Easter Puja: You have to crucify your ego

Kolkata (India)


You have to crucify your ego, Easter Puja, Calcutta (India), 14 April 1995.

Translation from Hindi: First I will speak to you in English and then in Hindi.

[English talk]

Today is the day we are celebrating Easter. Easter is extremely symbolic, of – not only of Christ, but also for all of us. In that the most important day is that of resurrection. The resurrection of Christ has the message of Christianity, not the cross. Through resurrection Christ had shown that one can be resurrected with the body that you have. And without His resurrection, we could not have managed the crossing of Agnya chakra, no doubt. His life was very short of, we can say three and half years only, He lived there. He came to India and He met Shalivahana, and Shalivahana asked His name. He told him His name was Isa Masih.

But He said, “I am coming from the country where there are malichchas, mala-ichchha. They have ichchha of mal, desire to get dirty, and I don’t know how to live there. To Me, this is My country.”

But Shalivahana said that, “You should go back and save Your people and give them Parama Nirmala Tattwam. So He went back, and as it is, within three and half years He was crucified.

At the time of His death He said so many beautiful things for forgiveness, but ultimately He said “Behold the Mother.” That means you should hope for the Mother. And in His lifetime He also said that, “I’ll send you the Holy Ghost Who will comfort you, counsel you and also redeem”, means resurrect you. All these things He had said it because He knew what was the whole plan.

Also He said that, “You may say anything against Me or do anything against Me, but anything against the Holy Ghost I will not tolerate. I will not tolerate at any cost.”

Which is true also, so it is very dangerous also to go against the Holy Ghost. No doubt about it. It’s not Me that is dangerous, but these Deities are extremely dangerous.

So, in Sahaja Yoga you are all resurrected with your body. Before this you were not connected to the All Pervading Power, and whatever you did was through your mind or through your emotions. But you did not come out of that grave of emotions and your desires, your actions and your ego. After realization now you know how free you have become. How you have developed your own personality.

There are so many instances which we can talk about Christ, that He said, “Know Thyself” throughout. He knew without knowing yourself, you won’t be resurrected. But Sahaja Yoga is the other way round. You get your resurrection and you know yourself. It’s a very Sahaja, sweet way of getting realization.

But if you see to the life of Christ, He has talked about murmuring souls. We too have in Sahaja Yoga, because it’s open to everyone, all kinds of people come. We find very shallow people coming to Sahaja Yoga who try to express their shallowness and talk in a very, in a very loose way, about Sahaja Yoga, about the work of Sahaja Yoga. So that was inevitable, but what Christ has said that you have to be careful about the murmuring souls. And this is exactly – we have to be very careful. When you come to Sahaja Yoga, in the beginning, you may come across such people who are murmuring souls, you may be enticed by them because they are a kind of, we should say, messengers of negative forces. And these messengers of negative forces, you should try to find out. They’ll complain about this, complain about that, they talk in a very loose manner, and when you see that they are not talking in a positive way, you should run away from them. Because only by getting your resurrection you are not all right. After getting your resurrection, after your Self-realization, you have to grow. And for that growth we have to be very careful about how we get impressed by all these, I should say, very frivolous people. Those who grow into it become beautiful angels. No doubt about that. But that is one thing one has to know is to respect your Self-realization. You shouldn’t worry about what others are talking, what others are saying, what they are criticizing, but you should look at yourself and all the time try to grow into your depth.

It’s a very great chance of life that you are being resurrected, and this is the last breakthrough, as you know, of our evolution. But now you should leave your mind on one side; because this mind, if you go on working with it, you cannot go beyond mind and Sahaja Yoga you can achieve by going beyond your mind. Then you know yourself, because you get Self-knowledge. You know about your centers. You know about the centers of others. All this is available to you, but you have to become a subtler and subtler person. Not a gross personality. If you become subtler and
subtler, you will be amazed how you will develop your inner powers in so many different ways.

But there are people in Sahaja Yoga, I have seen, who are very ambitious. And they start saying that, “Mother, we want to be God realized. I want to be this and do that.” There is no office going on here that you give somebody a promotion. You have to grow yourself. Then they start proclaiming, “I am this, I am that.” We call them ‘Mahayogis’. Some of them had started saying that they have reached very high positions and they ended up in the lunatic asylum. All such suggestions if people give you, then you should shun such people. But there are also other people who join such a bombastic fellow. So, you must remember that this last judgment is working and all the time there is a big sieving out, a very big arrangement of choices. Those who are subtle, start getting subtler and subtler and subtler. But those who are frivolous, gross, idiotic, stupid, they start frittering away. So this last sieving starts very fast, working out where we realize that where are we.

Now what is the criteria for that? First is your compassion. Your compassion must be discrete. Sometimes people only have compassion for negative people. After Sahaja Yoga you should know for whom you should have your compassion. With vibrations you can find out, very easy to find out with vibrations – what sort of a person you are facing. But first you must have vibratory awareness. If you don’t have vibratory awareness, you won’t be able to find out at all what is correct and what is incorrect. So it is important that you all must mediate. Without criticizing yourself, anything, you can just meditate everyday. Is very important!

I immediately know who is the person who is meditating and who is not meditating. Immediately! The person who meditates is very clearly an angel. The whole reaction, the whole behavior, the whole attitude of such spiritual maturity manifests. And you are amazed. As you know Sahasrare Mahamaya. It’s not easy to understand Me. For the time being you might know what I am, but suddenly you will forget. That’s the trick. Because if you know Me in full ways, you won’t even sit here. You won’t even come nearer to Me. So that Mahamaya is acting all the time, but that’s the only way you can judge people.

This last judgment is not a easy thing. Even if you put thousands of judges, they cannot do this judgment. All the time you have to know what is what. And somehow I know everything, but I will never show that I know. That’s how I work it out, and gradually I know what I have to do about that person.

This resurrection of yours is much more blessed than that of Christ. He was alone; people wouldn’t recognize Him. He had to show His marks where they had put nails on His hands and feet. But today that is not the situation. Only thing is, first of all you have to recognize Me. That’s all. Need not know Me. It’s not easy. It’s difficult to know Me, but if you recognize Me, that’s all. And it all depends on your sensitivity. Your resurrection has to be complete and you have to mature in Sahaja Yoga. If you cannot mature, I will say you should leave Sahaja Yoga. Go out for a while, where you will understand what’s going on, then you’ll come back.

In Sahaja Yoga, like Christ sacrificed His life, is not expected of you to sacrifice your life. Your Mother doesn’t want that. But you have to do some sacrifices, like you have to stay in uncomfortable places in Ganapatipule sometimes, or somewhere. You have to face many odds while traveling, also coming down here may not be so comfortable as you are at your place. But the main sacrifice is of your ego. You have to crucify your ego. The ego is the one, which teaches you all these nonsensical tantrums that people know. If you can surrender your ego – just surrender your ego – that surrendering can help you. But if you surrender your ego by thinking about it, then you are using your mental capacity. Everything you do like that is through your mental capacity, by which you are using your ego. So the best way is to meditate, to go into thoughtless awareness and there automatically you are surrendered.

Now what do I have to have from you? Nothing! I don’t want anything. I don’t want to have anything. You are the ones who try to give Me this and give Me that. I am trying to run away from all that. Just for your satisfaction also, I agree. I don’t have to do Sahaja Yoga Myself, but that’s the love of your Mother. That She wants to save as many as possible – all that are created on this Earth – to give them their resurrection. This is a special time and you are My channels. You can go all over and spread Sahaja Yoga and try to help others to come out of it.

Today is a day of promises, where we have to promise ourselves that we’ll grow in a very deeper understanding, or feeling, or in sensitiveness of Sahaja Yoga. This growth has to take place for which I have to meditate. This is a very important thing.

Secondly, people say that here people are very miserly. They are not willing to do this. They don’t want to pay any money for this, pay any money for that. I think generosity is one expression of your love. You will give Me, all right. When it comes to expenses, either I pay or somebody bears the burden. Now things have improved, but still we should know that this tremendous work has to be done and we need money for that. I don’t need, I spend My own money. But generosity is the best and this generosity is very, very important for Sahaja Yogis.

I have seen people are very meticulous sometimes, very calculating. They will tell Me, “Bring some sarees for them.” Take some sarees, all right, very good idea. And they say, “We don’t like it, we don’t want to buy.” I am not doing any business. I buy it because you wanted, I have selected it. Then to say, “we don’t want to have it.” There’s no business, there’s no marketing going on. And this is the problem when I don’t understand Sahaja Yogis that they should know Mother, Herself, has put in Her money. So what is there also, they should say, “take little more for Sahaja Yoga.” After all such a big organization going on, and there are so many countries who cannot pay a single farthing, for them also one has to pay.

Now, Christ was sold for thirty rubles. You can imagine, He was sold for thirty rubles. So that shows that when you do not try to understand the financial difficulties of the organizers and you do not help, you are really selling the Christ within you. You cannot sell Christ, you cannot sell Sahaja Yoga. But that doesn’t mean you exploit it. So I have to tell you that I was Myself surprised in north India where I least expected people are extremely generous, extremely generous. And then generosity helps you, in a way that our Lakshmi Tattwa is to be awakened.

I had to bring in this point because I have complaints from people that people are reluctant to pay for anything like this. It’s very remarkable that some people take over, but everybody must contribute. It’s important, because you are doing God’s work. You have to also come forward to do other things that are there without grudging. Enjoying it! I was happy the posters were put by the Sahaja Yogis, and you can see the whole place vibrated. You could see how it has worked out. So everybody must go all out to do everything that is possible. Nothing else is needed but your full heart into Sahaja Yoga. Then you will see how you will grow. It is only through your heart you will receive all your nourishment for your spirituality. So open your heart, do not calculate so much.

[Translation from Hindi]

I have to speak to you in Hindi, very important. Good wishes to you all for today.

On this day Isa Masih [Jesus Christ] came of the dead world and He was Resurrected with His body. In the same way your Resurrection has happened with the body, not after death. But now when you are alive. In the living state itself you got your Resurrection.

But there are some significance of Resurrection that you need to understand. After Resurrection you should develop sensitivity. If you still have the thoughts of doing business in Sahaja Yoga, or making money, or fulfilling desires, then you have come on the wrong path. You should go elsewhere.

In Sahaja Yoga, you should only think of spiritual upliftment. Other than that, there should not be any thoughts. But now everyone asked, “Mother, why the Lakshmi principle of Bengal doesn’t get awakened?”  The reason is because there are many tantriks [black magicians] here. Wherever tantriks [black magicians] come, Lakshmiji goes away from those places. Not just that even with alcohol it’s the same. For some time it’s ok, but after some time due to alcohol, Lakshmi will go away. It is against Lakshmi.

The number of tantriks [black magicians] that are there in Bengal are nowhere. While trying to find the reason I understand that people of Bengal are very tolerant and emotional. And any person who comes and tells them that he is godly person, they believe him. They don’t think about it.

Like the movement of ‘Hare Rama’ started from Bengal. Like mad people they ran on the streets, running everywhere – “Hare Ram, Hare Ram, Hare Ram, Hare Ram”. How did they benefit? More poverty came in. If anyone says anything, people of Bengal start doing it.

Someone told me, “I don’t eat green coriander leaves” I asked, “Why?” “My elder sister stopped eating green coriander leaves, so I also left it”. “But why, why did your sister stop?”

Such rituals they get stuck in. Living by those rituals, we get lost. Totally lost. About those rituals, we need to understand the reasoning behind it. In Sahaja Yoga, there is not ritual, no religion, no preaching of any religion. And the most important thing, the world brotherhood (collectivity) comes from within, is established from the heart.

The day we get this feeling in us, we can drive away the tantriks [black magicians]. If one Sahaja Yogi desires, then he can drive away all the tantriks [black magicians] by his powers.

There is a place named Girgaon in Mumbai. A devi [here it means dead spirit] used to possess people. Devi [here it means dead spirit] would possess and dance. One Sahaja Yogini went there, after that it stopped. The persons dancing stopped; she ran away. Because Godly Powers are very much higher than worldly powers.

When you are awakened and then when you become pure, when you become ‘Nirmal’ [spotless], the inner power of purity starts working. So it is required of the Sahaja Yogis that they make themselves pure. We get pleased in devotion, we get into the game of intelligence. All that is fine. You have to be delighted. But most importantly look into oneself. Increase the power within you. The day you all increase your powers, all tantriks [black magicians] will take their belongings and go away.

That is why, today on the day of Resurrection take an oath in your mind that we will become deep Sahaja Yogis of the highest order. Sahaja Yogis who have depth. For that if you have to meditate; now it doesn’t mean that you meditate for 3 hours. But for ten minutes, you meditate from the heart. From the heart is very important.

There is so much of compassion in Bengal, so much of loving feeling, but see the role. If you are a Sahaja Yogi, first you have to love yourself. As soon as you love yourself you’ll find that your love will spread everywhere. You get angry, you have desires. There are some more titles attached to you and you are Sahaja Yogi also. Cleansing of all these only, is your Resurrection. When your personality is complete after cleansing, then no tantric can remain here. Never can they remain.

The other thing I told was that, that you have such beautiful melodious way of singing. So some ladies and men can hire a big [Shri Mataji speaks aside: Son later, later, later, ok?]. Hire any bus, a truck or anything and announce in the villages that here there will be bhajan of Shri Mataji. You reach the village and sing songs, give a discourse. Slowly play My tapes. Like this, in north India, many people got Realization.

Entire UP, Bihar, Haryana everywhere Sahaja Yoga has spread completely. That I have seen when you have the power of singing, why not go to the villages and awaken people by singing and Resurrect them? By doing this all tantriks [people who practice black magic] will run away. With My name itself they start shaking, then if you sing My songs, you don’t know what all you can achieve.

The wisdom is that the love you have received from Mother, has to be distributed. And in this place there is so much need for love in the people. You go and see, meet them. Just by you being there, Lakshmi will come there. By your living there everyone’s physical body also will become alright; psychologically they will become alright; prosperity will be there and most importantly the spirituality will be set right. In this way we have to change the people of our country. But for that you will have to work.

Today is so significant that it shows how human beings in their living body, can achieve Resurrection, like how Isa Masih [Jesus Christ] had done.

But the Power which Isa Masih [Jesus Christ] had is beyond our reach. He had told that if you do something wrong with one eye then remove the eye yourself. Then He said that if the hand does something wrong then cut off the hand. I have lived with many Christians of the world. I have seen many Christian countries but I haven’t seen even one person’s eyes removed or hand cut. Those people have ignored all that.

Now you people should not become your own enemies. This is not there in Sahaja Yoga. You see the problems in you and if you really love yourself, getting rid of these problems is the way to achieve complete Resurrection. When these problems go away, then you will be surprised that how much of happiness, how much of peace and how much of Power is residing. Those things that are coming in the way of you achieving this Power that somehow you have to give up.

These obstacles come up because we don’t give much importance to our Resurrection. We give for other things. All other thing are important. The Ressurection we have achieved, we see ourselves in a different level, where we have entered the Kingdom of God; to be seated there we have to clear ourselves.

Finding satisfaction in other things is of no use. One says, “Our, this thing doesn’t happen”. Other says, “That doesn’t happen”. First of all you completely honor yourself, respect yourself. By falling low, by going down a wrong path how can you become spiritual? And how will you get peace? It’s very difficult. Those people who say, “We don’t have peace Mother, that’s why we do that, we do this”. Peace is not a difficult thing. If you do meditation and do all the work from your heart, from your heart, then what is difficult? Nothing is difficult.

In Sahaja Yoga some people have reached great heights from low level. I see that in their love there is so much of power. About one person I shall definitely describe to you today.

One person was very much surrendered to Mother. We were at Prague airport, on the way. We were going to Poland probably. So this person told us that the flight is scheduled to depart at 11. So we got ready accordingly and reached the airport. Then they said, “No, the flight is leaving early, 1 hour early, so you reach somehow”. How could we reach immediately? We go late by 15 minutes. The lady there, the ground hostess was an Austrian, because the flight was supposed to go to Austria first. She scolded us a lot, “You people are like this. You have no sense of time” and so on. We were listening quietly. Now this person could not bear it as he had told Me the wrong time. We went and sat in the flight. Once we sat in the plane, this poor emotional person, tears started rolling down his eyes. He’s a German, he started to cry. He was sitting behind. Other Sahaja Yogis were consoling him, “Be quiet, be quiet”. I looked at him once and I told him, “Now you calm down, it’s alright”.

By then they told us that the plane will not leave as a problem has arisen. But the minute I saw tears in his eyes, black clouds emerged everywhere in the sky all of a sudden. The Sahaja Yogis were thinking from where did these black elephants [here – thick dark clouds] come from? Suddenly. See the power of his love.

They told us, “You go back to the airport. The plane will not leave”. By the time we reached the airport, it started to rain very heavily. Not one plane could take off from there. Only our plane they said will leave by 5.00. [break in recording]

A lot of things are being done in Bengal but Bengal will improve only when you will go to the villages and work.

Today I ask only this that all of you have been resurrected and now just sitting in Kolkata, it cannot be achieved. You have to go out and work. Till the time you do not spread this, such a big precious thing, which will grow only by spreading, like knowledge. Knowledge increases by spreading, in the same way Sahaja Yoga will grow by spreading. And with this entire Bengal will be benefitted.

It is surprising that so many people have come in Sahaja Yoga puja today. Felt very happy and I hope next time when I come you will bring a lot of people.

This singing and art of yours, which is respected a lot, you use that and spread Sahaja Yoga in entire Bengal, through your singing.

My blessings.