Public Program

Kolkata (India)

1995-04-12 Public Program, Kolkatta, India (Hindi), 33'
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1995-04-12 Public Program version 2, Kolkata, India (Hindi), 57'
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1995-04-12 Public Program Hindi Kolkata NITL-RAW, 106'
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Public Program (Hindi) Netaji Indoor Stadium

I bow to you all the seekers of truth.

In this Kaliyuga, man has become distracted and is fearful of the various problems. Never before, were there as many seekers of truth, as there are in this Kaliyuga; and, these are the times when you will find the truth. But we must understand, what truth are we seeking, what are we seeking? Otherwise, we get glued to something and then start believing it to be true. The reason being, we are still unaware of truth— the absolute truth. Some people wonder if this is good or that is good, and then there are others who believe there is another way of living. So, man is caught in such tumultuous delusions of the heart. In this confusion, he fails to understand why there is no peace within him; or how to establish this peace. He can’t comprehend, why am I fighting and bickering with myself, unable to understand anything. This is the special quality of Kaliyuga and that is why man has is seeking in these times. Earlier, there weren’t such delusions; the man was content with humanity. But now man has evolved to a certain state. In this state, if you would be aware of only the truth, then there would be no fights, and everyone would think the same.

Moreover, by explaining or telling about something, man becomes too brainy and mental. Even by reading too much, he becomes mental and there is no peace, calmness or respite within him. Therefore, one must understand what the truth is. Now, another thing is that you must not blindly accept whatever I tell you because we are already suffering much due to blind faith. Especially in Bengal, people have suffered so much at the hands of taantriks and other such people. Even people who blindly follow religion and talk too much about it, are also suffering. They are unwell. They are experiencing different problems and are fighting among themselves. This simply means they haven’t found the truth yet. They’re just advertising it via huge posters. Then, man is terrified and wants to know about the truth. Truth and love are the same; surprisingly people don’t understand this integration. For example, if you love someone, you become eager to know every detail about that person. But this is God’s love, it is the Divine love. I won’t say that you should accept this love as the truth, but it can be easily proved. For that, you must rise above this human awareness and that’s when you can recognize that this love and truth are the same. And a realized person also imbibes both these qualities. And people who haven’t got their realization, who just talk big about things, give sermons and ask you to perform rituals will not help you in any way. No one has and no one ever will gain anything from such trivia. For this, we must understand what truth is. We are not this body, brain, heart or ego; we are the pure Spirit (Atma) and this is the truth. Because every time we claim this is my body, my heart, my brain, ours and mine, we must ask ourselves who is this “me”. We must realize this. This “me” is actually the pure Spirit that resides within you. To achieve it and to fill your inner being with its light is the real experience of the self (Aatm). The second truth is like you see these beautiful flowers around you. It is miraculous how the different types of flowers bloom out of Mother Earth and each different from the others. There is no money to be given for this process. Mother Earth whose essence is love, nurtures these flowers and fills them with fragrance and colours. This is indeed amazing and yet we do not think about how this living process occurs. If we ask the doctors who run our hearts, they will answer that this happens because of an autonomous nervous system. But who or what is this “auto”? If this is an “autonomous” or self-driven mechanism, then who is this “self”? It is none other than your Spirit (Atma). Self-realization is nothing but achieving this and filling your being with its light. This all-pervading divine energy around us— the power of God’s love that nurtures these flowers and ensures the functioning of our hearts – achieving integration with this energy is called Yoga. This is Yoga and achieving it, is the birthright of mankind. But if someone is silly and foolish, he can’t achieve it. If someone is boisterous and arrogant, even he can’t achieve it. You must be humble and ask for it. If a man introspects himself with love, he will realize that he is still lacking and there are many powers (Shakti) that can manifest within him. But, for that, he must be humble and must ask for it with utmost, heartfelt humility because if you want to achieve the power of love, it should be asked for, with love. By arguing or fighting or by bothering someone, you can never achieve it.

I have already told you about this power (Shakti) called the Kundalini, it resides within you in a triangular (trikonakaar) bone. What I am telling you isn’t something new. It is all there in our scriptures; in the sixth century, Shankaracharya spoke about it. But thirteen thousand years ago, Markandeya also spoke about the Kundalini, but it was all in Sanskrit. And, then in the twelfth century, Gyaaneshwar ji spoke about it. When he wrote the Gyaaneshwari — which is a commentary on the Gita — in its sixth chapter, he clearly wrote that you get your self-realization through the Kundalini. At that time, the religious leaders (Dharma Martand) said that the sixth chapter is forbidden so nobody read it or wrote about it. In this way, the energy (Shakti) which is hidden within us and can help us achieve that state, was stashed away in darkness and ignorance. Then there have been so many intellectuals here. Kabir had said, “Padhi Padhi Pandit Murakh Bhaye” (even though the priests read so many scriptures but still they are unlearned/ foolish); and I would often wonder how despite reading anyone could be foolish. How can this be? But I have met many such people. When you talk to them, they will talk non-stop and senselessly. God knows what they talk about – so and so is written in this book or that book. So, I ask them to tell me what is written in your books. So, we are unaware and oblivious of our own selves and absorb what others say. This is the intellectual side, the other is the devotional side. So, there is just an intoxication in it and no awareness. Both these are far from realism, we are standing away from reality.

Now I will give you an example. Here, there is a rapid rise in the followers of “Hare Rama, Hare Krishna”. So, when I went to Chicago, one of their gurus came to meet me. He was wearing a thin and gauzy loincloth (dhoti) and a vest. It was so cold there that I was shivering despite my shawl and even he was shivering. So, I asked him why he was wearing such thin clothes, especially the loincloth in that freezing cold. He said his guru asked him to wear the loincloth to attain salvation (moksha). So, I told him around 80% of men in India wear that loincloth, more so in Bengal, so if all of them would get their salvation, will there be any place left for you (in heaven). He had also shaved his head and had a pigtail. So, when I asked him the reason for that, he said his guru had told him that unless he shaves his head, he will not get salvation. Kabir has beautifully illustrated this in a saying that if it would have been possible to go to heaven by shaving heads, then a ram (male sheep) will reach there before anyone else because its body is sheared twice a year. Anyways, this man followed all this quite sincerely and got upset with me that I am disrespecting his guru. So, I had to clarify and explain to him that since I’m a Mother and worry about the well-being of my children that is why I am concerned about his plight.

Another thing that you must understand is fasting — don’t eat this or that, or do fasting, stand on your head, and do all this. Why? The response is “to attain salvation”. If the Almighty, who is a form of love and your Heavenly Father, will He ever want his children to shave their head, wear a thin loincloth or stand on the head to meet Him. This is so strange. Will a father ever want his children to starve? For any mother, the biggest punishment is to starve her children. If the children refuse to eat, all her anger vanishes. You know a mother so well. So, why do you need such a peculiar endeavours to attain salvation? How much money you had to spend for taking birth as a human? Which guru did you go to? Did you do anything special? Irrespective, you are born a human. So, there must be some power (Shakti) within us, which I call the power of love, it is the power of redemption and gives ascent to humans and grants the human form. So now if you have this power within you, then why must you not use it for your ascent. Can you give any money for this? You can not buy me for this? Does anyone ever buy his mother? At least in India, it isn’t possible; can’t ascertain this about abroad. So, what is there to be achieved? This is your very own mother, every individual’s distinct mother. Like a tape recorder, it records all your past and future. This individual, distinct mother recognizes you and resides in your Kundalini. And if you were to awaken this energy (Shakti), can you pay for it? When you sow seeds in the womb of this Mother Earth, it is nourished and nurtured spontaneously. You don’t need to stand on your head or do other such things for it; do these things help? This must be understood.

All the living work occurs spontaneously (Sahaja). Sahaja – “Sah” means “with” and “Ja” means “born”, so something that is born with you. This is the Right of Union (Yoga ka adhikaar). You must achieve it. It has several benefits. I don’t know what all benefits did Yogi ji (another Sahaja Yogi, who possibly addressed the gathering before Shri Mataji) told you. But if you love someone, you don’t realize its subtle benefits. If you love someone and they love you back, there are subtle sensitivities in that exchange which give you joy and peace. But nowadays it is difficult to find such love so it can’t be explained. Such sentiments do not exist anymore. People are pulling each other down, cutting each other’s throats; forget about love. Moreover, people who give sermons and discourses, and, preach about religion, even they are just focused on money. This must be understood. How much money did you pay to Mother Earth to bloom these beautiful flowers? Firstly, you can’t buy love; what can be bought, can never be love. You can recognize the glory of love only when you drown in the tremendous love of these vibrations. It adorns and takes care of all other minute details as well.

So, for example, there are very good singers and performers in Nagpur. And I thought it would be great if we could invite them here to perform because Bengalis listen to Bengali music all the time, listening to new artists would be a good idea. And see, they (artists from Nagpur) arrived here in the morning. So, I asked them did they come here. They said they had to attend some program in Durgapur and thought it would be good to come over here before the program, so they came. So, such coincidences and miracles occur a lot in Sahaja. And if I tell you that these miracles are in fact not miracles, you won’t believe it. This is, in fact, the Almighty’s love; so, what can be miraculous about it when He himself is the miracle.

My grandmother would often tell us an anecdote. It’s quite funny – once a man started on a journey to meet God. On the way, he met a man who was standing on his head and asked him “I am standing on my head for many days, when do you think will God come to see me? So, when you meet God, please ask him to come and see me soon.” He went a little further and met another man who was lying on the road. The latter also gave a message for God, “Tell God, He hasn’t arranged for my food today, ask Him to make some arrangements”. When the man met God and his purpose was fulfilled, God asked him if there was anything else, He could do for him. The man told about the two men he met on the way. For the first man, God said: “Let him stand on his head for a few more days, the meeting will be arranged.” For the hungry man, God made immediate arrangements for food. This surprised the man and he asked God, the reason for not paying heed to the one standing on head and instead of making immediate arrangements for the one who sort of ordered God to do arrange food. Now, this is about love. So, God told him, “on your way back, when you meet both the men, tell them you saw God passing a camel through a needle hole.” When this man, met the first one (the one standing on his head) and conveyed God’s message about the meeting. Then, curiously the latter asked what else he saw there. To which the former told him what God had asked him to say, “God passed a camel through a needle hole”. Hearing this, the man got offended and reprimanded him, “how is it possible? Why are you lying?” Ongoing further, this man met the second man (who was hungry). The latter said, “I was sure food will somehow be arranged, but I just thought of giving some message to God as it is you were going there. So, what else did you see at God’s place?” To which the former said, “it’s quite astonishing how God passed a camel from a needle hole.” Hearing this, the latter replied, “What is so strange about this? He is God; He can not only pass a camel but if He wants, He can pass the whole universe from the needle hole. He is the Almighty, what do you think of Him.” So, all this is about absolute faith; the faith a realized man has isn’t blind faith. This is faith in the evident (Sakshat). It isn’t dignified to believe in something blindly; first, you should experience it. First, you should know the truth and once you recognize the truth, you will realize how great and noble you are. Right now, you don’t know anything about yourself.

For example, if you go to a small village where there is no electricity and you take a small television set there. If you tell the villagers that they can watch films and photos on the TV, they will not believe it and will rather question about that box. However, once the connection of that box is established with the mains, they will be amazed to see its wonders. Likewise, we consider ourselves as boxes; especially in Bengal, I’ve noticed that everyone is so depressed. All the time they listen to grievous music and are always crying. The times have now changed. You must understand that a new era has begun. These are special times and I call these the blossom times. I call it spring. But many people are so disappointed; they are so trapped in disappointments that they’re unable to understand new dawn is approaching that will spread across this world. That time is today, but we don’t know the present or that the present is the reality.

So, the thoughts rise, fall, then rise and then fall again; the gap in between, is the pause (vilamb). We are unable to get hold of that pause, which is the present. Either we are thinking about the past or the future. For example, these people have to go back now, so they would be thinking whether they will get a tram/ bus or not, or they will think of the past. If I tell you to be in the present, you can’t because thought will come, then another and so on and so forth, and, you continue to dance on top of it like this. However, when the Kundalini is awakened the thoughts become prolonged and relaxed. So, when the thoughts are prolonged, there is a gap in between and then you stand in the present, your attention (chit) is in the present, you do not think about anything and become thoughtless (nirvichaar). Then in this thoughtlessness, joy flows.

Now for example, if there is a beautiful carpet here. So, I will get a headache what if it gets spoilt or that it needs to be insured or about other problems that come with belongings. And if it were not mine but somebody else’s, then I will think about its price, where did they buy it from, etc. But if we watch it in thoughtlessness, we will be able to feel that joy, the weaver must have felt when weaving it, and a cool breeze will start flowing from head to toe. And you will be immersed in that joy. When you are thoughtless, you are in peace.

These people have established such big organizations for peace, all these are just for the sake of talking. They give away peace awards. I have met many people who have received these peace awards and they are so hot-headed that you must carry a stick with you when you go to meet them or else they might just hit/slap you. They are so short-tempered that you can’t talk to them. There is no glimpse of love in them. What peace will they give, and yet they have been given these international awards. I wonder how and why they have been given these international awards. Like this, we are an incomplete delusion. Because when we establish peace within ourselves then only we can understand, what being in peace actually is. Now, if you are standing in water but fear the waves or that you might drown, but if you are in a boat then you enjoy the waves and are not scared, and if you know how to swim then you jump into the water and can even save others who might be drowning. This is how you grow in Sahaja Yoga – first, you achieve thoughtless awareness (nirvichaar samadhi) and then doubtless awareness (nirvikalp samadhi) and sometimes you may achieve both simultaneously. This is quite surprising when both occur at the same time. And then, man can achieve peace and such powers (shakti) which may not have even existed in him. It doesn’t need you to shave your head or wear saffron robes, none of these. Instead, there should be innate emotions. You already know the tale of King Janaka, I don’t need to repeat it. I am a homemaker and if my husband is like that. So, if required I may dress up or wear ornaments, but I don’t get attached to any of it. So, when you don’t clutch something what will you leave. If you hold onto something, you can leave it. But if you haven’t indulged what will you quit. This is a state of renunciation that comes from within, there is nothing to show off on the outside. What is the point if outwardly you are dressed as a hermit but on the inside your actions are those of a burglar. So, all this pretence ends because man starts respecting himself. He values himself. He glows from within, why me and what should I do. These self-realized people achieve a lot of name and fame in this world. Like Tilak, Abraham Lincoln and Shastri Ji – they were all realized men. I can tell you clearly that anyone who is not realized, can’t stand on truth. You can take an example of any organization, all of them are distraught with infighting because they are established on lies. All of them are wobbly. So, first, you should establish peace within yourself. Unless you establish peace within, you can never establish peace in this world.

If anyone wants to leave, should leave now. Once I will start giving self-realization, then you cannot get up to leave. Open both your hands towards me, now, first of all, you must forgive yourself completely. You must not think about your faults, virtues or sins. Now take off your glasses and close your eyes. People wearing shoes, please take off your shoes. Now open your left hand towards me, bow your head and with your right hand, check your limbic/ fontanelle bone area (brahmarandra) and see if you feel any cool or warm breeze (Chaitanya leheriya) coming out of your head. Shankaracharya called it, Saundarya Lehri. Now open your right hand towards me, and, with your left hand, check on top of your head. Do not touch your head, keep your hand a little higher above your head. Check if you can feel the breeze, do not doubt it. This cool breeze is coming out of your head. If it is warm that means you haven’t forgiven yourself or others. So, you must forgive. Now ask, “Mother, please give me my self-realization”. I can not force it upon you, you must ask for it. I cannot touch your freedom because if you must know your inner(“Swa”) mechanism(“tantra”)(“swa ka tantra”), then it must happen with your own desire. Now again check with your right hand and ask, “Mother please give me my self-realization.” Now, raise both your hands towards the sky and ask a question here, with complete faith, “Mother, are these the divine vibrations (param Chaitanya)?” Ask it thrice. Bend your head backwards slightly. Ask with full confidence, there shouldn’t be any doubts. Now open both your hands towards me, wear your glasses, look towards me and don’t think. Your thoughts have stopped – this is thoughtless awareness (nirvichaar samadhi). All those people who felt the cool breeze in their hands or on top of your head, please raise your hands. Wonderful, all of you have got it, everyone received it instantaneously. Now you must establish it further.

I offer salutations to all the realized people here.