Public Program – Satya Ki Khoj

Faridabad (India)

1994-12-02 Public Program - Satya Ki Khoj, Faridabad, India (Hindi), 44'
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Public Program – Satya Ki Khoj, 21 february 1994

Translation from Hindi:

Jai Ganesh Sri Ganesh Jai Sri Mataji

I bow to all seekers of truth. Today, the search for truth is in full swing. Besides our Country, other countries are also in search of truth in full swing. But while searching for truth, we  do not know the actual matter which has to be searched. Groping in darkness, we do not know which wrong path we are taking. While searching for truth, my advice to the seeker is not to trust anybody , including me, with blind faith. Blind faith may cause losses. Many eminent people came to world and gave important advice. People started spreading blind faith and because of this, they got lost.  People started fighting with each other, and as a result, humanity has gone down. All great incarnations, great gurus, and munis clearly mentioned that you identify yourself and realise about your Atma,  (another matter which is most important).  Without understanding yourself, you do not know what you are.  Another thing which is very important is this. Prem shrushti which has spread all over is explained in various ways, like in Bible, it is mentioned as cool breeze of Holy Ghost. In Quran it is called as Rooh, in every discipline, it is described as Chaitanya. What  is spread in all four corners, is called as Shrushti. The meaning of this is that we should achieve one thing from all . This is our foremost important duty. Meaning of this is that we should achieve a higher level from that of human level. Now, we are at human level and we have to raise to the next higher level, being called as Yogi, Budh, evolved soul or realised soul.  Message, which is said in various forms, contain the same meaning that you should attain the inner knowledge. The word Nastik , which came from the letter NA from the word Nastik.  Previously, Christians used to be addressed as Nastik, which made them revengeful and they would indulge  in destruction.

Now the question before us is this inner knowledge is of which form? God Almighty has created in a beautiful  way this entire Shrishti. You cannot get a better creator than God Almighty.

If you have to travel by plane, there is a way to go, and in between you are having an open route to pass. In similar manner, God Almighty has given you a mid-way to pass through. In order to pass through this mid-way, he has made an arrangement, which is called as KUNDALINI. Just like in  mike,unless the wire is connected to the main, mike  is of no use. In the same manner, unless our relationship is connected with

Param Shakti, we are not perfect. From  morning to evening if we only eat, sleep  and If some body pampers  our ego, we feel we have achieved something big and great.  On the other hand if our our ego gets hurt , we feel sad. The reason for this is that  we have not yet  recognised our real self. We do not know our strength, and what we are able to achieve in our life, is not known to us.

There is no morality in science. It is simply science. We can only see what is actually visible to our eyes. It does not say what our Dharma is, and what is human dharma .  And that is why so many battles took place, like Hiroshima. When we look at Dharma, we see that there are many pakhandis.  As and when they come out of jail, we observe that they have become something great , and innocent people go after them, without even thinking about their authenticity. It requires a lot of boldness and artificial  strength to attract people to their side. First of all such people are not afraid of God Almighty, and secondly, in order to make money, they resort to various types  of unholy methods. And, surprisingly some innocent people also run after them in a mad rush and fall prey to such bad people.  It is not the mistake of the innocent, because they are only trying to seek the Almighty.  Being seekers,they do not suspect anything      wrong. Ultimately how many people fall prey to such wrong people and how many try to come out of their clutches, is not known. Like in Nagpur, one person came  and  announced that he will dig the earth and the water will come out. It so happened that the water did come out, but it was later found out that it was from the hidden water  connection. In this manner , innocent people are getting mesmerised by some body or the other , who is fooling them  by bringing precious  things like diamonds from  Switzerland. In our country, our people are so innocent that they start cheering such people.  If  there is no miracle to see, it is said that this group  belongs to this dharma or that dharma and there are only arguments to prove the authenticity of the person’s  so called dharma. We can help the  seekers irrespective of  whichever Dharma they belong to. Now, I tell  you about  Jesus Christ. What did he know  about people, thinking that  they are  Sadhu, Sant. And in Bible, Chapter V, it is said that if you see a woman  with ill will, even with one eye , your one eye will be removed, and if you  still continue , the other eye also will be removed. Then they said that similarly if right hand indulges in any bad act,  it will be cut and the same is for left hand also. I have seen only one eye being taken out.

After that, Mohammad Sahib came and he was more strict than all others mentioned above and said that this is all for males. He said that if you see any woman doing such things, you just dig a pit and put the woman in that. Now if such a thing were to be done in America, they would have  been just buried.

High class people are of no use to us. They are stars in the sky. We cannot have any relationship. with them . Nothing can be done about it.

Then came Mohammad Saheb . He said whosoever looks at ladies with bad intention, just remove his eyes and put him in a dugged  pit. Now if you see this rule in America, they will be just buried.

Where is this world going , to whom are we speaking, we do not know anything about it . The world is so confusing.We actually do not know what we are doing, whom we are talking to. Rules and regulations are made, but not knowing how it will work out. Gurunanak Sahib made certain rules , which were very stringent as nobody would admit that they made mistakes, and if caught, they would face punishment. After making these rules also, people remained as before.  In the beginning, Isa Masiha  said that the sinner should take his own eyes. But Mohammad Saheb said  no body will do this. He said you do not do anything , people  only will remove eyes and  throw them.

In this world, so much is happening, no body is aware. But , being a mother I understand  what the matter is. Man is sitting in darkness  and he is being told about all these atrocious things. But, when and how the man wii react to  all this.  And, if he is told to cut his hands, he will agree. Some things were told to Yahudis and they followed  and later they stopped it. But Muslims took it over.

Then came  shariat of Muslims. Moses  had told about  Yahudis. He told them to  be away from this. He said that this was not for them. I  have understood  that this type of action was not for Muslims, and nobody can pressurise such things. If Dharma isimposed on people, it will not go far. Dharma should be inborn and that is Sahaj  Yoga . In Sahaj Yog, your Kundalini gets activated.  Kabir Sab and Nanak Sab , Ramdas  Swami  have all written on kundalini. Sri Ramdas Swamy  and even  Markandeya Swami  have also written on Kundalini. But inspite of all the above, Kundalini yoga could not spread.  Sit and sing songs, accompanied  with chimes. They would be standing on their heads,  and did not know what all they attempted  to do in the process. Because, some people resorted to onlyPeople should be naturally connected with God Almighty and we should not do anything abruptly. If somebody just takes  the name of Swamiji, we immediately rush to touch the feet of Swamiji and this is not proper. Many people have fallen prey to various things for no fault of them. It is not their fault  actually, but It is mainly because they are searching for truth and  God Almighty.  For , these seekers have ‘Adhikar to obtain pure Atma’, one should have

Gurunanak Sahib made rules and regulations, which were very strict and stringent.  Also nobody confessed to have committed the crime, because of the fear of having to bear the punishment. Even after making rules and regulations,  people remained as usual.

In the beginning Isa Masiha said that a sinner should take his own eyes.  But Mohammad Sahib said that no body would do this. He said that people only will prick the eyes and throw it.  A lot of things are happening in the world and being a mother I understand  what is  happening. People are in darkness . They are being told about  all the atrocities that are  taking place. But when and how  the man will react to all this?  Man is sitting in darkness. Many atrocious things are being told. But, when and how the man will react to all this. If he is told to cut his hand, he will agree. Same things were told to Yahudis, and they followed it strictly. Mohammad Sab stopped it.

If you impose Dharm on anybody, it will not be taken smoothly.

Dharma should be inborn, and this is the salient feature of Sahajyoga .  Through Sahajyog, Kundalini gets activated naturally. Kabir Sab, Nanak Sab , Ramdas Swamy  and many others have all  written on Kundalini. But, inspite of all the above, the knowledge of Kundalini could not spread much,  because people resorted to only shaving their heads, sitting and singing songs , accompanied with their chimes, without actually knowing the real purpose of search.

In Chicago, in a very cold weather, I saw a one Sant  shivering in cold, wearing  only a thin dhoti. .When I asked him, why he was wearing such a  dhoti in a cold weather , he said that his Guru had told him that he will attain moksha only by wearing dhoti.On hearing this I told him that 80 per cent of our people  in India wear  only dhotis. And if you and sit there, who will identify you . If all start wearing dhotis, how will you find space for all to get a vision of God? Then I asked him, why he had shaven his head, keeping  just a tuft  , which is available bazaar, he said that his Guruji  told him that by doing this, he will get moksha. This formality is undertaken twice a year,  and such devotees occupy first place in following rituals.

But, what is actually important is to realise and note that it is not possible to obtain Moksha by doing all these external activities. One should be  clean from within. With this you will be clean and clear in understanding  and  with that  you will come to know the truth. It is only when your Kundalini gets activated, you are able to get Mokhsh,  because your  inner system gets  purified and negativities get  dissolved and  you will stand firm on your faith and truth inner systems gets purified .You will stand firm on your dharma and truth.

Such purification is essential in current times, because of the  prevailing abnormalities and impurities . Everybody is trying to fight each other in the name of Dharma.

You may  be aware that a cult was found in Switzerland, where a Guruji  beat up about 57  followers  and ran away from there soon after. Some people asked me whether we have any cult like this . False Gurus are alway around. In most of the cases, the mistake is that of followers . People should check up properly before following any cult or Guru. So called Gurus are found having bad qualities, indulging in relationship with women, possessing weapons , spurious drugs , collecting money  in the name of poor, and sending it across the world. One such Guru ran away with  money worth 90,000  Dollars .Whose fault is it .  If you happen to follow  such a person, who has no purity and who loots you, you are only wrong. You only are encouraging him. You now have to understand that you have to be your own Guru, and also you have to obtain Gnana.

I have already told  you about Chakras. People should have no doubt about Chakras. It is a hypothesis and if you are  honest , you will agree to this truth about chakras. With this, you, your family, your surroundings, your country, all are safe and accordingly, the whole world becomes safe and secure.

In order to understand this, as Sri. Ramdas Swamy said, you should have proper people to spread awareness, and the receipient should have proper awareness to learn all this, in  his own interest.

Isa Masiha also said that many people have asked,  who were such people, who happened to be like seeds.  The answer was  they were like seeds , some of which had fallen on mountains, some on martial land, and some seeds got destroyed and few of them fell on marshy  land, and some seeds went into the Earth, which sprouted into plants

Like-wise, there are people who do not settle down , but keep attending lectures  and programmes of various Gurus as and when they come to know about  it , even after having  already attended Sri Mataji’s programme. Such hoppers have no place in Sahaj Yog. When you  reach stay put in one place, a well can be dug and you can gradually see pure clear  water . Sahaj Yoga is meant only for such devotees, who know themselves, who understand others and who are able to reach their destination.

Today there is need for such people, who are not involved in  infighting , quarrels , misunderstanding. Country needs people endowed with pure love and knowledge. In order to  obtain these qualities, one needs to be interested in seeking truth

To day , my coming has been delayed a bit.  Regarding Aatma, I need to tell you something  related to Chakras.  Through fingers, you can also know about the

Chakras  of others, through Sahaj Yoga.  Through Aatma, you can know which chakra is activated.  You can also identify  your problems through chakras and similarly, you can identify the problems of others also, through this Chakras. It is also true that many. Diseases of people, have been cured through Sahaj. Yoga., including like that of Cancer.  There is no doubt about the same. Because, when Kundalini gets activated, it cleanses the chakras and makes it completely vibrant.  It binds them together.  And when it raises upwards, it takes  note of the God Almighty’s presence. On account of this power , we have seen that many Artists, Musicians, have appeared, but none of them had any pride.

Just today, one gentlemen told me that after I bought one sari from his shop, his sales increased, and he wished  that  I would buy more saris from his shop. This  is possible, because there is Lakshmi Tatva in this, and there are many things like this Mind becomes  so purified that one becomes innocent like a  small child. Even when you look at others, you see only  innocence. On account of this, whatever kamukta

You have  inside, whatever disease or illness that may be there , will go away from  mind, and you will become very calm and peaceful when you stop thinking of past  or present. When your kundalini gets activated,  whatever space is there in between  such thoughts, there is Vilamb, and the mind becomes peaceful.  And when we get peace ourselves , we can also give peace to others, and there will be calmness, happiness and peace at such a place and you have such an experience that you are mentally activated. Now the people present here, look like Yogis. They have not told you what has happened, and who has experienced what and what all miracles have taken place . The miracles have lost their existence, like bringing out something from nowhere, and giving the same to you, or making you catch hold of an iceberg, or a mountain and all such wonders. But, the wonders should be such that they  are real, like  what you experience in your life , how your problems get solved,  and so on.  Otherwise, people are made to see miracles, like in movies, and people  start getting used  to it.

Now in Sahaj Yog, you do not see others’ Chamatkar, but see your own. You feel that you were nothing, but now you realise that you have a lot to see and know about  yourself.

Now, I have to tell you so many of you have come here. Now, when I come, you all come and do meditation here. But, what is important to know is that when I go away, how many of you come and do meditation here. In other place like Russia, I have seen that there is not less than 16000 people minimum, and they stay put, and nobody gets disturbed. They are those people, who do not know the existence of God Almighty , whatsoever. They participate in Such a manner, leaving everything else behind.  How is it possible. But this has happened and very greatly. Even the Government of Russia has given award for this. Our Government has not done anything for it. It is a wonder as to their interest in truth, and so many have been sent away. Lastly, I have to say something very interestING. After all this, you get interested in Anand.  Anand is such a thing just like comfort and trouble, which are such friends that they can be visualised. Once, when I was returning from my tour, I reached very late , because of the delayed flight. had become worried and frustrated.  They Said that they were enjoying singing, discussing and keeping themselves occupied.

Now, so far I have not seen any sahaj yogi  quarelling  or feeling bored at any time. So far it has been like that, I do not know  and cannot say about future, they have never complained or never been angry. There is a lot of love. You know people came from various countries, nearly 65 countries. Even  heads from  Muslim countries like Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria and France have also attended Sahaj Programes. There has never been quarrels or competition regarding religious matters. I was so surprised to see the Foriegners , who never before indulged in religious matters,  getting interested about the same. Amidst themselves, they were telling their people not to smoke and , drink , though they are used to it always.  But they gave it up all this for a day. I was really surprised how this happened. But  this showed  that they  became evolved within themselves. Good power got enlightened.

I would  like to advice you to  ignite your Kundalini, but you  cannot impose it on people.  Who ever opts for it , should  be given .  It is shubhechha,  it cannot be forced  on any body. Whoever does not want  it, can be left alone. You do not have to give any money to obtain it. Money does not matter in Sahaj Yoga. This is the strength of love and  how much  can you pay for it.  Whoever desires to come in Sahaj Yoga, may stay here, others can go back.

Please come in and sit down. Please occupy the chairs.  All of you sit down, adjust yourselves , so that all can be accommodated. Yuva Shakti  , please  help people to settle down. Sorry, I have been speaking in Hindi, National Language.  I hope you do not mind. People  feel nice, when  I speak in Hindi  and Marathi, when asked why, they said ,because it  sounds like Mantra.

 Hindus do not even know  that when you are born in Bharat Varsh, it is on account of good deeds of the past  janmas, which you may not even  be aware of.

Please put both your hands towards me. For the Indians I do not have to do all of this exercise. I am sorry. Now keep your right hand towards me. Now bow your head slightly and check with your left hand on the top of your head if any cool breeze is coming from the fontanel bone area. Do not doubt. Either it may be hot or cool air. If it is hot air then please forgive everyone.

 Bow your head slightly. Now keep your left hand towards me and, now bow your head and check with your right hand. Is cool or hot air coming out of the fontanel bone area? It will come from the top of your head.

Now right hand towards me. Again try with your left hand on top of your head. Bow your head. For some it comes when your hand is near the top of the head and for some when it is far. If you are feeling hot air it means either you have not forgiven  yourself or you have not forgiven others. So please forgive now. Forget everything.

 Now raise both your hands with palm facing upwards towards the sky and push back your head slightly upwards towards the sky. Now you should ask one of these three questions:

First question you should ask is – Mother is the all pervading power of the divine love? Ask three times.

 Second question you should ask is – Mother is this the Paramchaitannya?

Third question you should ask is – Mother is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Ask three questions.

Now put down your hands.

Put both your hands towards me. Like this. Now become thoughtless (Nirvichar).

Now whoever felt on their hands, on their fingers or on the center of their palms on one of the hands or both of the hands or on top of the head on the fontanel bone area feeling the hot air or the cool air, please raise both of your hands.

All of you have got your realisation. My namaskars to you all. My namaskars to all the yogis. Lots of blessings.

You have to go deep in this. You should know that today’s Sahana Yoga is Collective. Only keeping my photograph at home will not help. You need to come to the collective. You will only grow in the collective. Otherwise you will not grow. The reason is that this is a collective work. Please pay attention here. This is collective work and it will work out only in collectivity. Everything else is on one side and on other is your spiritual growth. You need to understand this and come.

My blessings to all of you.