Evening Program, Eve of Adi Shakti Puja

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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Sahaja yogi : Shri Mataji & Sir C.P, We are really most fortunate with your presence here. And only the half of the Sahaj Yogis of Spain, Belgium, Holland and all the other countries that are represented here we wish extend our gratitude for your presence here And We have the 3 countries that have prepared a small program consisting of Dance,& some songs,& We hope you will enjoy it ..till we do the presentation of all these things.

Other Sahaj Yogi : Namaskar Shri Mataji! Namaskar Sir C.P, from our hearts we would like to express the tremendous joy It is crossed to be today & present to you Shri Mataji, Sir C.P & brothers and sisters from so many countries. This little music program today …The program will start first with the Dutch art in the 3 parts. One part from Holland, one from Belgium, & One part from Spain …So we will start with the Dutch song first & the first is a welcoming Dance to Shri Mataji …

[Performance starts ]

Shri Mataji: This lady [name of Sahaj yogi artist who danced] is such a surprise, such a surprise and what a wonderful surprise it was …I am sorry to say but I have never seen such a combination of music & dance.[unclear/Name ] is a very great master but I have never seen anybody utilizing his talent for dancing. It’s so much better, You see …Sometimes people get bored with Kathak, or any Dance …They don’t understand but if there is a music of this quality with this dance coordinated with it It becomes so much better & deeper. This is the new thing I have never seen before …I must Congratulate![unclear/Deli Verma (name)] for that. And it is so ….(clapping of SahajYogi  ) Now you have seen Kathak is a very delicate dancing, very delicate & all the rhythmic patterns and all that are very fast but delicate …And I am really surprised with this lady that how she has achieved such mastery …I am so enamoured by her that She picked up this difficult Dancing style, I congratulate her again and again and I would also ask some of him to learn this dancing because I find that  Western people dance sometimes better than the Indians …In Russia, I saw a dance of a lady …It’s very young …She did Kuchipudi with such vigour and with such understanding, with such rhythm …I said where did you learn…She said nothing I just saw on the video,& I had this tape & I learnt on that …Imagine for this kind of art you have too really dedicate your life & this lady I could not understand how she has managed to dance without any guide, without any Guru, without anybody helping her. So I think If you people take to this dancing, It would help you a lot …&This is a very good idea. Because there are so many beautiful, We can say Musical records from very great masters And if you fix …I mean if you can manage to put your own ideas of your dancing according to the rhythmic pattern of that music It’s something the west will take very fast …I know many people understand and appreciate Kathak But they get bored …They can’t go along with them Offcourse you Sahaj Yogis have an advantage, because you know -Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha and all these things so, you understand much better than others. But if this kind of a dance style starts…Not only that dance will propagate but also the Music.

I have something discovered very new & am really enamoured.I thank her for coming down here. To do this in this terrible  [unclear/court]. It’s not so bad as Holland I must say …(Shri Mataji laughs then ).

Actually, the way you have decorated this time, is something with all these [unclear], behind them the snow-clad,& these mountains. You do get that feeling more of chill…It’s very nice. I like it …Because you know I like all this kind of atmosphere. I am happy that you all have enjoyed all these beautiful performances of Sahaja yogis also…They have really worked very hard this time to make the beautiful program all of them. I wanted to hear one song composed by [unclear\Hosey] because I am missing it nowadays.So I don’t know Why they didn’t play…I was very anxious that they should sing one song. So at the end of the program can we have one song and thank all the artists, all the people, all the Sahaj Yogis who have worked so hard, to make this program so successful.

I am sorry we some or other …It is a ‘tapasya’ to be here …this thing we try to make it up but it wouldn’t work out and somehow it’s just now in a situation that we can not call it a hall or a hanger or anything like that …But I am sure we have good days and we are going to buy a very beautiful land along the riverside & They say within six months if it is ……So, because you know these Italian thinks they take so much time I don’t know They go upward, downward, this ward …that ward …but they promised that by the 6 months, we can shift this one there. So We are not going to fix it up much. And for the Guru Puja, I don’t think you need a very complete thing because Guru Puja will be quite firm. As it is this is Sahaja Yoga ‘tapasya’ part of it, I think you don’t mind it… We have been always like this …in a mess about this tent …(mother laughs) … Ultimately the tent broke and now this thing we got it & we could finish it…So its better now, to hope for the best, luckily we have a very beautiful land now & there we can fix this permanently plus we have some rooms and bathrooms and everything very comfortable for you…For this, I would say we must give hand to [unclear/Greedo (name)]for he’s work it out. And there is such a funny lodge in this country apart from that, they are very funny people Who want to sell also. But all of them Or Some or other he has a ‘siddhi’ I think he has surpassed and with the help of all those we have achieved all this, you see.[unclear name ]has also played a very important role …So all these people are to be really congratulate it.

2:12:57 So I hope by six months, I don’t know where I would be …We will have a proper hanger and a proper house, and a proper bathroom for your convenience. It takes time. But its shows also how much patience we have and how much you can tolerate, this kind of a very dilapidated business. Because you love me,& you love each other and when you come here you will meet each other and enjoy each other’s company …You don’t feel the pangs of the body Also you can go for the comfort of the spirit …and that’s why I think you don’t feel anything …I mean …Even if it’s was not there you were quite happy So I really thank you all for accepting all this. Despite all our efforts, we could not raise it in time. I am sure by the time its next year it will be alright …

Tomorrow I was thinking we can (i would say if you are ready ) have the puja at 12 o’clock or 1’oclock so try to finish the work fast So that we don’t have to again face this cold in the evening and it would be better if we can finish all the preparations for the Puja And Thank you all for this beautiful organisation, of this beautiful rendering from you  3 countries …May God Bless You All