Namaz is nothing but kundalini awakening

Tunis (Tunisia)

1994-11-12 Namaz is nothing but kundalini awakening, Tunis, Tunisia, DP-RAW, 100' Chapters: Arrival, Talk, Self-Realization, Departure
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Public Program Day 2, Tunis (Tunisia), 12 November 1994.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. Yesterday I told you that truth is what it is. You cannot change it, you cannot transform it, and you cannot know it by reading. Whatever I’m going to tell you also now, you should not take it for granted blindfolded. It has already caused us so much trouble all over the world by blind faith. But I would request you to treat my lecture as a hypothesis. And if it, if it works out, and you discover it, and it’s proved, then you have to accept it as the truth. As I told you yesterday, it is for your benevolence, for the benevolence of your family, for the benevolence of your country, and for the benevolence of the whole world. Most of problems in this world come from human beings. And I think all the problems of human beings come from their centers, the subtle centers.

When these problems are in trouble, these chakras are in trouble, these problems of the chakras get you into problems of physical and mental, emotional and spiritual nature. So, these centers as shown here exist within you. They are seven in number. Now the first center, which is the red center below the kundalini, is the center of your innocence. This center is very beautifully placed under the kundalini, not above. This center is to guard the chastity of your mother, which is the kundalini. So the power that we have as our mother is guarded as chastity. But there have been many false people who have been teaching all kinds of wrong things. And they said that through sex you can awaken your kundalini. This is all nonsense.

There is no religion has taught that you have to be immoral to achieve your self-realization. So morality is a very important thing which helps a man to keep him in the center. Now this morality cannot be forced on me. Normal people can become immoral. They can get to some sort of a temptation – it is possible – because they are not yet evolved souls, they have not reached the state that they know the absolute truth, they can become immoral. That is why all the religions have said that you should follow some code of lifestyle. That will keep you in the central part. This was prescribed because human beings could go into wrong parts. But once you become enlightened, then there is no need at all to tell you what has to be done. You become your own guide, your own master.

I was so surprised when I came here that especially Tunis I felt was full of Divine vibrations. I just didn’t understand what was going on in this beautiful holy place. Then I discovered there have been three great souls, very highly spiritual, who were born in this place. I was absolutely restless to see those places. I think their souls also are restless to see me. I hope tomorrow I will visit all these places. There is a special relationship that exists between saints, and it’s very joy-giving. You feel you are not alone in this place – there are many others who have lived. But they could not do much because people were so ignorant. Most of the saints – even [Mohammed-sahib] was tortured. [Hazrat-Ali], who was a great incarnation, also was killed. His two children from Fatima also were killed. Horrible things happened to them. That does not mean that spiritual people do not have the protection of the Divine. But it was all done to show how these people could sacrifice their life for truth.

All this is done for us. All these sacrifices are going to help us. Gradually we’ll realize where they exist within our body. If they are enlightened within you, you get their blessings. You have to have connection with them. Even the Namas is nothing but kundalini-awakening, for kundalini-awakening. But without the connection, if you do something, it doesn’t work out. There was a Muslim – I met him – he said that his knees are broken doing Namas. But it was just an exercise because he never felt the joy of the spirit. Then he came to Sahaja Yoga and then he realized what was Namas, and he got rid of his problems on the knees. So, even to understand anything about Koran or about [Mohammed-sab], you have to have your self-realization. It all is knowledge around us, it is like a bird who is thirsty in the presence of the ocean.

So whether we are fundamentalists or not, we are still ignorant. To bridge them together, we have to have our self-realization. It’s very simple – like your telephone: if it is not connected and you go on telephoning, it will be spoiled. So we have to have connection with the Divine. This connection is called as Yoga in Sanskrit language. This is the real Yoga, not the physical one where you do all kinds of exercises. This was taught by Pathangeli thousands of years back. But this is a very wee part because [ashtanga] there are eight parts out of which one part it’s a very wee part of that. And that, too, is very scientific. Even that exercise is connected with the centers. We, too, use these exercises, but at the right time, for the right people. Everyone does not need. So when the light of the spirit shines within us, we become our own teacher, our own master, our own guide. We become very wise and we understand others. We become very dynamic, at the same time extremely compassionate. Whatever work we do or whatever we do, we don’t think we are doing anything because our ego disappears.

As long as there is ego, we think you are doing this, you are doing that. And when this ego is pampered, we feel very happy. But when it is punctured, we feel unhappy. Before realization we think we are doing this work, that work, how much I am doing work, I’m so important. But after realization, you see the ego there collapses. This center here sucks in the ego (Agnya). It sucks in the ego. So the feeling that I’m doing this, I’m doing that doesn’t come. Now supposing a Sahaja Yogi is raising your kundalini, they will tell me it is not going, it is not working, it is working – they talk in third person.

All these Sahaja Yogis who have come from France, from Austria, Algeria, they have come of their own; I never asked them. They feel responsible, especially for Africa. They have been after me, “Mother, you must go to Africa, you must do something for Africa, but that’s the only continent we have not touched so far”. And they were overjoyed when I said, “All right, I’ll go to Tunisia.”

There is a special subtle understanding of a great tremendous joy in giving realizations to others. You don’t feel you have done anything. You don’t feel you have redeemed others. But such joy is felt within yourself. That cannot be described unless and until you yourself achieve self-realizations of others. They are all very intelligent, educated people. Also there are very simple, uneducated people. But they know about the centers, they know how to decode the centers on their fingertips. They won’t tell you what’s wrong with you. They speak the language of centers. Even if you have ten children who are realized souls and tied their eyes and somebody faces them, they will all raise one finger, all of them, or two fingers, all of them the same.

Once one gentleman came and asked Me, “Why are they asking me, what is your relationship with your father?” I said, “Because they must be catching on this finger. This is the center of your father.” Very surprising, you will be amazed, that if this finger is catching, that means you might get asthma. Maybe your relationship with your father is not good, or maybe he is not good or you are not good to him. Now there is one doctor who has done research on this and he has got his MD in Delhi. And now he’s gone to America to do the research. I don’t know – Americans are not so wise as you are. They are not easy people, but still we have thousands there. Now this they were talking about many other diseases, but today I’m going to tell you about one center because you are very active people, and what complications you can have.

So we have this center here – Swadishthana – it’s very simple to understand. This center is for our action, whether it is physical or mental. But the main job it has to do is to give energy to our brain cells, which are called as gray cells in our brain. Sahaja Yoga is meta-science. It gives you an explanation and you can verify it. Of course in medicine they don’t know this – so far. So when you think too much, this center has to give energy to your brain. Even when you do physical work – like I was told it’s a sport club which has invited me. So when you are doing even sports too much, this center starts working and gives energy. Now for example if anybody who is a tennis player or a squash player: he’s using the energy of this center. Now if he is at the same time drinking too much, then most probably – at a very young age – he will get a fatal heart attack. So at least the people who indulge in sports – especially these days – should not touch alcohol because at this age the heart attack you get is absolutely fatal, you cannot [???]. Also people who do jogging, too much dancing and drinking at any young age can get a heart attack. It is very serious. But the worst is for people who think, plan, live for the future.

The stress which is the modern disease is coming to them because of this center only. Too much thinking, too much worrying takes most of the energy of this center. And this center also has to look after other organs, mainly the liver. And the liver is the one which gives out the heat which is the poison of the body into the blood. But when all the energy is exhausted of this center, the liver-functioning is neglected. So the heat starts rising from the liver. And that heats your lungs, giving you asthma. Especially your energy is wasted for the relationship of your father. Then this heat can pass to other side and can give heart attack to people who think too much. At a very old age of course maybe, but people who die of heart attack are mostly the people who are futuristic, like bureaucrats, politicians, we can say also the writers, poets, all such people.

Now, another organ which is looked after by the same center is the pancreas, which is also neglected. So people develop diabetes. Diabetes is a disease of people who think too much and are sedentary. For example in My province in India, when they take tea, they take so much sugar that the spoon has to stand at right angles. This is in the villages. Otherwise it’s not for them tea. But they never get diabetes because they don’t think, they don’t worry about future, they don’t insure anything. They work the whole day in the village and come home and sleep nicely. They enjoy their life.

The only people who get diabetes are the people who are sitting on the table and working out. And most of the plans fail, why, because they don’t know the reality. Whatever you plan without knowing the reality, it fails completely. And the third of which this center is supposed to be responsible is what we call is the spleen. Now the spleen is like a speedometer in us, speedometer. It looks after our speed, nowadays we are very speedy people. We try to compete with the machine, so the lifestyle is very different. For example we get up in the morning; now this spleen is the one which, when there is emergency, produces red blood corpuscles for emergency.

Now for example supposing you are eating your food and afterwards you run, you get a pain because this center produces red blood corpuscles for the emergency. So in the morning you get up, you read the newspaper, it’s a shock, they never write anything good always something, somebody died there, so many drowned there, so many killed there. Nothing that is really satisfying or good, joy-giving. At the most horrible scandals, something sensational. That upsets this poor spleen of ours. As soon as she knows about the emergency, she starts pushing out red blood corpuscles. Then you get into the car, you don’t take your breakfast, you are taking your breakfast in the car. In America they even brush their teeth in the car. You will be amazed that even in the office they go to bathrooms because they sleep very late and then get up early in the morning and just rush to the office. So this poor spleen again gets upset.

Then we are slaves of the watch. You are getting delayed to your office work, you are worried there is jam. You don’t know how to get over the jam, so you go on worrying. Again an emergency is created, again this poor spleen has to go on pushing out these [red corpuscles???]. Then sometimes in the office the boss starts shouting at you. The whole life is a struggle. Even in sports that’s the problem – such a struggle. After that, this crazy, this spleen doesn’t know how to cope with your lifestyle. It goes mad. At that time, any shock, anything from the left side, you can get blood cancer – leukemia. I have seen some architects who get it. We have cured many architects in India of leukemia though they were certified by doctors that they’re going to die within one month’s time. Now one of them has lived for ten years, another for nine years, another for six years, nobody has died.

So how do we change this speedometer to a quiet rhythms? That I’ll tell you later. Then it affects your kidneys because kidneys also are looked after by the same center. So it happens that your kidneys also with the heat coagulate and they cannot work – so you are put on the dialysis. Dialysis is the sure way of becoming bankrupt and dying. It doesn’t cure you.

We had a very good doctor in Delhi who was well known for dialysis, and he got kidney trouble. He didn’t do dialysis, he came to Sahaja Yoga, and I’ve told him on one promise I’ll cure you that you will stop dialysis and cure people with Sahaja Yoga. He said, “Yes, yes, of course”. He was completely cured but still he’s doing dialysis. I asked him, “Why are you doing dialysis now?” He said, “I’ve got these machines from abroad with such high prices, now what am I to do?” So that’s how he’s still making money.

Then the last horrible thing that’s happened to you is that you can get into constipation. And this constipation can be very, very dangerous to the health. Such people are very hot tempered, very irritable, very nervous because they can think sometimes they get peace award. So – and then they create lots of nonsense and they get peace award. So – one thing is to be understood: that it is in the balance one has to live. Now as I told you it can give you massive heart attack, but also it gives you paralysis, paralysis of the right side. But you see the movement of this center is all on the right side. Also it can end up into coma.

All these things are curable, absolutely curable, without any money being spent. It’s very simple. When we understand how to cool down this center, we can cool down the whole right side. Now when the kundalini rises, she pulls down this center. For example, left and right, both meet like this, and the center is strong – left and right. Now if you are working too much on the right, I’m telling you how cancer is caused. You are working too much on the right; you are taking out the energy from any center like this, till the center becomes constricted. And the energy starts getting exhausted. And suddenly, if it breaks by some movement of the left side, the connection with the main is lost. So when there is no connection with the main, you are on your own; so all the cells start gradually working on their own. Of course there are some proteins which affect that from the left side. Like a person who has no connection with the whole community can go the way he likes – like a madman. He can become egoistical, like Hitler. He can influence other people by his ego. So the cells become egoistical, means malignant, and they start growing – like a nose will start growing like that, an ear will start growing like that, without any connection to the whole. That is how cancer is caused.

To get rid of everything, we have to be in the center. When the kundalini comes, she brings them back and they fall into one line, connected with the Divine. When the Divine starts pouring down into your being, you start feeling it as cool breeze on your fingertips. This is the [ruh]. Now, if you know how to handle this and to use this, you can get rid of all your problems. In this state, you are a witness of everything. You are absolutely peaceful; you are in the center, where you know the absolute truth. Now, see, though [Mohammed-sahib] had said that he was not Divine, he was Divine. He didn’t say that because he was surrounded by horrible people. I also never said that I’m Divine. It’s only they have discovered. I have never said, and I never say. But you can find out on your fingertips what’s wrong with you, what center is catching. Now if this one is burning, then this center on the right is in problem. If this is burning, that means center on the left, because it moves. Actually it comes out of the nabhi – Swadishthana. It’s not shown properly, comes out of the nabhi – nabhi [….???…it goes around…???].

If it is on the left side, then something wrong emotionally with you, means that you have got into some sort of a possession or black magic, mesmerism. These false gurus and false masters give you this. But if you know how to cure these centers, you get cured. And if you know about others also and want to cure them, you can cure them. All these centers are responsible for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being within you. So the right-sided people are futuristic, and left-sided people are – we can say – are of the past, live of the past. Slowly, slowly you will understand everything. From the left side comes your conditioning on the left side. But when kundalini rises, she also absorbs your conditionings.

Say for Muslims there are so many conditionings. For example, [Mohammed-sahib] has talked in Koran – though we do not understand it in a whole way – that he talked about Abraham, he talked about Moses, he talked about Christ, and especially about Christ’s mother. He never denounced them, he never said their religion was wrong, he never said that Islam is the only religion, he never said it. He respected all of them. But how could then Muslims say that we are different, Jews are different or Christians are different? This is all created by human brains. According to him, all these religions are evolving one after another.

My father – as I told you – was a scholar of Arabic and Persian – scholar, and he translated Koran into Hindi language. He was a scholar of Sanskrit. Fourteen languages he mastered. But he himself said that I don’t know why people get these ideas that [Mohammed-sahib] created a separate religion. He was himself a realized soul and he had tremendous respect for [Mohammed-sahib], for [Hazrat Ali], for Fatima, for Hassan Hussein. He told Me all about Islam. But how to talk to Islamic people? Because if you tell the truth, there will be a fatwa on Me.

You see, you cannot be religious if you have fear. To know the truth, you must not have any fear; you have to have the courage. That’s the point because a special time of [Kyama] is here now. And I feel so worried about the Muslims that they’ll miss the point. All these French have got realization. All these English have got realization. All these people, who I would never call religious, have got realization. Imagine these Americans got realization. And what about the Muslims, are they going to be left high and dry? They are created by God and guided by [Mohammed-sahib] – they should understand that truth must give you positive results. Instead of that, they are killing each other. As a mother I feel terrible about it because they’re all my children.

So you are all very intelligent, open-hearted Muslims; I appeal to you: you must show your courage. Supposing your children take to the Western style as the way children are there, who are killing their parents, taking to drugs, I mean horrible they are. I mean everyday you read newspapers about the Americans; you can’t understand to what world they belong. They are so ignorant about the Divine that they’re doing all kinds of nonsense. And they are very stupid – I tell you – very stupid, idiotic. They are good at computers, but themselves no brains. Imagine a woman divorces her husband eight times. Her name is Elizabeth Taylor. She is going for a honeymoon. So there are four thousand Americans standing there to see her going for her honeymoon. She has married a man who is twenty-five years younger than her, who is a laborer, ordinary. This is her eighth husband. And so many people go to see her honeymoon – as if some Divine person is going into ascent. And there are ten helicopters which are hovering around it. And there are parachutes which come down – to take photograph. And they fall on people or on trees. Such a stupid thing – there won’t be one Indian will go there.

I must say, Indians have a traditional wisdom. Of course a wee bit of Americanization has come to it, wee bit. For example they brought mini-saris. It only came up to Bombay for eight days – and the Indian women said, “Get lost, we have nothing to do with it”. They think we are very dull people, we cannot take to something very modern, you know, we are dull. I told you that three hundred years these English lived in India. We learned their language at the most, but never their ways and their lifestyle. You see, we could see the idiocy and stupidity of the Western mind.

They take to everything that is self-destructive. First the fashion started in France that they should have six inches of skirts – only six inches. So everybody started wearing six inches. My granddaughters came, they said, “No, no, we don’t want six inches, we want full skirts, if possible”. They couldn’t get even one skirt, and everybody said, “Are you Turkish? Why do you want to have long skirts?” They said, “We feel cold, that’s the point.” Then they developed varicose veins, these French. So the fashion came of long skirts – but open, open. In that horrible cold, what is the need to do all this? And they have junks and junks of clothes everywhere. Go to some house, you don’t know where to sit because there’s clothes here, clothes there, clothes there. It’s all stupidity and idiocy.

These entrepreneurs are very clever; they are making fool of everyone. We just laugh at them. But it’s serious. All our good human energy is spent where? We don’t know our glory, we don’t know what great thing we are, we don’t know what we can achieve. You can completely transform the whole world if you have a little wisdom. It is predicted that after Sahaja Yoga, there will be no doctors needed, no hospitals, nobody will get sick. It’s a fact. There are people who have been suffering so much, but once they came to Sahaja Yoga, they are cured completely. Mr. Gregoire had pain in the molar tooth. Doctors frightened him – they wanted to take out all his teeth, God knows what. So I told him, “You somehow come to America – I am in America”. So he had to tell some lie, of course, that I have a friend who is a doctor or something, so he came. And he was cured in half an hour. All his teeth are intact – he’s all right. There have so many… She was a very sick person. Her little child died in the cot – cot death. And she was very upset, like a mad person. “But why”, I asked her, “why do you make your little child sleep in another room?” That is their culture.

An Indian woman will never accept such a culture. She can’t sleep without her child till the child is at least ten years of age. And then she got completely [???], now see, she’s before you. There are many, all of them can tell you stories. Germaine, everyone. But for that, you have to know that you can become that yourself, it’s your own power, without any payment, anything, no obligation. It’s your right, and you should get it. Yesterday you got it so fast, you can imagine. These French didn’t get it that fast, nor the English.

Americans are not at all possible, very difficult. They are saying that after ten years, sixty-five percent people who are white-skinned in America will become mad. Be careful. Whatever I have seen now is such wrong ideas we have about progress and modernism that we should learn a lesson from these stupid people who have fallen into ditch. Same thing about fundamentalism. These people who think they are a very high race because they are white-skinned are destroying themselves because they take to only destructive things. Nothing to follow them. With all appreciations of the Sahaja Yogis from Germany, I have to tell you that Germans think they are the highest race because they think they have better IQ. Who are the highest people in this world – are the saints. What is this IQ that you don’t understand that to kill children in the gas chamber is the greatest sin. So kill the Jews in the gas chamber, what right they had? Under the wrong thing that they killed Christ. I think they are lowest of lowest. They have no idea because Christ was killed by Roman government. Have you heard of anybody who is a judge will ask the multitude of people whom he should kill and whom he should release? So the Roman government killed, from where came Mussolini later on, but not the Jews. Jews are tortured for nothing at all. Now they are becoming the same style.

Still I don’t understand why there is problem between Jews and Muslims, I don’t understand. If we go on like this, there’s no end to nonsense. They are all becoming disciples of Hitler, whether they are Jews, Christians or Muslims. Hindus, that’s one advantage – we have not one book and we have no organization of religion. Thank God. Of course, there are all kinds of atheists and all that, but at least they don’t form a fundamental school. They may oppose someone because somebody is torturing them, but they don’t form under some sort of a fundamentalist nonsense.

I was Myself born in a Christian family and I was quite surprised how these people were Christians. Then I found out in every religion there is hypocrisy because the rules and regulations are so strict that normal people cannot follow it. So first they should know the truth that it’s very easy, very, very easy. Nobody has to tell you. You’ll just do what is the best for you, the benevolent for you. I am very thankful to you all particularly to the party which has invited Me here. This is the first experience that a political party has invited Me. And I have nothing to do with politics. But there is Divine politics, which works. See, you had no rain for seven months, and you had rain – that’s Divine politics.

So, one has to understand that unless and until you know the absolute truth, you cannot take decisions on anything. And you all can know it. Yesterday I think you all felt the vibrations. Today again we’ll try for five minutes. Only thing you have to take out your shoes. [..garbled][as per French translation: As I already told you there are three conditions.] First one is that you are not to feel guilty. After all, you are human beings. And if you make mistakes, doesn’t matter. What’s the use of carrying the mistake on your head all your life? You should have faced your mistakes earlier and forget it. By committing this kind of a state of feeling guilty, you catch on this center, and you develop diseases like angina or spondylitis.

So it is a myth to feel guilty. You have to know that this all-pervading power of Divine love is the ocean of knowledge and bliss. This [ruh] is the ocean of compassion and love. But above all, it is the ocean of forgiveness. So whatever mistakes you might have committed, will be completely dissolved by this ocean of forgiveness. So please forgive yourself. Second condition is that you have to forgive everyone. Whether you forgive or don’t forgive, logically you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive, then, what happens is that you play into wrong hands. So, why should you torture yourself? Especially at this juncture, the center of agnya is like this, absolutely constricted. It’s on the optic chiasma.

Now, if you don’t forgive, it is so constricted it will never open. As soon as you forgive, it opens like this. That is how the kundalini can pass through. All your life you have tortured yourself by not forgiving. And now, if you don’t forgive, you’ll miss the great chance of becoming a [nabbi], a saint, an angel. So don’t also think about those people who have troubled you, but just forgive them because it’s a headache to think about them. The third condition I’ve already told you – it’s to take out the shoes.

Now, you just put your hands like this. That means you should be pleasantly placed towards yourself. After all you are human beings at the epitome of evolution and have understanding that you are here to discover your glory, your greatness, which is innate – here. They’re already feeling it. Now feel it on your head also. Bend your head and see with the right hand towards Me and with the left hand you can see if there’s a cool or a hot breeze slightly coming out of your fontanelle bone area, which was a soft bone on your head.

Now, please take your left hand. Now bend your head and don’t put the hand on top of your head, with your right hand you can feel it, not touching the head, but away. If it is hot, then know that you have not forgiven yourself or others. Please do it now. See with the right hand now and put right hand towards me and the left hand on your head and see for yourself. Bend your heads please. Now, please put your both the hands towards the sky like this.

Push back your head and ask one of these three questions – any one of them – three times. [missing text][as per the French translation: “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?”]… or “Mother, is this the [ruh]?” or “Mother, is this the Paramchaitanya?” Ask any one of these questions three times.

Now please take down. When you don’t think, you are in the present. You’re aware, but you’re in the present. All those who have felt cool or hot breeze like vibrations on the fingertips or on the palm or out of their fontanelle bone area, please raise both your hands.

May God bless you.

Thank you very much. Some have not felt because they were just laughing. Some of them didn’t feel it because they might have been to some other guru, some other method of meditation, or maybe some might not have felt because they are not well, or some may be doubting themselves. Everyone can get it. I hope you will be able to open some center of Sahaja Yoga here, where we have some people who will look after you. So now the message is enjoy yourself, and enjoy others. Thank you very much.