Evening Program, Eve of Easter Puja

Kolkata (India)

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( After Performances )

Shri Mataji : 

I don’t know how to thank Mrs Amita Dutta. It was one of the greatest performances of Kathak, I have ever seen. Normally Kathak becomes quite boring after some time for people who don’t understand much of ‘tala’.But this had such creativity which is the speciality of Bengal. I said Bengal at its best I saw today. The creativity of Bengal has created very great literature, poetry, also drama also dancing but this combination of everything today I see here in such a collective manner which has given me the greatest pleasure.

You know how I respect artists especially the Indian Artist because our art is to be appreciated only through very deep [unclear /sensitivity ]

And now as in this country lot of western influences coming up …People are taking to a cheap type of entertainments. At this juncture, to see such a beautiful performance now I have great hopes that our art will again prosper and really enter into the world market I should say …Where they will make people much deeper not running after money but after art. Perhaps you all know how !  I love art and artist & I respect them very much. I bless them from my heart for such a beautiful drama you did. The beauty was even the little girls, knew how to change their ‘Bhawas’…& their expressions so fast and In Kathak, I  haven’t seen people have so much of ‘Bhawas’ as they have used …The combination is so beautiful that really I think we,- (the artist who are Bengalis ) should take up all the arts and should work it out. Because they can direct it in such a way that is pure creativity, pure creativity 

 It has really touched my heart you don’t know, what hopes it has given to me …I thank you very much all of you for putting so much efforts to create this beautiful theme of our diverse personality of Adishakti, Where she is on one side  [unclear/’Ati raudra’ ] and on the other side ‘Atisaumya’.It is very difficult but you have done it. May God bless you all.! 

[Flower by Shri Mataji to  Mrs Amitta Dutta ] …

Amita, this is the small thing they have got it for you.

Shri Mataji says to this artist that -My God! I know little before[unclear]… 

Your musician was so beautiful. Every Musician was so beautiful, even on tabla and everything I was surprised how can it be. Because this is the art from U.P(Uttarpradesh)and prosper here. But in a very decent manner.

This is the world’s famous drama I can tell you, beautiful … May God bless you!

[Then Photograph with all the Artist was taken …]