Public Program – Kundalini Ek Mahan Shakti (Kundalini, a Great Power)

New Delhi (India)

1994-11-29 Public Program - Kundalini Ek Mahan Shakti, New Delhi, India (Hindi), 55'
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1994-1129 Public Program–Kundalini Ek Mahan Shakti (Kundalini, a Great Power) New Delhi

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

At the onset, we must know what is the truth.

Whatever I wish to speak about, must not be taken as blind faith. I say this repeatedly at every place, that blind faith has caused lot of damage to us and this country. Those great souls who said many things of immense significance and departed after working out several noble tasks, have long been forgotten and those who want to make money in the name of religion and those want to mislead seekers in the name of religion, have in fact, destroyed the works of all those great incarnations.

And all of us being innocent seekers, trying to find the answers in darkness, have a tendency to cling onto anything and do not even think if that is leading us to the path of truth or pushing us towards evil.

These people are hankering after our money as they believe money is everything and they can take away a seeker’s money by fooling and conning them , by mesmerizing them. It is important to note that God does not want our money nor does He understand our banks. These are all manmade institutions.

There are several evil people like these, who have come in this Kalyuga (modern times). And in this terrible time of Kalyuga only, the lights of Diwali (festival of lights) will have to be illuminated. There cannot be a darker night than this. Even in our country, these evil people have spread darkness and several people are following them.

You must understand what have you found in this quest , what did you become , what knowledge you acquired or have your pockets been emptied leaving you in disillusionment? There are several evil and adulterous people such as these, who have established themselves and taken advantage of your innocence. That is why I advise that you should not have blind faith. You must hear and then understand. Only if it is proven, then you must embrace it as a scientific hypothesis and believe in it once proven right.

If you are a genuine and honest person and interested in your own well-being, then you must believe (Mother). Without understanding this truth, we can never find the solution to any problem. Because truth is the light and in the light of that truth, we can see clearly what is benevolent & essential for us, for our society, for our country and for the whole creation. All your questions are because of imbalances in your chakras.

These chakras are the milestones of our evolution wherein we transitioned from several stages to become humans of today. In spite of reaching the human stage of evolution, we still do not know the absolute truth. Some say this is good, some say that is good, some say your karmas are bad and their karmas are good but one doesn’t know the absolute truth. Only when one attains the absolute truth, one can clearly understand that all of one’s beliefs are nothing but darkness and will drop those beliefs instantly. There are so many false beliefs that people have created, but even then people choose to believe in them. This is why I ask you and those who are new here, not to believe what I say , but keep your brains open like a scientist. If you believe in you own well-being and when you believe that it is your responsibility to look after the well- being of the world , you will awaken with that sense of responsibility and will realize that we must understand and believe only in the absolute truth.

Many foreigners came to India for centuries but we did not take them seriously. Their ways were not acceptable to us. We did not find anything to learn from them except, may be, English language. Even Mahatma Gandhi who led the revolution (of Indian Freedom) emphasized that we must be completely dedicated and faithful to our country and our culture. It was not a question of religion such as Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians but we had the blessings of this culture, which is now getting lost. I notice advertisements of wine and liquor on television these days. Earlier we could not even imagine this. Someone asked me how does one say ‘cheers’ when wine is served on the table. I replied, “we never keep wine on our tables”.

However now, people consider drinking as a gentlemanly conduct and everyone wishes to be a gentleman. This is why I am advising if you become a gentleman, you will have to become an Indian again. What is the need to be a so-called gentleman if you have to come back here?

Especially the type of Indians I have seen abroad, they appear like uprooted trees. They do not come to Sahaja Yoga at all and even if they do, they disappear after few days. It is only because of our great traditions that Sahaja Yoga is decorated.

Sahaja Yoga remains decorated because we kept our belief in all the great sages and incarnations. I do not want you to believe that this great work has been done only by me. Sahaja Yoga has been in our country since ancient times. Markanday Swamy who was born 14000 years ago here spoke of the Kundalini.

There has been a discussion about Kundalini everywhere. However, it was possible only between one Guru and one disciple. It was concealed in such a way that one Guru would have only one disciple. In the 12th century, Gyaneshwar took the permission of his Guru and wrote everything about the Kundalini in the 6th chapter of his book Gyaneshwari. But the so called protectors of religion. discouraged people from reading it proclaiming it as forbidden, since they themselves did not know much about it. This is how the knowledge was suppressed again. Then in the 16th century, Guru Nanaka , Kabira and several saints of Maharashtra clearly described about the Kundalini , and that man’s benevolence and ascent is not possible without the awakening of Kundalini. (But) several tantrikas arose and claimed knowledge about the Kundalini. People started hovering around them. When I came to this earth, I found that most people are in a state of turmoil and disturbed. For instance, my own father was an extremely pure soul, even my mother never told a lie. I have seen such people.

Our country became distracted after independence and people started getting influenced by money. The country that was sustaining itself with the blessings of great saints and sages had now started functioning on money. Money is not a blessing of Lakshmi, it is something weird. On the other hand, let me tell you about those countries that are considered affluent. I notice the influence of those countries coming to ours. You don’t know that even the westerners are still immature in their growth. For example, a woman there may have married eight times. In our country, no one would look up to such a woman. A woman who married the eight time attracted a crowd of over 5000 people who just wanted a glimpse of her. 10 helicopters were flying around with people jumping from these, trying to take pictures and falling on trees and on people on the ground. I would say even in a city like Delhi, not more than two persons would stop by to witness such a sight. There is something still righteous within us. So why do we run after those who are imprudent in their actions? There is a lady who once said she would give people a shawl that is vibrated and spiritual. How can a shawl (piece of cloth) be spiritual? Surprisingly, people started following her.

Without understanding the innate religion, how can one follow such people? There is nothing to learn from them. People innocently start running after people who produce objects and things using tricks. These are baseless things. These people (who play tricks) are crazy about money. In some advanced countries, a woman can enter into prostitution for money. How can the Creator bless a place where the women become so unrighteous. No one is leading a comfortable in those places (advanced countries) either. Everyone is after money and everyone is burdened with loans because things are so expensive there. Several members of parliament too are in jail for money related acts. It will become like this here as well. People are fooled to extract money. A woman’s modesty has no meaning if money is everything. Only devils will be born in such places. Even children kill their parents there. A woman in order to make money, killed her two children by drowning them.

We must be watchful where our attention is. I am surprised looking at advertisements and how women dress up in them. We have such a beautiful country . Why are you running away living behind such an enriched country.

I had to say these things today because our mental state is not stable anymore. We just don’t understand. Being born in a great country like India is the result of punyas (good deeds) of several lives. Even if the meaning of punyas has been lost, it is still those punyas that will save the day for you.

Whatever manifestations we see of Sahaja Yoga today, these are because of you and not me because you have accepted Sahaja Yoga whole heartedly. I witness it spreading in the whole environment. I see that the times are transforming and it is through all of you, that the love of God is getting established.

In order to understand anything, we must first understand what we want. It is important to realize that we are not the mind, body, ego or emotions. We are only the pure spirit. It is no longer difficult to find the pure spirit (within ourselves). It is very easy. Saha means ‘with’ and Ja means ‘born’. It is that right to get realization which is born with you.

We must get it and attain the final milestone of our lives. When in the state of Yoga, that union is established with the all-pervading power of God’s creation, we are no longer individuals but we become one. This power of love (God’s Love) is the truth. People ask me how can love be the truth?

If you love someone, do you not know everything about that person? When you get to this truth, it showers upon you as love. People often believe that it is better to think twice before approaching a truthful person because such people can sometimes be difficult (to approach). But this love of God, which is nothing but the truth, brings us all the blessings. One may think that one has committed so many mistakes but if you have come to seek the truth, all mistakes are forgiven. One may say that one has problems. All the problems will be resolved. Even the biggest of problems are solved so easily that one is completely surprised how did those problems get resolved without doing anything.

It is an amazing thing when you receive the blessings, you are protected. One lady came to me and said she was full of fears but later she said I have completely forgotten what fears are. As the saying goes that truth can never be destroyed, this is true. If you are standing on the truth then you do not have to fear anyone. You are no longer afraid to speak the truth. It is because of this truth that you are blessed. I receive so many letters every day where people state how many blessings and miracles they have witnessed. This is not a miracle but this is the love of God, your Father. Every father wants his son to sit on His seat. Similarly God loves you and His love is so powerful that no other power can match it. We should have that space in our hearts to be worthy of accommodating His power. It is through you as a medium, that many miracles have happened and shall continue happening. You don’t know yourselves so far. You can know yourself through Sahaja Yoga. The moment you realize this, the all-pervading power starts manifesting in your fingers. This are not merely words but it actually happens. Until the time it happens, you will continue to remain restless (in life). If anyone asks you to chant something, you start chanting it. Will anything happen by mere chanting?

One must receive it (vibrations), on fingers. It is possible to find which chakras are caught up (on fingertips) through this self-knowledge. If you make use of this self-knowledge , you can get rid of any illness and solve any problem. All the problems are because of chakras.

You start speaking the language (of chakras). One gentleman said to me, “Mother my Agnya is caught up”. What he meant was that he is consumed by ego. Will anyone say something like this? When you speak the language of chakras, you detach yourself (from your ego and conditionings).

Once you are able to understand and correct yourself, you can then understand and correct others (their chakras) as well. When you understand this and correct (cure) others (their chakras), they will also be realized and become alright.

This is how Sahaja Yoga will propagate. It is beautifully established in 65 countries today. No fights or misunderstanding, such beautiful friendships and no desires whatsoever, just pure joy. When I was coming here, I missed my flight. I boarded another flight. Many people were upset at the airport but others (Sahaja Yogis) were instead in joy, singing and having fun, They made an occasion out of it.

So far, we have mostly experienced either differences or attachments with others. At other times we also feel proud and believe we are something. All of these drop off (after Sahaja Yoga) and you evolve into such beautiful personalities that you become the source of love.

But I will not hide this from you. While it is very easy to receive self-realization and experience it, unless we go deeper in this understanding, the tree (of Sahaja Yoga) will not grow and its benefits will not reach many. If you truly believe that India should not deteriorate further into Kalyuga but rather Satayuga (the age of truth) should be established , then all of you must go deeper (in your awareness). Until the foundation has been strengthened, how will you realize the benefits of this truth?

You will be surprised that it is possible (to establish Sahaja Yoga) in this country. Probably we are a little poor, but are the rich happy? Probably we do not have many resources but what we have is the light of our spirits. The whole world can be yours if that depth can be achieved. In the year 1942, I worked with people relentlessly. I was quite small. My parents gave away their wealth and property for India’s freedom. Such a movement never happened again. In the same manner, if you have to get your freedom (within), you have to work hard like those times. But now you do not have to forgo your money or wealth, you do not have to fast or go to the Himalayas or shave your heads.

You can continue to be the way you are, without giving up your families or household. Just hold on to yourselves. I say this because Indians do not realize how powerful they can be (spiritually). If you understand this , seek this and establish this, then India will attain tremendous glory and beauty.

And all the sources of filth that are here, will disappear. When this inner (individual) cleansing happens, collective cleansing will also happen simultaneously. All the physical, mental and spiritual problems will be resolved. You will attain a higher place in your life. You will dissolve into the ocean of joy. Many people understand the concept of happiness and sorrow. When there is happiness in our lives, our pride (ego) also elevates. When the ego falls, we feel sorrow. Therefore, happiness and sorrow are merely two aspects of the same thing. But joy is eternal and only one. In that joy, you just witness the whole creation (in detachment).

It is not possible or appropriate to explain all the benefits in one lecture. But you must seek it, receive it, understand it and grow in it. So many people have assembled here today but it is difficult to say how many will grow into Sahaja Yoga. However one who is determined, will easily go across. It is a humble request that you must become determined. If you experience the awakening of your Kundalini today, you must grow into the experience and extend the same experience and benefits to others too.

It has been explained in today’s lecture (earlier) what is Kundalini and the (subtle) system . Even this is for mental consumption. Sahaja Yoga is beyond mental understanding. Even what I have explained now is understood mentally. One has to go beyond mental (thinking) and it takes very little time in India. It is surprising even in Delhi, Sahaja Yoga is getting established.

I earnestly wish that you appreciate that Mother has requested something from us and we will get to it with determination. There is no thought process, debate or science to be discussed here. It is above and beyond these things. I just want you to know it, experience it and validate it properly. If you find it to be the truth, then it is such a great thing.

This work used to happen earlier as well. I have worked out and shown how this can be worked out at a collective level. However, collectivity does not mean that quantity should go up and quality should suffer.

(Mother says in English) : I am sorry I have to speak in Hindi Language because if most of them knew English language, I would have spoken in English language. But some of them do not know (English language). They have come from villages and smaller places. I hope you people will not mind. You have listened to so many of my lectures much more than all these people so please forgive me.

(In Hindi) : I have said this all-pervading power of Almighty forgives everyone. This is an ocean of love. It is also the ocean of knowledge and blessings. But most importantly, it is the great ocean of forgiveness. All your mistakes are forgiven today. You must be pleasantly placed towards yourselves. It is less in our country, but people have a tendency to feel guilty more often abroad. I am surprised sometimes they feel guilty for something that is happening in another part of the world. What has happened is over. What is the point of feeling guilty now. By feeling guilty, this chakra catches (Mother shows left Vishuddhi). One ends up with angina and spondylitis and many other illnesses. What is the point of feeling guilty then? Mother loves all her children. Secondly, you must forgive others too. You don’t do anything whether you forgive or don’t forgive. But if you don’t forgive, you play at the hands of others. What is the point of remembering someone who has troubled you? Why not remember God instead. It (not forgiving) only increases our anger and problems. Just don’t think about it. Simply forgive everyone. First forgive yourselves and then forgive others. Nothing else is to be done.

If you are wearing shoes, please take them off. Please raise both your hands up (towards Mother). All of you must do it. If anyone does not desire, they may leave as this is not forced on anyone. This Kundalini is your pure desire and if you do not have the desire then She (Kundalini) will not rise. She is your Mother, everyone’s Mother and She knows everything about you and She is very keen to give you, your (second) birth.

Now with the right hand raised, bend your head and see if you can experience cool breeze coming from your fontanel bone (crown) on top of the head. Please bend your heads. See if you experience cool or warm breeze coming out from the top of the head. One will experience warm breeze if one has not forgiven (themselves or others). Bring the left hand closer to the fontanel area . Some may even experience it slightly higher (on top of the head).

Now place the left hand towards me and bend the head downwards. Check with the right hand this time if you experience cool or hot breeze coming from fontanel bone area. If it is not, this means you have not forgiven others and you have not forgiven yourself.

Now bring the right hand in front of me (Mother). Check with your left hand (again) if you experience any cool or warm breeze on the top of the head. Bring it close (to top of the head) and take it far (from top of the head).

Now raise both the hands towards the sky. Bend the head backwards. Here, ask one of the three questions.

(First question): Mother is this the power of Gods’ Love? Ask three times in your heart.

(Second question): Mother is this Param Chaitanya?

(Third question): Mother is this the Rooh (the spirit)?

Ask any one of these three questions in your heart, three times.

(Mother in English)

(First question): Mother is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?

(Second question): Mother is this the All-Pervading power of Divine Love?

(Third question): Mother is this Param Chaitanya?

Ask any one of these three questions in your heart, three times.

Now place your hands toward Me. And don’t think.

In your journey of Sahaja Yoga ahead, you will realize that you attain thoughtless awareness first. It was earlier considered very difficult to experience. Then, you will attain doubtless awareness.

You will soon become experts. Within one month, you can unite with your Mother (Kundalini).

Now those who have experienced the coolness or warmth on their fingers, at the base of the palm or on top of the head , may raise their hands. (Everyone raises hands)

(Mother says) It appears the whole of Delhi has received it (self-realization).

I bless all the children. Please respect your self-realization. You have now arrived on the path of saints. Wherever I conduct a public program, you must surely come.

We don’t charge any money for this. So, we cannot build big places(to meditate). Whatever small places we have, you must come there and awaken in collectivity. This experience is to be worked out collectively. It does not work out individually. Please meet collectively and meditate together. It does not require a long time. You can meditate at home but meditate collectively as well.

All the seekers must humbly come and receive it.

Thank you.