Press Interview

Grand Hotel Taipei, Taipei (Taiwan)

1995-03-07 Before Press Interview Taiwan DP-RAW, 50'
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1995-03-07 Press Interview Taiwan DP-RAW, 78'
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Shri Mataji, Press Interview 07-03-1995

Shri Mataji: Comercial Bank.

Interviewer: Yeah.

 Shri Mataji: Alright.

 Interviewer: Shri Mataji, how many times you have been to Taiwan?

 Shri Mataji: Before I just came on my way to America once, and then I think six times more.Long time back when it was not at all developed, in 63.

 Interviewer: What International people Shri Mataji has met?

 Shri Mataji:(Laughing)My goodness, it’s too much. I have met all of them because of my husband’s job. He was Secretary-General of UNCLEAR organization. So I met all of them, most of them. That has nothing to do with Sahaja yoga.

 Interviewer: Ok the Press is here.1989 You got a Peace Prize?

 Shri Mataji: Yes.Alright.I in that way you see, say Canada also they gave ME, Mayor gave me a Special award and also. The best is, St Petersburg University, and then the Russian Government as a ‘Philosopher and a Scientist’. Now in Russia, all Gurus and all religions are baned, they are all baned. Even the UN..they gave Me the award. In Brazil, the Mayor of Brazilia brought the king of Brazilia at the airport and gave it to ME. UN CLEAR In peaceful now.Very peaceful.

 Interviewer: How do you feel about Taipei?

 Shri Mataji: Very nice place.Very Peaceful. But you see, they are so much seeking that they have any say. Especially young people I feel.

 Interviewer: They have lost?

 Shri Mataji: Not so much. Because last time two people who came and they said now we are parted all the time and, I don’t know where they went to some Gurus, somebody like that. You see they went to any kind of…

 Interviewer: Mother, this time, how long YOU are going to stay?

 Shri Mataji: I am here for three days more.

 Interviewer: Taipei people are soon, asking for power so much, how they can proceed in spiritual.

 Shri Mataji: They are after what?

 Interviewer; Wealth. How can they prosper?

 Shri Mataji: They can pursue very easily because wealth is matter. It does not give you peace. Doesn’t give you the joy, you see. They are under stress, they are busy and more problems. People are getting AIDS and drugs and all. Money has its own problems.

 Interviewer: In Taipei public, very if they pursue Sahaja yoga according to Mother’s techniques, will it be easy?

 Shri Mataji: Of course. Very much easy. They will be powerful. They will get Devine power.

 Interviewer: Shri Mataji staying here  so  short time?

 Shri Mataji: For that, they are all here. They will look after. See the doctor.

 Interviewer: He will then coordinate.

 Shri Mataji: Also people can get cured by itself. Cured. Many incurable diseases can be cured, by their power. You don’t have to go to..any hospital or take horrible medicines and injections, operations, nothing. With your own powers, you can cure.

 Interviewer: This has no relation with other religion?No problem with other religions?

 Shri Mataji: No. You see, we believe in all the religions, equally the same. We respect all the religions. You see this separate religion has been a problem. But fundamentally they are the same. I say, they are the flowers of the same tree of spirituality, at different times. But people have now plucked the flowers, plucked the flowers and now fighting with the dead flowers. Also if you can see about the culture. In Western culture, it is not like Chinese actually, but now people are all in Western culture. These are again …UnCLEAR religion. Licentiousness, permissiveness, but the reaction to it is fundamentalism. Reaction, but they are equally immoral.Whether they are Muslims or Christians, they are equally  immoral.Also the Hindus. But with Sahaja, you come to the centre. You don’t go to extremes. There is no separation of fundamentalism.

 Interviewer: Last year the Russian honoured, honorary degrees?

 Shri Mataji: See, they are like Chinese also, not like Mainland Chinese, not so materialistic. About 35 percent are very mineal people. They ask for Marlboro cigarettes, jeans and things but 65 per cent of people are non-materialistic. We have thousands and thousands in Russia.

 Interviewer: He wants to know more about the 1989 Peace Prize in United Nations.

 Shri Mataji: You see, they, I don’t know, they have been giving me everywhere Peace Prize.And not only there but everywhere.Even in New York UNCLEAR, he wrote a very nice letter that please come and give a speech. Even in Australia, everywhere. They are all writing to me please come and bring peace for us. But it is not only peace that you get, you get joy and you get good health and you get discretion. St Petersburg University, is one of the oldest, has given ME an award as a ‘Scientist and a Philosopher.’ They have so far given historically, only to ten people. One of them is Einstein. So l asked there, I was feeling shy, so I asked them, ‘why  have you given me this award out of the ten’? So they said, I said, ‘Einstein is alright’. He said, ‘what Einstein has done for human? He has just worked on  matter, YOU have worked on Human Beings’.But one thing in Russia the conference they had, two thousand five hundred scientists. There were at least, about ten speakers for that. I was away and the subject was all the time, like they give it to me, ‘Morality and Medicine.’, ‘Morality and Science’.’Morality’ very important. They don’t follow religion as such but they want to have moral values.

 Interviewer: How many doctors in Russia?

 Shri Mataji: Doctors. Where? Three thousand. Practising Sahaja yoga. You see they do without money that’s why. They are not rich like Taiwan. (Laughing)Even Mainland China people are very rich. Your UNCLEAR I know him. I am going to write to him.

 Interviewer: When Mother going to Mainland China?

 Shri Mataji: I am going to write to him now and if I can go in time, but the initial quality of this work is much better. In Austria, he came, and you know the photograph we gave, and they had enlarged.

 Another Sahayagogi: There was a picture of UNCLEAR.

 Shri Mataji: This you need not write and he sent his Cultural Attache with me when he had gone away. And he got his Realisation.

 Sahaja yogi: He was also there same time but he said Cultural Attache of China to see Shri Mataji and the Cultural Attache came for Self Realisation.

 Shri Mataji: And he asked me, ‘is this the treasure of Spirituality that you have in India, about we Chinese know?’ And also he told me that he never read about Tao or anything but the younger generation is now reading all these books in China. I think if Taiwan people could go and talk to him he will accept that because he is just waiting for this. UNCLEAR. Even the President is a good man. You see, maybe and I might be able to tell him that the way things are happening in Russia, if you try to start Democracy suddenly, it won’t work out. But you can work through Taiwan and Hongkong, slowly and then they will spread. Otherwise, there is full of Mafias.UNCLEAR is in trouble. full…of the Mafia.KGB has become the Mafia and the Mafia is ruling. That should not happen.

 Interviewer: We were talking about Mother getting ‘Nobel Prize’, ‘ Peace Prize ‘ in the near future.

 Shri Mataji: Yeah. You see the Russian told me that don’t ask anybody UNCLEAR the media doesn’t have the stand and they might be UNCLEAR nonsense they are trying to get me a Nobel Prize of course. The Russian’s don’t want to write.As long as you write a positive article it is alright, because I am not taking any money so we are working in 65 Nations.

 Sahaja yogi: UNCLEAR

 Interviewer: When and how did YOU start Sahaja Yoga?

 Shri Mataji: Me? I was born like this,I knew, but I started in 1970. Because I had to understand human beings first. What  their problem is?

 Interviewer: When are YOU coming next time?

 Shri Mataji: Same time. I will definitely come here again and again.No doubt because here there are very few Sahajayogi still. Also in Japan, we had now 350. Also in Hongkong, quite a lot about 1200 but there are now 200 people who want to do it.

 Shri Mataji: Should I tell him how you get peace? It is very simple you know. It is based on the Tao style.

 See there is a power within us in the sacred bone in the triangle bone here. And there is a power in it because this is called Sacrum so the Greeks knew it is ‘sacred bone’. So we have also centres within our spinal cord and our brain like this on the left and right side like this. Energy centres. (Showing pictures of kundalini.)Here it is. This is the subtle system that we  all have within us. So this is the power which is inside here you see. Now these are two other channels on the sides which look after our sympathetic nervous system and these are the subtle centres of energies formed within us and then they go in the brain. And from one side of our conditioning here, and the other  side the ego, when we think we are doing this or you are doing that. Now if you have a cross-section in here UNCLEAR  and it was here.You had it in the other room. Anyway. Alright, here here. This UNCLEAR, clear cut I can see what he has done through his drawings. This is more clearer.See now what happens, this is like the primiual in a seed. This one is a primule in a seed.Kundalini.So it stops and passes through the central path. Buddha has talked about ‘Central Path’ always. Now we have a balance and pierces through this Fontenelle bone area. Alright. So there are two truths about every human beings. One is, we don’t know the actual truth so we don’t relate it. That is why we fight. If we know one truth, all of us will not fight. Second thing is that we don’t know who does these flowers? Who runs our heart, we don’t know. There is all ‘Pervading Divine Power’.So once this pierces through, it connects you to the divine power like any instrument, this is connected to the main cycle. And the energy it has got everything,ino it starts flowing. And that is how they create peace, and it creates wellbeing of health, mind and spirituality. All the things. And this is pure Tao, what I am saying,in Chinese UNCLEAR had the powers, she did the same. In every country, there is  someone talking about it.Like in Japan this Zen. Zen talked of this only.

Let him also put his hand like this. Put both your feet apart from each other. Be comfortable. Now start feeling a kind of a cool breeze in the hand.

 Interviewer: He is saying it is from outside.

 Sahaja yogi: No, UNCLEAR

 Shri Mataji: Now you see from your head only, you have got it. Just to confirm.See.Not from outside, from your own body. And you will feel very peaceful. Watch me without thinking, can you?Agnya.Can you sit here?He thinks too much. Close your eyes. You will feel very peaceful.( Shri Mataji working on him).See on his head.Good.Very good.Little bend your head. He is good. Now you feel the head. He has got it? Now you feel it. Yeah, he has got it? Don’t pay attention here.Done.You are alright. May God bless you. Now no disease can enter your body. You are protected.Alright.Enjoy your peace and joy. That is why they gave me the Prize for Peace you see. Laughing

 Interviewer: laughing.Thank you.Thank you.

 Shri Mataji: It is all coming down, for relaxation it is coming down. Your life is very busy. You  think too much. Now you feel relaxed. If you are standing in the water, the waves are like this see all the time. You are afraid of the waves. When you are thinking all the time you are thinking of past and the future and you are jumping on the cusp of the thoughts but when Kundalini rises she makes a space inbetween, it elongates the thoughts in the space. That is peace. That is where your own peace is there and you emit peace also. But the people I know because  you know the position of my husband, they got awards for peace, awards for organisation of peace and they are  so hot-tempered, so bad-tempered that you can’t talk to them, they are so hot. You have to take a bargepole.Laughing.So hot-tempered but they got Peace Awards. That is why I don’t care for these Peace Awards. But  actually the peace is within ourselves. Once we all get that ‘Peace’, then the whole world will be alright. When you get out of the water in a boat you witness. Then you see it like a drama is over. You see as a drama. You are the witness just to enjoy. You see I am 72 years of age. I am travelling every day. You see my passport, and this is the third one. Laughing. And at the airport, they were shocked to see.

 Interviewer: Five books.

 Shri Mataji: Five books.Now I have to get a new one.o This is the third one. It should happen to everyone you see. So everybody enjoys going to UNCLEAR, after all, you have to become the Spirit. That everybody has said. But these religions are money-oriented. They collect money, now this Dalai Lama goes… See this passport.

 Interviewer: (Laughing) This is  only for four years…. laughing

 Shri Mataji: I am going to make one more. They gave us a diplomatic passport because my husband has got a …emeritus position, means all life. In Mainland China, it’s very rare, and UNCLEAR the highest, but you see he has 135 awards, much more than Mine. And he said it is because of ME, which UNCLEAR. That is what I say.

 Interviewer: Mother, you are the support.

 Shri Mataji: He wrote a very nice book about Lal Bahadur Shastri. Recently it was launched in Australia by the Deputy Premier. He was our Prime Minister for a very short time. But very honest and a very great man. So now he has to go to New Zealand to launch, they all want to launch the book. He was very much respected by all the Nations. He was Secretary-General in134 Nations in that organisation and Taiwan was also.  And then I forced him to resign because they would not allow him to retire. Something you know, if people believe that if you are honest, then you have to suffer. But in Politics, you must get only fame, not money. Because UNCLEAR. This is the book he wrote. (Shri Mataji showing the book)And I will show you,  he said he will dedicate it to ME. See this  the Oxford Press. My photograph with Shastri Ji. He had great respect for me because he was a realised soul. He knew about me. He wanted me to join Politics, but I said, ‘I can’t, I am sorry.’ How he changed people. He changed the (showing pictures in the book), this is his family, I am here. Here. These are my daughter’s two. (Asking for the photo UNCLEAR to the Sahaja yogi) I will show them. You see the thing was that that is a very interesting photograph. This is Kosigyn,in Russia he went, you see. And here is my husband, very young at that time. This is the conference, he was a very short man you know. Here they have shown, this is  Ayub Khan, who was very, he was not talking at all, relationship in the beginning. Here also is not so good and then he changed completely.See.Shastriji changed him and they had a compromise, and Shastri Ji said that after some time we will have also compromise in China. But see Jawaharlal Nehru spoilt our relations. He was very arrogant and UNCLEAR, said I have not met a more arrogant man like Jawaharlal Nehru. So our relations were spoilt very much at that time, but Shastri Ji has said it, see this is my husband, he has said it Ayub Khan from Pakistan and the compromise was done and he was so busy, and he died there. He died there in Tashkent, Shastri Ji, and this is in Russia, and then here, they, Kosijen came to India. My husband has really worked very hard.

Interviewer: He is discussing, how you influenced your husband and your husband influenced the Pakistani, India relationship. 

 Shri Mataji: But this is a separate subject altogether. He was a realised soul. It is a different subject. Why not ask C.P to come here to launch it? It will be very good for them you know because this is the life of truth in politics.It is very important. This is the one, Oxford Press, you see only they publish these books, this is one of them. So what should we do?

 Sahaja yogi: We can ask him when he comes to Australia to…

 Shri Mataji: We can ask him now. He can do it. That will be another part for …It is a very, very well written book and also very necessary because we  see so much of corruption everywhere isn’t it? So he was a man. So they asked a question, that was he an ascetic? So he said, ‘no.’ He said he lives within his means. My husband said, and he has such a faith you talk to any Indian UNCLEAR. He is a ‘Man of Character’.You could have this. (giving the book)All of you can read.

 Interviewer: Laughing

 Shri Mataji: You can read. This is my granddaughter and son-in-law when they got married, in  an Indian dress.

Interviewer: This is the son in law?

 Shri Mataji: Yes.Very good person. He is from Worton School of America.

 Interviewer:Water? Worton?

 Shri Mataji: Worton.Very famous. He has got a finance company and all that, but he is so  unmaterialistic boy. That is my granddaughter. Daughter’s daughter.

 Interviewer: Yeah

 Shri Mataji: Can we keep this and the passport.

 Interviewer: Laughing.

 Shri Mataji:It  can not be lost. It is too big.

 Interviewer: laughing

 Shri Mataji:( Laughing) Alright, so you write about me now. If he is coming then we can do for my husband also. It will be a good idea, very good. It will help,I mean, people to understand the value of politics.

 Interviewer: Thank you.

 Shri Mataji: Thank you. Very nice to meet you. May God bless you. What is it? Put it in the water, alright. Also, tell him I would like to see the material of that fellow in Vietnam. What he teaches and what  UNCLEAR.Just enjoy yourself. Just enjoy.

They are very positive people I must say. Very positive. I was worried because the Russians told me that Mother, ‘don’t go to any of these horrible. So I said, why? Because they said, ‘supposedly they publish something nonsensical and we want UNCLEAR to give you the Nobel Prize.’

(A small child enters.)Hello, so how are you now? No scratching?

Sahaja yogi: Laughing

 Shri Mataji: This is from India you have got?Very nice. You get nice things here. Let me see, come here. (Calling a small child)

 Shri Mataji: This you got from India? They make it so nicely.Very nice.  You like it? What is this? Some present?

Sahaja yogi:( laughing). She has brought a toothbrush.

 Shri Mataji: That is what I was thinking. Toothbrush. I don’t use a toothbrush. (laughing.) Are you alright now? So daddy is bringing for you nice things from India isn’t it? Now you better go to the Indian school immediately. Eh, why not take her now?

Sahaja yogi: UNCLEAR, Indian visa also passport we can make it.UNCLEAR

 Shri Mataji: There is hardly any time.

 Sahaja yogi: We have to send it to Hong Kong.UNCLEAR

 Shri Mataji: Really? Because they are coming for the birthday puja and then  just going. It will be nice, both of them get together.

 Sahaja yogi: They like each other very much.

 Shri Mataji: Ahh, she is also UNCLEAR.

 Sahaja yogi:(In Hindi) Where is the photo? I gave it to you. Aradhana?

 Another Sahaja Yogi: I put it here, alright.Thank you.

 Shri Mataji: That is the only photograph. Let’s go.So we  go to this wholesale shop and also  this kind of a thing where ever you get. This colour.

 Sahaja yogi: Shri Mataji, Chinese people are very perticular about lunch time so UNCLEAR. Otherwise we have to eat out.

 Shri Mataji: Alright.We will go.