Evening Program Sahasrara Puja and Talk: You have to be politically aware

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)



Sahaja Yogi: Shri Mataji, our most hearty welcome, back in Europe, back in Cabella.

Jai Shri Mataji![Flower is offered to Shri Mataji ]

And of course we also most lovingly extend our hearty welcome to Sir C.P. Srivastava. Welcome! [Flower is offered to C.P. Srivastava]

Beloved Shri Mataji, Beloved Mother of our world, Today we celebrate a very special anniversary Today we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the opening of Sahasrara chakra Which without any doubt marks the most spiritual, the most important spiritual happening in the evolution of mankind…

Today we look back on 25 years of the activity of the most powerful, the most wonderful, the most loving and the most compassionate incarnation of the divine [unclear]a face of this earth. Today Shri Mataji we look back to the last 25 years of your life when you have given birth to your child Sahaja Yoga & when you have dedicated each second …each moment of your life to bring up this child until today that we celebrate the 25th birthday of  Sahaja Yoga. 

In the past 25 years, at least 5 million human beings must have gotten there kundalini awakening through you Shri Mataji …And today we find approx. 200,000 Sahaja yogis all over the world Who are actively practising Sahaja Yoga, Who are worshipping you every day, Who are devoting themselves to the dharma of Sahaja Yoga & who are dedicating themselves to the spreading of Sahaja Yoga. We have 100’s of ashram all over the world …You, Shri Mataji has created 1000’s of families You have given the chance for 1000’s of high souls wanting to [unclear/in-connect ]and participate in this tremendous happening, in this tremendous awakening of the mankind.

We have schools…Many schools all over the world & effect Shri Mataji you have created a completely new human race, a completely new kind of human beings who have through you Shri Mataji access, through the subtle arms of reality Which are totally unknown to the rest of the world …All the Sahaj yogis …They live in conscious connection and conscious bondage with divinity and the experience every day the Param Chaitanya. They are living actual existence, of the holy ghost of the Adishakti. And they experience there own nature which is divine …This is the greatest achievement which has ever been achieved by any of the incarnations, by any of the prophets, by any of the saints, and it really marks the coronation of the spiritual evolution of mankind. So on this very important occasion, We thankyou Shri Mataji in the name of all the prophet’s, of all the saints, of all the seers of everybody who is been working for the emancipation of mankind since the existence of mankind and whose dream and whose vision has finally come true at the very ancients of the golden age to come at the very entrance of such a yuga which is heralded through your advent Shri Mataji. And which will be built on the foundation of these Sahaja yogi’s, who you have created until today.

Shri Mataji, as a symbol of our total devotion to you, as a  symbol of total awareness that who you are Today we would like to surrender to you the world which is represented by all those flags. And not only do we want to surrender and to your holy lotus feet the world and all those national flags They represent all our wrong identifications…They represent all their differences between human beings …They represent the cause and the reason why human beings have been fighting and falling in the lust, sins that we look back into history …

Today it is another very important day, it is not only the 25th Anniversary of the opening of Sahasrara chakra but it is also the 50th anniversary of the ending of the second world war So both the anniversary fall together.

So Shri Mataji, its the Sahasrara is symbolising the dimension of integration, the dimension of the absolute and the dimension of the oneness …We now surrender all the differences between the human beings, all the wrong identifications and we ask that all of these things get dissolve in the oneness of Sahaja yoga, get dissolve in the recognition of you Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi …Thank you very much! We salute Shri Mataji! We congratulate you We Thankyou and we are looking forward to the next 25 years with you Shri Mataji! Thank you!

[Every body bows down to Shri mataji]

[While the offering of Flags to Shri Mataji …Sahaj yogis take the Maha Mantras]

Shri Mataji …Please accept these offerings as a symbol for a desire for a future to come without any difference, races no more different religions, no more different castes, no more borders, no more nations, but a world one in unify by Sahaja yoga …finding itself at your lotus feet…Jai Shri Mataji!

[Performances45:36 ]

Shri Mataji: Program that the Austrians gave and then the people …I should say the Germans who gave the program was very good because the first program was sort of the classical side of it & I love the way they play…All these beautiful tunes of a classical western Music, that was very much interesting no doubt but after that also the drama that they have was very interesting about Sahaja yoga `And I thoroughly enjoyed that also, the way they are understanding Sahaja Yoga and everything can be done if you have faith in yourself …That’s very important …And all this night that we have spent here It was very blissful I think that everybody was so very happy& was enjoying. So tomorrow We have again a programme for Sahaja Yoga Puja So We should go & possibly sleep. After this I know you will have some time to enjoy each other for a while as usual But after that please go out to sleep …Now today’s celebration was very important [unclear /as we ]brought the flags. I was so filled I don’t know for what sort of feelings but so many feelings …That I don’t know what to say about this …Such a unique idea …Some of the flags I did not know also. But in this world, this flag represents some sort of a very sublime idea about that country …very sublime …Now you see all these countries, how all this nobility is going down …and there is no respect for that flag which they have created …I am happy that you brought those flags & that you should find out, what is the noble idea of having these flags & what is the purpose of having this different colours & what is expected of you as the citizens of that particular country This has really, shown how you feel that Sahaja yoga has to have become [i won’t say a political party ]but politically aware …You have to be politically aware …It’s very important because these days if you read the newspaper you get such a fright to see that everywhere there is a war going on ….this one fighting …that one …and all kinds of revenge is going on. At this moment, to think that all flags to come together. It’s a very unique and great achievement of Sahaja yogi’s to think on those lines. It is not going to be like the United Nations, Which is just united in the names. But it will be one collective nation we can create. I was really very much touched by the way they organised all these things & on their own way you arranged all these things. I had nothing to do about it & how long you have taken responsibilities and working it out …It’s very very gratifying, these 25 years have been so much [unclear/passed ]But one day can show you some sum total of what we have achieved …So Thank you very much for everything …Thank you! May God bless you! May God bless you. May God bless you.