Evening Program At Adi Shakti Puja

Jaipur (India)

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1994-12-11 Evening Program At Adi Shakti Puja, Jaipur, India,

Shri Mataji: I was saying now You have to go to the station which is very close by …have your dinner & then you have to go ahead. I hope you are comfortable in that small little train …I am sorry, There was no way out. You see …This is the only train that passes through this beautiful place …So if you want to have a vision of the beauty then you shouldn’t mind the size of the train. Also, it is like an antique piece you know…Because you have not this kind of train in your country. You can even get out and walk and again go back to your …Now you are going to another place called Chittorgarh…’Chitt’ is your attention, ‘tor’ which means break. This is the attention, Where the attention is cleared out…And as I told you this is the place of my forefathers And Shalivahana’s went away from there I think 1000 A.D.or something that …No, Before Christ (B.C) .1000 B.C they went to Maharashtra. There are lots of stories they will tell you there…Beautiful stories and you will enjoy that place. 

Its a forest. Don’t go at night in the forest. Then you are going to Abu Which is a very beautiful place I told you about…

[Unclear] 1:50:39  apologize because we changed the plans. I don’t know how the train was moving So I may not be there on the 15th to meet you but he has organised everything for you. And I hope that you will all enjoy! Another thing Rajesh has said, that the sea near [unclear] is a shifting sign so in this part you should not put your feet into the sea. Lots of people have drawn near about it. But  [unclear ] 1:51:35I have to warn you again. I hope to see you at Ahmedabad. And the new tour we have taken this time, last time we missed it. And also you are going to the sea, the palace of Shri Krishna …Also to the Somnath. For the time being, I say Good Bye to you. Look after yourselves. Don’t expose yourself. And enjoy yourself. May God Bless You!