Shri Mataji, introduce Professor Voronov

Istanbul (Turkey)


Talk before award in Turkey at Diwali Puja (Istanbul, Turkey) 1994-1105

After two minutes, professor Voronov is here and he wants to give Me some special award from St Petersburg University. So, I will request you all to be sitted, it will take hardly ten minues for the whole thing.

So, before that, I must say the weddings went off very well despite the fact it’s Turkey and it’s very different from India where you can get everything very easily. And you all are looking very happy.

Keep this joy all the time and be kind and gentle with each other. As I’ve said you have to soothe others. You have to take up the problems of each other and don’t discuss your past, don’t talk about your past. That’s one thing very wrong, that makes life unnecessarily miserable. Past is over and, now, the reality starts. Enjoy each other’s company, try to find good points of another person.

If you want to find bad points that’s not going to give you any joy, it’s not going to help you. But if you start finding the good points of another person, that not only that you will be very happy, but also you’ll imbibe those good points. Always try to see each other’s good points, never criticize each other for small things, for petty things. We are Sahaja Yogis. We are saints, we are angels, we cannot be like ordinary stupid people who fight and create problems in their life. We are here to make each other happy and to make everyone happy; all the Sahaja Yogis to be happy.

The whole society of Sahaja Yoga should be of a very different type. And there are so many children who are Realized souls, who are great saints, seers, who want to be born and they’ll be only born to Sahaja Yogis who are Sahaj by temperament and who are peaceful, who try to seek peace everywhere, and who are very large hearted. All such people will have very great children.

May God bless you all.