Evening Program, Eve of Mahashivaratri Puja

Castle Mountain Camp, Wisemans Ferry (Australia)


Evening Program before Mahashivaratri Puja, Castle Mountain Camps, Wiseman’s Ferry, near Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

I Say Congratulations to Brayan Bay. To make my plan I never think of my past. So I was wondering what is this drama going about (Clapping). The most important thing in this life to enlighten as many people as possible. I am very much thankful to you for expressing your joy, your talents to express the reality, the reality is not in which what we believe but it is beyond but the way people believe in reality is something illusion, illusionary. That is the curse of Kali Yuga. I must say it is brought off very well, the way they showed people around, not easy to convince so easily I tell you. Now it’s different. It uses to be very difficult in the beginning, too many arguments and all kinds of funny answers and questions. Now life has changed I think we are so many, so many good Sahaja Yogis and in Australia, I am sure it’s going to be a very tremendous success. I was surprised at the way people had to stand outside the big hall, showed the way it’s spreading and people are now trying to understand that there is something beyond. It’s only your behaviour, this will be your vibrations which has created this. If I could do everything myself alone I would not have needed anyone but no I can’t do it, I have to have channels, I have to do it through you. The channels are so good, they are working for me. Now I look back sometimes because just now they were showing the past that first coming to Australia I just thought it’s Ganesha’s land and things will work out.It has I must say, it has worked out very well, so many people are showing their talents, it’s amazing how they can sing Indian songs or do these Indian dances even, very amazing. This play of Shiva was also another great achievement I think in expressing how all the religion said the same. But as you know people have misinterpreted of their own thought. I have so very happy that all of you had found out the reality about yourself, the reality about life and the spirit that is within you. I never expected so much to have put in My lifetime, I came for that. May God bless you.