The Essence of Holi. The Spring Festival of Colour.

New Delhi (India)

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Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, New Delhi, 17-3-1995.

It is Holi today. Holi these days, is quite different from what it used to be. We must know the essence of Holi. By burning all the rubbish collected in us, we get a surge of love in a clean heart. Which makes everyone so joyful. Hence first of all we must bum all our negativites.

There should not be any politics in Sahaja Yoga. The society is in a vice like political grip. Sahaja Yogis get affected by this situation. An immature Sahaja Yogi may say something to another Sahaja Yogi in the influence of his conditioning. That can affect the other Sahaja Yogi and he may in turn say this to someone else. This may give rise to a wave that can spread like the flu. This is a disease (politics) and it spreads far and wide. In the olden days, women folk used to do politicing and men folk used to fight but now it is the reverse which is happening.

Anyone who desires his ascent, must not get trapped in such activities. It is a massive compassion. I watch everything but don’t speak. Sahajyogis should not have any animosity between each other. Like ’Narada sage’, Sahaja Yogis also increase rivalry by telling non-sensical things to each other. Increasing rivalry between Sahaja Yogis, the network of love breaks. We must love Sahaja Yoga, we must love Mother. Still, all this is less than what we used to be.

Now people are moving in another strange direction. Some say we are Delhi Sahaja Yogis, some say we are Noida Sahaja Yogis and like that it goes on. We are all one. We must not differentiate, like from Delhi or from Bombay. We are all one. We are all Sahaja Yogis. Talk of ocean not of drops. If someone speaks to you unpleasantly, let him go on, it does not matter. Gradually, everything is revealed.

When I was married, we were more than a hundred people at home. We did not bother about anything. We never bothered about what people talk. We lived like saints, served all. We kept everyone happy. I have friends even now, but my husband hasn’t. When ever I go to Lucknow, all come to meet me. No one comes to meet my husband, all come to meet me. We must have pure love for everyone.

Let people say nonsensical things. We have nothing to do with it. There is no next birth for Sahaja Yogis and even if there is a next birth it will be of a Saint. Wash up all belonging to this life in this life only. Clean yourself up. There will be no opportunity of purification in the next birth. Whatever has to be purified, it has to happen in this birth only, so that next birth is a pure saintly birth.

We have aggression in our nature. People are caught up also. We can drive these two things out. We have ways and means of doing it in Sahaja Yoga. We must drive them all out Third thing is hypocrisy. To present yourself in an inflated manner (aggrandising oneself before others). There is something inside and we are telling something quite different. What use is this hypocrisy! We are deceiving ourselves. We are cutting ourselves. There should be no difference in what we think and what we speak. There is no use celebrating Holi, without burning these things. It will not be “Krishna’s Holi”, if we do not bum these three things. Bum all revenge, defects, negativities in Holi. Bum all the groupism, politics in Holi. We should not form groups on the basis of caste. We do not belong to any group or caste. We are Sahaja Yogis, we don’t belong to any group or caste. It is not desirable to give importance to your own people. It is not right to unnecessarily encourage anyone in your area or caste. Leaders must pay attention to this. Keep it in mind. Others emulate leaders. Bum all these in the fire of Holi.

There is a mantra for this. A very powerful mantra – “Forgive All”. There cannot be any progress without this. We have only to do with my Mother, with Sahaja Yoga. Even if someone tells wrong, try to understand it through your wisdom. Let them tell nonsense. Only, watch out that you are not getting influenced by it.

There is no advantage in keeping rivalry and animosity. Bum all the six enemies. We must achieve personal ascent on a personal basis. This will lead to changes in the world. One rotten apple spoils 50 other apples. But only one Sahaja Yogi, can correct the rest – 50 of them. One with bad conditioning influences many. We observe the same thing in families. If one person in a family has ill habits, it affects all. Even one good Sahaja Yogi can improve many. If there is anyone who is on the wrong path, it will be out automatically. We must not put our attention on him or her. Leave it to Me.

People bum firewood of three houses in Holi. So that these three houses purify. In Sahaja Yoga, this wood is your body. Bum this wood so that you become gold. Raise your power of forgiveness, lower your right side. HUM and KSHUM are the two mantras of the Agnya. People who are caught up with bhoots, seek the support of these. This is of no use. Drive the bhoots away yourself. Now we do not need anyone’s help. Tell yourself “I am a Sahaja yogi / yogini”, the negativity will run away. Don’t seek others. Don’t seek caught up people. This will raise the badah. Whether these are physical or mental, they form a group.

I have observed one more thing. People exercise their right over Me. They argue. I see they get caught up in the Swadishthana and argument never comes to an end until 3am in the morning. I have tried to explain that you are caught up. “Your house is near a burning place (cemetery), leave that house. It is a rented house, what is the problem quitting this house?” But no, they pay no attention on this and keep exercising their rights on Me. I have observed that those who are caught up, remain in front. Negativities stick.

There should be protocol. There should be devotion to Mother. There must be undiluted devotion to Sahaja Yoga. Talking about Sahaja Yoga without devotion leads to an instant right Vishuddhi catch. Protocol should be kept in mind always. Whenever there is a difficulty, our attention should go on protocol. Lord Shri Krishna and Shri Rama, killed so many demons. But people say there is no incarnation like most Holy Mother, who is capable of destroying the demonic tendencies residing in us.

Bum Holi symbolically. Get purified. You get joy in liberation. Dance, sing and make all joyful. Holi in Sahaja Yoga is Lord Krishna’s Holi. People drink intoxicants in Holi Did Krishna drink intoxicants? It is only Shankara who drinks intoxicants. Whoever want to stay in Sahaja Yoga, he or she will have to leave all kinds of indulgence. This is the importance of Holi.

We give a lot of importance to food. People keep thinking of where to get the specialty food. Which market, which shop. All the time attention moves on food. We must be beyond taste. This or that, it does not matter. Shri Krishna liked ladoos and the Goddess liked puranpoli. You all bring a variety of food for me. But I have nothing to do with it. We must not attach to taste. We must live beyond taste. I eat what you bring for me with such

love. It is a different matter. Yes, cook and feed others. People pay more attention to food in northern India, than in Maharashtra and also in southern India. It is everywhere – attention on food. People don’t ask: “What do you like to eat?” I don’t remember what I would like to eat or what are my preferences.

Jesus Christ said: “Hate sin and love the sinner.” Observe only good traits of everyone, avoid observing bad traits. Sahaja Yoga is going to spread only through love. Increase your love.

The western (foreign) Sahaja Yogis are far better than Indian Sahaja Yogis in these matters. They never fight amongst each other. They are happy in whatever they get. It is not with Indians. In India, four persons share one bathroom, but in Ganapatipule, they want attached bathroom. It is not amongst foreigners. They all have cars. They travel by aeroplane. They do not eat food like it is in India, they have different food. However, when they visit India, they not only eat our food but praise it also. In some way they think, we are like Gods, because they have realised that bodily comforts are not real comforts. Our attention should be on our spirits. They have lot of expectations from us. We must put attention on these expectations.

There are so many things you must be careful about. Sahaja Yogis start doing things without asking. There are so many things done without my approval. It leads to losses in the end. Permission must be sought, it is for everyone’s good. Why should we suffer? We must try to find out. The essence of Holi is in cleansing ourselves from inside.

In ancient times, when Jesus Christ came to Kashmir, he met my ancestors, the King SHALIVAHANA. On asking, Jesus Christ said, “I am Isaa Masih” and I have come from a country where people are called “MLECHH” (who desire of rubbish and useless pursuits). Hence, I have come to your country. Then King Shalivana suggested Jesus Christ to go back and tell people of your country to follow the “NIRMALAM TATTWAM”, the principle of purity.

If I could do the work of Sahaja Yoga alone, I wouldn’t have needed you. But this work is to be done through you. You all are the medium of Sahaja Yoga. The more clean you are, the more fruitful you will prove to Sahaja Yoga. It all depends on your depth. How will you achieve depth in Sahaja Yoga? You achieve depth through devotion and surrender. If we want to pick up a pearl, we will have to dive deep in the sea. We must achieve depth in Sahaja Yoga. See the foreign Sahaja Yogi’s who were visiting there on concession ticket, desired to go to Bangkok in devotion and they got the OK for the Bangkok visit. When we are going deep, these things keep happening all of a sudden and we get what we look for. We must therefore achieve depth in Sahaja Yoga. Until then, there is no great benefit you can expect.

Sakshat Shri Radha Krishna Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namaha!