Shri Mataji’s answer to award

Istanbul (Turkey)


Professor Voronov’s talk and Shri Mataji’s acceptance of the award, Turkey, 1994

[Simultaneous translation of professor Voronov’s talk from a Russian Sahaja Yogi]

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Simultaneous translation of professor Voronov from a Russian Sahaja Yogi.
It is a great event which happens on this planet. The scientists of Russia and especially of St Petersburg pay attention to this event which happens in the society. What happened? Recently, less than two months ago, a conference has been held in St Petersburg entitled, “Medicine, Self-cognition and morality”.

With regard to this question, there was a sort of an agreement of two directions and the agreement was of love and friendship. Actually, the direction of religion and science.

Morality and knowledge, these are two things which make the whole world think award. [unsure]

There are wars now on the planet and civil wars, the blood of human beings is shed. And during this period, our holy Mother raised quite different questions of love and peace.

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Our scientist, by my initiative, unanimously elected our holy Mother, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, an honorary member of our Academy.

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Last time, in Moscow, we hand it over to our holy Mother a diploma made by Sahaja Yogis, loving Sahaja Yogis. Now, this is a diploma of the Government of Russia.

I would like to say a few words about what is actually this Academy, and who is a member of it. There are members, among the members we have painters, scientists, musicians of different directions. But we have also honorary members of our Academy, but they are very few in number. One is Antonio Juan Samaranch who is the president of the Olympic Committee of the world. Two or three Ministers who, in their own countries, liquidated the illiteracy in the population of their country. All of them are men. Shri Mataji is the only lady on the world who has been elected an honorary member of this Academy.
I have to say a lot. I know that here we have the best representatives of the nations of the world. But there are some exceptions. We have to put our love first to our self-perfection, self-cognition, to put our, first, the love to our countries. We need to do everything so that the victorious ideals of our holy Mother should not have any hindrance at all. And for that, we should self-perfect ourselves. Yes, we do have something negative besides the positive things.

For example, me and also our Sahaja Yogis from Turkey, they can see how the pieces of bread are spread on the floor. It’s very bad, I consider it very bad.
My daughter by name Svetlana, she is also Sahaja Yogi, she said, “I’ve been living for a long time among the Muslims and I know their attitude towards bread. If a piece of bread has been falling on earth, then they pick it up, they kiss it and put it somewhere for the birds to pick it up”. We also have to feel respect to the laborious people who are producing this bread, to peasants.

I address to all the Sahaja Yogis who are working in the press media, who are journalists: we need to disseminate the ideas of our holy Mother everywhere, on press, television and magazines.

If we do so and behave properly, we can be a real example, we can make real examples for the nations of the whole world. But maybe, today, they started to call Sahaja Yogis who were not perhaps quite satisfied with it. Still, we have to make it better.

Taking into account an energetic activity of Shri Mataji, it gives us an idea to propose to elect Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, a laureate of the Noble Price winner for peace.

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For that purpose, we have to work hard in our own countries for Shri Mataji’s ideas to be really realized, understood beyond the level of consciousness. To reach that level for the Noble Price, we need to make an example, we need to make the society, the publicity, press, to realize the ideas of Shri Mataji, how beneficial they are for the whole humanity. In Petroski Academy of Arts and Science, we have many outstanding people and perhaps we shall publish a special article for that in Nirmala Yoga magazine.

But, with all my heart and in the name of all members of the Academy of Arts and Science, I would like to make a sort of present to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. This is a reproduction of Dona Lita, it’s a – [aside] sorry, sorry, no, no, Mona Lisa is different. It’s Dona Lita, Madonna, from Leonardo Da Vinci, which you can find in State Hermitage by Leonardo. It’s different. Not Jocund, it’s different.

And the last. We have really to watch our own behaviour, not to do any negative things. For our compatriots in all our countries would say that, “Sahaja Yogi is really the best representative of humanity in all the countries”. That is our purpose. [Applause]

[Shri Mataji’s answer to this award.]
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Shri Mataji: I don’t know but, how to say as to the Russian scholars and scientists. Scientists are amoral people because science is amoral. But I was surprised that in Leningrad [St Petersburg], thanks to professor, we had about two thousand scientists – I don’t know, ten thousand probably – who honoured Me so much. And I told about one centre only there, that is Swadishthan. How Swadishthan they are ruing your life.

And they were listening to Me, absolutely, with the right attention.
[You translate?] All right.
Very surprisingly, I’ve never seen such scientists, because they cannot see something beyond science and Sahaja Yoga is meta science, it is beyond science. And when I told them so many diseases are caused by one centre, they were really amazed at it. But they were open, open-minded people and a scientist means an open-minded person.

I was amazed also, the way they gave Me awards. The first award when they gave Me, I said, “What is this? I’m the tenth member of such an old university where very, very great scientists have got this award. So, how can you give Me such a honour?” So, professor Voronov told Me that, “Mother these scientists have only worked with matter. But you have worked with human beings and transformed them”. I was surprised the way he saw the point. It’s not easy to see this point that transformation of human beings is most important today. If I have achieved it, it’s nothing great, I think, because I knew how to do it. So, it’s nothing great.

But I really feel very proud of you that you have achieved it. I have not achieved anything. I was born like this. But you have achieved it. So many nations here sitting, enjoying the same beautiful feeling of your Spirit. And they are from different nations, different places, different religions, and genuinely they are feeling the joy of their Spirit.

And this is something, was my dream and vision. But I never thought of Noble Price or anything like that. [Laughter]
Because my husband has got all kind of prizes and he always, says, “All due to my wife”.
But what I really treasure is this, that in a great country like Russia where science has reached its heights, that they should accept Me as a great scientist and academician, is something really very remarkable, though I don’t know if I deserve it or not. But that’s what they feel about it.
Professor Voronov: There’s no doubt about it.
Moreover, all the false gurus are banned in Russia. But I was surprised also that they did not ban us. Apart from that, the patriarch, who is like a pope of Leningrad of the white order, he himself invited me to be there. So, we are entering into the realm of religion also. It’s something – not only science, but also religion which is, which has to open eyes and see what have they missed, all the promises that the Prophets gave, that the incarnations gave are to be fulfilled. If they can just see this point, it will be so great. I was surprised also that patriarch himself invites Me to this conference.

So, two great things, I feel, that not only in science but also in religion, Sahaja Yoga is entering and will remove the darkness of ignorance.

Another thing I must tell you that when I went to Brasilia which is the capital of Brazil, the Mayor of Brasilia came to receive Me and he gave Me the keys of Brasilia saying, “Mother, please look after Brazil”. I was really amazed.

So, on the political side also, if we start entering into, our problems should be solved. We should have no problems, we should have no quarrels, no fights, nothing. But let us live with happiness and joy.

I’m sure with this [award], I can see that vision coming through. This vision of mine of seeing the whole world in peace and joy enjoying themselves. All of you, as he said, have to help Me, have to come up as real great Sahaja Yogis.

I don’t know Sir, how to thank you very much because I have no words. But he has been meeting Me for three, four years and I was surprised, he is such a learned man, such an educated person, and how he could see the subtle side of life! And that they discussed about morality! All the time, all the subject was that of morality.

There was a gentleman who was a surgeon who is –
Shri Mataji, aside: How old is he? Eighty years.
Sahaja Yogi: Ninety-three.
Shri Mataji: Very old, but he is still doing operations. He is still doing operations and he is the one who wrote against alcohol. And I was really surprised.
Professor Voronov: Academician Fyodor Uglov.
Shri Mataji: What’s that?
Sahaja Yogi: The name of the man.
Shri Mataji: All right. He wrote a book against alcohol in a country where Vodka is so common. But just imagine! And these people listen to their elders. They are not like Western people who do not car for their elders. They listen to their elders who are very wise. One day, I’m sure, Russia will be one of the most important religious country. It will have such a big name one day because they have taken to truth and not to some nonsensical things. And I am sure this will prove to the whole world that truth is what we should ask for.

We should not get in anyway dominated by untruth because untruth will never bring joy or peace.
Actually, I am overwhelmed by what he has said and I’m happy he has made you so happy also by saying these beautiful things about Me.
But I must tell you, I’m a very humble housewife. That’s all I am. But if you think I’m more than that, I’m not going to challenge it.
Now we have to thank the Turkish people, the French people, for organizing this beautiful program and these weddings, despite all the problems. And also, to every way, work so hard because there were only forty Sahaja Yogis in Turkey and they have done such a dedicated work. And so capable they are! I’m amazed to see this kind of industrious, I should say, or very hard-working people, very hard working. And all the problems are solved here, they say, “Mother, you have solved all of the problems.”

Now I would say the marriages have been done very gracefully. Now, don’t spoil your marriages and create problems for Me. That’s all I want to know that you’ll have very nice children, and that you create a society and help the society of great peacemakers.
Thank you very much.
Thank you [to the professor]