Marriages (poor audio)

Istanbul (Turkey)


Marriages and Talk after Russian Award. Istanbul, Turkey. 6 November 1994.

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Today, people have come here to attend the weddings of their brothers and sisters [unsure].
It’s important to understand that marriage is a very important thing in Sahaja Yoga because the principle established in [inaudible] and our society is [inaudible] so it’s very good to have it. That’s why [inaudible] and that you should make good marriages.

But sometimes, people are very cunning [unsure] and they don’t understand what the marriage is. They try to find fault with the partner. And within two, three months they are going out of the marriage. In the sense that they want to have their second chance, third chance, fourth chance, [unsure].
Then I think that my attention has been used for nothing [inaudible]. If they don’t like their first choice, they should have their own. Why to bother us? They should not [inaudible]. Very surprising those things that have been going on.

One of them is, they are all right for two, three months and suddenly Gods knows what [inaudible] that they get divorced on a small issue.
They don’t understand how important is for them to have a good marriage. They can’t go after three, four months. I don’t know what happens to them. And they even harm the women [inaudible] and still they don’t understand how sinful it was. In their own land country, they are doing like that. They’ll be punished, not only punished but they’ll have to bear a lot. But they take advantage of Sahaja Yoga, marry someone and then try to be funny [unsure]. Such people, really, I can’t understand.
In the beginning only, when we are selecting the people, [inaudible] I could say from the photograph which girl, which boy will say “no”. But I say, “You try”.

Exactly the same girl and boy have said “no”. Thanks God they have said [unsure]. But once they have said “no” they should not candidate anymore. They can see themselves. We are not going to have five, six [inaudible]

It’s a serious thing. If you haven’t got that [inaudible] you should not [inaudible] for anything. Then, after marriage you find faults, [inaudible] here and there. Otherwise, you’re just like other people. You go on divorcing [inaudible] especially for Western Sahaja Yogis I must say [inaudible] they illtreat their wives very much and they treat them just as slaves. It seems to say that so many Western girls [inaudible] and I asked them, “Why are you single?” [unsure]. Some of them say, “We are not married, we don’t want to marry because [inaudible].” Secondly, some of them have said, “We are married, but our husband treats us as [inaudible].”
It’s such a large case

In Islamic countries, the men can say, “Talaq, talaq, talaq” and the marriage is over. And they marry, so-called, [inaudible] Because of these marriages, so many women have really suffered [unsure] and then they have big problems. They don’t know what to do with their children how to do it.
How dangerous it is, that men [inaudible]

I’m surprised there are many people, even in the Western countries and Eastern bloc who treat their wives very much as slaves. When I heard their stories, I was ashamed. I used to think that Western countries were sensitive [inaudible] How could they illtreat their wives who are part and parcel of their life?

You cannot be unkind to your wife, let her do all the work and dominate, because you are the [inaudible] people. The woman who is working in the house, looks after, is doing a much more important and difficult job [unsure]. For men, it’s not difficult. But for women, it’s very difficult to run the house, look after the children, look after the husband, to manage the whole society. And you must know that the countries where women are not respected, God do not reside. And in those countries
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