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Melbourne Airport, Melbourne (Australia)

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Informal Talk to Yogis. Melbourne Airport (Australia), 19 February 1995.

I never expected you all here but, very happy to see you, that our, Melbourne has grown so much so beautifully. You all look so nice. It was, quite a struggle to begin with, but it had worked out and we all have come together now, in such a beautiful way. There were many in Ganapatipule I couldn’t talk to you directly, that time. How many got married in Ganapatipule? This time. None from Melbourne. But there were many Australians married. All right next time. What I was told that most of the young boys and young girls are married now and we had a problem, because the boys were all about six feet and all the girls were below five feet. But when I told them that they said: ‘Mother You are so concerned about heights so, we are very thankful You can marry us and we don’t mind.’ So I said: ‘It’s good.’ Otherwise see, sometimes only on height people fight.

It seems children are very happy in the school and they are enjoying there. Now I’ve started a new thing again, is a gymnasium, where you have to learn gyms and you have to develop your bodies to be Mr Universe. Such a nice, family of ours, and the way things are working out all over the world, it’s very, joy-giving for Me. It’s all so easy for Sahaja Yoga. Just have to meditate and, penetrate more into subtler, being that is your self. I’m writing a book now, I’ve been writing many, but this time there’s a book, which I gave it to C.P. and he says: ‘It’s very subtle, very subtle, for very subtle people.’ I said: ‘It’s meant for subtle people only.’ What am I to do? That’s how I am.

But still I would say that the society if you all see around, is very, destructive. The morality part is very disappointing. When I see the newspapers I am really shocked how things are happening and I cannot explain why people behave like this in this manner. Maybe you can say these are some, possessions, or maybe their genes, or maybe their breeding. So one of the things very important for Sahaja Yogis is, to lead a very very moral life. With immorality as it is people are punished as you know. They get all kinds of diseases, all kinds of troubles, also problems in the family, that affects our children. I always felt that, the society is to be looked after by women, by women, not by men so much. They have to be tolerant because that’s their job, that’s what they have to do. There’s nothing inferior or superior on the contrary a superior woman would be a very good housewife, would be a very good, collective personality. She’d be the more sensible and a balanced person, because she has a double job to do. Firstly she has to establish her children all right, give them a proper training by her own life, and then she has to look after the society.

When you see the ills of society, that has taken so much of toll, of so many young generation, I think Sahaja Yogis have a very great responsibility, towards their fellow man in their own country. We talk of so many things but actually you’ll be surprised you all are gifted with the power to emit, vibrations by which you can correct the society. You are all the channels of those beautiful vibrations, which you must use and utilize. But if you do not pay attention, to your vibrations, and to your growth, then all these, subtle powers that you have do not manifest. That is what I feel about Sahaja Yogis yet, they have not realized how important they are, and what is their role, much more than any other Incarnations, disciples, Incarnations’ pupils, had. Because you yourself, you are realized souls. You yourself know all the things. All the subtleties you have, and if you can just understand that by spreading Sahaja Yoga you also go much deeper, within yourself, you will take it up and work it out. Of course while spreading, people are worried about their ego sometimes. They think that supposing we are successful, then ego might come into it. Doesn’t matter. It’s part of the game. But you should see.

We have had some very big calamities recently. Many people became mahayogis, you see. They were saying: ‘We are this, we are that we are mahayogis, we are special people,’ and some of them really tumbled down. So one has to be careful. One has to lead a balanced, life and a balanced attitude towards oneself. No use cursing anybody, saying anything, that somebody else is responsible for your fall. We have one now in, I have heard about him. This Chinese fellow. What’s his name is, Sam? Don’t know. About a big mahayogi is born there but, wherever he has been he’s been such a trouble I tell you, everywhere, he’s a troubleshooter. And now he thinks no end of himself. He has written a letter, to say that Mother has given me powers to get all the businesses this that. Absolute nonsense. He’s such a madman. I knew he was mad. But I didn’t know he’d go to that extent of madness. So now I don’t know what to do with such a person. Only thing we can ask him to get out of Sahaja Yoga that’s all.

But one has to be careful when you see such people with such horrible vibrations, they are on their way to lunatic asylum, and they, if they were taking drugs or something like that one can understand. It’s not so. It is always a kind of a ego that just crawls up and they start boasting, talking big and ultimately they end up. Somebody in Milano said that he was Adi Shakti. I said: ‘Very good send some of My saris I have too many of them.’ I mean, and people don’t tell Me. I have to discover. See it’s very, surprising that people once they find some mahayogi there they just think, I don’t know what they think about him. Maybe they think that’s not their business to say anything about the mahayogi you see, but, they do, come up, here and there, see, find in every place. You also had somebody here once upon a time. I don’t know if he is here still or not. So, see there are people who take to all these tantric ways and all kinds of things. And where do they end, you see, they are just mad people, that’s what they are. So never take to them and be careful that, when they are trying to form some group, please keep away from them.

I’m very happy to see all of you together so nicely placed with each other. It’s very very satisfying. And that shows the wisdom is there now to understand the value of a Sahaja Yogi. It all is going on and I think in this Mahashivaratri I’ll have to talk about these mahayogis also because they are all, coming up here and there and troubling the leaders. Now most of the leaders who are there, most of them I should say, are perfectly alright and I don’t really want to say anything about anyone. They can handle. They are the best to handle everything. Everybody you see, is quite capable and they can handle the situation and whatever they say you must listen to them. Because I can’t talk to all of you. I cannot, listen to all of you I should say. But there’s one gentleman who’s there who I think is very reasonable, so you talk to your leader and whatever the leader decides, you must accept otherwise what’s the use of having a leader? You have here a very good leader for Melbourne, you have very good for Sydney, for world leader also you have so good. Everybody seems to be very much now equipped, to be good leaders and kind people. So there is no need to have any kind of a, disobedience for nothing at all. Those days are gone. Obedience is not also blind, is for your benevolence. You need it. And if you need it there’s nothing to feel bad about it. Let C.P. talk about Me, as a wife I [INAUDIBLE]

I think you all will be there for the puja. Shivratri Puja is the most important puja I think, from spiritual point of [view?] I hope you’ll make it comfortable to be there and this Shivratri should create something more, within you, to see the vision that I have about the whole world. I am a simple housewife as you can see and, never to feel that you are just a housewife and good for nothing. Even if you create one great man, as a mother it’s the greatest achievement, than to earn all kinds of laurels in this world. I’m happy C.P. could come this time and he’s going to be here in Australia for some time. He has written this book. Of course I, asked him to write this book because I knew Shastriji was a realized soul, and that a person like this is lost to our country which requires really someone of that caliber. It has happened so, I hope you all will read the book and understand the value of leading a good life.

Actually I always say that the politicians don’t realize how they will go, in the history. If they could just realize this point, they wouldn’t do all these nonsensical things that they do. But I think they are not conscious of what position they have, and what is the opportunity they have, by which they can show to the whole world that, through politics they have been able to create a great vision, or a great work. This is the only difference between great politicians and other politicians, their morality, everything, is very important because people try to follow them. They are our ideals, and this is what is very saddening that they don’t realize what is their position is. Everybody, even as I said the housewives, or the men or the fathers, if they realize, what is, their, I would not call it duty, but what is their identity, things will work out very smoothly and they’ll enjoy everything, whatever they do.

I’m really so overjoyed to see you all, and the children are all here and they are very happy about the school so, I hope we have even a university there. About the school one thing I have decided we’ll not affiliate with this Cambridge business, because they are very demanding type. They want to have a football grounds in those mountains you see. All kinds of things they want to have, for what? And Cambridge is such a difficult university nobody can get admitted there. Very difficult. You have to have at least four A and one B+. So like that, if you are so excellent in your studies then only you can go there, and we may have one or two like that but for them to spend all the money to change everything is very difficult. To get teachers to teach all kinds of languages very difficult. So best thing is to pass this examination ICSC, which is very good. You are, you can join any university after that if you can pass a few examinations as they have in America and everywhere.

So there is no need to trouble our children and load them with so much of studies for what? Hardly one or two might get into that university. Besides somehow I have known about Cambridge, it’s not such a practical university, it is more theoretical. So this, thing has to go from our head. I think it’s more our slavish mentality that we think Cambridge is the last word, for every kind of education. You can become a bureaucrat with that, you can be a consultant, but what else can you do because it’s all theoretical. So I hope the parents don’t mind if the children don’t take to this but just to ICSC. Maybe it is possible we might have our own university for them, so it is quite possible we can get good professors from abroad and from everywhere, and make a very good university which can give them a practical knowledge and very good degrees in India only.

Now as you know India has opened its economy and things are working out very well. I am not now of the opinion that we should send our children to places where it is so difficult and, the education is not so good. I was surprised that even in Australia the standards have gone down so much in education. The parents blame the teachers, the teachers blame the parents but, something has to be done about children, here also those who are studying. I don’t know how far we can help them, but at least the school in Dharamsala has done good, and I am very thankful that the majority of the children are Australians and they are doing very well. They are well-disciplined very sweet children and there are very good reports about the Australian children. It’s very surprising because they don’t have so much of education what you call pre-school, but they are very sensible children and they’re full of life and very hard-working. So I think if you have any problems, you may write to Me when I’m here. I’ll deal with them, any individual problem if you have. Otherwise hope to see you for the program, and later on for the puja, in Sydney.
May God Bless you.

== Appendix: Sir C.P. Shrivastrava’s speech in response to Shri Mataji’s invitation: ==

I’m not standing up because that would a create a problem for the microphone. First of all I’m very honored, very happy to be here with my wife and I am also very very pleased to see all of you, see the faces, which show, love and divinity and dedication to your Mother. She has been talking about the role of women, and that set me a-thinking. I began to think of the last forty-eight years that we have been married, and I just want to tell you very briefly how She has performed the role of an ideal wife and an ideal Mother and an ideal grandmother in the family, besides being the Spiritual Leader of Sahaja Yoga.

When we got married I belonged to a very, conservative family. She belonged to a very radical family, and it was a good complement to each other. But when She came to my house, She behaved as if for generations She had lived in a very conservative family and pleased everybody. The old ladies of the house who were looking a little worried, they thought here’s a new lady from another province, speaking another language, professing another religion, how will She fit into our family? But what She did was She won over the heart of everyone by behaving in a very modest way, in a very loving way, in a very caring way and I have to admit that She became the favorite and I was lost.

Well that is how our family life began. I was certainly very happy about it. But then, I was a bureaucrat, a civil servant, and unfortunately given to idea that absolute honesty must be observed which meant that we had to live within our means, our salary and all I had to do was to work in the office and I left all the problems of the house to my wife, so I said: ‘Here’s the salary, now do what you can.’ And I tell you, She managed beautifully within our means, no possibility of anything going wrong.

We had two children, two daughters. She brought them up and brought them up extremely well, arranged for their education, arranged for their marriage. They grew up, I didn’t know how, for I was from morning until late evening every day in office but, and She was in charge of the house. She looked after not only my daughters but I want tell you this. All of us have rich relations and they care for themselves, take care, and we have in India poor relations as well, and when you are in a good position the poor relations flock to you. And they came to our house, children who needed education and each one of them, we had some sort of hostel running all the time, each one of them was looked after by my wife in the same way as our own daughters, given the same food, given the same affection. Only She could have done that. And they have grown up, they’re now in so many places. That was the role She played as a mother, mother not only to my children but to children of the family.

And then as we grew further She had a role to play as my wife. I held some assignments in government, in India and abroad in the United Nations. When I was Secretary to the Prime Minister of India, about whom I have written a book now, She was the main motive force behind me. In fact I wouldn’t have gone to Mr Shastri if She had not insisted I must go, and I went and served there. Mr Shastri had very great respect for Her, all because She was of course, She was obviously a spiritual person, but also a very good mother, a very good housewife and he used to ask Her: “How do you run your house? What are your priorities?’ And She would say what She had to say and Mr Shastri listened to that.

Now as a wife She played that role. When I was working with Prime Minister sometimes I would be in the office till midnight. Why sometimes, every day, sometimes till early hours of the morning. But She supported me. She said: ‘This is your duty now, duty to your country, to your Prime Minister. You must work. Don’t worry about the house, don’t worry about the children, I’ll take care of them. Then I went to United Nations. There again, my goodness me, you have to take care of one government was bad enough in India. To take care of one hundred and thirty governments all over was not easy, traveling, meeting people, receptions, dinners, a very busy life, but She stood by me and while doing all that She was at the same time promoting Sahaja Yoga. I don’t know how She did it, but She has done a wonderful job.

You know I saw Sahaja Yoga beginning with four people in London and they were wearing jeans, not very clean either. That was the beginning of Sahaja Yoga. One day I came back home and I found a young boy, I’m talking 1974, young boy sitting in my drawing-room and when I entered the house he looked at me as if I was a stranger, he was the real owner of the house, so I receded. I didn’t quite understand, but what surprised me even more was that he was wearing my clothes. I rubbed my eyes. I said: ‘I, am I seeing something real or is it a dream?’ Well when I receded I came to my wife and I said: ‘Now who, who is this gentleman?’ So She explained. She said: ‘You know he’s a poor young boy, and he, he was almost lying unattended to, unhelped, near Piccadilly Circus.’ She had gone out for shopping and he saw her lying almost in a miserable condition. So She stepped out of the car, went to that boy, said: ‘Why are you lying here, are you alright?” He said: ‘No he was not well at all.’ She said: ‘Is there anyone to take care of you?’ He said: ‘No, there’s none.’ She said: ‘That’s awful’ then She said: ‘Okay hop into the car’ and She brought him home. Then he was given a wash, he had no clothes, so he had to wear my clothes and that’s how he was wearing my clothes and then for the next some weeks, he stayed in the house and there I saw Sahaja Yoga acting.

This boy was suffering from, I think he, he was in very bad shape. Within three four weeks he blossomed. Another three weeks became healthy person and we then got to know that he was from Australia. He was a young engineer. He had run away from his house and he was in bad shape. After he was cured he became a very good person. He came back to Australia, was united with his mother. I don’t know where he is, a Mr Gus, but that was what I saw, the miracle of Sahaja Yoga. And from those four persons, yes four I talked to, once I came back home and found those four persons wearing jeans and again I did not know who they were, but they were Sahaja Yogis and they were the initial Sahaja Yogis. While from them to this is a marvel.

All I can say is, despite all Her attention to the family, to me, I’ve been a busy person. She has attended to all the duties to the family, She has created a new, universal family of Sahaja Yoga. Each Sahaja Yogi is in my view, an angel and I mean this. I mean this because I have known human beings in the world. The world is terrible. If you look at newspapers you would see all kinds of horror stories but when you meet a Sahaja Yogi, he or she is a very different person. The face is different, the inner self is different, the outer self is different. It’s another creation. She has created thousands and thousands of such persons. Each one of you is a miracle. You know it’s very difficult to transform human beings. I’ve worked in United Nations, in India for forty years. I cannot honestly say that I was able to transform even one human being. Yes, people followed my example and worked hard, but that is not transformation. Transformation is what I see in you and that is a miracle, that is what She has done.

And now a new world is being created, I sincerely hope that Sahaja Yoga will spread more rapidly. It has spread very very fast but it needs to spread very much faster and all over the world there is a race between the forces of good and the forces of evil. You represent the forces of good. The forces of evil are outside. Have the heart, have the courage, Her Vibrations and your vibrations will I hope envelop the world and create a good world and this bad world will be suppressed, will disappear. This is all that I can say. I thank you very very much for receiving me here. I am delighted to be here in Australia. I have liked my visit immensely already. I think in Australia the beautiful thing is that the advantages of a developed world are present here but the heart seems to be very good, very sound, wonderful. You are open-hearted, warm people, loving people and I cannot say adequately how very happy I am and how very grateful. I thank you Maam for letting me come to Australia and I am going to enjoy myself. So, that’s all that I can say.