Farewell Talk

Sydney airport (Kingsford Smith), Sydney (Australia)


Talk at the Airport. Sydney (Australia), 28 February 1995.

We have had really a very beautiful Shiva Puja here. It was never so good before, and so many people there. Everybody’s heart was opening.  It was really, in the land of, as if Shiva we were in there.  So I’ve told you about what is to be done, to develop detachment, and to understand.  I know lots of things from your Kundalini, and some people still have problem with agnya, left nabhi, right nabhi. This all can be cured, if you, just know that you are the Pure Spirit and you have to become that. This is not difficult. Only thing is you must have confidence in yourself, and also respect, respect for everything. What we have in this culture so called, no respect.  Respect your body.  Respect your relations.  Agnya can, run away you see, fast, all the problems of agnya, if you know how to respect.  Respect the Mother Earth, and everything will be fine. It doesn’t mean if you respect somebody that means you are subservient.  You are not. Respect shows your growth, your maturity.

I find it difficult even, to tell people when they are very very wrong.  It’s very difficult, very embarrassing, and to publicly tell that is even more embarrassing,  but supposed to be My job so sometimes I have to do it.  But I don’t like it.  All those people whom I’ve tried to tell they should really, work it out, because you’ll be lagging behind.  Sahaja Yoga is moving very fast.  It has taken a speed, everywhere, even in your country. So best is to, understand that we cannot be stuck now with our own agnya and our problems and our, this thing, prestigious, so-called prestige.

I really enjoyed all the program very much and, specially the music.  John is really great I must say, the way he’s  handling music part, and, the way you are composing very beautiful music also.  But you shouldn’t have somebody from outside I think.  See there’s, they’re not worth it.  I enjoy your music more than anybody else’s.  It comes from heart. My stay has been, very very comfortable and very joyous.  I’m learning a lot about the ships now.  Every day there’s some sort of an activity and I thought these Australians are really very hard-working, the way they look after their ship, they unload it and load it.  They put lot of labour on it themselves but if they have to work as labour they are horrible absolutely.  They charge so much that the labour problem here is the most, difficult one  I don’t know how you will solve it , because they ask so much, so much money.

Long time back C.P. told me that these Australian labourers are the difficult, most difficult because they’re asking even for bending some money, bending their body. I mean if they have to lift something they have to bend then you have to pay them every time they bend.  And today you can see the effects of this labour.  If the labour improves and, then maybe things will improve a lot.  And what do they need money for?  Just for alcohol, that’s all.  Why do they need so much money?  This alcohol that they consume, this is the only way they are wasting all the money that they are getting it.  But nobody can talk to them about it.  It would be nice if you can get some labour people in Sahaj so they’ll feel satisfied and will understand that they are causing so much trouble, just for their bad habits of alcohol.

Your newspapers are also really, very heavy and very little news,  but I’ve been watching it, I’ve been reading about it, trying to understand the politics and this and that because I think it’s quite complicated.  In India they have already, started one Sahaja Yoga political party, but it’s not Sahaja Yoga, I told them not to take Sahaja Yoga’s name,  but Sahaja Yogis.  They call it Satya Marga, meaning the, path of truth and two Sahaja Yogis are contesting elections.  Only they are Sahaja Yogis but I said don’t take My name or take the name of Sahaja Yoga.  We have to be careful about the name of Sahaja Yoga. Very important.


What I have to tell you that for example now, Angela, is she here?  You should go to France see because it’s close to, Cabella and they come for every programme.  So instead of, asking him to come here, he has a government job you see, and it’s, he gets his gratuities and everything.  You should not call him here.  It’s, what’s the use of him coming here, I just don’t understand.  And you should settle your matters, whatever it is, the way can do it and you should really go to France and that’s why I married you there.  But then the proposal came that you want him to come here and all that, but I think it’s not fair.  Also you can do a lot in France because France is a place where, photography is very important.  Not like this country.  You’ll be incurring more debts and more debts and you won’t be able to produce much. Also, Kay, I’ve said that you should pay more attention your son that doesn’t mean you come with him and stay in Sydney.  First of all, I’ve already told you you have a weakness for that boy and that’s why he’s spoilt.

It’s the mother who spoils the child. So what, you should not be with him. You can put him with somebody else here who should really look after him because he’s a well-known, mischievous boy.  Very mischievous.  His brain is so wonderful I don’t know, as if some crooked brain is there.  You can’t correct him.  You just can’t correct him. So this attachment is wrong.  I’ve already told,  that you can send that child to somebody who will handle the child with great, attention.  It’s needed. Don’t spoil your children.  Don’t spoil. By spoiling them you’ll create problems for your self.

And the children also should not stick to their parents.  They should be, also detached.  That’s the sign of a good child.  In Sahaja Yoga, if you find children who are very much sticking to parents, they don’t do well in schools.  They are very mischievous, very troublesome.  You have to correct.  That’s your job.  It’s the job of the mother to correct the child.  Shouldn’t bother about the father.  It’s the mother who has to correct the child and put him on right path because the same child will, become a troublesome thing.  Today I read in the newspaper, a eleven year old child joined some others to kill some old man.  Can you, eleven year old.  Who should we blame?

For Sahaja Yogis it is very important to see how the children are behaving.  They should not be rude, they should not be arrogant, because if you send such a lot, to Dharamshala they have big problems.  So to teach them how to be humble, how to be respectful, because in Dharamshala Australian children are in majority, and they have a very good name, people like them very much there.  But some of them are so horrid, I mean exceptionally horrid.  So I would say that one should, try to be little strict with them, doesn’t matter, and that’s how you are going to help your children,  very much.

I think I have individually talked about everybody else.  I’m sorry I had to ask Stephan Taylor to, come down and we have put Michael Fogarty there.  I’ve told him what mistakes he has committed which are very serious, which he was, may not have been aware, and all the Sahaja Yogis of the world have decided that we have to change the leader here.  Moreover he’s not keeping very well, so is all done after complete scrutiny.  Please try to understand I would not put down any leader unless and until I find something really seriously wrong. Again I have to tell you that if you are taking any step, anyway, you must ask Me.  I’m available on the phone, or, if I’m not there they’ll tell you where I am.  But anything important if you have to take a decision you must ask and don’t rely on other people or other leaders because sometimes they can mislead.  Anything important please try to telephone to Me and I’ll definitely look after.

Sahaja yoga is collective, is massive, is big, but also individual is very important and I have to pay attention to every individual,  I have to understand every individual, I have to look after every individual problem.  So try to understand that any collective thing you do please, please telephone to Me and ask Me.  Don’t do things arbitrarily, because it can shock people.  It can really shock.  So try to understand that Sahaja Yoga is a collective organization.   It’s a living organization.

Like if there’s a pin, pricks on one finger the whole body is concerned.  In the same way if you do not consult Me, do things, everybody gets upset, and they start asking Me, Mother how it has happened? Another little handicap is that Australia is very far away, and naturally, it’s not so much connected, with the European or American people, but still I am there. So you can always telephone to Me, ask Me, or, leave message for Me, or send Me a fax.  You must ask Me.  This is, dangerous to do things without asking.  It’s very dangerous.

So please don’t do anything.  I’m telling all the leaders.  If they have problem they can talk to their own leader and the leader can talk to Me,  but without asking don’t do things, which are injurious or which is dangerous.  You see these days, nobody is far away.  I mean you can telephone from here, anyone.  We saw the telephone works so fast from Australia,  telephone system is so good here.  I’ve not seen like this anywhere, and quite cheap.  So why not we use this good system and ask Me because we are a little bit cut off as you know.  But My attention is here and I have stopped going to Europe and America maybe this year only but I’m coming to Australia again and again and I’ll be back again.

Also about school, one girl wrote to Me about one Mary someone Mary, that she has been punished,  and she’s very unhappy.  She shouldn’t, she need not go, because nobody has told Me this, all the children are anxious to go so I think something wrong with the child.  So such a child should not go.  I mean there’s no problem, we have already more children than we can really afford to have.  But I’ve said those who are in the seventh class should repeat this year, seventh class.

Also those who are going for My Birthday should inform people in, Delhi, also to Yogi, how many are coming, so for their stay we can arrange some proper place. Got it. You got it now? Lots of miracles have happened about My passport also.  Already the size is so big like a book you know.

So C.P. is also very much thankful you see, for all that you have done for him.  But you know he’s a difficult person in one way.  He’s been arguing with me that I can’t live here free, you see must do something about it and till this morning there was discussion going on. I said: ‘You’d better talk to them directly’.  So now we have compromised, that he can donate 5 000 pounds for Sahaja Yoga activities here. We have never had a holiday before. This is the first time, through your, kindness, we have been able to have a holiday together.  Otherwise not even for one day I should say we really enjoyed any holiday because as soon as we reached the place he was called back by his office.  So this was very unique, that we should come to Australia and have such a nice time.

Then another is that I have to thank all those who have worked so hard, for launching of the book.  I think this book is very important.  Today we need it very much, and one should try to find people who could sell these books and, could read, actually main is we must have proper, comments and all that, so that people should read.  It’s, a good book which can give us confidence in our good values, value in the truthful lives.  So is going to help, many people to see that there has been a living person like that.  Any why not we do it.

Specially in the politics, everywhere I find is too much of corruption. Because perhaps they don’t understand that politics is the only way they can get fame, fame, in the future, even after their death.  If they have money like business people, this that, nobody is going to, have respect for them. Also some of them marry their secretaries and things like that you see.  Is absolutely, I can’t understand.  Even the level of their thinking is so low, so what can they guide other people, what can they do for others because they are so self-centered, and they are making money and taking bribes and this and that, is bit too much.

Italy is the worst.  But now it has come to some, trial now.  Let us see what happens.  But it’s very corrupt, very very corrupt place.  I have never seen such corruption.  Even in India you can’t think of corruption that exists there.

We bought a plot of land and, they took Me to a Rotary, you see the officer, and he had a big calculator he did something and he told Me that so much black money to be paid.  I said I’ve no black money, how can I pay?  All money is in the bank, white money what to do?  He said  all right, tell me your bank, what is your bank.  He telephoned to the manager,  he organised, I don’t know how. He organised it.  I said but how can you do it, you are a Rotary.  He said nobody wants to pay,  Income Tax you see.  Openly.  That’s the limit,  I was so shocked.  How could he do it like that?

So it had gone to such a level that now it had to come out and now corruption in Italy is completely exposed and everywhere it should be exposed. Everywhere. Otherwise the situation in any country cannot improve.  India is also very bad but I’m sure now, something will happen and maybe, this corruption, which is so much now grown up.

When My husband was a collector and all that I never knew anybody who was corrupt not one person except for this peons and something like, I can say very low level, but he used to pay  two rupees or one rupee to them.  But now it’s so openly they ask.  So it has to go now and it has to work out,  that they should know that they have to do public service, and they have to have name and a fame.  Even I’ve seen very few simple people like, Police Inspector or something, becomes very famous if he is honest, and can reach very great heights. So, you have to pray that this corruption should go, and it will work out I am sure. But the more difficult thing is immorality.  Marrying your secretary. I mean it’s too much immoral. I think she’s like your servant because she is paid by you,  she’s under you and to marry her means that you are using her helplessness.  Thus I’m sure you can all pray for it and work it out.  I’m sure it will work out in this country.

Only thing very good about Australia is they are particular about cleanliness.  The way they have kept their seashores clean and all that is remarkable. It’s really an example for others.  But morality wise, I don’t know, how far they are with others or competing with other people.  It’s quite stupid things they do.  If you people want and desire, that morality should come down, I’m sure it will work out.

And as I told you the other day that if people become very immoral you will find another kind of thing growing up which we call as fundamentalist,  whether they are Christians, Muslims are just the same, so this immoral, behaviour of people somehow or other generates, that another kind of people.  It has happened at the time of Hitler, in the same way it will happen here.  So you have to be very, alert about it.  If you see in the newspaper something give it a bandhan.  If you read about somebody who has been very immoral give it a bandhan, because it will work.  You are all saints and you can do a lot.  Whatever you desire will happen.  So that’s one thing why I feel is, very much dragging and this alcoholism drinking, drugs also.  So whenever you read in the newspaper just give it a bandhan.  It will work out.  That can bring prosperity, happiness, joy, even to other people.

So now I’m off to, Japan where I’ll stay I think for only, one night, and then I have to go to Hong Kong.  Hong Kong has done well with Alex.  I know Alex has done it very well, and he has really, very good influence there.  Even China is so corrupt.  Once upon a time they were so honest.  When we were there when Mao was sick I think, one of My toe rings, came out, while I walking or whatever it is.  In Peking. And, they sent it to, to Shanghai.  They sent it, one toe ring of silver  to Shanghai.  They were so honest out of fear, and just the fear went away.  They have become mad now.  That’s how they are becoming rich they think.  But how long will it last, this kind of riches?

It’s very sad that, when the Sahaja Yoga is prospering so much and is so many countries are accepting it and at the same time corruption is growing very fast.  It’s very sad.  So Sahaja Yogis have to know they have to be, very honest, about money. Do you have any problems, any one of you?

Sahaja Yogi: “I have a very bad temper.”

Shri Mataji: Who is that one? You are a liver patient.  Treat your liver all right?  Take out the heat with ice and also from the brain on this side (left of head).  So many are liver patients here.  I know that.  She’s not the only one.  Better try to take out the heat from your liver and from your head on this side.  Now what do you want? You come here. I can’t hear.

Sahaja Yogi: For about three years now I’ve been seeing these circle things.

Shri Mataji: In the brain?

Sahaja Yogi: Yes, It’s my eyes and there’s like a membrane.

Shri Mataji: Do you have diabetes?

Sahaja Yogi: I’ve never been diagnosed as a diabetic officially but I know if I have too much sugar my spleen gets very painful but my liver is also very hot when I meditate and when I go to a certain level I can feel terrible pain in here.

Shri Mataji: You try. You try the same. With the ice. It will work out. All right?

Sahaja Yogi: And also in the agnya when I meditate.

Shri Mataji: That will also go away then.  Once you treat it, the heat, it will go away.  The heat in the body is very bad and that’s why. What else?

Sahaja Yogi: Question about school.

Shri Mataji: You see whatever may be, Catholic Schools, you see they are showing very bad results in any class, you see in the matriculation and all that, only two or three children are passing from these schools. So what is the higher standard I don’t know. You can’t afford to send them to India?

Sahaja Yogi: My husband…

Shri Mataji: He’s Catholic is he? You can tell him I don’t want to send them to Catholic church. You can as a mother, you can put down your foot.  Put them in any other school but Catholic School.

What’s it?  Osteoarthritis. Who has? You should do your left side three candle treatment. All right?  No water treatment.  Three candle treatment.  No water treatment at all. All right?

Sahaja Yogi: question about not feeling vibrations.

Shri Mataji: Even in England you never had?  I didn’t know this.  Oh, my goodness.  Work on him and find out why he has no vibrations.  I didn’t know this.

Sahaja Yogi: I feel them but not very much.

Shri Mataji: Then steady down. You have to steady down.  You can.  You see, we have to be, very alert about it and, to get up in the morning, early in the morning and do meditation.  Then it works better.  If you are lethargic, it won’t. Just push yourself. [Transcription Ends]