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Hong Kong (China)

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Talk to yogis Hong Kong 02-03-1995

And when we reached there it was all covered with ice. It was about 14-15 hours altogether and that is the same day we had program – same day in the evening, it was a bit too much. I think, next time you should see that the day I arrive, there should be no program – until next day I can rest. Aapko aur bhi kisi cheez ke liye yaad kiya tha bahut – Ji haan – Woh jo aapko case batayi thi na – Ji, ji – Aayiye Hum bata dein – Woh log Madras pahunch gaye hain – Achcha wahan kuch zameen khareed li hai aur wahan ye laundering ka kaam karne waale hain aur Sahaja Yog ke naam se. Aur kise, aap wahan kisi to aap kehelwa hi dijiye – Ji haan – Aur waise Hum unko Home Ministry mein kehla dein kyonki; Hum jaante hain Dhule sahab jo hain wahan – par aap agar keh dein to bahut hi achcha hoga. – Mein kehlata huun Unka pata bhi hai aur woh sab wahan aane waale hain; Usmein se ek Pakistani – Achcha. Kisse yeh pata kiya? – Hmm? – Kisse yeh pata chala? – Main batata huun aapko Yeh inke paas se. Fauran wahan pata kijiye kyonki woh aa gaya – 28 tareek to aane waala tha woh Ravindra – Ji, woh jo woh wahan the Sarin?

Sarin Sarin aur jo doosre yeh hain, husband wife hain hamare yahan – uska, kya naam uska? – Zafar, Dr. Zafar hain na – Nahin, Zafar to doosra hai Pakistani – Jesopi? – Aaya kya? – Jesopi, haan Jesopi. – Jesopi. Woh sab wahin aakar ke rehne waale hain Unhonne zamin le li hai aur wahan yeh dhanda karne waale hain. To waise bhi Jayakar ko bhi hum inform kar dete hain – Theek hai – aur aap bhi kar dijiye yahan matlab yeh ki un logon ne wakayi kuch aisa kamaal kiya, ki inka kuch ban nahin paaya. – Abhi bhi nahin ban payega – Haan, woh bhaag khade hue – Abhi bhi nahin hoga – Annh? Abhi bhi nahin hoga kisi ko keh diya to nahin hoga Haan, aur doosra yeh hua ki bada unhonne matlab wahan se phone kiye – Alka ko bataya ki Indian government pata nahin kya hai, humko to pehle itna promise kiya tha aur phir kya pata nahin ho gaya – aise, waise kaafi complaints Mera ek apne saath mein padhne ka, saath hi padha hua dost wahan par, IAS mein hai – Haan – Wahan par secretary hai Tamilnadu mein – Finance mein – haan, wahan Tamilnadu, Madras mein – Tamilnadu mein – wah, wah – Usko main phone kar deta huun – Usse bata dena. Kya naam hai?

Rajeshwar Singh. Rajjeshwar Singh hai – hamare saath college mein padhta tha – Use hi bata dijiye [UNCLEAR] Usko bata deta huun, hum usko, theek kar deinge Woh kara lega kyonki yeh hai gadbad log bilkul. Dekhiye – Sahaja yog ke naam se shuru kar rahe – Nahin, main usko kara doonga. I There are so many dangers now in Sahaja yoga. Some of the Sahaja yogis think that they are now Maha-yogis and they start talking big about it – very big and – So, how are you? – Fine [UNCLEAR] and some of them are so stupid, I don’t know what to say; One fellow started saying, “I am Adishakti, you see,” so I said, “Alright, why not send some of My sarees – I’ve too many of them.” [LAUGHTER] So, it’s some sort of a, I don’t know, possession or maybe – very idiotic and they’re educated people and they talk like this. Suddenly, a new type of problems have started in Sahaja yoga, I don’t know. It’s a kind of a ambition, I think. I mean, in this gentleman, the one who said so, he is a PhD in Economics – what do you say to [UNCLEAR].

[UNCLEAR] – I don’t know what’s happening to Economics nowadays. It’s quite a big problem. Now, there’s a conference now, in Copenhagen, of all the Prime Ministers and all that. They want to find out the solution for all the problems we have. Now, they don’t reach the point, that’s the thing is they should know is the transformation of human-beings. You cannot have peace by talking, by having conferences and speeches – not that way. Transformation se hi hoga and this is the big problem; No body wants to see the point. All kinds of Prime Ministers are going to be there – having a nice conference. Kholiye. And how can they have peace?

Also another thing which I’m doing now, is to write a book but they said that, “We’ll use this book for the whole price.” I just don’t know what it is. But somebody has to say here what’s happening. Now, if you say that the Western culture is very licentious, permissive very immoral and all that but the other side is, when you have this kind of a culture to oppose it, the fundamentalists – they are also equally immoral, they are also equally; They are suppressed people so like, at the time of Hitler same thing happened. Germany was full of, what you can say, corruption, immorality – everything. Horrible! Very decadent! So, he caught hold of young people, started telling them, “No, we must have a very moral life and very austere life,” that example and then he made them fight. So they became enamored by that but while doing all that, they were all suppressed, so the violence started. That’s what is happening with Islam One side they’re getting destroyed because they are very indulgent second side is, they are so suppressed – they are indulgent also but also very violent, so how can you have peace?

Only way, is to have Sahaja culture. That’s the only way you can really come up to something – is to have Sahaja culture. In sahaja culture, you are neither oppressed, neither suppressed nor you are licentious – you are in the center. Then why will you fight? But who’s going to tell him – who’ll bell the cat – I don’t know. So, I’m writing this book but C.P. said, “It’s rather strong,” I said, “Let it be. Somebody has to tell them na.” But in no way I’ve been strong because I just get some, see anecdotes to show that. So this is this, this is this.

So, he says, “Very unique style of writing which makes it very interesting.” As long as it will go into the heads of people. So, this way or that way is just the same. I’ve to tell you, one’s austerity and all that, doesn’t help. Once I was going from Riyadh to London and the ladies came with their burkha and all that and men came, you see, very with this all on their head gear and all, with their – kya kehte hain jo pehente hain kapda usko, pathani log? – Pathani suit – Annh? – Thoga, thoga – thoga Haan, thog, thoga they call it. Full [UNCLEAR] from here to here – The robe – Annh? – Robe, Mother – Haan, poora robe – thog kehte usko and I went off to sleep and when I got up, I saw very dandy looking people with [UNCLEAR] bow ties and all that. I said, “Now, who are these people, they’ve come from?”

Very fashionable and the ladies were in six inches skirts, you see. I said, “Now, from where have they come?” So I asked the air hostess, “Did we stop somewhere else?” She said, “No, we are directly flying.” I said, “How these people have come?” Said, “They are the same.” I said, “Really?” “They are the same.” Now even before reaching London they were prepared for it. Aap Mahila pahunch gaye aur wahan se aaye hain, ab Mahila se?

Kitni dur hai yahan se? – Do ghante ki flight hai. – Bas! – Ji haan. – Arre baba! – Phir wahan par aana. – Aayeinge to bilkul nahin. – Wahan Musalmanon ka raj hai? – Nahin, Shri Mataji. Bahut – Catholic hain – sab Christian.

Catholic log Bahut zyada hain. Woh Spanish ne rule kiya tha to wahan par Catholic hain aur badi ajeeb si cheez hai ki, ek taraf to log haath mein apne Bible le ke padhte rehte hain, padhte rehte hain aur phir fauran bund karke, jo bhi chahein woh karne ko unko khuli choot hai sab ko, sabhi kuch kar sakte hain. To poora ek ajeeb sa samaj hai wahan par. Bilkul licentious – sab kuch khulam khulla choot hai ek tarah se aur doosri taraf sab log church jaate hain. They are all going to the church regularly – Aur culture yehi hai? – Culture is, they could be horrible – [UNCLEAR] America going tomorrow – Annh, they will go? They will go tomorrow and the slogan – wahan par ek mazak karte hain log idhar ki – slogan of the community is, people is, ‘Americans go back and take us with you.’ So [LAUGHTER]. So you – wahan par ek mazak hai aur bilkul usse – they’re completely dominated aur wahan bilkul bhi American basis hai ek woh khatam ho gaye hain aur but Catholics hain aur woh kuch ajeeb tarah ka priests Abhi woh wahan woh nahi aaye evangelists, evangelist? – Abhi woh John Paul jo gire the wahan par – Haan, unke bahut aaye the – 16 January ko [UNCLEAR] – John Paul, what a man he is – really Ten million people came for the mass on the 15th of January or… 15th of January he was there.

He’s very strongly Catholic dominated – Conversion – Conversion nahin but a very bizarre sort of, very because it’s Catholic on one side and then they have no morality, – no values, no [UNCLEAR] – Unka sab chaupat hai. See, they can’t marry again – they can have keeps – Yes, most of them – Most of [UNCLEAR] – Shri Mataji, one a day kind of situation – Achcha! – Bilkul, ji haan. Everything is….. – There’s a lot of – Must have been – [UNCLEAR] killers, no problem. They can have here as domestic servants [UNCLEAR] they work for families and they bring up the children in Hong Kong. – Woh to sab jaate hi hain – Wahan Sahaja chalega? – Ji haan. Abhi to log chahate honge – Annh? – Woh aayein hamare saath mein abhi – Woh to insaan hi hain – Sri Lanka ke hain, Shri Mataji – Annh? – Sri Lanka ke hain?

Sri Lanka ke hain? Aaap bhi? – Ji. Jo wahan baithi hain – Achcha! Aap bhi Sri Lanka ke? – Ji. Hindi nahin bolni aa rahi – Achcha! – She’s asking if you are from Sri Lanka? – Yes, we are – and this one – Annhh … – and we are now – We have one called Shri Vardhan Shri Vardhan. Shri Mataji where You remember Anuma?

Anuma, who brought the first offering? – Achcha, woh hain wahan? – Sri Lankan. He remembers Shri Mataji – Achcha! Sahaj hai woh? Sahaj hain, Shri Mataji. Woh ekdam Sahaja yogini and she came to Mahila and talked to [UNCLEAR] to them and when I reached there we started meditating together, so now it’s Sri Lanka mein to ho jayega par ye Catholic man to Use hona padega Mataji; Aap aayeingi to ho jayega – Haan to – Hum log intezaam kareinge kuch agle saal bhi Zaroor aayeinge [UNCLEAR] pata hai, ki agar aap Christians hain, to ek aankh – if one eye does anything wrong, you take it out. One hand does wrong, you cut your hand; I’ve not seen anybody without a hand or without the eyes. Mahila mein [UNCLEAR] koi bhi na bachega, sabhi log hain – Sabhi aise ho jayeinge? – Sab.

Sirf kaale aur gore reh jayeinge wahan par Srivastava sahab keh rahe, humne to koi haath kata dekha nahin. This Pope himself is a horrid fellow. Aapka jo Bofors ka paisa launder hua hai woh Pope ke through. Woh jo hai na Bank of Ambrosia – Humko saara maloom hai par koi – use dhyan nahin de, Hum karein kya? – Koi maanega nahin – Woh dabaa diya hai – Now with Your blessings Shri Mataji – Hain? – Now with Your blessings we’ll see the – Ab kuch inka unka bigad gaya hai maamla – Ji – Prime Minister sahab ka aur [UNCLEAR] ji ka – Achcha – Haan. Kaafi rishtedaari bigad gayi. – Achcha hi hai Hota hi hai. Falsehood mein yehi pehchaan hai. Jhagde ho jaate hain Ab to aur bhi zyada honge But somehow Sahaja is spreading slowly.

I mean, I’m surprised that in Philippines there’s somebody who’s doing sahaja. – Shri Mataji, wahan khoob phail jaayega – Annh? – Wahan khoob fayl jaayega kyonki [UNCLEAR] – Log pareshaan hain? Pareshaan hain Shri Mataji aur yahan main kaam kar raha huun [UNCLEAR] mein, – bahut mulk ke log hain – Achcha! aur sab dhoond rahe, sab dhoond rahe. Bas ab Aapka ashirwad rahe ki – Aapne kaha to ekdam vibrations shuru ho gaye. – Yes, Shri Mataji, hoga. Par yeh aur chakkarbaazi na ho kahin ki – yeh bhi badi mushkil hai. Abhi Japan mein, last time those who came, were all guru shoppers so they got fed up with them, you see. such problems – this problem, that problem but this time they got better people ki who had done one of the gurus, is alright but if you are a guru shopper, – to to ho gaya hai kaam waam.

[UNCLEAR] But they are seekers; These people, who came, are real seekers. Catholics, waise theek hai, par they get Left Vishuddhi very bad. – Very bad. Mahila, it’s very bad. – Hmm? – Mahila, it’s very bad. – In Spain also there is very great influence of Catholicism but Sahaja Yoga is working out. Portugal is something lost also because most of the Portuguese have now gone to Brazil but in Brazil we’re doing very well, you see. The mayor of Brazil, he had came to the airport and brought a key for Me and he said, “Mother, this is the key of Brazilia, so please bless Brazilia and give us peace.” So nice, really, I was so surprised and then he came to program, he got his realization.

But recently I saw there is one, some – I forget the name – one of these – – kya kehte usko, log abhi [UNCLEAR] – Evangelist Haan, Evangelist – uss aadmi ka naam yaad nahin – one Evangelist and thousands stupidly are there and they are supposed to pay 10% of their salaries, all of them So now, government has an objection to that. Somebody came from America, this Evangelist. They are so funny. One day in Hawaii, we had finished the program and it’s 12 0’clock, I said, “Let’s see what’s coming in the news or something.” What we find, Evangelists. He had a hundred dollar note, you see. He was saying, “See, this if you give, then you get the real blessings.” [UNCLEAR] LAUGHTER There were five of these – one lady had with her for her groceries and she gave it to us and can you imagine, the grocery arrived on her doorstep. They’re so stupid, these Americans, they believe this and then they say the grocery started pouring from the roof – can you imagine? And very well sitting there – hmm, which as if they’ve lost.

Even they mesmerize somebody – you cannot digest such a thing – isn’t it? Such blatant thing they were talking and Dev Dumphy was there; looking as if he couldn’t believe it. I said, “These are Americans , you know.” Bade stupid log hain – Americans are very stupid. – Bahut bhole hain, Shri Mataji – Annh? – Bahut bhole hain. – Bhole nahin, bewakoof hain. – Bewakoof hain – Stupid, idiotic – [UNCLEAR] – They take to all idiotic things. Abhi woh aajlal, aapka Deepak Chopra, is making all the money. – Haanji, haanji, haanji.

They have also, somehow or the other, managed, I think, the British government, who are going to give them a land for starting a University. British ki bhi khopdi kharaab ho gayi. University they have and they give some sort of fake degrees – nobody thinks much of it. – TM number 2, Shri Mataji – Annh? – TM number 2 – ATM – TM number 2. Inhonne bana li Geneva mein – Kahan? – Switzerland mein to hai hi – Switzerland mein hai? – Unki University hai pehle se – Kahe ki? – [UNCLEAR] ki – Achcha! University of Creative Intelligence – kya bol karke.

Usmein ek degree dete hain – aur koi doosri yeh … – Woh koi maanta nahin lekin Nahin koi nahin maanta – kuch bhi nahin. NOIDA mein bhi bana rahe – What’s that? – [UNCLEAR] So nice to draw this [UNCLEAR]; Bahut sunder hai [UNCLEAR] Similar ones we’ve done last year – Aa, ah! Yeh ek chaudah saal ke ladke ke the – Baap re! Very good! Bahut achcha hai. – You’ve done it? – I did the translation for the – Haan – poster. We had Mother a perfect desire to do that. – Same thing in tran .. – Same, the same So we just send, ‘You cannot know the meaning of your life till you are connected to the part of the energy’ – What is that?

‘You cannot know the meaning of your life until you are connected to the power of the energy.’ It’s Your words Shri Mataji. – No one is created. – Created [UNCLEAR] created – Until you are connected with the Whole, you can’t – Connected [UNCLEAR CONVERSATION] – Nahin, created, created you – Created you, is it? – Origin of life is said – is it? – Created is not translated. They were created is not translated – No, that’s what – Put the Origin of Life – Hmm, Origin – Yes, Mother Sometimes you have to use this scripted line, isn’t it? That’s the birthday [UNCLEAR] preparation. We’ve put also Chinese on the other side. – Haan… this is what is invitation – Invitation, yeah.

and this one is? – This is celebration – the beginning of the program in the evening Very, very nice! Chinese have a real sense of art! This means the center? – Yes, the central channel. – Central channel. Same in Japanese? Yes, yes. In this they borrow our characters [LAUGHTER] – I hope, they cannot beat you. [LAUGHTER] – They copy [UNCLEAR] – Just see this, Shri Mataji, bulletin.

So we kept the side frame [UNCLEAR] That’s very good. Bahut achcha photo hai, dekhiye; Ek 14 saal ke ladke ne liya tha 6 photographs hain bahut advanced camare se, photo – Hai kya [UNCLEAR] – Annh? – Bilkul hain – Hanumanji hain? Bilkul hain. Thode se colors mein banaya hai – Yeh banaya hai? – Nahin, matlab photo hai, ye photograph – Bilkul – [UNCLEAR CONVERSATION] Hong Kong is being transformed through the persons, Shri Mataji – all other Hong Kong – This is from Angelina? – I think, this one was taken Mathew, Mathew [UNCLEAR] – Kaun hai? – [UNCLEAR] ka beta hai, – Annh? – Kohli sahab ka beta hai – Woh to pata hai Mujhe. – Usi ne kiya hai.

This whole thing is done by you here? – Yes, [UNCLEAR] in Hong Kong – [UNCLEAR] – I know [UNCLEAR] So to pata hai Mujhe ladka. – [UNCLEAR] – Mathew ne photo bheja hai – inhone banaya hai Bahut achcha design kiya hai, Shri Mataji. Design bahut khoobsurat kiya hai. – Yeh log – Yahan pe ek yeh karke aur – Bahut achcha – Bahut achcha design kiya hai. Lag hi nahin raha hai – Haath idhar nikal raha hai, udhar – Yeh, yes, yes – beautiful! Graphic sense – The starting process [UNCLEAR] – Very nice! Very attractive! They stand out so as soon as you put the first lot, people come and look – Very attractive! – Very nice!

So, so many people [UNCLEAR] saw the person – Can we have take one of both? – Yes – There’re some Chinese people [UNCLEAR] – Very creative and just see this lotus also done so well! Everything very nice. – Every time something new. – [UNCLEAR] also transform Sahaja to [UNCLEAR] that will know us. Tremendous! I was telling him, “He’s a very big find, Albert,” because first time – when I came, nobody to speak Mandarin even – Hmm – such a problem! – Big problem Nobody to translate it – Mandarin. Then they said,”We no.” They said, Cantonese they had some body but not Mandarin.

They said, “No.” – You must know Cantonese, I think, here. – Yes – You speak Cantonese? – Yes, we speak Cantonese. So, the Mandarin – there was some body with Mandarin but no Cantonese. – Sahaj – a big problem. – Yeah Cantonese eat lot of chillies. [LAUGHTER] I went to Canton and there are mountains of chillies, mountains of chillis and that food can be – food is very hot; Indians would love it. – Bahut hot hota hai. – Wahan Sahaja yogis, Shri Mataji – Annh?

Wahan Sahaja yogis have given up all this. – Given up now. – Red chillies. – Ab mircha nahin khate? – Bilkul nahin. Padti nahin. Padti nahin, padti nahin, Shri Mataji; Ghar mein nahin hai. – Ekdam choot gaya kya mircha? – Bilkul choot gayi, Mataji. To phir khana mein mircha nahin aata hoga?

Aata hai. – Aata hai Hum to khate hi nahin hai mircha bilkul bhi shuru se hi; Bahut kam par ab to bilkul hi nahin khate, bilkul nahin. Waise unhonne mujhe, Dilli mein, Cheen ka base diya hai kaam karne ke liye. – Annh? – Cheen ka kaam karne ko kaha hai. Cheen? Cheen pe kuch ho hi raha hai. China is, you see, what happened that, I went with CP to China and he’s Le Ping, the one who is the, he is the Prime Minister. He got very much interested in Me, asking Me questions on, about spirituality and but I kept quiet because with CP I just don’t say everything “Yes, yes,” I said this, that and they took a photograph of the group, you see and he’s also standing next to Me. Now this photograph was at last with Sahaja yogis and I didn’t know they all had it.

So once, this Le Ping, I think, last year he went to Vienna. So, the people from Vienna took that photograph and showed him, and “Ah, of course I remember Her very well, where is She this and…?” Then he asked, “How are you concerned, how do you have this photograph?” So they said, “She’s our spiritual leader.” So he was quite surprised, he was very much surprised. He said, “Really?” Then he said, “Of course, I asked Her but She never said anything to me but I will send My cultural Natashe [UNCLEAR] to see Her,” because now he’s going back. So the cultural Natashe came, very anxious, very respectful. These Chinese are very respectful people. Then he said that, “It’s such a honor, Mother, to see You and this and that,” so I gave him realization.

He said, “Is this the,” – khazaane ko kya kehte hain angrezi mein? – Treasure – Treasure – “Is this the treasure of Indian spirituality that we used to know in China, that India has treasure of Spirituality – is this the same?” I said, “Yes, this is the same.” He was so impressed. Then he went to China, he talked to Li Ping and all that but this old man is still there, you see. So, he said, “Till he’s there, it’s rather difficult but once he’s finished, then we can do something also in China.” – About to go, about to go – About to go – woh mar hi nahin rahe hain – Woh bas – Mar gaya smajho Yesterday also he took out some sort of a communicate. – Ho hi jayega khatam – Zaroor ho jayega ussi time to baat kareinge Woh to bahut hi badhiya aadmi hai and I also told him, this gentleman, that, “Our C-in-C, Mr. Joshian, he’s coming to China, so I hope Le Ping will give him all the due respect and all the due consideration because we don’t want to have any more wars with China.” So, he was telling Me, our C-in-C was saying that, “I had a red carpet [UNCLEAR].” They looked after him so well and everything was done so well.

So, I felt that they are [UNCLEAR] active about it. I’ll have to go and see him – let us see. Yeh mar hi nahin rahe hain – saal bhar ho gaya mar rahe hain. For one year he’s dying – this Den Dias doesn’t die. – [UNCLEAR] nothing but the stuffed door – That really I don’t know, if he’s really dead or not. – Nobody knows, nobody knows. – No one can say – Because they keep showing the footage of him in our old channel very much. [SHRI MATAJI LAUGHS] – [UNCLEAR] but he’s keeping sick for years – For years But this is something surprising. One he did such a condition, till you step your at least one foot in the grave, they don’t want to resign, I mean, just… – One and a half, Mother – Annh? – One and a half – [SHRI MATAJI LAUGHS] It’s such a attachment!

This time we had a very nice Shiv Puja, very nice for you – one of the best, I should say. I spoke for one hour only on one subject, detachment. I said, now next time I’ll talk about other things – now detachment only. It was very nice Puja, very nice! As a result the whole of Japan was frozen. – Wow! – [SHRI MATAJI LAUGHS] – To abhi to raheinge aap? – Ji Mataji – Program ke lie aaye hain aap? – Ji Mataji – Abhi chal na sab jagah. – Annh?

Taiwan wagairah aayega saath mein. – Chaleinge? – Ji haan – Chaliye – Ek hi hafte ki to baat hai. – Ab aaye hain to ghoom lijiye aap – Aur kya. – Yahan to abhi 6 tak to hain hi – Annh? – Yahan 6 tak to hai hiin. Program ke liye aaye hain – aur 5 Sunday tak hain – Aap ko dekh kar bade mann khush hota hai Ek to Mujhe iska laga hota hai na, ye jo kar rahe hain Madras mein – batayiye, sahaja yog ke naam se – Nahin isko, isko to dekh Aapki dosti hai to badi achchi baat hai. Phone number hai aapke paas? Hai Shri Mataji – yahan nahin hai, Mahila mein hai. Isko wahan ja kar poochna padega – Wahan se karte hain [UNCLEAR] – Bade dusht log hain – Ya to phir jinko pehle kaha tha Dilli mein – Haan – unko phir se phone karte hain aur… – Aur unko bhi keh do.

Unko bhi kehte hain. Dono ko kehte hain – Phir Hum Jayakar se na kahein – don’t need Zaroorat nahin hai – Jinse pehle kaha tha Dilli mein, wojo Enforcement mein hain – Sab chupke chupke kaam kiya – Woh Enforcement mein jo hain unko main bata doonga ki [UNCLEAR] purana jaante hain Finance mein hain to lucky mein hain, I mean, it is about Finance only. Ji haan, yeh ho jayega. Yeh IAS mein hain – ho jayega. Unke peeche lagna chahiye. Police lagani chahiye, pata karna chahiye kahan jaate hain, kisse milte hain. Par yahan to ho gaye – pakad mein aa gaye, bhaag gaye Yahan se bhaag gaye – wahan se bhi ho jayega, bilkul ho jayega. Unko jaana tha 18 ko, woh 13 hi ko bhaag gaye. – Ab, Shri Mataji, izaazat dein – Achcha theek hai – 12 bajne waale hain – Achcha – Jai Shri Mataji – Good night, good night. [ALL DO PRANAMS TO SHRI MATAJI] May God bless you!

All of you. Theek hai Wow, very good, excellent. Alright, let’s see. I hope the hall will be sufficient – I would like – They have a capacity of three thousand. Wow! [ALL LAUGH] Just to give a desire there, we have to have, desire for [UNCLEAR] I think, you know, it’s more advertising that works, really. It’s only advertising In, what they did, in Sydney, was nothing but advertising – that clicked. We’ve done a lot of magazine advertising, in the newspapers… – That’s it! – we’ve done a lot. It’s a very big force, these days – advertise We had a merely, a 4000 people in Mao, invitations to – Really!

We’re hoping so. I think, it’s something [UNCLEAR] – Abhi kahan thehre aap log? – Shri Mataji, Aapke sadak ke paar ek hotel hai – Imperial hotel – Achcha – usmein thehre hain kaafi log – Ismein Hum hamesha to nahin [UNCLEAR] – Bahut khoobsurat hai – First time when I came, it got the first prize – Bahut achcha hai – Bahut, bahut khoobsurat, bahut hi khoobsurat hai Hum bas saamne hi to hain, Shri Mataji. Agar Aap [UNCLEAR] mein bhi chahein Din mein Hum kahin nahin ja rahe – Din mein aaoonga – aayiyega