conditionings dominate you now when you are the carrier of eternal light? But if you don’t respect this eternal light, then the conditionings will put it out. This is the only problem, that you have the freedom. You want to have the eternal light, you’ll have it, otherwise this light can be damaged completely.

So, the another hole is that of ego. One side, conditioning can be resolved by the sense of responsibility. The same sense of responsibility, when asserted through ego, could be very dangerous. This light can become fire and it can burn the house of Sahaja Yoga. A normal life, we know that light is for giving us light, not for burning houses, but when you get to ego in Sahaja Yoga, you can think that you are responsible for Sahaja Yoga, but this responsibility should not give you an idea that you are in charge of Sahaj Yoga. So, gradually then, you become so right-sided and people are surprised that how this man who was normal has become like a bull in the china shop.

So you are not in charge of Sahaj Yoga. It’s like government servants. They are suppose to be servants, but they are the bosses. They become bosses.

So, the whole understanding should be of complete wisdom in Sahaj Yoga.

The second part is the oil, which is compassion, which is natural, innate and joy-giving. This oil has to be pure. The compassion has to be pure. I have seen many Sahaja Yogis try to trouble the leaders. They oppose the leader and try to hinder the work of Sahaja Yoga. Now, these are suppose to be Sahaja Yogis and they don’t understand if their compassion is pure they will appreciate their leader because the leader is doing such a compassionate work. Of course, pure compassion, one must understand, has nothing to do with greed, with temptations, nothing to do. One has to feel such nearness with the leader and appreciativeness of the work that he or she is putting in. So Compassion cannot be impure. There cannot be lust in it. More over this compassion should be express in such a descent manner that nobody should doubt your compassion. Thank God, this one good thing has happened, people don’t kiss you. First time when I went to western countries, I was just bombarded with kisses. I didn’t know what to say — I mean horrible. There may not be anything wrong in the mind, but it’s so indecent and stupid. Long time back I was told that it was written on Indian airports, “Please don’t kiss the custom officers.” In modern times a man can kiss a woman, but he can’t kiss a man. I mean, it’s absurd. Even if they make a goal in the match of football, now they don’t hug, poor things, they just touch with hands, each other…. So, and now I’ve seen many who make a goal and they’re excited, so they run out of the field. They don’t know what to do….

So, for Sahaja Yogis, you should know men can kiss men and can hug them — there’s nothing wrong — and same with the ladies. Otherwise, in excitement, they might run out of the field of Sahaja Yoga. Men need not touch women, women not touch men. It’s all right. What is this nonsense? You can’t express your love? Say for India we have a rule that a lady can touch the younger man and a man can touch a much older women, who could be a mother, sister-in-law, anyone, which I think is a good rule because it has worked out.

So, for compassion, it has to have decency as fragrance in the oil. So how do we express our compassion? We have Rakhi sisters, Rakhi brothers, but I know of a lady who became friendly with rich boys as Rakhi brothers. Or the other way round also, that many boys became Rakhi brothers of rich women.

So one has to understand that it is not for money that you should become Rakhi brothers and sisters and to exploit, but for compassion. You have to express your Rakhi relationship just for the protection of each other. The compassion is so joy-giving that you should have not such conditions of money or any other stupid conditions which will kill your joy. But another thing also is that you express your love you use some things as presents that gives you joy. That doesn’t mean, by any chance, that you just give it to your Rakhi sister and not even to your wife, some present.

So, the sap, as I always say, of compassion has to rise in the plant, giving love to different parts, indifferent ways, whatever is required and that then evaporates or go back to roots ???. Attachment is the killer of pure love and compassion. So always try to find out, introspect. Are you attached to your children, to your wife or to your Rakhi sister or to anything? Attached? Then there’s a danger that you may get into a kind of a stagnation. You’ll be amazed, when you are absolutely detached and nourishing the different relationships that you have in a proper way, your joy is perfect. Ambition is another killer of joy. So, if you have to be ambitious, you have to be only ambitious only about Sahaja Yoga, so that you humble down. One promise in Sahaja Yoga is that your life will be full of joy. There is no need to take out your eyes, cut your hands, no punishments. If you have too many holes, need not come to Sahaj Yoga. You have to become real holy person, not full of holes. I must say that you are all “your holinesses.” I am not because I’ve not become. You have become. Supposing, somebody has to call you as a man, will they say, “Oh, man, such and such”? No, because you are a man. Whatever you achieve is attached to you, whatever you have achieved.

[commenting on translators:] Russian seems to be long transgression and sometimes very small and sometimes Romanian sometimes very short, sometimes very long.

All right, so now the another thing that is promised is bliss. What is bliss is the experience of joy. It can come from anything. Maybe you find you were in an accident and you were suddenly saved, protected. You are amazed and everybody feels the bliss. You also feel the bliss.

[commenting on translation:] To be very frank, I cannot translate. I know languages, but from one language to another, I cannot translate. There’s something wrong with Me.

[Yogi: “But you understand very well, Shri Mataji, what we say.”]

That is very easy. See the thoughts, first is an abstract form.

[The Russian yogi gives a very long translation.]
That’s an abstract form, that’s all I said. [laughs]

[The Romanian yogi gives also the translation. [laughs] “This is the reverse, Shri Mataji.”]

All right, but thank you very much.

So, it is — you see, at that point anybody can know what is the thought is because later on it becomes a language, takes words. All right, so if you can jump at that abstract, then you know that, but you have to put attention quite a lot.

[To translator:] So, you have to say “attention to that abstract point [???].”

All right, so now, to solve this problem, I would request you all, to learn, at least, English language. I’m not saying Sanskrit, but English.

Now, it is the Kundalini, which is a pure desire, is already existing, you don’t have to do anything. Maybe the cotton is not clean. It has some problems because it has passed through dirty hands, but it can be cleaned. The cotton of the wick may not be clean, but it can be cleaned. Cotton wool, I mean. Kabira has said something very beautiful about it. He says that when the intestine of a goat are inside the stomach, they say, “May, may, may,” means “I, I, I.” But when they are pulled out and made into strings and put on an instrument for cleaning the cotton wool — put on the instrument that cleans the cotton wool. You know, in India we call it “[Doona, Doonit???].” And when it is being strung, it says, “Tuh, tuh, tuh,” means “You, you are, you are, you are.”

[Shri Mataji and the translators discuss these words.]

All right, whatever it is. So, it means that when your Kundalini not working out well because there are problems in your chakras, what you have to say, “You are, you are.” You say that. “You are Sakshat this. You are Sakshat that.” Sakshat means “in reality.” In reality. You don’t say, “You are Her Holiness something.” You say, “You are Ganesha. You are this.” That is how you cleanse all the dirt or all the problems of your chakras. By this, you also correct your conditionings and your ego. Then you do not take the credit for anything. You do not feel you are doing something and the whole personality changes into a complete instrument like the flute in the hands of Shri Krishna. Then you see your work, everything as the work of the Divine. That is how you become enlightened. That is how you become the light of joy, of peace. [???] said about what you are. That is how, see, is whatever is described about, you become that. If there is a light you don’t have to say that it is a light, it is. It is not a stamp that you have to use.

So, today we are celebrating a Diwali of the lights of Sahaja Yoga. I don’t know what to say, in what state of bliss I am. All the ripples you have created of joy are overwhelming for it. No words can describe. I cannot compose poetry. Keep this light burning beautifully through meditation and you can become very strong because of light.

May God bless you, Happy Diwali to all of you.

I must say Diwali Puja is a very short one and my lecture have been three times said so you can imagine the time is been more spend than normal. Lastly there are many invited in India free. Most of them may not also pay, those who cannot pay for travel should let us know. .. No no, we have invited many people to India. They should give their names and those who are free for Ganapatipule but who have paid for the travelling and those who have not paid for travelling should also give their names. Also some of the [???] who cannot paid are invited.

May God bless you.