Sahaj Yogse Labh

New Delhi (India)

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[English translation from Hindi]

What is Sahaja yoga?

Sahaja yoga. ‘Saha’ means with you and ‘ja ‘means born. ‘Yog’ means your attention’s union with God ‘s power of love that is spread all around. This occurance itself is called ‘yog’. This is the birth right of every human being. To get it , as the other meaning of ‘Sahaj” is easy, spontaneous. For this, there is proper arrangement within us. There is nobody within whom there is no such arrangement means within your triangular bone which is called ‘Sacrum’ in English language It means that Greeks knew that the triangular bone is sacred, means it is pure. That is why its name is ‘Sacrum’ since eternity. Now this bone In this triangular bone three and half circles the power that is inherent in it, is called Kundalini in Sanskrit.

Within us God has bestowed three more powers too. One of those powers is that we desire. Our power of desire, our everyday work of the power of desire. And another is our power of action. This nourishes our sympathetic nervous system. Its nourishment depends upon these two chakras. First power, with the help of which we desire the channel through which that power is broadcasted is called Ida Nadi. And the other power that gets activated they do the work for the desire they have with their existence and their body that power which we can say is our right sympathetic nervous system. But its name is Pingala Nadi. In this way , there are two channels within us.

Ida and Pingla Nadi. Apart from these there is third channel within us. This is called Sushumna, which is in the center, is called Madhya Marg. Both these powers come from left and right and join like this. And in the center a chakra is made (Showing with Her hands) within the central chakras our physical, mental, intellectual, cultural even our spiritual, all progress is settled. When these chakras get damaged on some account, or their power recedes and is destroyed then we face so many types of degeneration, physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual. This which is built within us is like a great subtle tantra (mechanism). but the difference between tantricks and us is that tantricks don’t know anything about this mechanism and falsely they say that they are tantricks and say ‘we do this , we do that’. But mostly tantricks use Bhoot Vidya. And they mesmerize people with that Bhoot Vidya The same vidya (Knowledge) that we call Pret Vidya, Mashan Vidya etc., there are so many names.

Now the powers that are within us apart from that there is fourth power within us. Till we were not human beings, this fourth power did not evolve. Till then these three powers were implemented and whatever our progress was going on we should say that in our evolution was fully going on with the help of these three powers. For example, first power is ‘power of desire’ second is ‘power of action’. And the third power is which we can say is the cordination of the two or balance or we can say is the middle path. By and by, a human being has reached this state that he in this Kaliyuga is in hassle. Sometimes he follows a wrong path, acts wrongly and in a way destroys himself completely. Secondly, he behaves in such a manner that he becomes very wicked, is full of ego and is very agressive with the people. Its example is let us try to understand that by following both the paths we feel that we are progressing. What is wrong with this, it is good, it is freedom for us.

But it is different to know the tantra of (SAV) We are talking here about tantra of (SAV) First of all, it should be understood that if we knew only truth, knew absolute truth there would have been no disputes of the present. So, something else should be within us and because of which we will come to know that which is only ‘Truth’. After knowing all this, they will accept one thing because within them they have felt only ‘ Truth.’ Now for awakening the kundalini for the last so many years Nathpanthis did a lot of work. In this work of Nathpanthis, there was a system, a tradition that one guru would awaken only one disciple. and would work only for one disciple And sometimes these disciples would follow the wrong path and would not follow their advice. According to Me, in the twelfth century[ie 1200s] for the first time, Gyaneshwara wrote about kundalini in his commentary about Gita. In sixth chapter, has openly said as we should say, keeping in mind the conditions of that age had openly said in that period. when religious practitioners said it has not been prooved and so don’t read it. Before that, Markandeya Swamy, Adi Shankaracharya who had come in sixth century [ie 600s], told about Kundalini in Sanskrit language.

But common man didn’t know him. Secondly, which means that when only one person will work with one disciple it would spread among the ordinary people. After that there were many religions in the world. and spread also too much. But without Kundalini awakening, no dharma gets success because whatever dharma a human being does, that is just external. Every type of equipment every type of, we should say which results in too much ritualism and because of that ritualism, a human being does not get benefitted in anyway from religion. That is why we find that now a days a human being has some assumtions about dharma. One will say i am Christian, another will say i am Muslim. Now, Christian and Muslim religions are very rigid. Because in Christian religion, Christ has written that if your one eye does any wrong act, take it out and if your one hand does a wrong act break it, cut it.

But I have not seen anyone doing so among Christians. And Muslim religion is even more rigid than that. They have put such restrictions even on women. That those who are not ordinary human beings. They were, as if highly proficient for some God’s angles. The restrictions they had told about religion only they can do and nobody else. Then what it led to, was that within a human being hypocricy evolved, a religious hypocrisy. To awaken dharma inside, kundalini should be awakened. It means that when dharma awakens within a human being he becomes dharmic. He doesn’t have to be told.

The reason is that when kundalini awakens your spirit comes into your attention. In the same way, a human being does what is joy giving for him is nutritous, is constructive for him and whatever is destructible, is destrucive, (is given up). Until the light of his spirit doesn’t get awakened they do all wrong acts. It is not his fault. If anyone walks or falls down in dark he should not be blamed. In the same way within you, you should analyse first. You might say that we belong to this religion we belong to that religion and you are fighting on that account, that is wrong. All religions were beautiful flowers of one spiritual tree which were plucked. and after plucking say this is our flower, this is our flower and so are fighting among themselves. How can you fight in the name of God?

Because God is the giver of love, He is compassionate. God who is the ocean of love, people fight in His name. It is not possibe. Because they haven’t known God as yet haven’t acquired His power as yet. I have seen in Sahajyoga that thousands of people together get this power. It is very surprising. First of all, when I started this work only with one woman started and after that and twelve people got self realization. When experience takes place this all pervading power, this creation full of vibrations, is cool and very comforting power which you on your fingers can see, can know and feel. and even on your palm. Like this when Kundalini pierces six chakras and comes out of Bramharandra then its connection its oneness with all around Divine power of love takes place.

Till you are not connected how can you know what is God’s power of love. Now the time has come, there is something special that so many people are in search of God are, in search of truth. It has never been before. and in that search when they experience it and when they look at themselves, they are surprised that i was such a drunkard yesterday, was doing this, was doing that and all this of mine, whatever was like an obligation, how did it drop off suddenly. Means what was it that was left behind. By and by, with this power, with the power of the spirit you see , you yourself are very powerful. and you see that with this power of the spirit you can give light to others too. I have seen that many people had stage fright have now become great orators. Those who didn’t know how to write poetry, started writing poems. Very great singers, musicians, and many artists have reached great heights.

This I am telling you only about power of creativity. But there are many powers within us, we are unaware of and these execute after getting enlightened in the light of the spirit. We don’t know ourselves. Actually we say this is my hand, this is my nose, this is my head this is my wisdom and this is my thought. This ‘mine, mine’ that we say, who is this? If it is asked, ‘ who am i’ ? we don’t have (any answer to it). But you (INAUDIBLE) and piercing the Bramharandra this all over spread Divine power is available to you. Even the spirit settled in your heart gets enlightened in your attention. Then you understand that i am not this body, wisdom, mind, ego.

I myself am pure spirit. A very great secret, which remained hidden gets exposed in front of you. You don’t know that you are the spirit. But when it takes place, its knowledge comes to you. Now this word Bodh’ (knowledge) is very important. This is Sanskrit word Bodh. From Bodh originated Buddha. Means that on your central nervous system, you can feel this power. You can feel this power on your chakras. You can feel other’s chakras too on this If you can correct your chakras, you can do other’s too.

While sitting here, you can even know about the chakras of one who has died or is living in some foreign land. Everybody gets knowledge about chakras. You on your fingers can know about the problem a person is suffering from. Everybody will say the same thing. There is no discussion about it, no quarrel because you have only truth. And after knowing this many people, one such person had come to tell Me today only that his cancer got cured. And I asked him, “what did you do?” ” Mother I did a little bit of Sahaja yoga treatment of Cancer then I was alright. And everybody had told me that you will die but i am completely cured. But in this ( INAUDIBLE) and another quality is that you know it.

You know everything. In Sahaja yoga, there is no secret knowledge. You know everything about Sahaja yoga. Whatever you want to know, you know. First thing about truth is that you are pure Spirit. Another truth is that all around us is an invisible subtle power. It is God’s love that activates. Now we may call that by any name. It is called ‘Ruh’ in Quran. In Bible it is called ‘ Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost’. And you go through any religion Chaitanya and Paramchaitanya etc., many other things have been mentioned in our Shastras.

And if You go through Patanjali yoga it is called ‘Ritambhara PrAgnya’ which changes seasons, which makes the flowers to bloom and whatever the system of living work channel is there everything that takes place, is this power. You are at one with that power and it works inside your being. After that you start changing. You life gets balanced and you know everything on your finger tips, what is your problem. For example, people will come and tell Me “Mother, my Agnya is catching.” It means that we are getting ego and please take it out. But will anyone say,” I have ego”? Nobody will say! But when this state comes, a human being introspects himself. What problem i have, like that and when this takes place, then in collectivity, in collectivity a lot of work is done.

In collectivity it so happens that a new cycle starts. Now the people in Russia too are self realised In England too there are, in Japan too, they are everywhere. and they all know one thing about themselves and about others what is their problem and what problem we have. and how it should be done. All of them speak one language and that is of chakras and in this way I can see a new era in front of Me. And now you cannot pay any money for this. It is worth understanding that for any living work we cannot pay any money. if there is a seed, if we put it into soil we do not pay any money to the soil. In the same way , it is a living work and for this living work, you don’t have to pay anything and if anyone asks for money first of all try to understand that it is fraud. In this I will say that today we are human beings for that whom did we pay any money?

So if we come from spiritual form, to whom have we to pay for that? Yes it is correct that if you are booking a hall, pay money for that or pay money for such a thing. But if you want for all this work, no money for that. But if a human being understands only this much that it has no connection with money and God doesn’t know what is money or bank. And when you understand this thing mostly the wrong gurus who have evolved these days they will be disposed off. Now in religions also, religion is money oriented Either he is power oriented or he is money oriented for everything you put so much money that we will write a letter to God and He will set right everything. In this way we, at a very low level, talk in the name of God. I am so happy that today people were blessed and got relaxed. About Sahaja yoga, if you want to understand you have to experience it If you have not experienced it just make you understand like that may be you will think that She is talking just miraculously. Don’t know if it is true or not.

So first of all it should be experienced. This is very important. After experiencing it like a sprouted seed, it grows slowly in the same way, a Sahaja yogi becomes a saint of a very high quality. And their methodology is so pure and beautiful that after watching them more people join Sahaja yoga. Their life is full of love and enjoyment. With that too people think that they have not seen anything like that There is no problem, no confusion of any type and the greatest thing is that the character of Sahaja yogis and specially, special character, with great morality gets nourished. I have seen foreigners who take drugs if they get realisation today, they give up drugs only next day. And their eye which would move here and there would absolutely get innocent. Very beautiful! Full of innocence!

In this way, if a human being knows himself it is a very beautiful grateful and a special thing God has created So, I have to tell everybody that you get your realisation first. There is no need even to trust Me. It is quite possible that I too may put you into wrong concepts. So, first you get your realisation and after that understand it. Because due to superstitions also there has been a great loss to us. I don’t want that you should trust on Me blindfoldedly. Now the obstacles that we face are like this that if anyone is extremely foolish, then we can’t do anything. Sahaja yoga is not for the fools. Next if anyone is very head strong and tends to do his own way his kundalini too will not awaken. Thirdly, those who are great sinners and very wicked their kundalini too does not awaken.

If you say,” Mother please give realisation to Hitler”. I can’t give. There are such people too who have gone to wrong gurus they have been influenced by them there will be a little difficulty in giving them realisation. For example some people are such that they are attatched to something, to some dharma, to this, to that. If you really want independence then first awaken the mechanism of self. When that is done for that there is no worry, you will understand everything. But it is important that your spirit should first come to your attention. There are many advantages of Sahaja yoga. Some of these I can tell today. Because, it has so many advantages and every time for example, I come across some people telling Me, I have been benefited in this way, in that way.

But if we classify it the first and greatest advantage of it is that you will get your health benefits. because when your chakras get weakened whichever chakra gets like that that part of the body gets effected by some disease It is difficult to make you understand particularly about that but in Delhi University four doctors were honoured M.D [Doctor of Medicine] for Sahaja yoga. They had worked on four topics and all the four topics are such that that we cannot cure diseases. For example Asthma. Asthma can be cured by Sahaja yoga. Now if we talk about it extensively that when we think too much. Just now we think about our future then we plan a lot. So, our power of our right side it works in a more special way. One is that, our liver and your pancreas your spleen and intestines. To all these only one chakra gives energy and that is Swadishthan.

But when you think it gives enrgy even to the grey cells of our brain. When you think more than your need, and get worried you are futuristic. So the energy that we have in this chakra gets utilized in that. The grey cells of your brain go on changing your liver is out of order your Pancrease, your spleen and your intestines are out of order. Now, liver’s this work that the poison that is inside your being it takes out of one’s body in the form of heat. For example, the blood that goes to liver the heat is sucked byit (liver). It is a very great task. If liver doesn’t work, gets weak this heat moves upwards. When it starts moving upwards we say that inside us there is a chakra which is Right Heart which manages our lungs. When this chakra gets heat that causes Asthma in us.

Now when this heat reaches pancreas, it causes Diabetes. Diabetes often occurs to those who are futuristic, those who plan with paper and pen. Poor people do not get diabetes because they are not bothered about future. Today they eat food, sleep, next day get up and go to work. They may take sugar four to five spoons, it hardly matters. This disease attacks those who take too much help of their wisdom and those who are futuristic. Then a very serious disease attacks your spleen. The job of spleen is that it controls your speedometer. The work that you are doing, you do it rhythmically or you get up in the morning, you rush, take something and then drive the car and then on the way read the news or something the brain gets all the more out of order then went to office , there also got rebuked. This spedometer doesn’t understand what has happened to this man?

He becomes mad. When the spleen goes out of order, at that stage if he gets any shock or is affected he gets diseases like blood cancer and leukemia. And that too many people in Sahaja yoga have got. Then it effects your kidney. So the kidney also shrivels (shrinks) by this heat. Because of that the urine gets blocked. They put you on Dialysis and you become bankrupt and you have to die surely. Then after that it effects your intestines you cannot digest your food and you have constipation. Sometimes it takes a very serious turn and then I told you about lungs also. But when there is a child there is a young boy of eighteen / nineteen years old, drinks heat on account of that causes massive heart attack to him.

His life cannot be saved. That is why it is said, that if somebody gets massive heart attack his life cannot be saved. There will be complete end of his life. Then about this heat I have to say that if a human being goes on like this , his heart can also be effected. Anytime he can have a massive heart attack in his life time. That also causes death. Thirdly, he can have paralysis. His right side will be paralysed. It means that nature too teaches us balancing. If we use our right side too much our right side will be constricted.

if the right side is constricted, you cannot do any work. This I have told you only about one chakra. You can understand that it causes so many diseases. And inside our being there are seven chakras. Kundalini pierces six chakras and if your six chakras get alright your health will be perfectly alright. Then you will have no problem. With the help of this, cancer and many other diseases have been cured and can be cured. But first of all there should be self realisation. And it is not necessary that you should collect all the sick people. For example, if we cure one, they get ten more to be cured and those who get sick, mostly I have noticed that by curing them out of them five to ten percent take to Sahaja yoga.

Rest of them get cured and go, they get back their diseases Get their heart disease again. Those who settle down in Sahaja yoga sensibly they are completely healthy. Now the second benefit is that that peace settles in your heart. We are always thinking about our future or we think about the past and we jump on these thoughts that which is present we cannot remain stationed. But one thought comes and falls down second thought rises and comes down. In this way there is a chain of thoughts and between these there is a little space which is called Vilambha (pause) that is present but there our attention doesn’t stick. With the awakening of Kundalini, these thoughts disperse and gets elongated and the space in between, that is our present. and the present only is that is truth. Rest, past is over and the future is not there. In the present you settle down. When you settle in the present, total peace settles inside your being.

In the same way, For example you are standing in water and the waves are rising you don’t know swimming and you become nervous. But if you come into the boat, you see the waves too. But if you know swimming, you can jump and save them too. Those who don’t know swimming and are sinking Just the same happens in Sahaja yoga. First, people attain that state which is called thoughtless awareness means without any thought which is called ‘Nirvichara Samadhi’. This is the first state. and after that the state which comes is called ‘Nirvikalpa Samadhi’. Means that no doubt remains about one’s own self, about Sahaja yoga and about one’s powers. Such a person has full confidence, what is Sahaja yoga? and then he does the work of Sahaja yoga.

This state has come to many for the first time. and some take time and by getting Nirvichara samadhi you become absolutely peaceful. This is the state of your inner peace that we have to get. With the help of this, our past thoughts and violence and our tendency to destroy others gets over. Because the peace that is settled within us we experience with a great joy and ease. Then we don’t like to hate anyone to criticize anyone to be egoistic. We don’t have any greed for any thing. All this greed is over. And a human being peacefully witnesses the whole world And in this witness state he thinks it was all like a drama. I came out of it.

Now i am not in this traffic. I am sitting outside on a mountain. He moves away from it. The questions that he has are over very easily because he has come out of it. And apart from that, this supreme power of love becomes active. Questions are over. Another great advantage that your subtle powers the power of creativity gets awakened Every type of creative power I have seen, got awakened in such people where there was no hope that they will do some such creative work. Third thing is that, because of your mental peace you give mental peace to others too. Wherever such a person exists, there peace prevails. Only by giving award, nobody gets peace.

By telling that somebody is messenger of peace there cannot be peace. Peace is within our being. And when such peace establishes within us we become totally fearless. As Kabira has said, “I will sing Nirbhay, Nirgun Gaunga Mai.” So fear goes off. Such a person leads a fearless and truthful life. Christ’s case is very interesting. Mary Magdalene was a prostitute. Everybody stoned her. After stones were thrown at her when she came to the edge of the village Christ went and stood and picked up a stone and said that the stones which all of you are throwing out of them, the person who has never committed any sin hit stones at Me.

It was such a courageous act. Everybody put their stones on to the ground. And then to that Mary Magdalene He changed her life gave her a very great a powerful state of yoga. So, it is proved that you in a way in the light of your spirit get completely, an inner security. It is a very great job. Now because of that many people get breast cancer or other diseases Thirdly many people who didn’t know how to sing, started singing. Many people who were scared of delivering a speech started giving speeches. And for example, you pay your attention towards others as to what are the good attributes in them. And pay attention to what bad quality they have in their ownself. For example, when you are away from yourself, you ask.

Then you see what is wrong with your society. Then you see what is wrong with your country Before this, if we tell somebody that there is something wrong with your society they will run to kill us. Now they think that this is wrong, let us get rid of it. In this way, purity of one’s own life One who is such a great human being he purifies all his own society and his country. He doesn’t think, Why should he do? Why should he do this clearing? I have got it and am sitting comfortably. I have got it and I shall now enjoy it. It is not like this. Such a person has got such a desire from his inner self because he becomes compassionate.

I have got it, why not to give it to others. And because of that they work so hard that I am surprised In this way , those who became Sahaja yogis helped Me. I cannot explain this. Another thing is that with the help of Sahaja yoga our wisdom what we think that we are very intelligent Wisdom becomes balanced and you get Divine discretion. You know who is right and who is not how much you must say, how much you must tell what should you say and whatever you do, its effect will be deep and wide spread. Somebody’s gravity, individuality, for example I say universe, collectivity and to know oneself. And in this collectivity, he is a part of this universe. Then he understands what is this creation what is this mountain and what is this stream, what is this sea. After looking at it, he gets a spiritual feeling about it. And it can solve your ecological problems too.

For example a human being uses such things which are man made which cleans this environment. There is no need to say and I found that people got their children (to Me) They are very dull, they don’t study at all and like that. Those boys stood first. Not only this, they got scholarship. It sharpens your wisdom and along with that you get lot of wisdom I have seen children, they go to school till are not set in ( Sahaja yoga) I don’t like to eat this, I want that, do this , do that. After staying there for one year these children become so sensible so much sensible that parents are surprised what has happened to the children. We won’t insist for anything. If there is a good television anywhere, we won’t watch. We won’t go anywhere, we will stay at home we will eat home made food. Oh!

Say something! No we don’t want anything. Ok! Let us watch flowers in the lawn. Either we can go to some cloth museum or to some zoo In this way children’s temper changes and children respect everyone in an orderly manner. The greatest thing is that we don’t respect anything now a days. we don’t respect our land because she is our mother, we don’t respect Sun and the greatest thing is that we don’t respect our parents, nor our culture. Then we get awakened in Sahaja culture. It is a great new thing. In that a human being becomes moral.

He happens to be like that. We don’t have to tell him. I don’t tell anyone to be moral. He becomes absolutely moral. I have seen that those who use abusive language, get rid of the abusive words. Those who drink, give it up. Every type of immorality that we see in Kaliyuga, comes to end. This great benefit that is going to be in our society can be with the help of Sahaj yoga. It cannot be by giving lectures. If you give lectures morality cannot get awakened.

The same thing I have seen with respect to religions. If you say in any religion that you do whatever you want to do have freedom like Christians. That has not allowed them to be moral. The other religions were like this don’t do this , don’t do that not to do like this, not to do like that. They are all the more immoral. They want to come stealthily. That morality awakens within and such a great moral society is created. Such people do not tell a lie. Such people do not grab money. Such people do not trouble anyone.

Don’t talk against anyone. Every time they think how to give them comfort. How to make them to get rid of their bad habits. All the time compassion flows on like this. And I didn’t see many people, they got perfectly alright. This is the hard work of Sahajyogis because of which all this happened. It is this morality coming within us, we should say that keeps the society organised. That disciplines the children The greatest thing is that your health improves. In the modern times if you see how many diseases are there these are mostly because of immorality. Now secondly, we should think that with respect to religion We should right now give preference to this that all the religions are dependant on spiritualism.

Whichever religion it is whether it is Christian religion or Muslim religion Their predecessors nowhere they said that their religion is a separate religion. Now Muhammad Sahab never said that this religion is a separate one. He simply talked about Moses talked about Ibraham, talked about Jesus (NOT CLEAR). Talked about everyone Then He said that lacks of people are reborn. (INAUDIBLE) He also said that When twelfth (INAUDIBLE) then that will take you to the road of ascent He called that kiyama. So He said this about future. Like that Jesus Christ. He also talked about Moses, Abraham and about all others And when He was hanging on the cross He had said,”Behold the Mother.” He talked about Mother. He also did not make any such religion that it is My religion different from others religion. Showed like this that one after the other dharmas were there in the world.

But even then people separated the religions. This is not the reality The essence of every religion is just one. The aim is just one that your rebirth should take place and your spirit should get enlightened. This is the essence of it. I would like to say that those who talk about secularism they should follow Gandhiji’s secularism. Gandhiji from the beginning the mantras that he has written in his Bhajnawali they are all about Kundalini. First he talked about heart because He said in heart (NOT CLEAR) that which is felt inside my heart is Atma tatva………….. after that from Shri Ganesha those who are separate deities in different chakras one after the other starts the names of all Gods. Along with this He talked about Quran. Then talked about Buddha’s “Buddham Sharnam Gachchami” etc. Next Lord’s prayer of Christians spread, even of Mahavira and all the people whether he may be a Muslim, Hindu or a Christian who lived in their Ashram and would come there Everyone respected all of these would recite the name of all of these and worship them. Now it is that the meaning of secularism is I can’t understand. Because somewhere some dharma, at other places the other dharma.

We think that in foreign countries, there is secularism It is not so at all. In France it is absolutely, they say France is the eldest daughter of our Catholic Church Some where there are Catholic Churches and at other places there are protestants and where there is no other religion, for example Islamic religion. All of them exist independantly. For example, a different religion of theirs a different religion of others a different religion of still others, it is not so. Now the misunderstandings that are in our country because the most imortant point is that in our house we adhere to Hindu Dharma. In Hindu Dharma it has never been talked about. First of all castiesm is not a good thing. because that which has been said in casteism for the Devi it has been said Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Jati Rupena Sansthita. Jati means your liking, your aptitude that Jati now try to understand if you are in search of God you are a Brahmin and if you want to rule you are a Khatriya and if you want to do business you are a Baniya and those who want to earn money by serving others are Shrudras. But this Jati was according to karmas earlier and not according to birth. Do you see anyone who says that I am in search of Brahma.

I have not seen such a Brahmin. They are ruling as Brahmins. They are Khatriyas. They are not Brahmins. In this way I am going to give you proof of casteism. When Shri Ram went to jungle Shabri , an old woman had very few teeth tasted each piece of berry gave these to Shri Rama. Shri Rama said: Oh! how sweet and nice these are! He took berries and started eating. He said this is just Amrit! His wife said I should also get some share as I am your better half. But Laxmanji was getting very angry that this old lady is touching the berries to her teeth and feeding (Shri Rama) (Bhini si) means Shudra. (Low caste) Then His wife Sitaji said: How nice these berries are!

Laxmanji said: Give me too some. Why shall I give, you are getting angry? He said : Please give me some. After taking these he said : These are just like Amrut. This is an example of Shri Ram Chanderji that He would not give importance to Shrudra (caste system)etc. Then Ramayana was written by Valmiki ji who was a fisherman and then he was a robber. And then you must be knowing his story very well how he became a saint. He asked him to write Ramayana. Didn’t he get anyone else? It was to prove that a human being’s caste is according to his karma. Then have a look at Shri Krishna.

He too is an unusual personality that He would go to Vidhur’s house to have his simple food and He didn’t take fruit at Duryodan’s house because Duryodan, whatever he considered himself was an evil person. and whose veg he would take was after all the son of a female slave. He would have his food at the house of the son of a female slave because He was a realised soul. He would take his food at Vidhur’s house but He would not take at Duryodan’s house and then His too and even about Krishna, who has written? Gita is a wonderful compilation. that Vyas ji, it should be said that he was an illegitimate or illegal child. He wrote Shri Krishna’s Gita. It proves they wanted to prove that caste system is useless. but we do not understand all this.

Even now we talk about caste, this and that. And whatever karma we do never think that this is our caste, we belong to this caste. It is nowhere in the world. This is the quality of our country. Now because of this casteism so many conflicts have come up. We got so many Harijans of this country married in foreign countries. People in foreign countries don’t know anything. Harijan they think, means people of Hari. They hold them in high esteem and have lot of respect for them. But still we are infested with this thought that he is a Harijan.

Now they have accepted Buddha Dharma, still they are Harijans. Next, within the Dharma too there are so many disputes they will quarrel inside a mosque they will quarrel for the statue of Parsavnath. Wherever you go, Dharma means to quarrel. There will be a dispute between Shias and Sunnis. How can that be? If dharma is one, why your disputes? Now we should think that there is some fault in it. That in this way we are fighting in the name of Dharma, in the name of God How is it possible? It is impossible. It means that we are away from God. We are not closer to God.

If a human being understands this God’s work is to give love have to bring together everybody, have to assemble everybody in Samashti (Collectivity). All these disputes will be over. But it cannot be with the help of wisdom The work done by wisdom goes on and on and on from here with thoughts and then returns back. There is no truth in it. What’s the basis to support it? But the thought of Atma is spread all over. Now it is going on spreading. It doesn’t have any apprehension of falling down. Because of this we see that the Dharma people have made out of their minds, one should say, made a system of it and made its repercussions. That has caused notions about Dharma and has twisted and returned back again.

It is called ‘Bhoomarang’ in English. In this way it has mesmerised a human being. But now they are fighting and quarrelling. It should not be so in our country. Don’t know how many saints and sages must have been here and never did any saint talk like this. Some time there were Brahmins, there were Shudras too and there were many types of casts as well. But one saint respects another saint with love. It can happen only when you are a real saint. Then you will have respect towards another person then your questions will be over. If I will say a little bit at the end in Maharashtra there was a poet named Namdev whom Guru Nanak also recognised and another saint was a potter.

Namdev went to meet him. [the potter, Gora] He went to see him. On seeing him, he stood up immediately. In Marathi he said Nirguna Cha Beti Alo Sagun Sanghey. I had come to see Nirguna in you, Chaitanya in you. Saguna is standing in front of me. One saint is saying to another saint. Saints have always respected saints. Among Muslims those who are Sufis, Hazrat Muhammad Nizamudin Sahab, then Khusro Sahab, Mouddin Sahab. In this way everywhere I have seen Sufis they are in Russia and are in Turkey. And in Turkey there were some old Sufis. They said that Shri Mataji’s work is greater than that of Fatimabi. Now they will recognise Me.

Now they are no more in this world but his disciples recognise Me. In this way, in every family such were saints and sages, in every dharma. there was no such dharma. And they all think that all the religions are the out come of one tree of spiritualism. And they don’t have this question because we are in darkness and don’t know and we quarrel in this darkness, in this ignorance. This problem instantly gets over in Sahaja yoga Not only this if the dispute of various Dharmas is over but the countries the countries which once were our enemies are friendly in Sahaja yoga today. Everywhere Iranians, Pakistanis people have come from far off countries. I am so surprised to find how much they have progressed and how they have evolved to this stage. In this way what we call national integration it cannot be done by force. It cannot be done by making to understand or by giving lectures. With the help of inner transformation, it takes place on its own.

No need to say anything!