Evening Program, Eve of Guru Puja

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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[Performance given by Amjad Ali Khan ]

Shri Mataji: I don’t know how to thank Khan Sahib, Amjad Ali Sahib …I mean it is such a great honour to us that such a great artist should come all the way, to this far-fetched place like Cabella and entertained us with his magical music …No words can thank him. I just told him in London that if you can come to Cabella, You will find a beautiful, peaceful place where you will enjoy playing to so many of us …We haven’t got such a lot of money. We are not very rich people. Because as you know we don’t take any money from anyone And whatever small we could do for them, We have tried to do it …I hope you don’t mind …Whatever is our small offerings to you is out of love and out of great admiration for your work in the field of music & your two sons …I am very proud of them that in this young age they have picked up so beautifully, and they play so well.

Normally you can not find, such talented children’s at this age …You should be a very proud father of such great children & also their mother is very proud of them. I must say that this music is so great and so surrounding the whole atmosphere. There is difficult to describe it in words which are rather poor to express our feelings One thing only we can have is the report of so many of  Sahaja Yogi here. As you were singing about the bhajan which was for the people -‘Vaishnav Jan’ & these are the ‘Vaishnav Jana’s’ sitting before you …as a dream of Gandhiji …We have people here who have never learnt classical music not even classical ordinary Indian music, for they haven’t known what ‘talas’ are, What ‘ragas’  are nothing…And suddenly how they have become so receptive … of this great music and how they enjoy it, is a sign that they are all very involved people … their spirit you see… is the one who listens to this music. You must be knowing that Indian music comes from spiritual authority. All the great saints and seers of India have created this great music from ‘Omkara’ as they say …This music is something I always felt should go round the whole world …It’s happening today with all of you sitting here & enjoying it. They do not enjoy it because it’s out of the thing forced on them but just from there heart they are really enjoying it from so many countries We are people here I don’t know how to give you the list of the people who are here really …But they all are of different walks of life and some are very eminent people, very well known people and all of them have just joined together with your melodious music and have enjoyed it thoroughly …I bless your children many time …I hope they will carry the flag of your family onward and they will show to the world that the music is very important than anything else …Also, I am very much amazed at our new guest -[unclear] It was just a chance they came here We had booked another gentleman called Gurvinder and he was the one who was to come here. I had heard him about -He is also very great …And he had played with /khan Sahib before …So we have arranged everything but he was in  India and then something happened that he could not come …We are so lucky to have a new person here, Who really has charmed all of us And is something a new find And I hope he will, again and again, oblige us and come here to play music …Because London is easier you know… to organize then to organize somebody from India.Because if from India somebody doesn’t come then we are lost …We don’t know what to do?  So best is to arrange something and I must thank all the Sahaj yogis Who have been able to find out such a diamond for us. So all was very beautifully done. And We all enjoyed And I really still don’t know how to get out of it.  May God bless you all! And bless these great artists at the way they are doing such a great service to this art which is Indian Music, Which is of a very high quality you can see it …and unless and until you have real ‘Tapasya’ you can’t do it. I am amazed that these children -They must have got it from their previous life as our saints. The way they are, are absolute prodigies. They are not normal people to have these tactics at this young age But there should respect their Music and they should really become great Musicians. Should not be bothered, that what this world is going about …Because this is something the Music is going to come up … very soon you will find …See already we have so many people who are enjoying this  Music So you should be really put attention to it  & you have such a great father. We also have very good music before from the Romanians and you are all waiting for them to come and they had such a good job of it… That despite all the people dancing and doing all kinds of noises they were still singing so well …And they have composed some of the music when they don’t know our language. Still how they have played is all miraculous …I think… it’s really a miracle…Then We had a new musician, whom Baba Mama has brought …[unclear/Shivlikar (name)] is the other one I must say is another prodigy. At such a young age he played the sitar so well constantly he kept us, constantly he kept us entertained …And so well I was amazed …He must be also in previous lives must have been some ‘ustaad’ as I have said …

So We have a  very nice, beautiful combination of such a beautiful music today & this Guru Puja has already I  feel has started the way -The whole place is echoing with beautiful notes and singing. Thank you Very Much all of you …Thank you … May God bless you. Thank you.