Conversation with Princess Nun

Bangkok (Thailand)


1995-03-15 Conversation with Princess Nun Bangkok

Shri Mataji: I am very happy you are taking interest in this and
Princess Nun: I have no experience on this one, (laughs). I like to learn about(Mixed audio)
Shri Mataji: That’s what Buddha had said that you have to have experience. Without the experience whatever you believe is is not that. It has to have connection. But Buddha’s mission was finished like that abruptly. He had really worked very hard. No doubt. But people didn’t understand him and even I see in Japan, they follow Buddhism. But they dot understand. Because  
Princess Nun: It’s very difficult(laughs)
Shri Mataji: See it is not mental what they talked about
Princess Nun: Spiritual
Shri Mataji: It’s beyond mental. Thats the thing they called as Nirvana. But just believing in something, you don’t get it. You have to have it within yourself (Mixed voice)
Princess Nun : Practice
Shri Mataji: experience has to (unclear). My son-in-law, elder-son…younger son-in-law is writing a book on Buddha. In that he is going to point out all these things little little. That how we have missed the point you see. He said that we have to be in the middle path first of all and people are not in the middle path. They are one extreme to another extreme and his main idea was compassion. Compassion that has power. That only you get it when you become one with the All-pervading power. Otherwise you don’t have that compassion. That compassion which has power and this is very important I feel for all the Asican Nations because you see Vietnam and all these places. They are suffered. Everyone who followed buddha should not suffer why should we. Buddha has suffered for us. We don’t have to suffer. But we suffered because they haven’t yet got the connection with Buddha. He said it “Buddham Saranam Gacchami” – You have to be Enlightened. We do that three things that he said I say. “Dharmam Saranam Gacchami” – But people say that we are dharmic but they are not. They are not. You see they are forced on to it or pressurised or something, but dharma is something within. So he said that you should get dharma within yourself and then he said “Sangham Saranam Gachami” – that you should have Sangham means Collectivity as we have in Sahaja Yoga all over the world see. Buddhis are not collective, they have root problem. So see to I am here to complete his work. what he has said I want to prove it. Every word that he said prosper it. Also to explain people and give the experience. So that they should know that he was a real incarnation. Where is the place of buddha within our body, where is the place of Christ, where is the place of Mahaveera? all these we have to know and experience again. It should not be just talking. That you must experience first of all. After experiencing then automatically you will accept, but for the experience you don’t want to do. Go on doing some rituals, you see in India every where, all these rituals are of no use and don’t think Buddha much pleased much of rituals. It is all started later on. So the rituals, unless until you are connected you don’t reach Buddha. You understand?
Princess Nun: haa.
Shri Mataji: So one should ask for reality. Ask for real religion, reality and that is the only way you can really spread his(unclear) not by talking. See Dlai Lama now, Dalai Lama, you don’t know what sort of a man he is. Dalai Lama goes abroad, his fun fellow who came to see me aaaa, this kaashay, special color that the Orange and people told him, don’t wear all this, Mother won’t like it so. He told me “Mother, this is the only dress left for me by Mr. Dalai Lama”. He took away all my money, took away my house. He was a very rich man. I sold out my car and he just mesmerised me and I was going giving giving money. So many people have glitched already and he has so much of gold with him. They say, the beggars, beggars of beggars. But when I went to China, I was surprised to see because I was V.I.P. They showed me what they caught out of Dalai Lama when he was crossing. He had lots of gold, so he couldn’t carry. So put half of it in the river(unclear), may be more I don’t know how much money. When I saw that I was surprised. There were at least 500 beer aah this thing, there jugs and many more many more than that were plates you see of different sizes in real gold, see can you imagine in NASA(unclear), but the Tibitens are so poor, how could he ask for gold and this and that and they, they are not married nothing no family. So this is what is happening and now they are having another Dalai Lama being selected. You see, you can not select. You have to be. Like we have it also in Zhen systems(unclear). Zhen system started in Japan by Vidhidama(unclear) disciple of Buddha Vidhidama(unclear). He was I think very much more practical. He wanted to create thoughtless awareness. So, he put things which meant nothing. He said, look at this and don’t think. He did lots of practical things I must say. His Decermony everything was very practical. It din’t help Japanese. din’t help. At all. I would say Japanese are the cruelest people to think of. (unclear) be very cruel in the name of Buddha I can’t understand. He did this. Zhen did it, I must say quit aloud. But you see, the head of the zhen came to see me, and he was sick, so they brought him to me. Very sick. I cured him and asked him that how are you the head of the Zhen? what about the realized soul? you are not realised soul. So he said we are only 26 Kasyapas, they called it Kasyapas.
Princess Nun: What is it?
Shri Mataji:aaa?
Princess Nun: What is it? Kasyapa
Shri Mataji: Kasyapa are the realised souls.
Princess Nun: ooh aaa..
Shri Mataji: We had only 26 from the century from the sixth century to the fourteenth or fifteenth only. Now we don’t have anyone like that. So I said “then what are you doing?” Same thing in every religion though Buddha was extremely I must say extremely kind and mildest thing. He din’t say like Christ said take out one eye (unclear)(Sree Mataji laughs)no… was very mild I should say and he said all about forgiveness and insisted upon improving this life so the next incarnation will be good and all those things. But have nothing, it doesn’t have any affect. Onething is you must be connected. Otherwise nothing is going to happen. Then automatically see the reality we are all one. Buddha played a part which he had to play Mahaveera played a part which he had to play and Christ played the part what he has to play. A big relationship and all that you realize is within ourselves in the system. They did something like mandala art(unclear) this that they have put something in Nepal especially. So, they are seeing it from outside something. It has no meaning. It., Its a footless game people are playing. Thats what has to happen. I am very happy I came here, and I could meet people here, and the buddhi is have to take to something normal love(unclear). Those days are over of Tapasya of Penance. Now we have to take to something everybody can get detached. Once they get connected to the divine power and they get detached. You have to do many things like I am born in a family see with a car(unclear) royal family. So I have to wear this, wear that, wear this, alright, doesn’t matter. It never affects me.
Princess Nun: How is that?
Shri Mataji: She sees the point (Shri Mataji laughs) very sweet of her. It has to workout you see. We need global peace. See everybody fighting in the name of God. In Karachi, 300 people are killed in 7 months.
Princess Nun: aah..
Shri Mataji: in the name of God. Everywhere. Today I saw this paper in what is that.. haan Istanbul, Istanbul, so many people were killed this phoneticism has come, you see one extreme is this modern life. One extreme is a licentiousness and everything, but reaction of that is this fundamental side, Let them of(unclear), oppress them and force them, but that doesn’t create morality. so, morality is something in the central path. You have to rise in central path, immediately you become moral nobody has to tell you anything. Just become is the part. Becoming is the part.  
Princess Nun: We have to practice, have to practice it. (Repetition)
Shri Mataji: Ya, ya, but first you have to be connected. Once you are connected then you can grow. Gradually you can grow, there is a simple method of meditation where you become thoughtlessly aware. where neither you are in future nor in the past but in the present. That’s meditation and in that you grow spiritually. So first connection has to be done. Its like, aa, it’s a living process of evolution. Like if you put seed in the Mother Earth, it sprouts by itself
Princess Nun: Yes
Shri Mataji: because it has got everything built-in. In the same way we have got everything built-in within ourself. So, it sprouts automatically. I have come to give this message here in this country (Shri Mataji laughs), in this country especially, this country of Buddha. We have to become what he has said. That’s important. We have so many Temples, so many priests everything is there. But people are not happy.
Princess Nun : Haa, they don’t practice.
Shri Mataji: Haan?
Princess Nun: They don’t work, they don’t do themselves like Buddha told him,
Shri Mataji: You can’t do it. You see, when you do it, you do it through your ego. You have to go beyond your mind. See if(unclear) beyond your mind, this All-pervading power does. Buddha never talked of God. Reason was, he said first let them reach first-stage of Nirakara, of Formless. He talked of Formless, Mahaveera talked of Formless. Only Christ talked of God. He thought that people are prepared but no. They never understood. Everything only creates confusion that’s the problem and frustration. So you have to give something real to them that there was Buddha, there was Christ, there was Mahaveera and there is God. Whether you believe it in God or not He is there. But Buddha din’t want to talk, Mahaveera din’t want to talk. Even Nanaka, he din’t want to talk, because he saw people are mad. They go to temples and do all kinds of rituals and finished better not talk about God and that was just to step forward. You see to make people forward, not to get guru(unclear) to some sort of a God or anything but just a step forward. His whole life was such a great inspiration for everyone but it can not be followed. That’s the point. A very few people
Princess Nun : The one who talked to me, ah, the lady who called me, that asked me to come and meet with you, she say that you are worry about our King (repetition) of Thailand. He is sick at the moment.
Shri Mataji: Who is sick? ooh, ya ya, I would like to go. He is such a nice man, I would love but I have hardly any time, Tomorrow morning I can do it, or Tomorrow evening if that suits you, if he you people agree, because he is a King you know after all, have to approach him very difficult.  
Princess Nun: Now at the moment, the doctors wouldn’t allow anyone approach him.
Shri Mataji: Today is better. I, you see I tried something morning. Today is better may be. If he says, I can come because I know whats the problem with him is. If they allow. Because I am only there tomorrow. Tomorrow evening can try, you can ask the doctor because I will not give any medicine anything. Just blessings you see, they can’t say no. To the blessing after all.
Princess Nun: But the doctor, the doctors in the hospital
Shri Mataji: aan?
Princess Nun: If the doctor of the hospital don’t allow anybody to come
Shri Mataji: You talk to him may be will give a Bandhan.
Princess Nun: In some case , this man who came yesterday Dr. Suteen(unclear), he tried, the whole day tried to explain
Shri Mataji: I am not going to talk to him at all, I am not going to talk to anyone. I will just put my hand on his heart.
Princess Nun: We try again. We try with her father
Shri Mataji: There is nothing to talk to him, what is there to talk?
Other person: Ya, just to give vibrations.
Shri Mataji: See it is to workout, it works out well and good for you people. He is such a nice King. Princess Nun: Checked already
Shri Mataji: You can say she is a saint and she wants to bless. Just I will have to see his heart because his heart is catching very badly.
Shri Mataji: If you try it will workout. I am sure that I am not going to talk to him. I my self a doctor. So, why(Shri Mataji laughs)
Princess Nun: But in a big hospital the doctors will take care
Shri Mataji: I am not going to give him anything to eat or to do anything. Just I am going to put my hand on his body (unclear)
Princess Nun: Will try, I can’t do anything laugh, I can’t even go near him laughs.
Shri Mataji: What she say?
Other Person: She can not help because she is not allowed to approach the King.
Shri Mataji: You ask this gentleman
Other Person: yes
Shri Mataji: that they should say she doesn’t want to talk to him. What is there to talk? you see, I will just, if they allow, I will just bless him. That’s all. Just touch on his heart and also his left visuddhi is very strong, I couldn’t feel what it is, I mean sitting down here also I am working on him (Shri Mataji laughs) .
Other Person: Will try to contact him, if he will come this evening, this man, he will come so we can talk to him
Princess Nun: The girl who contacted Dr. Sutheen(unclear) also. This Areyee(unclear) Sahaja Yogini the one we tried to help…
Shri Mataji: May God bless you. She has connection?
Other Person: She works with the..
Shri Mataji: This gentleman,
Other Person: Yes, the common man
Shri Mataji: See I am not going to talk to the patient, see I am not going to do anything, I am not going to give him anything to drink or to eat. I will just bless him on his head and on his heart that’s all. We could save him.
Shri Mataji: Worth trying, I mean to say, nothing guaranteed. Worth try
Shri Mataji: We can work out, give bandhan, Just pray, I should see him, because its not very difficult to save him. He is too right sided man, extremely hard working, futuristic. So I will just move his agnya, put my hand on his Sahasrara it will go away(unclear), its not difficult, I could feel it what’s wrong with him.
Princess Nun: For us here, you can’t touch his head
Other Person: Normally for Thai tradition, you can not touch the head of the …
Shri Mataji: You can not touch here?
Princess Nun: No
Shri Mataji: Thais don’t allow to touch(Shri Mataji laughs)
Princess Nun: Especially when he is the King
Shri Mataji: But a saint is a higher than a King.
Princess Nun: But may be you can, you can touch his head
Shri Mataji: No no see In India, a saint is higher than anybody else. see. Even our President, if he sees me, he will sit on the ground. I cured one of the Presidents we had, went to his house called me with great respect this that, and husband and wife came and sat on the ground. I said, why don’t you sit here? for a saint why should you sit. He was suffering from cancer. Now he is no more but he is the one, then he asked people to give us some land for ashram and in that land I mean to get a land is difficult, we paid for it all that but we got the land. Let’s see if it works out. He is a very nice man, he should be saved. Otherwise you will have problems in this country. He has no Son?
Princess Nun: ya, one Son. The King has one son and three daughters
Shri Mataji: and he is big enough? to rule? the son?
Princess Nun: Ya, he has many children, laughs
Shri Mataji: aah?
Princess Nun: He has five children, five six children, the son
Shri Mataji: The son has five children?
Princess Nun: Yes.
Shri Mataji: So he can rule, also, but best is if we can cure this King will be alright because…
Princess Nun: ya, we all the Thai people this Kind, the present King, we like him to live on..
Other Person: I think the son is not so popular
Shri Mataji: no, I think the son is not so popular like the King. The King is very good.
Princess Nun: The King is very good
Shri Mataji: If he is for the people, he has compassion
Other Person: Because all Thai people, they feel, if the present King not the not in his position we don’t what will happen to Thai, Thailand. Everybody worried
Shri Mataji: You try, Otherwise I am trying from this room only. I am trying only, may workout. If I could, If you could get me a photograph.