Shri Ganesha Puja: Spiritual Dimension

Kalwa (India)

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1994-12-31 Shri Ganesha Puja Kalwe

Translation of the Talk in Hindi

Today we are going to perform Shri Ganesha Pooja. Shri Ganesha Pooja is most essential. Because of Shri Ganesha only there is holiness spread in the whole world. Today, whatever problems we are seeing is because you have not yet recognised our greatness. And we do not know why we have not recognised its importance. And we do not know as to why we have come in this world and what work we are doing, and what we have to do? In order to understand this, today, Sahaja Yoga has come to this world. Whatever terrible condition of the world is due to the Kali yuga, you know about it. I do not have to tell you about this. But, we should know that the human being has been separated from righteousness (“dharma”). Like the faith humans had, has now become superficial. There is no interiority (“aantarikta”). People are not able to understand how to recognise Shri Ganesha. What should be there in their life? But this is very difficult. However, much you explain, whatever you say, humans do not understand how they can accept Shri Ganesha. If on one side they are blessed by Shri Ganesha and are nourished, then they are very pure. They reflect. That is not the point. if you are a very honest person it is alright. But if you fall short in honesty (“naitikta”), then it is wrong. If you are not able to put your attention on the problems faced by the world, then also you lack balance. And if you want to awaken the powers of Shri Ganesha within you, this is possible only through awakening of the Kundalini. There is no other way. He possesses four special powers. Out of these four powers, the most important are, wisdom/good sense (“subudhi’), being knowledgeable (“sugyata”). In order to ignite these powers within us, we have to raise our Kundalini and make the Shri Ganesha within us happy. Shri Ganesha’s anger can also be harmful for us. His nature, on the one side is very peaceful and cool and on the other side, when he sees that human beings are on the wrong path, then he gets angry to such an extent, as I had told in Pune three times, that after establishing Shri Ganesha, if you perform vulgar dances before him, perform disco, and sing vulgar songs, he will definitely be angry with you. And there will be an earthquake. And the same thing happened. There was an earthquake. Now, we should pay attention as to what all wrong things we are doing. Before we used to call outsiders dirty, and their attention always used to be towards dirty things. But now we are also going towards dirty things. We like dirty songs, we see dirty pictures, talk vulgar things and use bad words. All this is not at all liked by Shri Ganesha. Our language should be pure, our thoughts should be clean, and our desires should also be pure. Now this thing has started coming slowly towards us. When we keep this type of thoughts within us, then only we can keep our self-respect. Then only we realise that there is some importance in our life. We are not stray people. We are Indians. And in order to take birth in India, we have to do penance for number of years. After a number of years of gathering blessings (“punya”), you are born in India. Your life is not meant for useless things. We have to try to understand this. In Siddhivinayak, I see there is a big queue. But what are you offering to Shri Ganesha? If you do not like to do dirty things, then all this will stop. Going to dirty places, eating food there, talking dirty things, are all being done in a very normal way nowadays. Now, I have been seeing some people standing on the road and eating, going somewhere, talking vulgar things, passing remarks on ladies, seeing them with dirty eyes. Jesus Christ had said ‘that if you see any woman twice with bad eyes, then you should remove your eyes and throw it. If you have done any bad work from your one hand, then cut the hand.’ I have not seen any Christian whose hand has been cut or eyes having been removed. But they call themselves as Christians, only for name sake and not in reality. And in our country, it has been specially written that there is one soul that resides in everyone. It cannot belong to any caste or creed. Caste had not been given on the basis of the birth of a human being but was made on the basis of his work. Those who give caste so much of importance, they cannot be Indians. That is why we should know what all we do which is totally against righteousness (‘dharma’). And when we do such work, Shri Ganesha within us becomes very angry and this anger of Shri Ganesha is very sad. Because on account of his anger, many such illness comes forth, which has no cure, which is called incurable. We get such diseases, such illness come forth, which has no cure for it, which is called incurable. We get such diseases. That is why we have to keep Shri Ganesha happy always.

First and foremost, this earth, which is our Mother, the Mother Earth element, with whom we are connected, has to be given a lot of respect. In the olden days, even now it may be in practice, before getting up, when we touched the floor, we used to seek pardon from Mother Earth by saying ‘I am touching you with my feet, please pardon me.’ So much of respect we had. These days there is no respect for their own mother and father, who will keep respect for earth? To bow down before everything, to be respectful to everyone, this is the very aspect of our country. Now all these aspects are no more there. Neither do children respect their parents, husband does not care about his wife, nor does wife care for the husband. Any relationship which is pertaining to the world, should be go on with lot of respect, and this has been told to us by various Dharmas of our country. But now, this is no more visible. Neither children care for their parents, nor husband cares for his wife, nor wife cares for her husband. All relationships in the world, any relationship have to go on with lot of respect, as has been told by various religions of the country. This is according to the principle of nationalism (“rashtradharma”). Now buying foreign things, buying foreign clothes, dancing in the western style, to follow foreign styles, is not something sensible. We can adopt foreign concepts. We can teach them because our culture is so great, and that too on the foundation of Shri Ganesha. Especially in Maharashtra, Ashta Vinayak are seated there. Maha Ganesha is sitting there. And I see dirt to such an extent that I feel astonished that they have forgotten that he is sitting there. Where they have come. The respect should be voluntary. You should understand the self. When you will understand your soul, you will be surprised to know that you possess so much powers within. But you have not awakened these powers. That is how all the poverty, troubles, dirt of the world has come here. It is essential that the worship of Shri Ganesha which we do outwardly, should be done inwardly. And it should also be seen which of the qualities of Shri Ganesha have been acquired and what is that special within us through which we can be blessed by him. Such type of qualities should come within us. To respect each other and to value of each other, have been told, but do we think about it? Who does all this abroad, and there is so much wealth abroad. These days their wealth has diminished. What they previously used to think as wealth, they have started realising it is nothing special and they are also falling into it. Whatever their talks are, it is all highly artificial. Their roads are quite clean, but their heart is bad. Whatever I have seen of them, their inner side is totally dirty and outwardly, everything is good. And all the arrangements there are to get spoilt. If any child goes there, he will not be able to stay away from alcohol. They will make them smoke; they will take them to dirty places. They will take them to discos, they will do this, that, and there is so much of filth that there is the presence of terrible – terrible Kaliayug. We feel that they are in great comfort. How can the parents whose children are addicted to drugs, be happy? If we people are to be in correct path and if we have to enjoy our inner happiness which is the greatest wealth for us, then it is essential we save our purity (“pavitrayata”). And by rectifying ourselves, we have to settle down with our activities with great grandeur. And not by becoming like a beggar and smearing ourselves with filth. The great praise of Indians, as per what a Chinese official who met me, started telling me ‘Oh it is this wealth about which I had heard for so many years, and read about it that in India spiritual wealth is in abundance.’ That we are rich in spiritual wealth, there is no doubt about it. But there should be intelligence (“rugyan”) there. Regarding intelligence (“rugyan”), we have stopped adhering to morality (“mlechch”). Our attention goes towards dirt. We run after that which makes us impure. Then whatever beauty that is within us, how will that come out. How can we see it? That is the reason it is important to remember that when you worship Shri Ganesha you take care that you are invoking Shri Ganesha within you, otherwise it will be difficult if he will also be upset. It is very difficult to explain to him as he will not accept anything than what is pure. We cannot argue before him. We cannot explain anything to him. Whatever purity that he has created, if we remain within that we will also be happy, and he will also be happy.

Transcript of the Talk in English

Today I am talking about Shri Ganesha. Now we Will be parting we will be going to our own country and I must congratulate you the way you have come up to the expectations of Shri Ganesha. I am very happy with you people. I wish Indians would learn a lesson from you that you are the people who don’t have this tradition; you don’t have Shri Ganesha established there. Still somehow you have come up to such a level that I feel very proud of you and all of them should learn a lesson from you.

They are going to the western life, western style, western expression of the filth but you people have accepted it and have changed so much that they have to learn a lesson that’s what I’m telling them. It’s a very good lesson for them. First you used to come and learn here what was Sahaja Yoga and was respect, what was respecting yourself. But I am very happy to see this time you all have been an ideal example of Sahaja yogis. You tolerated all kinds of inconveniences and you saw [claps in the background] you saw comfort of your spirit not of your body and the way you have been behaving I am over satisfied. I hope you will really grow to your spiritual dimensions and try to bring forth in this dimension in other people of your nationality – very important. You see all the bad points of these people and you see where they are going. You are worried about it, you are thinking about it, but we have to do something about it so that they take to a harmony, real righteous life no use talking and giving big sermons. I am sure you can do that, and you have done it. There are certain points about Sahaja Yoga that you have to understand the precise way of curing yourself and curing others. I am hoping to write a book on that, I hope so if it is finished that will be useful for you to help yourself and help others physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. [claps in the background.]

The best part is that the way you have controlled your children and you have brought them to proper lives and you have saved them of this is really remarkable because in India we have given up all children. We have become extremely docile because they have become very arrogant and independent. And, our love is so much for the children, that we allow them to do what they like. But you people have really saved your children and they will thank you very much for this.

I would like to thank all of you for bring this good work for yourself or others and for your country and I am sure it will be very successful in a very short time and it will become global understanding of Sahaja Yoga.

May God bless you.

Translation of the Talk in Marathi

Today during the pooja, we have do decide that we will spend our entire life at the lotus feet of Shri Ganesha and bring purity within us. In that purity we will not leave our children as well. We will put them on the right path. We will provide them with good education and turn them around. Do not get nervous about this. We have to keep children in discipline. If you do not keep them in discipline, they will sit on your head. Therefore, I am telling you that if you have real love for Shri Ganesha, you have to take care of your children. Mere love is of no use. That will only spoil your children and you will have lot of problems. Therefore, at this time you should give them that discipline which is required. On account of this, sometimes we feel bad that we say such things to children, or the children have become like this and so on, but you should not feel anything bad about that. This is our duty and we have to discharge our duty. In this manner if we do our duty, then only the bad generation can be avoided, and we can bring such children on the path. This society is going on towards wrong path, if we have to rectify it, first and foremost the parents should take care. In this teacher cannot do anything. Parents should take care of the children and they should explain to them that ‘You are the future generation and you have to take care of this society. You should not enter into wrong and dirty society.’ The cinema group should also be taken to task by way of stopping vulgar pictures, which teach vulgar things, and talk about vulgar things and such habits will not come in children. It should spread to such an extent that children will themselves say no to it. Current day children are very good. Many children in this country are born realised by birth. But if they are not turned around well, they will not understand what is wrong? What is right? Till they understand this, they will keep on doing wrong things.

Therefore, today, keeping Shri Ganesha in our mind, we should decide in our mind that we should show Shri Mataji that our children, ourselves, our home, our society, all would make Shri Ganesha happy. I am fully confident that you will pay attention to this. Just superficially chanting prayers of Shri Ganesha is nothing, praying outwardly, or ringing the bell in his temple has no meaning. The bell should ring from within. When this will ring only then the purity spreads and through this purity everybody will be benefitted, and the best will happen.

Everybody has been awakened through Sahaja yoga. If you are a Sahaja yogi, you need not be told much. But others, like your relations, your children, your daughter, daughter-in-law and all others should come to Sahaja yoga, this we should decide and then only we should leave. And it will just happen like that. If you desire, you can arrange for “Haldi Kumkum” function and call them, and say come to Sahaja Yoga. There is no way other than Sahaja Yoga. And seeing you only, they will come to Sahaja Yoga, and this is the arrangement. Then, whatever pleases Shri Ganesha and whatever he likes, we should do that. Just by offering Modak (sweet), what is the use? What is in Modak, is to be known first. In Modak, if there is your good desire, your pure desire, then it pleases him. Otherwise he does not want any other Modak. That is why you have to keep pure desire, pure desire meaning Kundalini, and this pure desire means to enable us to get completely into Sahaja yoga. In this manner, through our belief, may everybody benefit from Sahaja yoga.

Hearty blessings to all.