Talk to Sahaja Yogis

Shri Saraswati Hall, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

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Talk to Sahaj Yogis, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, March 13th, 1995

So yesterday you had so many people, most unexpectedly, and I was discussing as to how will you have your follow-on programme. How will you do that? Because every house at most, thirty, even if you have: ten houses, you will only have [space for] three hundred. So these ten houses, which are the ten houses? Raise your hands, I would like to see. All right. 

Now near your house is there any hall? [Near] your houses? It’s better that you book a hall. All right? Later you can also charge the people for the hall, doesn’t matter, they can pay. All of you should book a hall close by. All right? So that when people come in you can make them sit there. Because I don’t think you can manage with thirty people coming in your house and the rest will be standing outside. So the best thing would be to find out some hall which is close to your place that will solve your problem. All right? 

Already we are so many. 

So today I’m going to tell you what we have to do in dealing with these people, it’s very important plan. First of all, you must know that they have come for the first time for Sahaj Yoga. And Sahaj Yoga is the power of love and compassion, not of fighting or arguing. Supposing somebody is arguing too much, then what should you do? You should just give up. They cannot understand Sahaj Yog with the argument, because it is beyond the mind. If somebody argues too much or speaks too much, just keep quiet with them. They cannot explain to a person like that, you will just have an Agnya and all that from that one.

Now somebody who has been to some guru or somebody, you should not say that, “Your guru was bad!” or anything. But you can say that, “I was also like you but it will be all right!” something like that. That doesn’t hurt them. Then gradually they will realise their guru was wrong. Now with some people, I have seen TM people are dangerous. They come to Sahaj Yoga but they seldom settle down. We had about two hundred people from TM out of which I think we have only five [or] six who have settled down. They are all the time troublesome people.

Some people are from this Asatya Sai Baba. They have mostly heart trouble or eyes. Their eyes are affected. That’s how you should make out people: their eyes are affected. We have say, somebody from this Radhaswami — they have heart trouble. 

So immediately you will know also: their left Swadishthana will be catching and their heart would be catching. So with these people, you should not argue or anything, just tell them, “Have you got these problems?” Then you will find people. I don’t know which other guru has come here. Can you tell me?

Sahaj Yogi: Guru Maharaj

Shri Mataji: my goodness! He is a…he is now settled down with big money in America and he’s married already but his disciples are absolutely useless. I mean, don’t try them because they are brainless, absolutely! Which else?

Sahaj Yogi: Raj Yoga

Shri Mataji: See, this Raj Yog is a misnomer. What is Raj Yog, is like this: that when the Kundalini rises then what happens that the centres open, to begin with, and then they close, to keep the Kundalini up there. So it’s called as bandha. When it comes to Vishuddhi also, what happens first [is] the Kundalini rises, then the tongue is little bit pulled inside — you don’t feel, Sahaj Yogis don’t feel — and this is called as khechari mudra (खेचरीमुद्रा). Khechari means it is pulled inside, khechari mudra. 

You see these things happen automatically, like if there is a car. Now if you switch on the car it starts moving its wheels, its everything, naturally, there’s nothing unnatural. So what these people do, they cut the tongue here, push it back, saying this is khechari. Now that has stopped because there was one organisation called “Self Realisation,” they used to do that. 

Then some people are doing ‘bandha’, but artificially. First the Kundalini should rise otherwise for which you are doing the bandha? So these Raj Yogis are doing artificial things. Supposing you start moving the wheel will the car move? Or you start moving one of the tyres or something. It will all be spoiled. It has to be, first of all, the connection, like the connection of the telephone. If there’s no connection and you go on moving it the what? The telephone will be spoiled. All these prayers and all these things are like this. 

In the same way [are] mantras. They give you some mantras somewhere, all kinds of stupid mantras. If your Kundalini has not moved out, if you are not connected, whatever you say mantra is useless, isn’t it? There’s no connection. But the mantras should be very scientifically said wherever necessary. For example, supposing it is stopped here. If you say the mantra of the Nabhi you are doing wrong. That is how their life is ruined, because they have spoiled their chakras. By saying wrong mantras they have spoiled their chakras. Their brains are useless! I mean, they cannot become good Sahaj Yogis. 

So what you have to tell them if they have got this problem put your left hand towards the photograph with the light, put right hand here and they have to say, “Mother, I am my own master,” ten times. If they go on repeating the [false] master will run away, the false one who is there.

So this is the problem with the left-sided people. Now left-sided people suddenly become also prone to cancer and all these psychosomatic diseases, so they should take all the time three-candle treatment. But it should not be taken as a ritual, it should be taken as bhakti, as a devotion. Otherwise, if it’s just a ritual it doesn’t work out. It’s a bhakti, it is devotion. You have to feel that devotion within your heart and then you should do it. 

Yesterday I felt very much the devotion of the people who were there. I felt very happy. I was very clear, I was very happy. Because the people who had come were mostly very clean people, they have not been to any guru, anything nonsensical; very nice people. 

Now even if you have been to some guru it can be cleared out. But you must know that this guru has ruined your capability to become a real Sahaj Yogi. To become a real Sahaj Yogi you have to have a very clean mind and a very clean central path.

Now one should say also harsh things, “You’re a bhoot!” “There’s a bhoot in you!” “You are possessed!” Never talk like that. Sahaj Yogis must be extremely, extremely compassionate and kind. And don’t argue, don’t fight, nothing. 

Every Sahaj Yogi must support another Sahaj Yogi. 

You see, it’s not that when there’s somebody talking another Sahaj Yogi should go and support the person who is arguing. You must always support each other, because we are one, we are collective. Do you see the point? 

So this one is a test also of our Sahaj Yoga: how we deal with other Sahaj Yogis. You have to respect them, you have to show compassion, you have to understand them, you have to have patience. If they have any questions you should write it down and we’ll write to Mother, in case it is difficult. If it is easy you should explain to them. 

But the argument should be avoided because you’ll catch from them. All bhootish people argue, they’ll start saying, “This is not good, that is not good,” finding faults here and there. If you find anybody like that you ask him, “You get out of Sahaj Yoga! We don’t want you here.” They’re very troublesome people, so we don’t want them. We want people who understand Sahaj Yoga and Sahaj Yogis. 

They always find faults with other Sahaj Yogis, they find faults with Sahaj Yoga. All such people you should say, “You go to some journalist and join journalism!” They are absolutely useless and troublesome people. All right.

Now the second point, is very important, is that they have to recognise me. It’s one of the main conditions of Sahaj Yoga. 

So far they’ve not recognised any one of the incarnations, so far. And all incarnations tried their level best but nobody recognised them. But for Sahaj Yoga, in this modern Sahaj Yoga, you have to recognise me. It’s a fact I am telling you, very humbly. 

There’s nothing. I don’t want anything from you, nothing! I don’t want anything. What is it? What are you surrendering? Is your ego. That’s what Mohammed saheb has said — Islam means surrender. So surrender your ego. I am trying to tell you that when you surrender your ego you’ll open out, completely. 

Unless and until you can easily be, absolutely dissolved into the ocean of joy, you are not a Sahaj Yogi. If you are still dissatisfied, if you still think, “No, no, no, Sahaj Yoga could be better,” this thing, that thing. It’s nothing. You have to be better! 

And as yesterday we saw so many people coming down, we have to understand our responsibility. You see, if I could do the work myself, I would not have come all the way to Malaysia and Australia. But I need you as channels for this energy. This energy has to flow through your channels. If the channels are defective, how can you flow the energy? 

So instead of correcting others, instead of finding faults with others, you better look after yourselves. Your leader is quite capable, he can look after the people, he knows what’s wrong with what.

The third thing is very important — that we respect all the religions. Not only that [but] we worship all the great incarnations and all the seers, prophets, with the same reverence. There’s no difference. 

For us every religion is great. But there are defects in every religion which we start seeing easily once we get out of this outside religion. Then we’ll see what’s wrong with this, and then we start understanding and then we start correcting it. Not only that but also when we see our own community, immediately you will find, for example, I was saying that Malaysians have too many cars , and every car has one passenger. So all the Malaysians laughed because they don’t mind: that’s a fact. So they do not identify themselves, they do not identify with their children or with their husbands or wife or anyone. They identify themselves with me, in Sahaj Yoga. So what is wrong in your community you should see. If you cannot see it then you are not a Sahaj Yogi. Because you are outside, outside that community now, you are a Sahaj Yogi. You see what’s gone wrong with your community, where they went wrong, what wrong they did. And that’s how you can really show them by your own behaviour. In your life, how you behave, how you talk, how you love others, how you respect others, is very important. 

Your image is the one that is going to carry Sahaj Yoga very far. Just one article has brought so many people. Of course, forget about Australia, because Australia I have been going for years together and there’s too much of Australia. But otherwise Japan or, say, other places I go to, here — Hong Kong, now tomorrow I’ll be going to Thailand. I am sure we can never get so many people as we got here. We can say because there are so many Chinese and Indians who are culturally about the same people. It’s very difficult to teach anything to these Western people. I used to break my hands, you know actually, because they are so conditioned, they have no tradition, nothing. But now they are changed so much, so much changed. They are such wonderful people, you know. I am going tomorrow to Thailand — twelve people from France are coming to help us, can you imagine? All the way they are coming to help people in Thailand. They have no relationship with Thailand or anything. So that shows that we have to help each other. 

If you need any help — I told him that if you need any help in money or in any way, all the Sahaj Yogis will help. But have a proper things to do. And one can work it out. He said, “We are self-sufficient.” Now you’ll be much more than self-sufficient. 

And if you tell them that, “We have to pay for this hall, all right, give one dollar each.” They’ll definitely give. “We are not paying for Self-realisation, for anything, we are paying for this hall.” [Be] clearcut. One should be honest and clear cut. And say we are doing this for that. Because we don’t have any guru business here, you see, they are all commercial people. What we need is a hall to meet every weekend. That you find out near your houses, all right?

Now, another thing is that I was saying that every month end or maybe two months end you should go out somewhere for picnic or something where you all should meet, that’s how it has spread in Australia. If it is possible; or if you can meet in one big hall. But it’s better to have a picnic-like thing with all the children there, food there, enjoying yourself for the whole day. You have such beautiful forests, such beautiful greenery here. You can go anywhere if you like and the company you’ll enjoy is only of Sahaj Yogis, nothing else you’ll enjoy, if you become the real Sahaj Yogi. Talk about this to your friends, tell them about this and try to get more and more people into Sahaj Yoga.

I think I was really so impressed yesterday. It’s all due to your own great help, I should say, the way you have worked and brought it to that level. It is unexpected, absolutely unexpected and it has really given me the greatest pleasure.

Now if you have any question you ask me.

Yogini: Is there any swayambhu in Malaysia?

Shri Mataji: I don’t know, I haven’t seen any. Must be, they are everywhere. 

(A yogi brings up a very large map of Malaysia to show Shri Mataji)

Yogi: A map of Malaysia, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Oooh!

Yogi: West Malaysia.

Shri Mataji: This is that? The whole of it?

Yogi: West Malaysia.

Shri Mataji: All right, should I put my foot there?

(Mother puts her feet on the map to vibrate it!)

Yes, good. It’s sucking the vibrations.

It’s not important, because swayambhu, only thing is, that it’s created by Mother Earth spontaneously and emits vibrations. If you go there you can testify that it is emitting vibrations but it cannot cure people, it cannot talk to people, it cannot give Realisation to people. So you are much greater than a swayambhu, much more effective. What are these swayambhus doing for years together? Nothing! They can protect, of course, protect you. But they will always protect you as soon as you become a good Sahaj Yogi you are always protected.

Now the miracles are quite a lot. Also, I’ll tell you about some miracles that have taken place. They are taking place everywhere. But [the] last miracle that I heard about was in Delhi, when one girl who was fourteen years of age, by mistake, put a revolver of her father here (Left Swadishthan), and she triggered it. And this bullet came out of here (right shoulder) with some blood and there was a hole here, small (at her Left Swadishthan) and a big hole here (at her right shoulder) and she was quite conscious. So they took her to the hospital and she was conscious. They x-rayed her, everything. They were amazed at it, that this bullet has not touched any bone, any lung, any muscle, anything, no nerve. And as if with a [zig-zag] stroll like that, it came up. I think her, all the, Ganas must have helped to come and make it out. But it’s a big miracle and it’s a fact. So there are so many miracles like that happen suddenly you ask someone: spontaneously you find things, spontaneously everything works out and you are amazed how these things work. 

Now, when this happens, you can write it down, you can send it over to people in America, maybe in India. There are so many miracles like that [which] are happening. But there are some people who start suddenly thinking that they are maha yogis, that’s a very dangerous people. They start seeing things, they start talking big, they think, “I am a Maha Yogi.” There was one who said, “I am Adishakti!” I said, “All right, you send him some of my saris, I have too many of them!” (laughter)

So there are stupid people like that also. They think they are something very great — maha yogis — and they start saying, “I am this thing, I am that!” It’s horrible! 

So, such people if you find, you should immediately let me know and also tell that person, “All right, you, Mr. Maha Yogi, please go away!” There are everywhere like that. They do all kinds of things and talk like this without any sense in their head. So you have to be careful about it, not to be impressed by such persons who says, “This is this, this is this.” There is nobody like Maha Yogi in Sahaj Yoga, everybody is the same.

Yogi: Recently there was news from Canada stating that there is a little boy who has seen you through his meditation and he described about many…

Shri Mataji: He has not seen me or what? He’s not seen me before? 

Yogi: He has not seen you before.

Shri Mataji: Where is he, Toronto? 

Yogi: Quebec, Montreal. 

Shri Mataji: Quebec? I have not been there. But could be possible [that] he’s a great soul. It’s possible. If you see me in dreams it’s good, very good, to see me in dreams. He must be seeing me in dreams, I think. 

Yogi: He said that when he saw you, you mentioned that he was an angel before.

Shri Mataji: Could be. Now I give up! You see, so much is happening. Like we had some photographs taken in Jaipur. So I’m not there at all, I mean I’m just all vibrations everywhere, you have to see very microscopically I am somewhere, my face shows. These vibrations are, sometimes you cannot explain. Have you seen all the vibration photographs? It’s so much, with deities sitting, this, that. And I give up now! Because this is all done by Paramchaitanya — It can do anything. These vibrations might appear in some mosques, in some temples, might.

Yogi: How do we ascend in our meditation beyond Sahasrara?

Shri Mataji: First fix it up, the one you have got it, all right? Now don’t go on futuristic things [because] then you’ll become Maha Yogi! (laughter) You grow automatically, spontaneously in a Sahaja way when you are in thoughtless awareness. 

Try to increase that area — thoughtless awareness — then you will automatically grow. Does this flower think how to grow? No, it grows spontaneously, all right? In the same way, you will grow when you just become thoughtlessly aware. 

And you will know your growth and you will become doubtless about it. All right? You can watch on my Agnya in the photograph, [and] can become thoughtless. Thoughtless awareness is very important for the first, to establish yourself. Once you start establishing thoughtless awareness the doubtless awareness comes in. And then you are just settled down with yourself, you don’t think of future or past or anything, you are with yourself. All right? Real growth is natural and Sahaj. This is not artificially growing, isn’t it? In the same way, it’s a living process of growth.

(Question on the environment.)

Shri Mataji: No, we should be careful, at least as far as we are concerned you should be concerned about nature and we should be worry about it, no doubt. But as Sahaj Yogis, you will be amazed that environment clears, it clears out as Sahaj Yogis and you won’t be so much affected by environment so much. It clears out environment also. There is one experiment Hamid has done, He’s done it in Austria, where many trees were, had become dwarfed and burnt away, with this acid rain that comes from the environment. So he went there and experimented with some vibrated water. But [with] so many trees, he didn’t know how much to put vibrated water for them. It worked a little bit. So then what he did, he took the badges you wear and pinned them on every tree; not every tree but every ten trees. So he said that he went after two months and he found the whole thing had come up except for the trees which were about sixty years were not responding so well, otherwise, every tree had become great. So you just can imagine what happens.

He also experimented for growing more wheat. So he couldn’t put the vibrated water to the whole field, because [it’s] very difficult. There’s a pipe going like this. So what he did, in the pipe he put the ring that he was wearing with my photograph, and he experimented with that! Can you imagine? So it is very effective. But I think it’s more your shraddha in that photograph [that] works out. But in India we get a kind of a doser, we call it, like a funnel it is, it has two sides in which you can fix the two sides of a pipe and you can put vibrated water in there. It’s so remarkable that one of our fields had been put with the raw cow dung by somebody, and all the small little, all kinds of insects, they crawled up to the leaves and were eating them. So we put the doser and put the vibrated water — they all ran away!

Vibrated water is very good. Tomorrow I am going to leave vibrated water in NG’s house, everything vibrated. But it depends also how you treat it, it’s very important, with respect. Respect is very important in Sahaj Yoga. 

If you do not respect that vibrated water it may not act because it thinks, vibrations can think. It loves and it thinks. You must understand this point, it thinks. And I have seen people who try to make some money out of me and they are absolutely in big trouble. I didn’t give them trouble, myself. They are in big trouble. Anything they try to do to Sahaj Yoga, immediately they have some sort of trouble. I think these deities, when my attention is not there, try to do something to them.

So one should not in any way be disrespectful. And nobody should think that they have a special relationship with me. Some people think like that, that they have a special relationship with me! Such people will go off in Sahaj Yoga in no time. Nobody has special relations. I am alone. 

So this idea, also, that, “I have a special relationship with Mother,” all these things can be very detrimental to your growth. Now you have, in your houses, say a little gardens or one tree or something is a good idea, and put vibrated water. Also you can drink vibrated water. Take a little vibrated water and you can increase it in another bottle with other good water. But never put your hand into it. Just take out with a spoon which is kept separately for that. It’s very important because everything has vibrations, bad and good. 

What other question?

Question about havan.

Shri Mataji: Yes, havan is very good. Apart from the three candle treatment you can do also an aarti with the camphor, you can do havanas — it’s very good — but this is for the left-sided people, not for the right-sided people.

Yogini: Can Malaysians send the children to Dharamshala School?

Shri Mataji: Yes, why not? You can. But first, find out how many seats are there and this. It would be nice. Please send them. Everybody is allowed. 

You have to pay, how much? You should find out how much to pay. It’s not much compared to what we pay in schools, in Western schools or in Malaysian schools. It’s a very good school, no doubt, it has changed the children completely, it has made them beautiful, no doubt. But only thing you should find out if there’s a seat for the Malaysian children also. 

You write to Yogi [Mahajan] or to Dharamshala school, you have no address of Dharamshala? Nobody has? NG has. You tell your leader and he can find out. You find out first how many children are going. He can telephone to Yogi. Yogi is nowadays in Delhi. And now if you have to send you to have to do it fast because they are opening after my birthday. 

Do you need a visa for India? You need? Because you see these people started having visa for us, so Indians are vindictive now I think. They are after all Indians, why should they need. For no one, they should have visa business, nonsense it is. But still, the world has to be one. 

What else?

Yogi: Shri Mataji. I feel that life is meaningless. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. (laughter)

Shri Mataji: Because you’re not working for Sahaj Yoga! Your life is now for Sahaj Yoga. You dedicate it to Sahaj Yoga, that’s why. All right? If you dedicate your life to all kinds of nonsensical things then you think like that. But if you dedicate to Sahaj Yoga then there’s a meaning to it because now you have found our your identity. All right?

Yogi: How to give Realisation when we meet people somewhere outside?

Shri Mataji: You can do it, nothing like it. I have done it on stations and on the roads, today in the shop. But if you can do it properly then you do it. 

Yogi: How to do it by talking to people.

Shri Mataji: By talking to people they will find you are very peaceful, you are very quiet, then they’ll ask you, “How are you so quiet? How are you so peaceful?” And your face also shines, so then you should say about this. Especially if you are wearing my badge then they’ll ask, “Who is this?” You see, wearing a badge is a very good way of propagating Sahaj Yoga, I have seen. 

(another question about the photo/badge which is unclear)

Shri Mataji: No, you should put it here, why in the bag? 

Not in your job but on the way going somewhere and on your table you can have it in your job. If they ask, “Who is this?” You say, “My Mother,” finished! I look like Chinese, as well as I look like everything. When I am in Russia I look like Russians. When I am in Spain I look like Spanish. So it’s all right. I look like Chinese also: in China, many people thought I was Chinese!

It’s better to have a photograph when you are travelling around, also you are protected. People will ask, “Who is this?” You should say. But for job, you can have it on the table if you like.

Yogi: Can we give Realisation on the spot through ourselves?

Shri Mataji: So you see, what is it you should pray to me that, “Mother please give him Self-realisation,”just. Finished!

Yogini: Looking at Shri Mataji’s photograph Sahaj Yogini answered

‘This is my Mother’s photograph.’ Then the person asked ‘what is the difference between This Mother and your mother.’)

Shri Mataji: There’s no difference at all. You see, my own daughters are not as fair as myself and my own brother is very dark so you can’t say. In India we have all complexions. 

Yes, what is it?

Yogi: Mother, our previous life on this earth has it got any bearing as to what we are today as a Sahaja Yogi?

Shri Mataji: It has to begin with, you see you are conditioned by that. By your previous life, your karmas, you are conditioned, in the beginning. But the whole thing drops out, whole thing drops out. On the contrary, whatever good you were comes out. All bad things drop out. Supposing you were a seeker, you went to wrong people, you did wrong things, doesn’t matter: all will drop out and your goodness will come out. 

May God bless you.

Yogi: Shri Mataji I travel a lot in the car so I listen to your tapes. So when I stop the car can I stop the tape and continue with the tape on the onward journey? Is it all right?

Shri Mataji: It’s all right. You see, you must only ask for forgiveness, that’s all. Respect is the thing. It’s not like other tapes, so you have to respect. Respect is the best way to grow in Sahaj Yoga, I have seen, respect.

Yogi: We have some news from India that the Sahaj Yogis of the world will be put to the test by Mahamaya this year.

Shri Mataji: Who told you that? They just create stories, you know, like that. On the contrary, it’s very different this year — I must give you the good news that two people came to me for their blessings, you see, one was known as Mr Advani and his wife. They belong to the Bharatiya Janata Party. And then the another, Bal Thakrey, is absolutely at my feet. So they are both are now elected and this horrible fellow, the chief minister who was there in Maharashtra, Sharad Pawar, one of the worst — he’s resigned already. 

So now in Maharashtra, we have our own people. Not only that but the same party has come in Gujarat. Moreover, I am sure with this thing they will also succeed in coming into Delhi. Then we will have our own say, Sahaj Yoga will have its own say because I have given Realisation to both of them. So there is no Mahamaya testing going on. They just try to frighten you, you know. 

I mean, it’s your stupidity sometimes that people don’t realise and do things which they should not. I do not want to test anyone. Say you are under my protection fully, but if you want to go away from my protection, I can’t help it. There are negativities all around, they catch you. So it’s not my testing, but it’s your own testing yourself. 

Delhi people just want to frighten you. They are very anxious that I should have my birthday in Delhi. All right. Now they are getting [T.N.] Sheshan, you know Sheshan? The fellow who was busy with the elections. He is going to come and speak for me.

He met me in a train and he was very sweet and humble. He touched my feet and he said, “Mother please protect me!” And now he’s going to speak. So all such good people are coming up, so it’s a nice idea. So Mahamaya is working on the other way round I think — getting good people here.

Yogi: Shri Mataji, you said that once you have ?? Sahaj Yogis people will come really from the outside. So with the idea of getting people from the outside, we arranged with South Indians…

Shri Mataji: Oh My! (Laughter)The less said the better! Terrible people! I have been to Madras so many times, you know. When I go there the hall is full. After that everybody disappears!

One Mr Murthy was there and he said, “Mother all the buddus (fools) are born here!” (laughter) I said, “Why?” They do all kinds of funny rituals, you see. They take out the hair of women, put the water on them, they roll them. These Brahmins, you know, terrible! They have befooled everyone there. They have befooled even the Brahmins! What to do?

I am trying my level best. I want to go Kerala also. We are trying. But last year I went there, I was very disappointed. And the Sahaj Yogis also, some of them are very funny, very funny. 

It’s all right, I think gradually everywhere it will work out. But, see, Punjab is growing so fast. They said, “You cannot control it’s so fast!” They said, “This time Mother had to come to Punjab!” Otherwise, I will go to old Delhi. Then in North India, you will be surprised, in a place like Haryana where people didn’t know who was Dattatreya — you know even in U. P. nobody knew Dattatreya — such Sahaj Yogis! There were thirty-five gates they raised for me on the road when I went there — thousands and thousands and thousands. In Delhi itself, there are sixteen thousand Sahaj Yogis. I used to call Dilli (Delhi) ‘adilli’ (dil means heart in Hindi this could be the reason) and now that has happened. 

So you can’t say, maybe some turning point. Bengal another place, I always have now my programme in a stadium. First time I went there in the hall there was only one person and all were looking at one tantrik who was beating himself like this. Now the same Bengalis you see, you ask them they said, “We’re are bekip!” ‘Bekip’ means some guru has put something on their heads — all kinds. And when that was over now gradually, you can imagine in a complete stadium full in Calcutta.

I am surprised at Punjab also, how the Punjab has taken on. The last time when I went, of course, to Chandigarh the whole hall was filled — at least four times bigger than this Lala Lajpat hall. And Sahaj Yogis had to go outside and so many Sikhs came there.

Yogi: Mother, when I go into meditation and look at the photograph, I always cry, I don’t know why.

Shri Mataji: You start crying. It’s all right, it happens. You’ll be all right. 

You see, emotional things are there within us. Many people who see me, the first time they start crying, and I also cry with them. This is love for Mother. It’s all right.

Yogi: I feel like touching your feet.

That is the conditioning that you want to touch my feet. My feet are everywhere, all right? The thing is if you touch my feet everybody will touch my feet. In the beginning I allowed people, so my feet swelled up like that, you know. And in Maharashtra then one gentleman he said, a leader, that nobody should touch Mother’s feet, so they started beating him!

Indians unless and until they touch my feet they never feel satisfied. But you must have some mercy on my feet, you see. They have to do a lot of work. They get very swollen up.

Yogi: Mother, is vegetarianism conditioning?

Shri Mataji: Vegetarianism is not a bad thing, and it’s not something punyavan (good deed) also. If you don’t like, don’t eat. If you like it, eat it. But you shouldn’t say that eating meat is a wrong thing because the animals are made for us. Everybody used to eat meat: Shri Rama used to eat meat also and also Shri Krishna, because they were kshatriyas, they were kshatriyas, are you a brahmin? You are what? Kshatriya? You are not a Brahmin? It’s all right if you don’t like, it is, you see, whatever suits you. 

Now for me, I will be surprised, I can’t eat vegetarian food, much. Immediately I will get diarrhoea. You know the Goddess has to have meat. Though I may like or may not like, I have to eat it, what to do? That’s my swabhava (स्वभाव – nature).

Yogi: Mother, the mantras are sacred, but if they are pronounced wrongly, will it have any bad effects on the yogis?

Shri Mataji: It won’t have any bad effect on you but you have to use my name with the mantra so that you are doing all right. Then nobody will trouble you. But mantras you don’t say wrong mantras normally, but if you are saying something wrongly then better get it corrected. But my name should be there otherwise nobody will listen to you — it’s a recommendation.

Yogi: Shri Mataji I have Shri Ganesh statue in my house. Now I have become a

Sahaj yogi so shall I give to somebody else?

Shri Mataji: (in Hindi) Keep it with you. Keep it as a hobby. It is a decorative piece. But do not perform puja because if it is made by Sahaj yogi then it’s all right. That is why murti puja was banned. People used to make idols and earn money. If it is made by Sahaj yogi then it’s all right, but you cannot perform puja mostly. 

If it is swayambhu then all right. Keep the idol with you. You have several articles like pots. Keep this with them.

Shri Mataji asks whether how many are Hindi-speaking are over here and says – It is better to learn Hindi. Everyone knows English. Nowadays Gods also understand English. English has influenced us very much.