Public Program – Paise Ke Peeche Daur

Noida (India)

1994-11-30 Public Program - Paise Ke Peeche Daur, Noida, India (Hindi), 40'
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1994-12-03 Qawwalis New Delhi NITL-RAW, 183'
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1994-11-30 Public Program Hindi Noida NITL-RAW, 122'
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Public Program – Paise Ke Peeche Daur, Noida, India (Hindi), 30.11.1994

Translation from Hindi:

My salutations to all those saints, who are seeking the truth. Because of the several virtues of the previous birth, human seeks the truth. While seeking the truth he doesn’t know, (later on), he doesn’t know what exactly the truth is. But from within him, a very powerful feeling awakens, espacially in foreign countries. This feeling flickers from within, which wriggles from within, some peculiar strong desire like this is found in them. These are the seekers from previous birth. These people search the truth in mountains and caves. And this is mentioned in our scriptures that, in this terrible age of vices, people who are seeking their Spirit in the mountains and caves, will come to this world, in the form of householders, and these householders only will achieve the knowledge of the Spirit. This is the destiny.

In the text named “Nadi Granth” which was written by “Bhrigu Muni”, it is very clearly mentioned that in this era of vices (Kali Yuga), you will attain the Spirit. That is why you find that a large number of people have taken birth in this era of vices, although, this era is so terrifying that, even to desire to be born in this era is very surprising. But the only reason people have taken birth in this era is to gain knowledge of the truth. But after taking birth, they forgot why they had taken their birth, what was the reason behind it. In this kind of world where theft, cheating, decoity and all kinds of black market occupations, all kinds of violence, all kinds of mischieves are prevailing, to take birth in this era of all vices, is really terrific.

The effect of this era (Kali Yuga), is more on foreign countries, than you all. We sit here and think that people abroad are very comfortable, and if we go to two foreign countries we will be very happy. It is nothing like that. The circumstances prevailing there cannot be explain at all. Such dirty situations, such lowly people have taken birth there. Like I told you yesterday that a lady, put her two small children in the car and drowned them, and told everyone that some man came and took the children, killed them and she made money out of that. only made money. This craze for money which has begun, if it is not supported with moral laws, wonder what may happen? Before this the time was such that, people worried about “who won how many countries”, “which place can one rule”? Hitler came and put a fullstop to this.

After Hitler, people were a bit in shock, that it is so terrific that whenever you try to acquire some power or run after power, some or other trouble arises there. By running after the power, many people died, and many vanished. And because of this, people became cautious that they should not run behind power anymore. By running behind power, the condition of the people has become so bad that many people died in the process, and many children became orphans, and all the precious principles of the world went down the drains.

So now it did not seem right to run after power. So, the next thing came up that, ‘run after money’. After this, people started running after money. And while doing this, they never thought of anything else, there is no harmony. No one thinks whether it is right to do this or not, but just go behind the money. Even if the sister’s pride is to be sold, even if mother has to be on streets, even if parents have to be thrown out, anything can be done, as long as money is in destiny. In our country, in the name of money, many surprising things happen and this way the whole society runs after money. In foreign countries, the situation is worse.

I was in London also. There, on television I saw that, a girl who was14-15 years old, who used to dance in a hotel, was caught by the police. The police took the girl to her parents and told them she is a minor and she is earning money doing this job. Parent said we have no objection in this, she earns money and brings home, what more do we need? And they (parents) understand this. So, the police thought, if the parents have no objection then what can we do?

Slowly, these immoral deeds are growing so much in foreign countries that one feels surprised, how these things are happening, not secretly but very openly, and I cannot explain to you the filthiness of it. So, when you are behind money, then you start following a different path. And because of this, the worst thing will be, the human will do worse things than an animal. If he gets money by doing that work he will be ready to do that. A person who doesn’t have principles within him, who doesn’t have the fear of God, can go to what extent, is something worth watching. I had told earlier in secunderabad that the principles of Muslims, principles of Christians, and that of yogis is only for namesake. In Christian religion, Jesus-Christ has told that if you commit a sin with one eye, then remove that eye. And the sin means, if a man looks at a woman even twice, that is considered to be a sin. So, you remove your one eye. And the second time, remove the other eye also. If your hand does any sin, then cut off your hands. Till date I have not seen any Christian with a cut hand. Because people cannot do this. Who will accept that  “yes, I have done a mistake so cut my hand”.

So, then Mohammad Sahab, who was the person with high principles, he wouldn’t know about the human condition, said that if you commit a sin, others will cut your hand. If you steal things, then others will cut your hand. Apart from this, Jesus-Christ had told for women that if a woman looks at a man with adulterous eyes, then she should be burried in the ground, and she should be beaten with stones. This is a very tough principle. I don’t think anyone can follow this principle. It is very difficult.

You may say that you are Muslim, or Christian but you are not. And the third type of people are Yogis. The “Shariya”, (The law in Islam) was made for them. But they said this is beyond our capacity, so give it to Muslims. So, this is how Shariya was given to Muslims.

Now comes Hindu religion. In Hindu religion a very subtle thing was told that within every human being, the spirit resides. The same god, the only God, resides inside the heart of every human being. If this is true, then how did the caste and creed arise? this dispute of cast and creed has spread to the extent that the election also take place according to the caste system. Now, for the cast (jathi) it is told that ” ya Devi Sarva bhuteshu jaati rupena samsthita”. The meaning of Jathi is  “which is your stage? What is your growth?

Where is your inclination. If you are inclined towards God then you are considered to be a Brahmin. Whoever was inclined towards the power was called as “kshatriya”. Whoever was inclined towards the trade was called “baniya” or “vysya”. Whoever was inclined towards doing small services was called as “shoodra”. This is a matter of inclination. Not that, who is somebody’s son. For example, a brahmin’s son is a brahmin. It is not possible at all. Nowadays brahmins are ruling like Rajputs (rulers).[inaudible line]. But still they are proud of their cast. Still people have lot of trust over their cast. He belongs to this caste, he belongs to that cast, he does this work, he does that job. His cast should be known. Whatever work he does, his cast should be known. And on the basis of cast dog fight, riot, everything happens. I tell you, all these are completely against the Hindu religion, absolutely. There are more examples of this.

Krishna, whom did he choose to write his Gita? Vyasa. Vyasa muni. Who was Vyasa? Vyasa was the son of a fisherwomen, and that too, an illegitimate child. She was not a married lady. A son born to this kind of a lady was made the cause by him (Krishna) to write such a great scripture like Gita. Shri Rama met a tribal woman, perhaps you must have seen a (bhilni), tribal person. These people belong to Madhya Pradesh and are very ignorant people. Sri Rama ate, that kind of an old women already tasted berries. He not only ate them, but also described them and gave them to his wife saying, “You also eat them, they are so tasty”. Lakshman ji also agreed to eat them. Shri Krishna used to go to Vidur’s house and eat food. Vidur was a “daasi Putra”, (son of a female slave). But he was a Realized soul. He (Krishna) used to eat his food in his (Vidur’s) house but not in Duryodhana’s.

Today there are people in front of us, who would not mind, going and licking the boots of so-called ministers, however bad they may be. They do not have any respect for their own. Can this be the Hindu religion? this is how the Hindu religion also has become junk. As far as other religions are concerned, I would say I was very proud of them (Sikhs) once upon a time, but when I went to London, I was astonished to see the Sikhs. Drinking liquor is completely prohibited in Sikhs. Absolutely. One Sikh called me to his house for lunch. We climbed the stairs and reached the landing when we heard them asking in their language, “Ye hai jii sadda pub, kaun si piyoge”. Meaning ‘what would you like to drink?’ We said, “Forgive us dear brother, we don’t drink”. All of them drink there. Then we were called to an association here and told us the Sikhs there, were refusing to wear helmets. they were saying ” how can anyone go without a helmet, if they fall some where they will be hurt”. So, the minister asked me what is the remedy for this. I told him “there is a very beautiful remedy for this”. Tell them, whichever Sikh doesn’t consume liquor will be allowed to go without helmet because he is blessed by God, that he does not drink. But if he drinks then he will have to wear helmet because he is not protected. surprisingly, not a single person came forward.

So, by this it is very obvious that whichever religion you follow, it should be awakened within you. Whatever we see from outside as dharma or religion is not religion at all because we can commit any sin that way. We can do any wrong thing. Sahaja means which is born within you. This union, which is all around you, happens when you unite with the power of God’s love. It is nothing like I am telling you something new. In sikhism Gurunanaka, Kabira all have told this. For Hindus, God knows how many saints and sages were born. They have told so many subtle things but no one is awakened in that religion. But they claim we belong to this religion, that religion etc. same situation with Christians also, and what can be said about Muslims? They are fighting among themselves, killing one another.

I went to Indonesia, and Tanzania. I thought even half of these people will survive or not? Can this be any religion? Then what is Dharma or religion? Religion is form of Spirit, which is truth, which is pure and which is real. The religion which is within us can be awakened only with the awakening of Kundalini. Only in the light of that, one can become religious. Now when you have become religious, then what is the need to cut your eyes, what is the need to cut your hands? What is the need to face any kind of problem, when you yourself are enlightened? You are standing in your own splendour. This splendour, which is in dorment state within you, will be awakened. Then whatever all these people have said (all the saints), you will know them, that it is present within us and flowing inside us. And the light from this is spreading everywhere.

What are the advantages of Sahaja Yoga? What can I say about that? But the greatest thing is people have achieved infinite marvels. They have achieved all kinds of health, happiness, joy and peace. The children who were not studying properly, have become so clever that they have started getting first grade. The kind of people, about whom people used to tell me that are  very bad, have become saints.

If the world has to be changed, then the people in it should change. And Sahaja Yoga is the only way by which you ascend spiritually and you reach a state, where you are called saints. It is not like, you are saints and you are doing wrong things. You will be transformed by yourself. Your heart opens up, and countless blessings of the God starts flowing on you. You, yourself dont understand, “What is happening to me?”

Supposing, you take the television to a village, where there is no electricity and if they are told, that in this television many photos can be seen, and you can watch films, then they will say you have come from city and are you taking us for a ride, it is just a box? we also think it as a box but when it is connected to the mains, then we understand what exactly is that. Just like this, God has made you very subtle.

Within you, he has created all the chakras very beautifully. And, he has created all the procedures by which you can attain the Spirit. For that, where is need to pay any money. Look here, all these flowers have blossomed so beautifully. And do you ever think how did this come, where did this come from? It is a miracle that this land has given you such beautiful flowers, all in different shapes, sizes and different colours. Is this not surprising? Who performed these live actions? The same eternal action which is done by the God’s love, is achieved by you. And after you have attained this, you yourself will see that you get enlightened. For example, a lamp which is not lit does not have any importance. But when the same lamp is lit, then the same lamp can enlighten many lamps.

Today I was being told that Sahaja Yoga is growing fast in Noida. very happy to hear that. This means, people here are especially sensitive that, they have accepted Sahaja Yoga so fast. I have hopes that you all will understand Sahaja yoga fully. It is very easy. But not with your mind but by your heart. When a person gets into it wholeheartedly, then he settles down in this and he starts enjoying this. I have already told you about Kundalini, and this kundalini is present within you and she is your own individual mother. You do not know about this kundalini that she knows everything about you and she is very anxious that you attain your resurrection. You will not face any problems due to this. No problems at all. As your mother faces all the problems herself while giving birth to you, similarly Kundalini takes all the troubles upon herself and pushes you in the ocean of joy where you find yourself lost. As a drop becomes the ocean, then who is the other one remaining? You can clear your chakras, and you can clear other’s chakras. You become an epitome of peace, a source of peace and wander in this world.

And above all, Sahaja Yoga is happening in 65 countries and this kind of love, friendship and this kind of joy, You will not find in any other society. This blessing is your own right. To attain this is your right. because of this whatever shortcomings you have within you will clear out, the only thing is, you have to know yourself. “What mistakes I have done, What mistakes have I been doing”? You don’t have to demean yourself for this, you don’t have to make yourself unhappy, but you should pay attention about the mistakes you have committed. And now that you have come here, all your mistakes will be destroyed by the All-pervading power of God’s love which is spread all around you. Because this All-pervading power of God’s love which is spread all around is an ocean of love, ocean of joy, ocean of knowledge, but above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. So, all of you forgive yourself. And you forgive others also. Time and again, I have told you, whether you forgive or not what do you do? You do nothing. But if you don’t forgive, then you cheat yourself, trouble yourself and play in other’s hands. What is the use of this? This is a myth. Why are you troubling yourself for this myth? So, you should not even think of people who have troubled you or bothered you. Just at one time, from your heart say that, “I have forgiven everyone, Mother, forgiven everyone”. You will feel very light. And the second thing is, this cannot be forced on anyone. For the Self-realization, you have to accept it yourself. In your heart, you should have the desire that, “Mother, at any cost, I should get my Self-realization. Mother, give me my Self-realization”. I cannot force this upon you. Because you are independent. And I completely respect your freedom.

Whoever does not want Self-realization, may kindly go out and oblige. Because why should you trouble whoever wants it? Whoever wants to go out can do so. No one is hurt by this process. And you feel the experience within 5-10 minutes. After that it is essential that you grow in the collectivity. I have been very busy myself in so many things. I was thinking of coming to the camp and talking to you but somehow it never worked out. I hope you are all very comfortable and happy. Very happy to see you all here. such a, such a good meeting, really my heart gets filled up with such joy to see all of you coming from [inaudible words].

May god bless you all.

Now all of you have to extend your hand towards me like this. You are born in this India. This has happened because of your great virtues. You do not know that this is a holy land, and you all are sitting in this sacred land, so it is very easy to give you self-realization. But don’t have any doubt in your mind that “how will I get Self-realization, how will I achieve it, I am such a bad person”, don’t think any such thing. Be cheerful towards yourself.

Now keep your right hand towards me, and bend your head, and check with your left hand that cool breeze is coming out of your crown or not. Cool or hot. Please bend your head, and see for yourself with your left hand if there is a cool or hot breeze is coming here. If it is hot, that means you have not forgiven yourself or you have not forgiven others. If the hot breeze is coming, it means that either you have not forgiven yourself or you have not forgiven others. Check with your head bent. Don’t doubt. From inside your head cool or hot breeze will come. It will come from your fontanelle bone which is called as Brahmarandhra. From that fontanelle bone this breeze will come.

 Now keep your left hand towards me. And bend your head again. And check with your right hand if cool or hot breeze is coming from your fontanelle bone. Sometimes this breeze comes near the head and sometimes away from the head. Please see with your right hand on top of your fontanelle bone area, if a cool or hot breeze coming in. Please bend your heads. Now, right hand, again. Bend your head properly and check. Please bend your head properly and see with your left hand now if there is cool or hot breeze coming from your head. Whenever if it is hot, you should forgive yourself and forgive others. If hot breeze is coming, then it is essential that you forgive yourself and forgive others. Sometime breeze comes near the Crown and sometimes far away from the crown. Now. Now please raise both your hands. Raise both your hands up and bend your head backwards. Put back your head in the sense that towards the sky. Now ask one question three times. Anyone question. ” mother, is this the all-pervading power of divine Love”? Second question ” mother, is this the cool breeze of holy ghost”? Third question ” mother, is this the rooh”?  Please ask one of these three questions three times. “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holi ghost”? First question. Second question ” mother is this the all-pervading power of divine love”? Third question ” mother, is this the param Chaitanya, rooh”? Ask any one of these questions three times. Now put down your hands. Now bring down your hands. Again, keep both your hands towards me. Please  again put both the hands higher than before. put your hands like this a little higher, look at me and become thought less. Just become thoughtless. This is the thoughtless state which we consider as first stage. first position. The second one is doubtless state (nirvikalpa Samadhi), in which a human becomes a complete sahaja Yogi. Thoughtless awareness is the first stage of Your ascend, and the second one is the doubtless awareness, where you become a master of sahaja Yoga.

Now whoever is getting cool or hot breeze from the fingers, centre of the palm or from the Crown, put up your hands. All those who are feeling cool or hot breeze out of their hands, out of their palm, out of their fontanelle bone area, please raise both your hands. My salutations to you all. Now all of you have become saints. Your become saints so fast. This is an amazing thing of Noida. All of you have become self-realized. Now you go home and enjoy the bliss of this. This is a collective work. And in a collective work, it is essential that you attend the centres. It should not happen like, you come today because I am there, and vanish tomorrow. Then you will come and tell I got this disease and that disease. everything is meant for you, all you have to do is come to centre, learn this completely and master this.

Now, Sahaja Yoga spreading fast here. It’s not known what will happen next year. I am drowning very much in happiness and in joy. And I don’t understand what to say. The way you all have all understood and accepted Sahaja Yoga, is a very big fortune for me.

                                                       My infinite blessing to you all.