Adi Shakti Puja

Jaipur (India)

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Adi Shakti Puja (Hindi). Jaipur (India), 11 December 1994.

[Translation from Hindi to English]

Today we are going to worship Adi shakti.
Everything is covered in it. Many people have not even heard the name of Adi shakti. We are the worshipers of Shakti. Here we are Shaktdharmi (religiously devoted to Shakti) and many kings have been worshiping Adi Shakti. Everyone has different deities and the names of each deity is different. The name of the deity of this place is also different, it is “Gangaur”. But Adi Shakti was once born in Rajasthan state whose name was “Sati Devi”. It is her grace that we find our culture the Dharma of wife, Dharma of husband, Dharma of ruling etc. which are nourished by her Shakti.

You all know the story of Sati Devi, I don’t have to tell you in new way but she was Gangaur. She was married and while she was returning after marriage with her husband some of the bad elements surrounded them and killed her husband. She came out of the bride’s carriage, took the Rudra form and destroyed all of them who attacked her husband and then she finished herself also. We should see in this that since childhood till marriage she did not disclose that she was Maha Maya in any condition.
It is necessary for Adishakti to be in Mahamaya form because the one who has whole powers and light within has to take Mahamaya form. The reason is all those great powers which in this World, initially they came in the form of Surabhi (Aroma) Shakti, which was the cow. In her, all the deities reside and after that once she came in the form of Sati. Only once she incarnated in Rajasthan. I told you before that my relation with this state is very ancient because Chitaurgarh’s (Famous city in Rajasthan state of India) “Shishodia” dynasty were my ancestors.
Adi Shakti has unlimited powers and Sati has all of them. But it is important to keep those powers hidden. There are two reasons for it.
Firstly, if people come to know that she is Adishaklti they may attack her because they all are evil, stupid and standing against God. They earn money on the name of God and misuse it. If these people come to know that Adishakti has incarnated in this World then either they will run away with fear or they will get collective and try that the work of Adishakti in this Kaliyuga should not be successful. So it is very important to take Mahamayas form.
The second reason is very that she has to do very deep, subtle and important work which has not been done by anyone till now. That is collective Realization. Forget about collective, even to give Realization to one person it takes years together to do this great work and that too with such a care that it should not harm the other person in any way. It is like one person is made to cross the river sitting on the boat without any effort. Yesterday I told you that how religion has got inverse. Those who told about religion were absolutely all right but to whom they talked about religion were not right people. So they did not understood religion but interpreted and confused it. If some person looks at his religion and thinks about it then he will run away from his religion because the things which are happening on the name of religion are very dangerous.
Somewhere it is insulting women, somewhere torturing children and somewhere it has become robbery. Every kind of wrong things are done on the name of Religion.

Once the copies of “Gita” came in Bombay which were printed in England. The people were very happy that see the Gita is now being printed in England too! What can be greater than this?
Indians already were on the feet of Britishers…and now if Gita is printed in England then Indians thought Oh! How great!! what a miracle!!
But there was an Officer in Customs who thought that till today no Britisher could even speak our simple Hindi language, then who is this great person who can write Gita in Sanskrit language. He felt something wrong. He opened one of the book and saw the whisky bottle hidden inside, he understood and checked all the books and they were Whisky inside and Gita outside! I mean to say that Gita is very holy for Indians and even by the name of Gita they will touch it to their forehead with respect, but the English and western people have this art of hiding things, it is wonderful and they thought to use Gita like this.
If there is any kind of table here in front of us then we will put some plastic cover and then table cloth and make it beautiful immediately. Every time I see that wherever you go you see many curtains. I asked them why so many curtains?, they said nothing mother…..I removed the curtain and saw all dirty things and clothes there. To hide the hundred weakness is also a great problem of our mahamaya shakti, because these people might have learned from somewhere all this hiding. I have not taught them, but someone might have taught them as how to hide all our weaknesses and how to digest them after hiding them cleverly.

We don’t try to remove our weaknesses and bad habbits..Instead we try to hide our own weaknesses and we are very clever in seeing the weaknesses of others. Now this is completely reverse thing. Mahamaya’s power (Shakti) has been made to take out all these weaknesses and absorb them in the body and cleanse them completely. I felt in the beginning that it is very difficult task to do.
But I did not face anyone with such special or strong weaknesses which would have given me problems. I think those people run away from me, so never such question was raised in front of me. But it is amazing that all those who are possessed by bhoots and always commit wrong things and these false gurus recognize me very well, I don’t know how! Either they have eyes at the back or whatever… they recognize me before. Sahaj Yogis don’t recognize me .. May be their eyes get too much of light or whatever I don’t understand.
But you bring any person who is possessed by a Bhoot, he will just start shaking in front of me and will run away as if somebody has hit him by whip. But it is not like this with Sahaj Yogis. They don’t have so much recognition of me . It is one way good also because the form of Adishakti which Mahakali is very furious. If you see that then it is finished, whereas these peoples can see everything like Elephants, Horses etc. But to show this form of Adishakti to someone else is very difficult. I don’t know how many of you will be sitting in front of me?
But it is very necessary to have Mahakali form. Until unless Mahakali is present, the problems of your left side do not get cured. The catches of left side means that first of all you think about your past always. Second thing is that my father was this, my father’s father was this, they also sometimes ask me that what was I in my previous life mother?

Now, one person came to me and disturbed me a lot asking me as what he was in his previous life. Then I said that look son I am not telling you what you were in your past life because there is something wrong. Why are you asking me? It is nice that in this life you are with me. What are you going to gain if you know? He said :
-No, no mother I will feel nice if I know.
-OK, if I tell you that you were king of Jaipur in your last life then will you get the Throne? If you go there, they will not recognize you.
-Then why do you talk about your life?
-Because, mother one Astrologer predicted that I was a King in my previous life.
-The Astrologer told you like this to earn money. Did you give him something like a King should give ?
He said: mother you are joking. I said: that you are talking non-sense what should I do. Here you have come to ask about your previous life. I don’t know any astrology, neither I have any interest in it. You go to some Astrologer he will tell you that you were King of England etc.

Now at that moment if I show Mahakali form they will forget all this! It is needed.
Except Mahakali form such kind of madness does not go away. Now, I saw that those who ran away never returned back. They never faced me again. This is very small thing but Mahakali power is needed for such kind of people on whom the false Gurus have sticked the Bhoots.

The Bhoots given by false Gurus are like this, that either you obey them or become like them. If they order you to go and rob somebody’s house you go. You kill someone, you kill. Do this, do that. You should be totally dedicated to that false Guru with your head bend down otherwise he will get behind you. He will ask you to kill someone. If you don’t kill him he will ask someone to kill you.
One thing is nice such kind of false Gurus destroyed themselves and their disciples. But here I see that even the disciples are destroyed they keep on going in their feet more and more. One person came to me with the policeman, I think I was in Ashoka Hotel at that time. My husband asked me, what is this fuss? Why did the police come? I said, go and see then they said that this gentleman, I will not tell you the name, is a doctor and has run away from Anandmarg Organisation.
Mother you will be astonished to know that he was the great worker of Anandmarg. He traveled in whole World, earned a lot of money and his Guru considered him very close.
I asked : then what happened ? They said he was in a Temple in Calcutta of a deity where the goat is sacrificed. They cut the head of the goat in front of deity for putting all the Bhoots inside that animal and those who are possessed get rid of Bhoots.
I say, we people take down the Bhoots in the lemon because we are vegetarians! Because many business caste people have come in Sahaja Yoga who are pure vegetarians.
So by cutting lemon we take out the Bhoots and make them run away. So all those people who are possessed by bad spirits can see Mahakali very clearly. They see the same furious form of Mahakali and start shaking. I am surprised that even if you get inside the Bhoot of ego then also that person can see the same form of Mahakali.
Now, there is a story from Pune.

There was a public programme going on in Pune. They said that Shri Mataji is not a Brahmin so we cannot have this programme here. The one who is Brahmin should only come here.
Therefore, the organizers there said OK we will give this in newspaper that Shri Mataji is not a Brahmin and the programme is not to be done here. Let us do the programme somewhere else. don’t do this, we don’t want to show this, they said. Let us do the programme here itself.
No-one told me about this incident, I said so you are all people? I don’t know how it came to my mind? I asked them OK who all are Brahmins here keep both the hands towards me! their hands started shaking…..Oh mother! Please stop it, please stop it , you are the Shakti, please leave us. I asked them why are you shaking. I said try to stop it. I said I didn’t ask your hands to shake. They said we don’t know what is happening and we are feeling afraid. Now, all this ego that they were Brahmins was the reason.
Then they said that mother some Brahmins are sitting on the other side also who were shaking. I said it is lie. Are you Brahmins? They said no mother we are not. But we are certified psycic cases. We have come from Thana because one person, which got cured of his madness by you, told us to come here. Now, their eyes are open. I said did you understand now? Then their shaking of hands was over.
In the beginning the power of Mahakali manifested very strongly.

I didn’t know what to do. The condition of Pune is such that once I told my niece to go and bring one Matka. She went to the market and found that one Matka was costing ten rupees whereas the real cost is one rupee. They said one Mataji has come so all the Matkas are sold out. These all people purchased the Matkas. I said, Oh my God! there are so many Bhoots in Pune. I asked them to bring Matkas and lemons but they didn’t. Their eyes turned up and they started rotating.
I left from there so there is big collection of Bhoots there. Those who were sitting with Matkas were little all right but the others were standing and doing ha..ha..ha..ha..ho..ho..hi..hi..hi..hi. So I thought that if this Shakti of Mahakali reduces a little it would be all right. Now, after curing one thing the other thing came that which you call psychosomatic like Cancer, Muscular, many other problems of the World which doctors could not cure and they never agree. Doctors don’t agree till the patient dies.
They will keep on pulling the money from them.
One person got Kidney trouble. I told him that I will cure it but you have to promises that this business, which you are doing, must be stopped. If you stop your dialysis then I am ready to cure it. Yes..yes..mother I agree but cure my Kidney. I cured it but after two months he again started the same business.
When these doctors speak the truth and when they lie? God knows. He again got the Kidney trouble. I asked him what happened this time? He said again Kidney trouble mother. I said no it is not Kidney now the Cancer has started. He got afraid. It told him that I already warned you but you started your shop again, he said then mother how will I fill my stomach. I have brought such a expensive machines I said sell all these machines and finish it. I have heard that this gentle man is no more in Sahaja Yoga.
All these left-sided diseases and psychosomatic diseases, which were incurable, have been cured by the power of Mahalakshmi. Therefore, Mahalakshmi’s Mantras has to be said and till you awakened Mahalakshmi’s principle within yourself these kinds of diseases cannot be cured. I don’t understand so much of heat is emitted from such kind of people.

In London every body uses heater. You bring one Cancer patient and awakened his Kundalini; the expense of heater will be no more. This much heat is emitted that I can’t explain. Here the heat comes out and there they keep on trying because the crying goes along the Cancer. If they have the vision of Mahalakshmis then the crying stops. Forget about Mahasaraswati becauses this might be the vision of Mahakali, which makes the cry.
Now what to tell them?

If you see in a subtle way the form of Mahalakshmi is very furious. It is said in Devi’s names “Atiraudra” (very furious), “Atisaumya” (very peaceful) but Mahalakshmi is “Atiraudra”. Rudra form is very necessary otherwise negativity will not run away. It is because of the rudra form it is possible. The eleven Rudras, which is present in Ekadash Rudra, are the powers of Mahakali and all those powers are present in the Medha in the eleven chakras. If somebody’s Ekadash Rudra is caught then you should know that he has cancer or some other incurable left sided disease.
The science of Sahaja Yoga is the best. You cannot find out anything wrong with it. Now, people have come with Cancer, Neurosis this and that, fifty kinds of problems like Aids etc. and started telling that.mother. We never went to any Guru. I said, if you did not your mother might have gone. Yes, I read the books of Rajnish and we have the photo of Satya Sai Baba in our house. I said, try one or two more, some more diseases will come, and then come to me.
They will go there…catch the diseases and come to me. So the Devi has to show them her furious form, isn’t it? Or shall we ask the Bhoots politely that come, come, eat some food, and take this sweet.
Many people asked me that Oh mother how can Devi have furious form? If she is mother, how can mother be in furious form? why not? To make her children all right the Devi has taken furious form also. The Saumya form (compassionate and peaceful) can be harmful for her children some times. Therefore, the Rudra form (furious) is necessary. They cannot be corrected other than this.
But the Devi did not harm any body with her Rudra form. Like before when she incarnated as Mahakali she killed this, she killed that, she pulled out the tongue, she did this, she did that, nothing of that sort. Today’s Mahakali’s form that is Rudra, now, it is not required to do all those things.
Human beings get afraid just by seeing this form. When he sees his Rudra form his diseases get cured because the negativity inside runs away. So there is no need to cut some body’s throat or to cut some body’s tongue or to take out the eye. If Mahakali’s form is not used then we cannot do the work of Sahaja Yoga because all these negative forces block your chakras and without curing your charkas, Kundalini will not come up. That is why the Mahakali form is very much to be worshiped and to be praised which does not harm physically, emotionally or mentally. Only the bad thing run away by its form.

Now, these quarrels between husband and wife are a big problem because the wives have studied a lot and the husbands want them to remain like villagers and illiterate. Now, she is not a village woman, how will you make her? Once you became the city person, you became whether you wear pant or a village dress.
The mind has become urban. When the mind has become modern then the women like qualities reduced. Women got more masculine. By becoming modern and living in the city the women lost their most important quality of being feminine full of soberness, motherliness and tolerance. These qualities of women do not permit her to go to the battleground.
Queen Padmini burnt herself along with three thousands other women inside the fort to protect them from getting into the hand of enemy. They did not come out with the sword in their hands. But when it was needed then she came out like queen of Jhansi with the sword in her hand. I still remember that British said that it is the victory of the queen of Jhansi.
In our country there had been many such women of brave character. There had been many women of great character who were completed devoted to their husbands and were perfect in the Dharma of wife and looked after their family and husband.
When Gandhiji called out the women of India gave him all their bangles and jewelry of gold.

There is a story of the great kind Ranapratap from Rajasthan that when he saw that his daughter was eating Chapati and a cat took it then he got a doubt in his mind that why am I doing so? Is it because of my ego? Why don’t I surrender to my enemy Akbar? At that time his wife who was a Kshatriya (warrior caste), got up and took the spear in her hand and went to kill her daughter because this weakness came in her husband to surrender to the enemy because of the daughter. Then Ranapratap’s eyes were opened and changed his decision. In our country if the women have to think they should think that how the women of past used to put the Kumkum on the forehead of their husbands to send them to battleground.
Who fought with these British in India? Men, but the power working behind was of women.
Today women have gone weaker so the men have also become weak and powerless. Till the purity and loving mother like qualities develop in a woman the Gruhalakshmi Shakti does not get awakened in her. But she should be wise. Gruhalakshmi has to be wise and intelligent. So we can say that when this Mahakali Shakti gets cool and peaceful it becomes Gruhalakshmi.

We believe in the power of Fatima as perfect Gruhalakshmi and she should sit on the Throne of Gruhalakshmi. By this power of Mahakali a woman can correct her children. She keeps her character pure and we are witness that the “Pativrata”(one devoted completely and only to her husband) women’s devotion towards her husband cannot be destroyed by any thing because it is her Shakti. People and negativities are afraid of “Pativrata” women. Also the husbands should understand that the power within them is from the shakti, their wife.
And if that power comes in husband from wife then husband should see that his wife is Pure or not…she is devoted and motherly or not. If the wife is dominating… keeps on ordering…like sit there…. go there…come with me here…. do this ….do that…wear this, behave like this……etc and shows her finger with order to him……then he becomes silent and obeys. Husband has all the right to correct his wife, but with love, he should have patience and correct her dominating nature or wrong habits.
Husband has to be very diplomatic and patient. The women who have feminine quality should be very humorous. She should smile and solve any problem and with smile she should be able to convince. Women should be pure, loving, sincere and motherly.They have to be very sharp. I have told you to read Sharat Chandra for learning the qualities of women.

You should not go into Politics. And not at all to go in this dirty economics. But the whole axis and balance of society is the responsibility of women.
The women who looks after her children and looks after her home and kitchen, cares and loves her husband and gives him nice health and satisfaction………makes a very strong time. Yesterday I told you that because of Indian women our society is still allright.
But the nature of women should be peaceful and glorious…..their shakti has that peace.
By becoming aggressive she looses her shakti. By her peace and love she can win whole world. Her walking, her talking, her dressing and style should all be just like devi(deity). She is Mahakali shakti. She has many vehicles on which she sits but the one is when she sits on an Elephant.We call her “Lalit Gauri”. Her artistic nature and her style ….all are very respectful and beautiful.
It is not required to cover your face….neither to cover your head……but you all women should have purity in your eyes.That peace should be in your eyes.They should be very feministic ones. Because she is Rudra (furious)…..she has to be very peaceful also (Saumya). That is why it is said that you must cover your face in India because you are Mahakalis. You should be so pure that anyone other than your husband sees you with bad eyes should be Bhasma (destroyed into ashes on spot). Whoever sees you with lust should die immediatly.

This is the power of Mahakali within you which is very calm and peaceful from outside but from within it is strong. It works from within. So people say that this Mahakali shakti is a very powerful and furious Mother, that she is so peaceful and calm that you will be surprised that is she Mahamaya. She is Mahakali but she will be like a newly wed bride! She will be so shy, speak such sweet words as if the flowers are shedding. She loves so much that it is unbelievable. But this is the shakti of Mahakali. Any Bhoot or negativity cannot touch the one who achieve this Mahakali power. Who can touch her? She will catch the bhoot ! And the women who is Pativrata and pure and like Mahakali can destroy anyone with once powerful glance of her eyes.

Now, the other power is of Mahasaraswati by which we get creative and intellectual ideas in light. It is by the grace of Saraswati, Sharada. By the grace of Sharada, we get beautiful thoughts within us, very peaceful, very cool poetic thoughts come within, not the melancholic poetries of crying and pain etc. very great national songs were written, the people wrote poetries of bravery but today I don’t know where all has gone. Now, you hear all those horrible songs and poetries, even in front of Shri Ganesha because man has lost his sensibility. They can take out anything out of their intellect.

I will say in this the most horrible was Freud. I did not see anyone worse than him. Without hesitation he put his thoughts in front of people and they agreed with his nonsense. I will not tell you his thoughts here in India because they are very dirty and I cant tell you all. It is nice that he did not come to India otherwise he would have been cut into pieces by people. If you read even one line of his philosophy, you will come to know how much shameless and bhoot or Rakshasa he was. Whatever it is, he used his pen and intellect (mind).

They wrote everything against Sharada (Saraswati) and everywhere it started that: “We have Bhakti whatever we write.“

The newspapers of today are the same, whatever comes in their mind they write. Anything stupid. They will never write anything good. Who is dead?….he is dying so they will write in newspaper that he is dying….everyday it will be published that he is about to die. Let him die and then write peacefully that he is dead. They speak the greatest lies. They are not afraid of Sharada Devi. She is the giver of truth and the deity of truth. The light of truth, which comes in our head, is from Sharada Devi herself.
So when you are writing, you don’t think that from where you are getting the power to write something, who has given you this power of writing. It is Sharada Devi.

It is from Sharada or from some Bhootni? Now, there is Mr Aurbindo. He went from somewhere to somewhere and lost somewhere. There is no meaning at all in what he has written. He is very famous, he has a street named on him: “Aurbindo Marg”.
I never go from that street because don’t know where he went. Whatever came to his mind he kept on writing. Nothing in his writing was truth. He sang the praise of Savitri. And that Savitri who was old and had wrinkles on her face he told that she would get young. She died and was buried but never got young. You find books after books of that. All stupidities. I don’t know how many people belong to such religions.
Then we see today’s ‘intellectuals’. I read that one gentleman thinks himself as very great writer. I forgot his name. He is Punjabi. He never read Sanskrit and he wrote that Shri Krishna belonged to Shudhra caste (lower caste) and was black and Rama belonged to Brahmin caste. I said that from where have you read this? I should tell you the truth that even the book written by Jawaharlal Nehru- DISCOVERY OF INDIA is the discovery of something else but not of India. Such a superficial book. He wrote book about India.There is no depth in it. Whoever you see starts writing on something. I have not written anything till now.
I think that I should write something, which enters into the head of everyone. Till now everyone’s heads have not opened to that extent. No one wrote. Yes even Mohammad sahib did not write anything. He never knew how to read and write. He just narrated to 40 people that he saw and felt all this. I had this revelation and it was like this.
They also did not know how to read and write, so for 40 years nothing was written. There was a very stupid man; his name was…whatever…this was told to me by my father. Now it is confirmed that it is true. That person was very devilish and he killed Hazrat Ali and his sons, then he killed the caliph and his mother ate the liver of that Caliph. He was such a horrible man…he was the enemy of women. He edited the Quran. Now you tell me they say Quran…Quran…. there is no authenticity of Quran. In Bible also Paul destroyed everything. At least Christians agree with it. They are Christians for namesake. It is nice, because if you tell all this to some one they will run to kill us. This is the history of Quran for which they fight so much.
Where is the involvement of Sharada Devi in it? Many people wrote many things by the grace Sharada Devi. Gyaneshawara wrote Gyaneshawari! Then he wrote one more book after this. It is so beautiful that you feel that you are taking elixir. Saints have written on whom the Sharada Devi has her grace. In the beginning of Gyaneshwari he writes with the blessings of Sharada Devi that whatever I am writing is to please the Sharada Devi, but these words will not give you pain in any way. Like the petals slowly fall from the tree …in the same way my words should fall on your hearts and make it fragrant. What a wonderful writing. Such a beautiful poetry…such a beautiful forms of his thoughts. It is because I know the Marathi language.
But there had been many great poets in English language too! Their poetries have been given in our book called Vision, you all must read it. His name was William Blake. Such an enthusiastic poetry that it will fill you with enthusiasm, as if Devi Sharada herself has come out of his poetries and enterned within you. Same way if you read Sharat Chandra then you will start writing stories. Such writers have born in India that nowhere in the World you find them. I agree that Tolstoy was very great, but Sharat Chandra was greater than him. In Maharashtra even more greater were born. One of them – there is no need to tell his name, was not translated as they say that it is all-political. What is this political matter. Is Sharada Devi politics? The greatest writers are in our country. They are not westernized but they are original Indians. They don’t have money but are blessed by Saraswati.
Now Rajasthan was also blessed. Even Alexander was also antonished to see Indian culture and when he went back he took Chandravardai with him. Chandravardai was the greatest poet from Rajasthan. Then in Sufis Khusro is there, what a poet he is!, Kabira is there and what to say about Gurunanaka, he is a Guru. Ramdas Swami. Even in Bengal there were one greater than other and all this is by the grace of Sharada Devi. With every word, you feel religion flowing. All words arranged properly and enlightened. You feel that as if written in thoughtlessness. Such a pure explanation.
I should tell you that maximum books in Sanskrit and after that in Marathi only you find spirituality. Great and deep work was done on spirituality. Now, if some body says that mother it was written so much in English language then is it not the grace of Sharada Devi? Now imagine that in English language they have a word for Atma is spirit, isn’t it? They call liquor as spirit. They call Bhoot as spirit. Is it a language? This language is not the blessing of Sharada Devi and French is even worse than that. There is no word in French language for Chetana (awareness). At least in English you have this word ‘awareness’. In England it was a kind of blessing, with great writer all politicians and wrote only on politics. Yes, one William Blake is there for whom I can say. Rest all… There is one great gentleman who wrote a poetry. Poetry of weeping. If you were so much sad and suffering you would have drowned yourself in some pond at least would have been better.
But this weeping poetry! Whichever book you pick up is melancholic. OK if you have some sorrow it’s all right but sitting nicely and eating nicely only to earn money he made others cry. And people also enjoy crying very much! Are these all poetries by the grace of Sharada Devi? These kind of poetries are meant to fool others. One person came to my house and started telling me poetries about drinking. I said, why don’t you say the poetry for the people who die on the street also? Then I narrated a poetry to him, as you know I am an instant poet. I asked him why doesn’t the glass loose its balance? Even if filled completely by liquor. Why do you loose your balance? You are weaker than that glass also. After this incident he never spoke about drinking. Like this if you see you find very cheap kind of poets in the Country specially who pull God and make him like human beings. This is the greatest sin and whatever blessing of Sharada Devi are on them are to be dragged to the door of Mahakali.
One Mr. Vidyapati was a writer . He wrote about Radha and Krishna and the decoration of Radha. Where is the time for Radha to decorate herself, she is worried about whole World. “Radha”: Ra means energy and Dha means the one who holds it. What is the need for her to do romance? He put romance on her. There was one Wazid Ali who had 165 wives and he used to wear the Sari and become Radha.
He used to dance with “Krishna”. All this romanticism has no meaning, it is all-absurd. Saints have nothing to do with it. They say for Kabira also that he wrote “Saiya Nikas Gaye Main Na Ladi Thi” (my beloved left whereas I did not fight with him). It means that the beloved (life breath). Khusro wrote “Chap Tilak Sab Dini Re Tose Naina Mila Ke” (I gave away my Tilak and Chap after looking into your eyes). He was a Sufi with whom will he look into the eyes except God? ‘Chap’ means what Musulmans have on their forehead and ‘Tilak’ is what Hindus have on their forehead. He said that I have left all this after seeing your eyes. He wrote in such a simple language. So Sharada Devi is also some times in Mahamaya form.

Like ‘Zen’, the Zen poets write which only Sahaj Yogis can understand, no one else. As they explain things no matter how small or they paint is all very subtle and Sahaj Yogis can only feel that subtle sensivity. There should be purity in music also. If you see in the music today, they bring Japanese and English also together because they don’t know how to sing pure music. If you see in the villages they sing with the blessings of Sharada Devi. All the great scriptures were written by the blessings of Sharada Devi. But in these present times I feel that Sharada Devi has stopped her blessings.
In Rajasthan I have seen since 2-3 years that the art has evolved. No doubt, by the blessings of Sharada Devi. If you see their pottery or anywhere else it is beautifully carved. The kind of colorful clothes we have in our Country are not found in Europe etc. They wear grey clothes, if they cross it they wear black. They have faces like Bhoots and over that wearing black clothes and go on the streets. Can they dare to make even one Sari like us? They all have same kind of dresses and almost same colors for all women dresses. What to say about this Rajasthan? Such a blessing of Sharada Devi. Women are very clean. They keep their house also very clean. People are very dirty; men have no concern from out side. All the garbage is thrown out side. In the West people are very neat and clean externally because men do the cleaning themselves. Here in India, can any man clean with the broom in his hand? My good ness! Indian men will loose their crown! So cleanliness and proper arrangements is also by the blessings of Sharada Devi.

If we learn from the English people about external cleanliness on every Sunday getting collective, cleaning, making the garden all right etc. It will be nice. We have servants here so why should they do? Let the servants do it. This dirtiness doesn’t allow Sharada Devi to come near. It is very important to be neat and tidy and artistic. You people have art. If you say that you worship Sharada Devi then you should see your house. There are many beautiful marbles, which have come out of mother earth in your state. There are many artistic things also. We should use all that.

I saw poverty in Turkey. Whereas they are very artistic people. I did not understand why they were poor if they are so artistic? What is the reason? Then I came to know that they are impressed by the Germans. Because many people from the Turkey went to Germany. That is why they respect Germans. I must say that you people have very nice food here but if you go to Turkey and eat there it is the best. We went to a hotel there where 5000 people were eating together, such a nice Chapatis! I don’t have much knowledge about food but I will tell you that if you eat Turkey’s food, you will say, oh what a delicious food!
Whatever it is people from out side come to Turkey to taste their food but you will be astonished to know that Turkish people import food from Germany and eat land they stitch the clothes which go to Germany, come back to Turkey as imported. Here also in our Country we have this disease of ‘imported’. I have brought this imported thing etc. There is nothing to be imported in our Country. What do they make? Watches! It is the slavish object! The pottery what they make in turkey, you will not find in whole world. Even better than China! but they eat in their dinner sets then they will certainly become poor.Then they will cry that we have become poor!. Go to Germany and beg there! it will be nice. Once Sharada Devi has blessed your country so much then what is the use of using imported things?
Western people have nothing in their culture and clothes or food. They keep on eating preserved food from morning till evening. They don’t get fresh vegetables there. Now, if you see today…. they are not satisfied if they don’t eat with fork and spoon, and they think that they are uncivilized villagers if they don’t eat with fork and spoon. Today you see that the western sahaj yogis eat with their hands and Indians have started using fork and knife. We have become westernized to such an extent that in Ganapatipule…I made Indian and western Bathrooms separate there.
Indian style for Indians and western style for western yogis. Then Indians came and said to me that they want the toilets like western style! You need English style! Western sahaj yogis were very happy to use Indian style and said, Mother they are very clean! They were very happy but the Indians want western style attached bathrooms! This much English influence is there in us. Then the leader of that place came and asked to me that what to do? I said put western yogis in Indian tents and Indians in western tents. The solution came but one thing came in my mind that it is not a good thing. Those who used to go to jungles for toilet were very nice people. This is all the comfort orientation! I can understand this with old people but I don’t understand how it comes in young persons?….because it is western thing so it is very smart and modern to do like that!….Now in the case of women I would say that before they used to save money, but today they spend more than men. They wear all synthetic clothes. They go to hairdressers, they get their nails cut…. and don’t know what else!?….
I read an article in America that there are divorces because of many hairdressers. I did not understand it! They said that if a man gets attracted and in love with a women is because of her hairdress. Next day the hairdresser changed…. and his interest from that women went off!!…. Now if you change your hairstyle everyday then change your husbands! and wives also. It is amazing! You all don’t have to learn anything from their stupidities and madness. At least in India women have not left their style. How they walk, wear etc…. they understand themselves better. The day a woman abandons her chastity, soberness and dignity, or you can say, the women’s respect or the woemn’s like qualities diseapera from thie svery same day. Whatever is pure in her, the feminine form, the motherly form, or the wife’s from or tah artistic ‘s from will be over. All those who are blessed by Sharada Devi (Mahasaraswati) should understand this proverb that: “Art resides in hiding the art”. That whatever you do there is no need to show off. But whatever you do, you wear or use, you should do for others if you want the blessings of Sharada Devi on you.
What are others doing? People will say that become an Actress and go on the street and people will look at us, what else? We will become popular and modern. No, I have seen that people take the name of the Actresses and Models like a women standing on the street, which has no shame, dignity and is the object of exhibition.
There was one lady. She was some thing in our Government. Her hair was gray and she did not know any thing about Art but she was very famous. People have not seen the caves of Ajanta in India but they will go to Switzerland to see the beauty. An artistic and beautiful thing like Ajanta in India cannot be created by even the great Grand fathers of Switzerland. What is there in Switzerland to see? Stones…! The one who doesn’t know about his own country’s beauty, how can he love his country? One person called me specially. It is very old story some 30 years back he came from America. He said, call Shri Mataji. His sister is in Sahaj yoga. He said before going to the Airport he would like to show me one thing. I thought what is he going to show me? I went there, he brought a pump and he started filling in a balloon, which became a Sofa. He said, please sit down on it. I said, look gentleman I have lot of vibrations and this chair, which you made, will burst. Give me some hard thing to sit on. I am a fat Indian woman and it is not possible for me to sit on this. He started saying that you are not impressed? I said, impression is all right but if I fall down from this then depression will come. So I would say one thing again that the blessing of Sharada Devi is too much on India and because Bangladesh and Pakistan were part of India, they are also blessed. But gradually it will go away.
Now a day they are throwing stones on each other. Some people are killing women by digging them in the ground and some people, I saw tomorrow in Karachi (Pakistan) were hitting each other with stones. How can there be Art. So whatever art and blessings of Sharada Devi are on India, you must see them, understand them and enjoy. Now comes the theatre (Drama). In Bengal and Maharashtra theatre is of very high quality. People don’t go to see movies but to theatres. Before, the cinema use to be very nice but now it has got spoiled, even the theatres will become something else. I feel Sharada Devi will run away from here. Forget about her respect, she is insulted here. I have seen such shocking things in India. I am surprised how can they do like this. I will be very joyous to see these filthy things out of the movies in my lifetime. So, the art, which is in India, is symbolic.
If you see Chinese Art, it is like they make a horn, like a ghost. See the art of Egypt, it is all dead, they make Mummies and they make men standing like that bodies. In the past England and America were better in Art till they made realistic things. Then they made impressionistic, it was all right but today the modern art has come there and it is not such which can be understood by you, me or anyone else. Such a distortion has come that Sharada Devi has run away from there and the most dirtiest, stupid, vulgar picture they make will sell very expensive. Too much insult of Sharada Devi is there.
You all Sahaj yogis should now understand Art and use artistic things specially made by hand, then this ecological problem will finish. It is better to have one or two good things in the house than having 25 plastic things and 40 paper plates. The women from India have protected the culture and now the men should also protect it. There are many people in India who doesn’t even know more than 4 colors. In theatre, dance and in every thing you must have subtle vision. It doesn’t mean that women should dance like men or men should dance like women. Men like men and women like women. You will be surprised to know that the music and dance which we have in our country is nowhere in the World. Now, the third Shakti, which we have within ourselves, is Trigunatmika. It is the power of Mahalakshmi. I have just come after doing Mahalakshmi Puja in Turkey because it was suffering from poverty. Till they will stop importing items from Germany they will not get rid of poverty. They said that we have got taste of their products. I say, gentlemen when you will die of hunger then what will happen? So, I thought that there should be Puja of Shri Lakshmi and Diwali was there. The Puja of Mahalakshmi is only meant for her devotees. When Lakshmi(material well being) is too much and is used too much then you get a kind of hatred from it as it was with Mahavir and Budha after that only they went to search for God.
This Shakti of searching or seeking, you get from Mahalakshmi. The Mahalakshmi’s temple is in Kolhapur (Maharashtra), it is Swayambhu. They sing Jogwa there, Ambe you get awakened, you awakened. Namdev wrote this in 16th century. I asked the Brahmins(priests) there that why they sing this song in Mahalakshmi temple?…. They said that we don’t know but from many ages the same song is going on here, since the time of Namadeva.I said, who is Ambe?…they said it is some deity!. I said that you people don’t even know this? I said that I cant make you people understand. It is difficult but in the temple of Mahalakshmi the Ambe gets awakened….it is like this…..Mahalakshmi is in central channel,your whole seeking is there. In that path all your seeking of left and right and intellect is finished. You came on central path when you started seeking then the blessings of Mahalakshmi come on you. In bible she is called redeemer. Three kind of Shaktis are described. Comforter is the first on left side. Right side is councilor and central is called redeemer. These are the three Shaktis of Holy Ghost. So, when you enter into the central channel you become Sadhaka and Mahalakshmi rushes on you. Mahalakshmi blesses him. It is very difficult for the Shakti of Mahalakshmi to ascent because mind sometimes goes to left and sometimes to the right.
Only by Kundalini’s awakening it is possible to ascend. First, it makes a bridge. Kundalini crosses void and through the central channel it pierces the Brahmarandra and gets united with Bramhand and when this takes place after this the Trigunatmika (all the three Shaktis) combine and pierces through your Agnyan Chakra and come to Sahasrara then it become Mahamaya. Sahasrare Mahamaya. When it comes to the opening of Sahasrara, it has to take Mahamaya form. That form is the hidden form, very Secret! As you try to know it more and more, you get subtler and subtler.
This subtleness is very important because whatever treasure of pride and dignity we have within, to know this we have to become very subtle. In that it pulls you towards the right and sometimes to left. That is why, I always say to you to face yourself. Introspection, not of others but of yourself. Then slowly and steadily you will get deep in Sahaj Yoga.
You know about Chakras.
I have told about Mahakali, Mahasaraswati and Mahalakshmi many times. This all telling you remains only a speech sometimes. Till the Sadhaka reaches to that state he is not contented. Even after reaching to that state if you don’t use these powers then your faith doesn’t establish and it becomes difficult for you to get into Nirvikalpa. I have given a very long lecture today because the subject was such. I have just explained a little about the three powers or Shaktis.
Beyond that is Adishakti and it is not easy to explain about her. She is very great. It is difficult to explain her. Only you people can explain her, not me. I leave it on you.
All my blessings should come on you!!