Sahasrara Puja: Achieve Complete Freedom

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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“Achieve Complete Freedom”, Sahasrara Puja, Cabella Ligure (Italy), 7 May 1995.

Today it’s a great day for us, for all the Sahaj Yogis, that on this day – I would say, we are late by one day, or two days – the Sahasrara was opened out. It was just a miracle, I should say, because I didn’t think that I am at a point where it could be done. So I wanted to wait, but some things happened that made me think that it has to be open: it was in such a situation that I felt that if Idelay it anymore now, it may help these false gurus to spread their nonsense all over. This is just, I should say, a sahaj way of doing things.

Now, 25 years have passed, and you have all gathered here during this time, and we have so many others who are not here, who have achieved so many things. But perhaps we are not aware as to what we have achieved in the real sense of the word.

You’ve got your vibrations, you can feel this All-pervading Power; you are, as they say, swimming in the Ocean of Joy; you are all enjoying the collectivity, and you have transcended many of your limitations.

All this has happened to you because it is your right to have it. I don’t take any credit for it. Only thing [is that], all the time, I have been pointing it out to you, one thing, that now, you have entered into the Kingdom of God, and enjoy yourself.

We have to see around ourselves: the whole nature enjoys itself, it doesn’t bother, doesn’t bother about anything. They haven’t got Realisation, they haven’t felt the Paramchaitanya, but how is it they know that we have to enjoy?

The flowers come out for a short time and fade out, but as long as they live they are very happy. They don’t think of their past or of their future, but they enjoy the present. And in the present they enjoy what? Is that they are fragrant and giving fragrance to others; they are beautiful and they are soothing others. The whole nature is like that. If you look at the birds, or anything that we call as natural, is all sort of in a meditative mood. All these hills and big, big mountains, they look as if they are a witness to whatever has been happening.

Now, we have to really first look back [at] what we have achieved. That is important, because if you are climbing up on a hill, if you look back, you get a shock, and you may fall down. So, normally people say, “Never look back.” But, a person who has earned some treasure, he again and again goes and counts it and finds out how much he has got, and every time he sees that he enjoys. So, to know relatively what we have got, and how we have achieved something, will definitely give you greater strength of mind and richness of life.

The first thing that has happened to you which is very important, is this: that you have felt this All-pervading Power. That shows that you must have been great seekers of truth, honest, sincere, sensible [so] that, just coming to my programme, you felt the vibrations, and after that you started settling down into it. So many of you have felt it, suddenly, and they were amazed, and they were shocked and surprised, and they wanted to test whether it is true or not.

But then you were confident, you found it, that you’ve got definitely a new dimension in your life and that you are feeling this All-pervading Power of Divine Love.

I’ll take one lecture, sufficient to describe this All-pervading Power! But what you’ve got out of it – the essence of it, one has to know – is a complete freedom: you have achieved your complete freedom.

First of all, the freedom has come to you – first of all, most important – is from your ego. This wall of ego you have crossed. You have got out of the bondage of this ego, which was really so much, full of problems for you.

So many things this ego does of which you are not aware. Firstly, a person who is an egoist doesn’t mind hurting anyone. He hurts, but if he’s hurt he doesn’t like it, immediately he’ll start crying. Especially, I have seen people who have too much ego are very easily hurt, but they don’t understand how many people they have hurt already, and how many are really frightened of such a person.

So, you got rid of your ego. It is sinful to hurt any other human being for anything; for whatever may be the reason that you feel you should hurt another one. The first is the revenge, the idea of revenge is there that, “I must take a revenge on the person who has hurt me, or has done some wrong to me!” or something of that kind. This idea of revenge comes when you react. Some react very violently. I have seen some people murdering each other in the name of revenge, killing their own kith and kin, killing their fellow men, their countrymen. All over the world is some sort of a stupid idea of revenge.

But if you go to the subtle side of revenge, what is it? What revenge have you taken? Supposing there is somebody who has troubled you, you are angry with that person, and you have killed that person, so you have actually saved him! He won’t have to suffer from guilty conscience, he won’t have to do anything, he’s just finished. What is the revenge is? The revenge should be only by which a person gets out of his idea of killing others. Like a sword never fights a sword, it fights the shield. In the same way, the revenge that we think we can take on another person is not a revenge, because any action you take in the name of revenge comes back to you and hurts you much more.

So many things can happen if a person, in the name of revenge, starts acting. Now, for example, these days, you know, in the whole world there’s so much of revenge going on, even in the name of God: taking revenge because certain people are following some religion, or they are doing something else that you are doing. Working out this kind of a revenge, what is happening is that you are just killing people, destroying them, who do not even understand what sort of a revenge you are taking.

People are putting bombs and putting all kinds of things, and by that thousands of innocent people one is killing. So what kind of a revenge have you taken? They don’t deserve any revenge.

So this revenge, when it explodes, can destroy so many innocent people, and it will definitely react on you. You cannot get away with it. It’s a very long process of this revenge.

I have told you about Bermuda Triangle, what they say, that so many blacks were taken slaves and were drowned in that area, so their spirits, they are saying, are haunting on the people who are passing by, mostly the whites, and they just drown them. So it’s a very long process, and all that I need not discuss at this auspicious occasion. But I have to say that, when we take a revenge, every action has a reaction.

So somehow you have got out of that idea of revenge – just out of that idea.

There is another thing: if you don’t take revenge, and leave it to God, it acts, it acts. Not only that, but the Divine power takes into its own control how to really give a good lesson to that person, or to that community, or to that kind of organisation which is taking a revenge on you. You don’t have to worry.

I’ll have to tell you that in these 25 years I have seen, people have been extremely unkind to me. Many organisations, many so-called “religions”, all kinds of things, have been after us; media has been after us. Take the example of French media: they tried to trouble us so much, and tried to bring a bad name to us, doesn’t matter.

The media people -now three of them who went to India – are now under warrant, and if they go to India they will be arrested. I didn’t do anything, we didn’t do anything.

Secondly, the same media, I mean the same newspapers, are all bankrupt. You didn’t do anything about it, you didn’t go and say that they should become bankrupt, you didn’t take any revenge. Why should we? Why should we take any revenge? Because we are not bothered as to what happens, we are not bothered as to what these people have done to us. But legally they are now involved in such a way that they are under warrant, and if they go to India, they’ll be arrested. And the whole of French government is with them, all of them are trying so much, but this punishment is on their head. In their lifetime – they didn’t have to die or anything – in their lifetime they have got it.

So you have got this special power that you don’t have to take revenge, or you have to just forgive. Just forgive, and the forgiveness will look after the whole arrangement of how to bring the other person to its proper path.

So, once you are out of this idea of revenge, you really feel very peaceful, extremely peaceful. Because this peace that you have within yourself, is not unnatural, it’s not mental, but it just happens to you. It’s alright, so what? If they have said, if they have done, anything wrong to us, why should we bother?

So many things are there which, I can tell you, have worked out automatically.

Now, in Turkey, they told me that there is some boy who is from England, and he went and told the media something against Sahaj Yoga, and it was all published. But in the court he confessed that, “Whatever I said was wrong.” Nobody, went and told him, nobody threatened him, nothing happened.

So, from your point of view you must understand, that you are not going to get into any mess of taking revenge, of any kind; because you belong to the government of God, and this government is extremely alert, very genuine, and also extremely efficient; and, as far as you are concerned, you are a citizen of that great Kingdom. So what you have achieved is the citizenship of this great Kingdom of God, where you should feel absolutely secured.

The man who is secure is never afraid, never afraid.

So, you have also got rid of your fear. Man, I don’t know why he is afraid of this and afraid of that, and worries about this and worries about that. It’s something surprising how they worry about their health, worry about their family, their children, their house, all sorts of things. But Sahaj Yogis don’t, they don’t. We have no worry. It all works out [so] why should we worry? That instrument of worry is over, it’s finished; I think, it’s gone out of order. And what you are now [is] in a state where you just have no time to worry, because you are enjoying yourself.

This fear I have seen in people works so much that so many diseases people get out of fear, so many diseases. Especially most of these left-sided diseases people get out of fear.

What is there to fear? This is like you beat the Mother Earth saying that, “There’s a snake.” There’s no snake, but you may just feel that way, and you may go on with this fear. Any kind of an idea about a phantom or someone, or some sort of a big devil standing somewhere: it is all nonsense! For you, it doesn’t exist. Say in the darkness you are walking, so you see forms and things, and some people say, “I saw one on a tree, some sort of a form.” It doesn’t exist actually. It doesn’t exist. But this fear in man makes him think like that. He is afraid of this and afraid of that. And then, as a result, he loses his freedom, he becomes a slave, slave to so many people he is afraid of: [fearing] that such and such man will harm me, such and such man will trouble me.

And the whole concept of fear has ruined our family lives.

For example, a wife is dominating, husband is dominating: there’s nothing to fear, nothing to fear. By fear only you play into their hands. So, supposing the wife is dominating, just make fun out of it. If you cannot make the fun in the presence of say, your wife or your husband, better make it outside, thinking, “Oh! Look at that!” It is your special quality now that you can really get rid of your fear completely. What is there to be afraid of wife or afraid of husband? What can he do to you? At the most he’ll kill you, so what, you are going to die anyway! (Laughter)

So, the fear of death is another nonsense people have. First time when I started my work, everywhere they asked me, “What about death?” I said, “But just now you are living, why are you asking, ‘What about death?’” So, many people asked me the question, “What about our death?” But why do you want to know about it? I’ll tell you what [it] about today, just now.

So this is another mad idea that we should know about our death, what’s going to happen. And whatever happens, once you are dead you are finished, you don’t have to do anything after that! So what’s the use of knowing when you will die, what will happen to you? Whatever has to happen will happen! We never ask that, “When I sleep what will happen to me?” Do we? And this is a permanent sleep and we worry so much about it, that we should know what will happen after death.

One has to die at the time whenever it has to die, because whatever is born has to be dead. But you do know that you have got eternal life. You can never die.

Death is not this body disappearing. Death is where you are absolutely without any control of your soul, [yet] living. Once you are a realised-soul you have all the control, all the powers to take your soul wherever you feel like:  to be born if you like, if you don’t want, you will not be born. To be born with the people in the families, in the communities, wherever you like. There are many great souls, I know that, have taken birth, daringly, into societies which are very much, I should say, deteriorating and are in danger of getting destroyed, because of stupidity they do.

So this happening, that we are afraid of death, is absolutely absurd for Sahaj Yogis. What is there to think, even, about your death? There is nothing like death for you because you have got eternal life. It’s not that you continue with the same body. You may go on changing your dress, but you are living, you are aware, and you know, even if this body is not there, you will be there all the time available for Sahaj Yoga, for anything that is to be done in the name of reality.

So, you must know your position as [an] eternal being: what is your work, what is your ideal, what you have to do.

So one has to get rid of this idea of death because death doesn’t exist for you: it’s finished. Moreover, all such people who are afraid of their death go on having insurances, this, that, all headaches, you see! And ultimately, what happens? All these worldly things you leave here and you depart. There is, I don’t think anybody, could carry even a little dust with that soul which is departing.

But in your case, when you people are no more on this Earth, so-called, then you don’t carry all these material things because you have already given up. You have no interest in them. You are not materialistic. So, your spirit is free, and when you die, what happens to you is a very simple thing – that you feel very liberated, absolutely. And then you feel your freedom, completely, and you can decide what you want to do.

It’s all under your own guidance, your own desire. Everything works out. You don’t feel that you have come out of your body, and this is what should tell you that there should be no fear of death, but, on the contrary, it should be welcomed. Because you will feel much more liberated, much more at ease. You don’t have other problems that you have to, in any case, carry on in this world because of this body. Now see, “I have to take some medicines, I have to take vitamins.” You don’t have to take anything! You don’t need anything. This body is finished is a very good idea, because so troublesome it is you see! All the time, despite the fact you may say that, “I don’t care for this body”, and all that; but this body won’t leave you. This is the most sticky thing we have, is our body! (Laughter) So to forget about death should be the easiest thing for you.

We have broken many walls, as you know very well, that the conditionings that we had we have finished that. It’s very surprising – I have seen people, when they get their Realisation, immediately after that they start seeing around them. They’ll immediately tell you what is wrong with their religion, then they’ll tell you what’s wrong with their country, what’s wrong with their culture. It’s through them I have come to know so much. I didn’t know that this was so, but they themselves told us. Now, for example there’s a Frenchman, take it: if a Frenchman gets his Realisation, I mean, you know everything about French! The things you could never even imagine what sort of people they are, they will tell you everything. Same with the English, I have seen English, they may, they laugh at themselves alright, but actually when they become realised-souls, they give you a complete picture of English people: what sort of people are there, what’s wrong with them, how they are egoistical, this, that. I was amazed, I mean I never knew so many things, which I came to know through Sahaj Yogis who got Realisation; because they have seen all these things very thoroughly and very closely and they knew what was it.

Now, when you become so clean, washed-up completely, your mind completely cleaned out, from all kinds of conditionings, you become like a mirror, a beautiful mirror; and in that mirror one can see [the] complete picture of the society in which you live, the complete picture of the government which rules you, everything! So clear cut. And it is absolute, it is not biased. For example, you ask somebody then he will say, “What is your politics?” If I say, “My politics is, I have no politics.” He will say, “What! you have no politics, how can you exist without politics?” “I have no politics.” So they will go on asking questions to you which are very much unknown.

But for a realised-soul it is just the other way round: he not only sees, but also shows and expresses very clearly. I have been amazed at the way people have been really so reflective of the society into which they live, and the country which they represent. So the identification is lost, complete identification is lost. You don’t feel identified much. You just see what’s wrong with that.

Then another point is, you start seeing how you can help, what you should do, how you can work it out. And the importance of that becomes your main thing in life.

Everybody, I saw yesterday, the way you brought all these flags and all that, behind that flag I could see all of you wanted that peace should prevail in those countries, they should get all the joy and beauty of Sahaj Yoga. What a feeling it is! It’s not like yourself becoming Sahaj Yogis and sitting in the corner, no. They want to do it for that country about which they are not identified, but without identification they have that deep feeling that they have to work out, correct it.

It’s a very different type of personality you develop. Normally, if you say a word against somebody that, “See, in your country they do like this.” “Oh, what are you talking? What about your country?” Immediately! They’ll never accept you. If you just try to say one word against their country or their government, which may be the most rotten government, but, “No! Still, what? We are all right!” That kind of stupid identification which keeps you completely glued to that society. Like some people will say, “No, no! I have to go to the pub!” I said “Why? Why have you to go to the pub?” “That’s our society, that’s our culture! We have to go, we have to go to the pub, get drunk and fall down, all of us together. That’s the sort of thing we are. We can’t help it, you see, this is what it is!” You tell anybody, “Why do you do like this? What is the need to do?” “No! Because I have to live in this society. After all I belong to this society, and I just can’t do what I like.” But when you get your Realisation you can do what you like. You can do what you like because you only like that [which] is righteous, that is good, that is constructive, that is helpful. So you can do whatever you like. After Realisation, there’s no restriction for you. All these restrictions of, “Don’t, don’t, don’t don’t!” These really enslave you, I think it very much enslaves you.

But after Realisation you are such a free bird that nothing can enslave you. For example, there are many preachers who preach, “You shouldn’t drink. You should not smoke, take drugs.” “You should do this, You should do that!” But it doesn’t stop you. It doesn’t help. People struggle, try everything and ultimately they commit suicides. But they can’t get rid of those habits. While now you are so powerful that nothing can stick to you. That’s the purity of your character that has come up. It doesn’t allow any nonsensical things to stick to you.

I have heard of so many Sahaj Yogis telling me how their eyes have steadied down, how they have become so righteous, how they have become so pure and they can’t understand; they said “Mother, is it your purity, you have given us? Or it is our purity you have awakened?” Of course yours, no doubt. All these things you have and you become aware of it. And thus you get absolutely misidentified, I should say, with all these nonsensical things, and you don’t like it. You just don’t like it, and you go on criticising.

I have been to all these countries also before and I have met people who are very much identified; and diplomatically I was not supposed to say anything whatsoever that would make them feel that they are doing something wrong. But after Sahaj Yoga the same people are telling us and making fun of the whole thing. For example, I have heard some Sahaj Yogis talking to each other. He says, “You see in my country this is such a stupid thing going on!” Another one said, “Nobody can beat mine! It’s much worse!” [This] is a very common competition among Sahaj Yogis going on!

So then, we have to see how pure we have become. And in this purity, anything that is dirty, murky. Anything that will spoil this purity, we don’t like it. We don’t like it. We are washed, cleaned, from inside, and we won’t want to take anything like that within us anymore.

Then I have seen, also, the way people have become so compassionate. It’s very surprising how they have become compassionate to each other. For example, there were two Sahaj Yogis who were not very happy with each other, not compatible, whatever you say that is; and I did not know how to make them feel that, “You see, the other Sahaj Yogi is alright. It doesn’t matter after all, what is it?” “No, I don’t like this thing in him!” And the other would say, “I don’t like this thing about him!” So it went on, “I don’t like..” He says “I don’t like…” I mean they were seeing each other’s defects or whatever you may call them. So I said, “Alright, now will you meditate for some time again. Meditate, meditate.” And I said “Now, do you love me?” One says, “I love you more that he loves!” (Laughter) I said, “It’s a difficult situation!” How to make them understand now? That you cannot weigh your love, you cannot make a chart out of it. It is something within yourself, and if you love somebody then you enjoy it. You cannot qualify it, you cannot quantify it.

But this was going on with these two gentlemen together, and I thought, “Now what to do? They are very important and still there is no understanding between the two.” So the Divine power took over, I think. One of them fell very sick suddenly, very sick. And I had sent word also that, “You’ll be sick, be careful!” But they thought that the other fellow might be trying to be funny or something. It was not understood. He fell very sick. When he fell sick, then this one, the other one, felt such tremendous love for him. It’s something nobody can explain, that he went and sat with that patient for twenty-four hours and said, “If you need any money, I have got.” He paid wherever he could pay. So, this gentleman, also – who was a very sensible and reasonable person on his own – felt this love, this affection in this hard task-master, the other one, and such understanding grew up within them. It is, I think, the Divine’s play that they were brought together so close, and such compassion.

So the force of compassion within you is so much. It’s very subtle, you don’t see [it]. Because on a mental level I was telling them, arguing, trying to pacify him, pacify him, like that, was on [but] it would not work out. But when this force of compassion started acting, suddenly into one of them, the other one saw the compassion, the pure compassion, and just they became great friends.

So one has to feel the compassion within yourself. I have seen many a times that there are many Sahaj Yogis, and sometimes I have to correct them or say something. Immediately another one will say, “Mother, can you forgive him? You can’t forgive?” I say, “I’ve forgiven, I’m not saying anything.” “Please forgive, please!” I feel so happy to hear that, that in one point, in one condition, when it comes to a Sahaj Yogi, you support him; even against me, I feel happy. It shows that you are, not only generous, but you are filled with your compassion.

So, this source of compassion which is within your being, in your heart, you have to just open your heart. If you open that heart, it’s like opening the Sahasrara.

You’ll be amazed how you can forgive people and you can live with them. I have reports which disturbs me, many a times, that people are forming different groups and having different ashrams and they don’t come to the collective and all that. I feel very much concerned. Now what is missing is…of course there are also some people who think that they must have a separate, their own organisation, and why should they be in the collective and all that. So that it is definite that such a person has not yet achieved that state of compassion. In the state of compassion you like that somebody tells you that, “Don’t say anything to such and such person. I don’t want you to say this.” It’s very, very joy-giving to me.

Like, we had one couple: they were quarrelling throughout. They used to send me letters after letters. Baba! I was fed up. Telephones after telephones, both of them quarrelling, quarrelling so much. I did not know what to do with them. So, I thought it is better that they divorce and finish it off and I told them separately that, “You better divorce each other and get out of it. But the complaints you have are such that they cannot be solved!” She said “How?” I said, “You are saying that, ‘My husband doesn’t give me more time. He is always out. And he doesn’t spend any nice moments with me, we don’t go out,’ and all these complaints are there.” And the husband says that, “She always troubles me that I must take her out, and I must do this and I must do that. I want to do it, but I can’t do it.” So, I said but when you take a divorce you never can claim anything: permanently the husband is lost and you are lost. So why do you want to do such a thing?” Immediately this compassion started working. And then I put in a word that, “Supposing any one of you is sick tomorrow, then you will look after each other?” This just put them out! You know such little, little moments in life come in the lives of Sahaj Yogis, I have seen, that suddenly this heart opens, and with that they combat all these petty nonsensical ideas which keep them out, out of each other and out of the collectivity.

What gives me the greatest enjoyment is to see how you love each other, care for each other, joke with each other, and dance with each other. This is the greatest thing that I enjoy. I don’t want to get rid of this idea of mine, despite the fact [that] so many times it is hard to believe how could Sahaj Yogis behave like this and try to create rifts and distances between the people who are realised-souls. Because realised-souls anywhere in the world, if you see them, they respect each other; not only respect but cared and never talked ill of another realised-soul, never!

I don’t know if you have known about the private lives of these saints, but in India as we have had so many of them, when you see them, how they have behaved towards each other, the way they have looked after each other, it’s so beautiful, it’s so noble; as if they care for the other Sahaj Yogi, or yogi, or a realised-soul [more] than for themselves. And the whole thing makes you feel like in a new world of new people who care for the feelings of others, and not what they want to say or what they want to have, or they are something special.

Also, in Sahaj Yoga, [now] you have come, you have lost your speciality! Some of them think they are very special! Supposing I call some lady to put, say, some alta (आलता: kumkum) on my Feet. She starts thinking she’s very special. But I just call her because I know she has a horrible Agnya and I have to clear it out! (Laughter) And when somebody told me, “Mother, she thinks [she is] something very special.”, I said “Really, what makes her think like that?” “Because you call her to put some alta on your feet.” I said, “I just call her that she has such a horrid ugly Agnya, that she will trouble everyone, so I want to clear it.” So, either I should have told her that, “You are a very egoistical, horrible!” And all the words that are possible, otherwise she won’t understand. It’s so surprising.

There is one lady who was really very nasty to her in-laws and everybody in India, and she came to see me; I called her. I actually scolded her, I said, “What business you had to behave like this here? Your father, who was such a racist, you never said a word against him, and why are you talking so much against these people?”  I scolded her. And she went out and told, “Oh, look at [that], Mother has called me! Nobody is allowed to see Her.”  I said, “What’s this?”

It’s a very funny situation with people I sometimes feel, the way they think they are something special and they should make themselves special. It is becoming really difficult. Now, just to show my love, to appreciate something, people I have done. And if you give some present to that person or you show concern about that person because he’s done some good work or something, he starts thinking he’s something special. I mean, it’s an impossible situation! Because I expect that if I have done anything good to that person, or in any way suggested my concern about a person, that person has to become a very good Sahaj Yogi, in the sense, the most humble and honest and loving person, otherwise it has no meaning. No use being good to anyone if that means that person jumps into hell. So, this one is also another idea of speciality, that they have lost their sense of speciality.

When a drop becomes the ocean it has become the ocean, but it’s not the drop anymore. If anybody thinks I am a special person then know that you are no more an ocean, you are still the drop! Because, unless and until you are the drop, how can you feel that I am something special?

So, you have lost your speciality, you have lost it; because all these ideas of speciality comes from your past.

One lady I met once, long time back, she was a very rude, proud, arrogant woman. So, this was in Delhi where people are very conscious of their husband’s jobs and this and that. I didn’t even know the destination or even the designation of my husband. So, she was very rude to me. I said, “What’s the matter with you? Why are you so rude? What’s the problem?” She said, “You don’t know? I am the wife of such and such!” “You are the wife or the husband?”(Laughter) “I am the wife of such and such!” So, she asked me “What are you doing here?”, I said “I am a housewife.” Then my husband came in. She said “Do you know him?” I said, “Yes, I know! Why?” I thought there must be something wrong there also! So she said “No, I just want to know, how do you know him?” As if I was some criminal or what? I said, “He’s my husband.”, “Oh, my God! He’s your husband!!” (Laughter) “What happened?” As if ten serpents had bitten her! Maybe her husband was at a much lower position than my husband, maybe, something [like that], which I am not conscious of it. But this is what is: “I am something special!”

This stupid idea of being special has to be completely negated in Sahaj Yoga.

Not mentally, not mentally: mentally if you are again saying, “I’m not special, I’m not special,” like a mantra, you’ll become much more, because you will say, “I have said this mantra 23,000 times! Who can say like me!” So this idea, “I am something special, I am something great, I am something out of the blue,” something superior to others, just vanishes.

Like as I said, you are a drop in the sea. You have become the ocean but you are no more a drop to have it a relative value system. There’s no relative value system. There’s no system by which you can say that, “I’m higher,” or “He’s lower.” All that has created all the problems of the world: from our caste system in India, the social systems in the west, the racialism in the west, also self-consciousness of, “My religion is better, yours is worst, we are the best.” All these things have created problems. It has done no good. It has failed and failed and failed.

So, in Sahaj Yoga, at least don’t bring this disease anymore that, “I am better, our country is better.” This speciality you should drop and the real beauty of your personality will show.

For that, you don’t need a special skin, you don’t need a special body, you don’t need a special glamorous look, what you need is a beautiful heart. And, I tell you, it’s the beautiful heart that attracts, nothing else. It’s the beautiful heart that you want to have.

I have known people, many like that: there was one gentleman who divorced his first wife. She might not be so good looking, ugly or whatever it was. Then he married another good looking woman, and he ran away from the house. So, I asked him, “Why? You didn’t like that woman because she was ugly or whatever it was. So, why are you now running away from this one?” “She has no heart. She has no heart.”. And this is what you have: a very great, generous, beautiful, dharmic, heart. You have got it as a present from the Divine and which you must respect. You should be proud of it and enjoy it, as you should enjoy your generosity, you should enjoy the way all this nature is enjoying itself.

To be very meticulous about things, to be all the time correcting others, is a headache, it’s a headache. The best thing is to correct yourself and laugh at yourself. That’s the best way you can do it. Everybody has some funny things about themselves. I also have, I must [say]. And I enjoy them because I think I try and try but always I forget. For example, the spectacles: I always forget them. Before coming, I must always forget it. I tell myself that I need it, I should take it. I must remember. But invariably I forget. Now, don’t know why. I mean, I can’t do without it, but still I forget. There are so many things: for example, I don’t know how to count money. If you may give me a hundred rupees, I’ll count it [as] two-hundred rupees. I tell you, I am good at mathematics but I can’t count. I don’t know how to sign a cheque, can you believe it! I can’t sign it. You have to write the cheque for me, otherwise I can’t. And, somebody asks me for say hundred rupees; I’ll give him a big five-hundred, and forget about it. And that person will say, “Mother, you gave me five-hundred.” “No, no, no. I gave you a hundred only – “No, you gave me five-hundred. I went home and found out.” It’s alright. After all if he’s dishonest, he’s dishonest, if he’s honest, his honest; so why to worry about how much money you gave and this thing, that and meticulously finding everything like this? And

I have seen with all these meticulous people, they always fail; because this brain plays some tricks on them. For example, there was one fellow who told me that, “The size of your car is such and such, so, the size of the garage should be such and such.” I said, “Alright.” So, when we built the garage, the car wouldn’t get in! I said, “Such a meticulous architect and such a well-known person who has got so many awards, this, that, how could he make such a mistake?” But I still didn’t understand it, you see. He said, “Now, you better buy a smaller car.” I said, “At least now you measure this garage in a proper way, otherwise again if I buy something it won’t enter in!”

So, what I am saying: we are so particular, so meticulous. Now, see these little, little flowers, I see them here. They are not meticulous. They are growing on their own, freely. Everybody gets the sun’s rays and they are quite happy. But the way we are particular. Those people who are very particular are headaches to themselves. And then ultimately they find that it’s not so. You have lost that, you have lost that meticulousness.

I know of a Sahaj Yogini, she was running a shop and she said, “Mother, I knew each and everything, and I knew each and every price and everything I knew in the shop, but since I have got Realisation I have forgotten everything.” “So, are you happy or unhappy?” “I’m very happy!” “Why?” “Because, now I’m making a big profit!” Profit is the main thing. Why should you try to remember each and every thing?

So, to be very meticulous to be very systematic…the world is, if you see around, no tree is systematic. It is unsystematically systematic. Some leaves are this side, some are that side, some branches are on that side. There’s no system, because then you become a military, if you form a system. So, in Sahaj Yoga, there is no system. We are beyond time, we are beyond all kinds of systems. We have no system. All our system is what is the unison within ourselves. Like these two hands, they have no system built in, nothing, but they move, especially in Italy if you want, both the hands move like that, all the time in Italy! And I don’t know what it means, but they all do the same thing. But there’s no system built in. Nobody said to them that, “Do these gestures and all that.” But they do it and they do it naturally, all of them together, without any system.

So to build up mental systems is wrong and against Sahaj Yoga.

Some people have written to me, “Mother, we want to translate your transcriptions. do this, do that, and plans.” I said, “Forget it! Forget!” Because, if you start planning, you will definitely, definitely fall into the trap of systems.

You will have to follow systems: “This system is good, that system is good, why not have this way?” And I don’t say that it’s wrong because you have been used to systems. Especially in the West people are over systematic, over systematic. In everything, like they’ll have [dinner] courses, built up: then the spoons, then the forks, then how to move and what to eat and how to eat. I mean, it is too much! If you have to eat food it’s straightforward: you can eat it with your hands. There’s no system needed.

All these systems and norms are too much in the West and you should really try to curb them down. As a result, they had anti-culture and all that nonsense – another kind of stupidity – where they were building up another kind of a system. Then they said, “We are hippies now!” So they must have hair never washed, never clean, with lice in their heads and it must be all like, you can say, the shankara style. So, all of them have to have that way – again a system. There’s no variety: one hippie means, another is the same. You cannot make them out one from another. If somebody puts a ring here, everybody will put. If he puts a ring here, everybody will put. Without any brains, without any understanding. And they talk of individuality, and a personality! Where is the individuality? There’s no individuality. Because you take to anything that your gang, you can call, or you can call the crowds are taking to. “Very fashionable.” In India, if you say it is very fashionable, it means it is very expensive and very beautiful and it’s a very elite, elite word. But when it’s said, “This is very fashionable,” [it] means everybody likes it. It could be a punky thing or anything – it’s fashionable – finished! It’s the fashion. Means you do not have your own idea, your own personality, your own individuality.

In Sahaj Yoga you are not bound to any fashion, no fashion. If you like, wear this, wear that, whatever you like. You are free to do what you like. You can wear whatever you like. But, as I said, again, that you will govern yourself, you’ll be your own guru, you’ll be your own master and you’ll do whatever is good, whatever is decent, whatever the deities will like. You will just do it that way because now you are a Sahaj Yogi.

So the life becomes so much easier; so much easier. You don’t worry about things which are not there and you are not also worried about the things which are there. Because  you see something and you think, “Alright, I have got this nice [thing] now. I must keep this one for somebody. I must give it to someone.”

So, I got a ring which was quite big, so I was thinking, “Whom should I give this? Who has got thick fingers?” So I started looking at the fingers of everyone, you see. “Whosoever has a thick finger, I ‘ll give him this one.” I mean the thought was just the other way round: supposing you are not a Sahaj Yogi, then you will say, “Oh wah! Such a big thick finger! Why don’t you take out some gold and use it, sell it off?” Or else you see, “You can take out the stone from here.” And I mean all kinds of nonsensical things you will think, but you’ll not think that you’d better give it to somebody because you can’t wear it, it’s too big for you. Why not give it to another? What’s wrong? After all, it is not fitting you – so give it to another. But this is only possible in Sahaj Yoga.

I have seen people, very kind, very, very kind people, who have been very sweet to each other. And exactly what the other person wants they’ll buy and give it to that person or may say, “Oh no, I have one I’ll give it to you!” They do it like that. All the time thinking of others, “What should I give? What should I do?” It’s the expression of that joy, the compassion within you: you use your matter for that, all the time, all the time.

Like somebody’s house was burgled in Canada. So she writes to me, “Thank God, my house is cleaned out now! I didn’t know what to do with it, with the junk.”

So you see, this kind of an attitude comes in, that if you have to give to someone then give it to someone who is a Sahaj Yogi to express your love.

But normally, people will do: whatever is the junk in the house, whatever is rotten, finished, that they will give as a present. But when you are a Sahaj Yogi you want to give something really very special. Because the whole being has become so beautiful, just like a flower which wants to give fragrance to others all the time: the fragrance of your compassion and love, affection and security.

It’s a new age, that’s what they say; but I would say it’s a new human beings that are before me. And all this newness has so many beautiful facets that they really sparkle like diamonds, no doubt it.

My only blessings to you is that you grow and grow in it and become greater and greater people, never thinking that you are greater than others, never thinking that you are more special than others. This will definitely soothe you down completely. Somebody might have hurt you somewhere, doesn’t matter. Somebody must have scolded you, doesn’t matter. What is your capacity, is to love another person and to be affectionate and kind.

I am really amazed how these twenty-five years have passed with all kinds of stupid problems and nice things and such a mixture. And all those things have never disturbed me. I was never disturbed. I used to act sometimes, that I am angry or sometimes I used to say things which I should not have, normally said because it was needed to be said. But, on the whole – like sitting in a very big ship we can say – we all are elevated into the realm of Divine Love and this is what one has to enjoy. One person, if he has that love and compassion and that pure love, then that person can emit it to others and the rapport of this compassion is extremely beautiful which cannot be described in words. Like yesterday, I couldn’t speak, because in what words I could put my feelings? I thought there are no words yet created on this Earth to express my deep feeling of how you people have taken Sahaj Yoga so well and have understood it.

May God bless you all!

Sahasrar puja is a short one. We don’t have a very long puja for Sahasrar Day, because you know Sahasrara breaks in no time! So it’s not a very long puja, but it’s very deep and, again, ultimately the last chakra which is opened out is here, is the heart. So in the Sahasrar puja our hearts open out, that’s the main thing. And that is what one has to enjoy: the opening of your heart. Don’t worry about any Deities, about any rituals, any this and that, but just open your heart. We are not bound by anything. Just open your heart.

May God bless you!