Musical Evening

Bucharest, Sala Constructorul (Romania)

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Musical Evening Speech, Bucharest (Romania), 2 August 1995.

We have had such a nice music from our Romanian Sahaja Yogis. There’s some sort of a musical atmosphere in Romania, I think. Because when you all sing also, you sing it in a very melodious tune. Like celestial music, that was sung long time back, I feel has come back to Romania.

They used to say, that the music that was appealing to God was done by gandharvas and I find those gandharvas are in Romania only. If Nabhi Chakra is Black Sea and that in Greece Athena lived, then all this area must have been the area that is described as Heaven in India. And must have been the olden days when people of Romania or of Greece must be singing praise of God. It seems that these great gandharvas are born again in your country. Even people who came from India were surprised at the esthetic and the supreme mastery over all kinds of difficult songs by these musicians. Of course, everywhere people sing now Indian songs with great ease but the melodies that you people produce, is not effective by everyone.

In Turkey we had invited some people from Hyderabad who were singing quawalli. But when they heard these young boys singing so well, they ran away. I asked: “Where are they gone? I can’t see them.” They said: “They have run away, Mataji. Because it was too much for them to bear that these boys from Romania who don’t know our language, have mastered these quawalli so well.

I have of course invited them now to India and they are going to go to the Music Academy. Also they are coming to attend the wedding of My granddaughter. You are also… You all are invited also for the wedding. I used to think, India is the only country where the classical music of such a level could be sung. Because it is quite innocence and also attention which is concentrated. One has to study this music from very childhood. But how these young people have picked it up so fast, I don’t know; we may say it is due to Sahaja Yoga. And I don’t know whether it is Sahaja Yoga or these prodigies who have taken birth on this land of Romania. Ramana word, in Sanskrit means those who enjoy the spiritual life. If Romania has come out of that word I can see clearly how you are enjoying spiritual life.

Moreover you don’t understand word by word of this music but the way you are enjoying it’s very surprising. We have a very well-known musician in India, Hamzat Ali, who deliberately came to listen to their quawalli. And he was so enamored. He said: “What have You done to them? Have You completely transformed them?” I told him: “They are transformed, all of them are transformed by their own Kundalini. I’ve done nothing. Only thing, I think, My love, you see, runs after them”.

So, this was a very nice time we had together and really it was very successful all the programs. Now, you will be facing new people, who are very good, I felt that way. First thing in Sahaja Yoga is to respect each other and to respect all those who come to Sahaja Yoga. You know so much about Sahaja Yoga, they don’t know, they have come for the first time, so be kind to them. And the second thing you have to do is to really love them. In the program, each one of them got Realization, very surprising, each one of them. I was amazed really, that not one person did not raised the hand, everyone. So it is going to be a pressure on you and you must look after them, no doubt. But I’m sure you can do it very well.

Also you must go to other small villages and cities and see that you spread Sahaja Yoga. Now don’t worry about Orthodox Church or anybody talking ill about Sahaja Yoga. They have no truth with them. And they are all fighting among themselves. So they have to say something against us because they are afraid. One day, they will all come to Sahaja Yoga. May not be the ones who are in charge but those who have been misled by them. From your life, from your behavior, people will realize that you are really saintly people.

One thing I have to confess. (MISSING FROM THE RECORDED SPEECH)
Moreover, there is a big problem of customs, they don’t understand love of Mother. But somehow… So you know I have to go down to Hungary, to Czechoslovakia and also to Poland and then in Cabella we have Shri Krishna Puja. All these countries have not come up to your standards but I’m sure they will be very soon working it out.

So I thank you very much all of you from My heart, for doing so much for Sahaja Yoga and for the whole world. You must know that you have to meditate every night before sleeping and maybe for five minutes in the morning. If you do not meditate then you will not grow in Sahaja Yoga, you will not grow in spirituality. Just for ten minutes you must give some time to yourself.

I’m sure all of you will see how nice it is to meditate and to enjoy the peace and the bliss of the Divine. So many miracles are happening and also people are becoming very deep and enjoying their spirituality. They also have developed lots of powers. But you must use these powers. If you don’t use these powers you may find that you loose them. So, you must try to give Realizations to others. But you can’t force. So try to learn how to convince people without forcing.

I bless you all from My heart. If you have any problem you can always write to Me. Thank you very much.