Shri Raja Lakshmi Puja: The Goddess which rules the kings

New Delhi (India)

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Shri Rajalakshmi Puja, Nizamuddin Scout Ground, New Delhi (India), 4 December 1994.

[Shri Mataji (in Hindi: Sorry I am late, my granddaughter is a little sick and I stayed back to make her better. First I will speak in English and then in Hindi].

[English Transcript]

Today we are going to worship Rajalakshmi, means the Goddess which rules the kings. It’s a very important thing today to understand that something has basically gone wrong in the working of our political systems and why the people have lost their sense of justice, fair play and the benevolence of the people. Where have we gone wrong that this is being lost?

It’s not only in India, it’s not only in Japan or in England or any other place where we think there is democracy. First and foremost thing is that all these countries, even those who have got their freedom, started following those countries which were supposed to be  highty and mighty and very powerful – like America, like Russia, like China, England – without understanding how far they have reached in delivering the goods that they are supposed to do.

In any case, in a country like England, you see the monarchy, the way it has been working, is shocking, absolutely shocking. The way they have acted towards their ministers, like Cromwell, you feel as if some primitive people are trying to manage something. And the kings so cruel, queens so cruel, so character-less, so irresponsible. They had no character to be kings and queens. There was no surrendering to the Rajalakshmi principle of one’s being.

Then of course, it became independent, and even now I find such stupid things they’re doing. Even in France the president has a keep, they run after money, little money here and there. There are people in every country who are really of very, very low level and who are trying to look after the welfare of the people. Also if you read the history of Samurai and all those people in Japan you are shocked. They thought no end of themselves, they had no connection with the public and the way they behaved.

Then you go to the communist countries also the same sort of thing. There also those who came in power became really like despotic rulers. Then we have on the other side Mr. Hitler who came, thinking no end of himself. Spain, as you know was ruined by Franco. One cannot understand how these people without any character, without any higher qualities than the rest of the people can look after their well-being. It’s impossible!

I should say in our own country we had great kings, very great, because our heritage is great and we had saints who really ruled the kings. Like Shivaji had a guru who was a great saint, everybody. Janaka had a guru. Everybody had a guru. Even Shri Rama had a guru. But they were real gurus! They were the people who really lived the life of saints, they were real saints, inside, outside. And the people also accepted the kings who had spiritual background. Those who respected spiritual people. So, the whole trend in this country was very, very different till sometime.

I don’t know when the English came what happened to them. The majority of the people didn’t like the way the English were living, their style, their methods, they didn’t appreciate. But these king and queens of different states they started feeling that they are very sophisticated people and we should have their culture. And so many of these queens, modern ones, who smoke, who drink, tell Me that it was taught by their governess who came either from Sweden or from England or from Australia. And they picked up these things.

Of course the men also thought that we are very backward, you see, that’s the idea they gave them, “You are very backward people, you don’t know how to smoke, you don’t know how to drink, you have no ballroom dancing,” this that. Even our military got corrupted with it. In the military is all English style things still going on. I don’t know when will they stop. They don’t know anything about our own country. They’ll know about England, and you ask them anything about England they’ll know. The whole education system came through English, but all about England and western life than about Indian life. Nobody ever cared for Indian things, you see. Even in medicine same thing happened. Nobody wanted to listen to any vaidya (ayurveda) or anyone. They thought “Oh, these are useless primitive people, backward!” So even one country, which was really, I should say, had spirituality ruling in the politics also went down like this.

Before independence in this country, I remember, we had to fight the British, and what patriotism people had at that time. I remember once we had gone to see a hockey match, and My father always had a national flag on it, that time it was not national it was congress flag, in the car. So the soldiers came, they said, “Take down this flag!” So My driver got down he said,  “You cut my throat first and then you take down the flag!”. We all children joined him and they were shocked, went back.

Such enthusiasm, such patriotism came at that time when we were fighting these people. But they divided us and created a problem for us. And you know before we could enjoy any fruits of our freedom, we were fighting, we were divided. I don’t know whom to blame for that. If we had not accepted this division, there would have been no problem. But they accepted it.

Now, poor Bangladeshi’s are so, so, so poor. If they were one with India, they would have been much better. And what is Pakistan? It’s just an empty place, you know, no industries, nothing. That’s why they are all the time talking about Kashmir, Kashmir. They have nothing else! [In] their own country people are having fights, this that, but there’s no growth. Now they cut out only this India.

Now here, after all this happening, you know, any war, any kind of crisis like that, immediately changes the value system. Not that in the West there were no value systems, there were, but the war completely changed them in the same way in India also. Politicians, those who lost their lives in the fights, or those who stood for something good were regarded as no ideal. And people took a U-turn, absolutely a U-turn and they became very self-centred, only worried about their own personal things, their families, or maybe accumulation of money and transferring of money from here to Switzerland.

I mean something, I mean I tell you I’ve gone through My life with the people who were fighting, fighting for freedom. I mean they could not even think of these things. I know My father, I know My mother, I know their friends, I know so many people who were in our family used to come, so many Sikhs and so many other people, Muslims even. They could not think of taking any money, I mean it was really regarded as very low-level. For what to take? What is the need? If you are satisfied in your heart of what you wanted, you got, you’ve got your freedom, now finished.

But how these people who were absolutely at the bottom, who did nothing for the country, sacrificed nothing for the country, just came up on top and all the good people went down. If you read the history of Shivaji, or Rana Pratap, or any of them, Shalivahana, anyone, you’ll be surprised how they used to worship Shakti. All the Kshatriyas used to worship Shakti, and they would go up to a point and not beyond. Up to the point till the dharma was there. That history I cannot repeat it to you. But in the subtle way, one feels that this partition suddenly changed the attitude of people, or I should say those who were very low-level they came up. I remember I was here at that time, partition time, and I was married and three people came to Me. I was sitting outside in the garden, knitting something for My child because I was pregnant.

So they came, and they looked at Me and they said, “Can we have one room in your house?” I said, “Why not, I’ve got it. It’s a very big house of My father. I’ll give it to you.” They said, “We need for one or two months. We are refugees.” I said “Alright, and it has an outside door, you need not bother us and there’s also kitchen attached and a bathroom attached. You can do whatever you like.” Just I offered. In the evening My brother came, elder brother, and My husband and both of them were friends and he just started shouting at Me. These people were in the other room.

“What do you mean by keeping such people? Who are they? What will they do?” and this and that. I said, “What will they do?”

“They may steal something from me!”

“So what is there in this house to steal? They are refugees, look nice people to Me.  I have approved them because of vibrations they’re alright.”

“No, no, no, no, no better throw them away!”

I said, Look at these people [my husband and brother], “Without even talking to them, knowing them, suddenly you are asking them to get out only because they are refugees.”

Then I did feel that in this country a new wave had started, that a person is not respected if he has no money, he’s not trusted if you have no money. Actually it is the other way round, those who have money, you better never trust them. And those who don’t have money are much more honest people in this country than the people who have money, who are all cheats practically.

So it happened like this and I said, “No they are going to stay here!” I put down My foot. I said, “This house My father has given Me and they are going to stay here.” Poor things they stayed for a month in a very, I think, must be very much embarrassed. And while they were there so many Sikhs, that time it was a big organisation – Sikhs and RSS were one, and they came to My house and said, “We’ve heard there’s a Muslim staying with you.” There was a Muslim. “And we’re going to kill that Muslim.”

I said, “What makes you think there’s a Muslim?” “We’ve got reports.” I said, “Wrong, there’s no Muslim in the house.” I told him a lie. So they said, “How are we to believe you?” I said, “See I’m wearing a thing (bindi). I am a Hindu lady. How will I keep a Muslim in my house? We’re all frightened of them and there’s no one like that.” Somehow or other they believed Me. I told a complete lie but they believed Me. They had brought lots of those swords, with blood. But I was not afraid and I told them in a very determined manner. Anybody else in My place would have said, “Alright, alright there is one you can take away.”

Then these three persons, who were there, left My house and one of them is a very famous actress, another one is a very famous poet and another one is a very, very famous writer. And it so happened that they (a charitable organisation) wanted to make a film about young people and I was the chairman of that, vice chairman of that, and they wanted to call this actress. I said, “Don’t tell her My name.” Because I had lost her completely. I’d just said let it be wherever they are, let them be. There’s no, sort of, I never made any enquiries or anything. “Don’t tell them My name.” They said “Why?” I said, “For some reason you just don’t tell her My name, otherwise she’ll be compelled to say yes, which I don’t want.”

So when they went to her and asked her, she said, “I must get a sari, I must get a chappal, I must get a purse to match, I must get this, all this you have to pay, plus so much money you’ll have to pay.” They said, “Ours is a charitable.” She said, “Whatever it is.” I said, “Alright, give her whatever she asks for.”

Then I went for the opening ceremony and she saw Me and she couldn’t control herself, tears started rolling down her. Just came and fell at My feet. She said, “How are you here after such a long time?” So they said, “She’s the one who’s making this film.” “What? She’s making this film, why didn’t you tell me? My God, my God.” She couldn’t help it, she was crying, crying, crying, crying. I said, “Now it’s alright.” She said, “You take money from me. I’ll pay for the whole making of the film. You don’t know this lady. You don’t know her. What She’s done for me, nobody would do [what] she had done.” She said, “She never told us anything how are we to know?”

Such a change that she, immediately she telephoned to her husband and to this great poet, they all came running and they all… But a small good gesture of administration: that was My house given to Me by My father. That time of course My husband and My brother didn’t know how to trust people. But I trusted them, fully. They were saying, “They will cut your throat.” “Why? Why will they cut My throat? For what?” All kinds of funny things they were thinking. And the worst thing I felt was they were afraid because they had no money. That is the beginning of the end, I think. In our country this struggle for money started after that.

Without money people started suffering very much. Poor people don’t mind because they are used to it. Whatever money they have, they eat it and sleep off. There were not also very, very poor people as they are today but they were poor people no doubt.

But what I realised at that moment, that the people who have any position or any power or anything are literally frightened of everybody else. This is the beginning of our downfall. We got frightened. Those who were in charge got frightened that I may lose my seat or I may lose my money, I may lose my power. That fright kept them absolutely mad. Supposing I am left with no money. So what? What happens?

All these thoughts started coming after that partition, I felt it’s everywhere. While I’ll tell you in My childhood, My father never used to lock the house, it was a very big house he never use to lock. And we had a very beautiful gramophone will all that horn sort of a thing. And one day one thief came and stole that. So next day we discovered, My father said, “Poor thing, he was fond of music so he’s taken away doesn’t matter, but he didn’t take the records now what will he use, he must have records.” So My Mother started teasing him, “Alright you advertise now. The one who has stolen our gramophone should come and take the records they are available for him.” (laughing)

It’s so natural you know. He just felt [that] we have money after all, this fellow doesn’t have money and he wants to listen to music you see. So My father said, ‘Alright’. Otherwise he was a criminal lawyer My father knew law very well. Was not a stupid fool but he couldn’t understand this fellow has only taken gramophone only without the records. He said, “he must not have found it, you see it was there kept and all that.” My Mother said, “You better advertise it.” He was a politician also.

So that time, the feeling among the politician was to how to raise the standard of these people who are not having what we are having.

All the people who had money donated lavishly to so many things. I mean in My place there was one Rahbahadur Lakshminarayan, he donated all his money, everything, to a big university. Most of the things that happened in those days were done by charity people. I mean they never thought our children should have so much money, crores and crores and crores. They never thought like that. Whatever limited money they had they wanted to donate and do something good for others.

So when the Rajalakshmi, Lakshmi that is the one responsible for looking after the benevolence of the people, when She acts people think that they have, not even think, they do it, automatically, that they are there for benevolence. They don’t have to tell themselves, it’s just that they feel that it is their job, this is what they have to do, is to look after the people they are to be brought to better levels of life. This is what they think, they don’t think like a party politics, who is coming up, whom to kill, nothing of the kind!

Under the influence of the Goddess of Lakshmi, which rules the political side we can say, the kingdoms and all that – first thing is generosity, first thing is generosity.

For example, Mahavira was meditating and while coming out His cloth – He had one cloth around His body, dhoti and He had covered himself. And the upper cloth just got caught up in the bushes. So he cut it out and came out with half the cloth – it was in His own palace. So Shri Krishna wanted to take His test. He said, “See I have no clothes, I’m just naked.” He came before Him like a beggar. “You have this, why don’t you give Me this cloth? You can go to your palace and wear your dress.” He said, “Alright.” He took it out and gave it to him. And then He got some leaves and all that, covered Himself, went to His palace and got dressed.  But now these Jains, you know, they make His statue so big, insult Him completely by showing all kinds of nonsensical private parts to the details. This is what is, where you have no worshipping of the Goddess.

Goddess is Shri Shobha! She’s the One who decorates you. She’s a mother. She decorates you with ornaments, She decorates you with beautiful clothes, She’s your mother. She does it!

Like, Raja Janaka, He was the king so He had to wear ornaments, He had to wear beautiful clothes, He had to do everything. And when Nachiketa went to Him he was quite surprised that why my guru has sent him to this king who is wearing all kind of dresses and this and that and he also had a big function of dancing and this. He said, “He’s not a saint so why my guru touches His feet? He’s a king.” Of course Raja Janaka knew what he was thinking about. He said, “Why have you come here Nachiketa?” He said, “I’m here to get my Self-realisation.” He said, “You can take all My kingdom but not easy to give you Self-realisation.” He said, “Alright, whatever you say I’ll do.”

So He put a big sword on his head and asked him to sleep. He couldn’t sleep at all. Then they were having a bath, he said, “Come and have bath in the river.” People came and told that there’s fire and everybody’s running away and Raja Janaka was in His meditative mood, He was just sitting quietly. Nachiketa got a little upset.

Then they said, “The fire is coming here and all these cloths are going to be burnt.” So Nachiketa ran out to save his things but still He (Janaka) was meditating.

Then they came out and Nachiketa found that nothing that was burnt was there. It was just an illusion for people. He was amazed. Then he realised what was wrong with him, that he was doubting the Divine power Itself. The one who was Janaka, who was a king, was not bothered about His own powers, these are what? Because he is today, this you have to do it. Because I’m married, I have to wear a mangalsutra. So this is for the parampara, for the tradition style, but inside He was a saint, a very high…high level of saintliness.

When this thing happens that you get some position, any power, even in Sahaja Yoga I was surprised. If somebody becomes leader, I don’t know what happens to him. It is a myth. There’s nothing like leadership in Sahaja Yoga, nothing like that. It’s just a myth. But suddenly people jump up. It is ego that gets pampered.

But this ego can be easily managed if you worship the Rajalakshmi. She is the giver of balance. Firstly, She rides on the elephant. Is not easy for a lady to climb on an elephant, I have done it, it’s not easy. Without fear. And She sits straight with a complete balanced attitude. And Her blessings are tremendous. The first blessing one gets: the imbibement of dignity. Dignity of a king, dignity of a queen. You are a queen so you can’t behave like street women. With Her blessing, first of all, you get that dignity. That dignity is full of love, love for others. That personality emits nothing but love and benevolence for others, nothing else. Wherever She looks, in every glance She blesses people. She doesn’t expect anything. She is a queen, what can you give to the queen? She’s the highest of all in every way, what can you give it to Her? These, all these politicians and all these so-called presidents of all these countries are beggars. All the time give me this, give me this, like greedy people going around are beggars! They are not the people who can rule. Hankering after things.

So first thing is the sign, is that such a person has a personality that just blesses people, thinks of their benevolence, cares for each and every person who comes along. This is a blessing of the Goddess. Then the second blessing of the Goddess is that you develop a kind of a temperament, which is very dignified, but also very humorous and understanding what other people are like.

There’s a story of a king who was going on a horse and he met a drunkard. So you can say these our drunkard can be compared to our politicians. So the drunkard stopped. He said, “I want to buy your horse.” People said, “Do you know what he is?” “Yeah I know he’s a king. Alright. So what? I want to buy his horse.” He said, “Alright not today, tomorrow we’ll sell the horse to you.” So went away. Next day he was called. So he came with folded hands bent down. He said, “What, you were the one who was going to buy my horse, what has happened to you? I want to sell it to you.” He said, “Sir, the one who wanted to buy is dead. I am an ordinary person.” Such a personality, such solid personality I should say, that anybody would have been angry, would have said “Beat this man! Throw him away! He talks to me like this, behaves like this.” What the king said was remarkable. Because he knew he’s drunk, he knew he’s not in his senses, that’s why he’s talking. Didn’t get angry with him, he said, “Alright, come along tomorrow, I’ll sell you the horse.” That’s only possible if you have this Rajalakshmi in you otherwise you would never behave like this.

Now what about today’s politicians anywhere? They even shoot people, they kill people, they arrest them, they put them into trouble I mean, all kinds of things they are doing. Such people have no right to call anybody as criminals! But we accept! As in Hindi we say, “Aaj kal ka zamana hai aisa.” (Such is todays world) We accept it – all such people as our rulers.

Then Rajalakshmi is the one who stands on dharma. She stands on dharma. If there is some adharmi then she will not bless that person. Adharmi is to be taken out. But if he’s not, then he will go all out to save that person. But if he finds he’s adharmi, he will not. Is a kind of a divine discretion he should have as to whom to be kind and whom to be punishing. That divine discretion should be there in a person, otherwise you can play into the hands of ten people who are around you, teaching you something, doing something.

One day I was in My mother’s place Nandgaon, and there was one gentleman who impressed our Yogi very much. I just kept quiet. He was a big politician and he told Me, “We have to do like this and we have to do.” I said, “Alright, alright, alright.”

Then three, four professors from the university came to tell Me, Mother, he’s a politician, be very careful. He’s a very bad man, you be careful about him.

I said, “What do you know about him?”

They said, “He’s a politician.” I said, “There are so many politicians.”

“But he’s not a good man.”

“But what do you mean?”

I said, “Now you sit down and I’ll tell you. This man has eloped with the wife of a Brahmin. He himself is not a Brahmin and this child is from him to her and how much he has deceived people everything I know.”

They were shocked. “You know Mother?”

“Of course. I know everything!”

“Then why do You allow him to come close to You?”

“Do you think he is close to Me?” I said, “You are sadly mistaken. But it’s nice he’s come to Me because he’s been troubling people too much and I’ll correct him.”

While some people thought he was a great achievement we have got, and some of them came to tell Me be careful of this man without knowing what he was. This kind of a divine discretion has to be there. If a king does not have that divine discretion then he can punish the good and he may help the bad people.  But this divine discretion disappears when you are self-centred. That’s the main point, is a complete detachment about the power should be there. Complete detachment.

Why should Rajalakshmi care for anything? What does She get? But now there are some who’ll pamper a person this, this and that, and then they feel “ah, we’re on top of the world!” They just pamper, pamper and pamper the ego of a politician and he thinks he is a very big man, then in the election he doesn’t understand why he’s on the ground.

So with this self-dignity, self-knowledge, you know what you are. Whatever you may tell Me, whatever you may say to Me, I’ll listen, “Alright, alright, alright”, but I don’t accept anything as something great. Because if I am that, what is there to be great?

Now supposing this is a lamp here. So is it great or not great? It is a lamp. So if I’m Adi Shakti, I’m Adi Shakti, So what? If you are a king you are a king so what? I mean if you are an impostor then you might feel your ego. But if you are really the king then you won’t feel. If you are under the influence of the Goddess then that is the only thing you enjoy. The rest of it is nothing. Whether you have diamonds or you have silver or you have anything makes no difference at all.

Now how people misuse the scriptures also one should see, that, Rajalakshmi is sitting on the elephant alright, so they should have all very big cars, you see. She’s sitting on the elephant because elephant is the highest animal! Is very kind, very forgiving and has such a tremendous memory. That’s why She’s sitting on an elephant. She’s not sitting there to show off. But She’s sitting there to see around, what is happening avalokan, She can see around what is happening, to be at a higher place. That’s why a king is made to sit on a higher pedestal. But the purpose is not to show off. But the purpose is that from that state he can see others better, he can be watchful of others.

If somebody gets a high position then they think they are the owners of that position. This has all come because the brain has gone upside down I think. How can it be? Logically. Now if you are this throne is given, alright, so with the throne I sit on this, but this throne cannot give Me anything, I can give something to this throne. The king has to think he is obliging all these things that he is sitting on them because he is a king. On the contrary he thinks all these things are important because something is lacking in him or what? And that’s why when they come to do Raj they start gathering things which are useless absolutely, clutter up their houses, homes, everything with something that is useless.

All their dignity, everything, is itself a decoration on them and to show that they are kings. Of course they are given a crown, they are given a big necklace, they are to wear something here because they are kings. But these are not actually his decorations but these things get decorated by a king.

For example, you get some lanky panky fellow from the street, half starved, who is a beggar, say, for example, and put those ornaments on him and all the dresses of a king. Put him on the stage, everybody may start laughing. Nobody will think that he is a king by any chance, because he doesn’t have that dignity, doesn’t have that face, he doesn’t have that body, he doesn’t have that mind, he doesn’t have that wisdom. So how is he a king? Like, there was one king who tried to make his shoes of pearls. But he’s so stupid looking, you know, that when I saw the pearls I said, “This is the man only who can think like this!” So stupid he was to look at. And was sure of these pearls being put on his shoes.

So there are many such things these days all of these stupid people are doing. There are big, big cartoons coming out and you can see for yourself how stupidly they live. To Me it’s such a difference I tell you. Such a difference. To them all these things are so important, which if they don’t have they’ll buy and put it. I know of a gentleman who came with a garland to our program, I mean to our dinner, I asked him, “Why are you carrying the garland?”

“See after all you see I was garlanded so I’m keeping the garland.”

We didn’t know what to do! We Indians will never take a garland, first of all, anybody gives you they’ll put it, except for the Gods. They will take it out immediately. Another lady who came to see Me and she said, “I don’t understand these Indians, I bought a garland, I put it in my neck so they were all laughing on the street at me.”  (laughter) Now you Indians understand this, how subtle it is, just see, that you can’t put garland, you are not God. You cannot buy a garland (laughing) and put it in your neck and walk out. Innately you have to be that. So the person who is innately a king has the blessings of the Rajalakshmi. Then what does She do? What does She do to such a man?

What She does is first his name is written on the hearts of the people whom he rules. She writes it with her own hand. They adore him, they admire him and they try to imbibe his qualities within himself. Another blessing of Rajalakshmi is that She grants a particular type of a body, which has a coefficience, which gives vibrations. They may not be very selfish people to make a big advertisement about themselves, talking about themselves, this that. But the way they are wherever they are, they show. We had many like these in our times also. Maybe that people didn’t accept them, maybe they are nowhere now, some new johnnies are looking to be more jumping. But whatever name is written in the heart of the people, are the people who are blessed by this Rajalakshmi.

So what a politician has to understand [is] that he has not to make money, he does not have to have a big show about himself. He does not have to do anything that is like laundering the money from the country. He does not have to kill others who oppose him, he doesn’t have to shout at those who trouble them. But what has he to do? He has to remember that. “I am here for the fame of a good man.” He should worry about the fame he will be leaving after his death. He should see to it that his fame is safe. For example, see Shri Rama who was a king of benevolence, no doubt about it. But His own wife when somebody challenged that – “She has lived with Ravana and how can She be pure?” He knew that She was pure, still He decided that He will ask Her to go because to keep the show, to keep the whole image of a king and He sent Her away.

But nowadays you find somebody’s brother employed in America, sister employed there and he has made, his uncle has made a big house and his wife has accumulated so much money. It is all going on. Everybody will talk like that about that person, that he’s just money oriented, he just spends money on nonsensical things and he is just exploiting us. Everybody will talk but nobody will tell him on the face.

So what you have to worry is about absolute correct character. These days this is another point. Every politician must have three, four keeps otherwise he is not a politician. Like we had Nawabs, we had one Nawab in Lucknow who had hundred and sixty five wives. He thought if he doesn’t have hundred and sixty five, people won’t accept him as a Nawab. So this is another inferiority complex that you should have some women around you so that people will say what a powerful man he is.

Now those days are gone now, now Satya Yuga has started. In Satya Yuga I assure you anybody who is not blessed by Rajalakshmi will have to go to jail or will have to leave the seat, will be thrown away or will be as they say, “Doubly dying go to the waste, dust”. It has to be. They’ll be all exposed, whatever tricks they may try. And they will have the consequence of being artificially the rulers. But a genuineness is the sign that the queen of blessings, the goddess of Rajalakshmi, is residing in that person. In Satya Yuga it will happen I’m sure.

But even in Sahaja Yoga I find people doing politics sometimes, I was amazed! People think politics means keeping groups, making groups, telling things from here to there, there to there. That shows you lack collectivity. A person who is a Sahaja Yogi will try to cement everyone together because the power lies in collectivity. To break the collectivity for anything is very dangerous for that person as well as for others.

So now you have entered into the kingdom of God, you are now sitting in the court of God Almighty. Here, of course, as courtiers you have to dress up well, sit properly, should take up your seats. You have to be systematic and above board because you are Sahaja Yogis. You are not ordinary people. You are special people. How many people in this world are going to be Sahaja Yogi? You are special people, so try to make yourself such beautiful instruments of Rajalakshmi that people when they will see you they will vote for you and tomorrow you will rule the world. (Applause)

I do not want you to get out of politics or get in politics but you have to first get the blessings of the Rajalakshmi and then only you should understand what’s wrong with our country, what we have to do, what is the purpose, why do we want to become politicians, what we have to do, we have to have plans, what is your project. All these things now put your attention from yourself to outside. Like, that day I received a letter saying, “my father is sick and my mother is sick then my son is sick, and this and that and that and that.” Such people can’t do much.

When the war of independence started in India we gave up our studies, gave up our parents, gave up everything, we were very young people. So now you have to know that if you have to really take to politics you have to have the blessings of Rajalakshmi and for that you have to build up yourself with that dignity, with that sense.  I bless you from My heart that in every country such people will come up.

May God bless you all.

[Translation from Hindi]

Now what can I speak in Hindi.  You must have understood that.  As you can see, a lot of people from outside have come, and wherever I go, they come with Me, and in all the places they listen to My Hindi lectures everywhere.  And they tell Me that, “Shri Mataji, we like it when You speak in Hindi because then we do not think, and in that state we get lots of vibrations inside us.  In My opinion this is a great experience, and with this experience you will be able to understand in Hindi, whatever I have spoken. 

This means that when Raja Lakshmi gets enlightened within us, then everything changes inside us.  Our wants and requirements change; our consciousness of being an individual changes; and we go from individuality to collectivity.  We rise above ourselves, and become part of the whole world.  We don’t think only of ourselves.  And we think only of the whole world. 

You will be amazed that I never think what things I am in need of.  That thought never enters.  And nor do I buy things for Myself.  As it is you people are doing all the buying. 

But once there was a burglary in our house.  Everything was stolen.  All My sarees were taken, and it was a bad state of affairs.  Now My husband is a very honest, government official, and everything was spent making new outfits for him.  So for seven years of My life, I managed with one silk saree.  Cotton sarees I had, but when I went out, I wore that same saree, every time.  Just managed with one silk saree.  But till today no one noticed that.  Only My husband was aware of this. 

And now you have given Me so many sarees, that I keep thinking  that only if one more Draupadi Vastra Haran (disrobing of Draupadi) happens, then only these sarees will be of use.  Otherwise they are just piling up in heaps and heaps.  Where will I wear all these sarees.  But no one is willing to listen.  I keep saying “Please don’t give me any presents.  I do not require anything”.  So they say “Then you should not give us”.  But let Me give.  I am a Mother.  Are you a Mother?  And they say that only this gives us joy. 

Now I have decided that whatever gifts I receive, I will give all to Sahaja Yoga.  For what so much!  What is the need.  I don’t require any of this.  So I request you to please lessen this.  Every place I go, I get presents there.  Go to anyone’s house, there a present.  If a child is born in any house, then from there a present.  If someone gets married, then a present for that.  By doing this, already three houses have been made and they have all become godowns.  And now the fourth one – that will also become the same, and there will be no place for us to stay.  All this makes you very happy.  It is alright.  But in one year, one saree is enough.  Otherwise there will have to be a Vastra Haran. There will have to be another Mahabharat.  Then Draupadi will have to appear. Then she should leave her hair loose, and then the Vastra Haran.  Then I can give these sarees to Krishna, and He will use them to supply her. 

You people love Me a lot, and I also love you.  And in love one always feels something should be done.  These outward things of the world are all for showing and expressing love.  But I feel that in the present times it is not good to become slaves to customs.  Think about it.  I have tried many times and lost.  But you people try to find a middle path.  That will be very good.