Evening Program, Sahaja Yogis are the highest human beings

Építők székháza, Budapest (Hungary)

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1995-08-05 Evening Program, Hungary

Speech starts at 49.20

So today, I have thought of, because yesterday this lady came and she was going into spasms. And she has been to some, uh, I don’t know what sort of a cult it is. But she said that she has discovered that they are all false, so now she has given them up but she is very much possessed. Now, after seeing her, I felt that still in Sahaja Yoga we will get people who will be coming from such problems. And they will tell you about what has happened to them or how they got into it and how much money they had to pay, all these things. Of course, they are anxious to get well and they will request you to cure them. So what you have to do is to take a bandhan and tell them that you can cure yourself, you need not, we need not cure you. You can give them the photograph and you can tell them how to use it on the left hand side. But out of sympathy you just don’t become extremely kind to them and get the possession into yourself. It’s very important because in the beginning always I have seen many people get caught up and then they leave Sahaja Yoga, then they want to come back again. And they are then very caught up. As far as possible, you should not really try to treat anyone. You can ask them, you can give them the photograph, and tell them what you talked[?] at home so they develop a kind of recognition of me and also you do not get affected by them. You have to be careful, very careful in the beginning, that you don’t try to sort of cure those people or try to give them realisation who are already possessed. The first thing that happens to these possessed people that before my photograph they start shaking their hands, shaking their body, and they getting some sort of a suffocation. 

Also, they are people who are full of ego here and sometimes you catch from them. So, best thing is first of all to take your bandhan nicely and then test the person. Instead of telling the person that you have ego, is better to tell that you are very right sided. And if you understand what is wrong with the person, then only you should tell otherwise you should keep quiet. 

There are lots of also miraculous happening, like these Romanians now singing this song, this absolutely they don’t know anything about Indian music, nothing, suddenly how they have become. There are some artists also who have suddenly become very great artists. Now, it can happen, anything can happen, you can become great orator, you can become a writer, you can become a poet. My own brother as you know he is a chartered accountant, very good at mathematics. Because my mother was a mathematician. He didn’t know anything about literature and I use to write his essays [inaudible]. He could not never write an essay also, in Marathi or in English. Now suddenly he become a great poet. He knows so much of Urdu, Marathi, Hindi, and English; I just don’t understand. He has started composing poems in all kinds of languages but now he realises it’s a blessing of Sahaja Yoga. 

Now, one thing is important that if you have some sickness or if you have some trouble, you can cure yourself. You don’t ask anybody else to do it. Just tell another person how it can help but it might hurt another one if you tell you got ego, this is wrong, that is wrong, just say you are right-sided or left-sided. Everyone can get blessings of the divine in different different manner, but we have to deserve also. For that, first thing is dedication. And second thing is determination. First thing is dedication and the second this is determination. If you have dedication in Sahaja Yoga, then the blessings come in without any difficulties. But you must also have dedication with determination that you will express yourself in whatever blessings you have. 

Yesterday, I saw lots of people from your country, who were there, they just got realisation yesterday. Now, you have to be very gentle with them. You should never tell them that you are a egotistical fellow or you are a bhoot or you are depressed. But you have to say that you are say left-sided, right-sided, you need a balance.  And you can give them a balance by proper movement of your hand. But before doing anything, you must take yourself a bandhan. And you should never by any chance let them feel that they are no good. 

The power of Sahaja Yoga is love and compassion. And with vibrations, you will know discretion. As you know that these people from the church or from these muslim fundamentalists, they are all opposed to Sahaja Yoga because they are fundamentalist. Even the Christians can be very fanatic. So, best thing is to understand that you do not become fanatic in Sahaja Yoga. Like some megalomania. Thinking that, there are people who started thinking that they have become Paul, they have become this, all nonsense. Some of them started another group of people, telling them something nonsensical. So, one has to be careful not to become that and others have to become careful not to fall into their traps.

There is one thing I expect you to learn English language because how many languages can understand me. Is the easiest language, English is the easiest language, I can tell you. I have never studied English in school, college, much. But it can be easily mastered, it’s very simple language. Because, you know, it has one word can describe three things. For example, the spirit, now spirit can be alcohol, it can also mean a dead body – a dead spirit, also it means the spirit in the heart – atma. 

Shri Mataji asks translator: I don’t know in your language [Hungarian] are there, is there only one word for three things? 

Translator: yes, sometimes it happens. [Shri Mataji laughs] 

Such languages are very easy. I would say Marathi is a difficult language. I would not ask you to learn Marathi, English is easier. But Marathi is very precise, for every colour, for every hue, for every behaviour there is word. For every kind of character also there is a proverb. For example, somebody becomes very vague out of something that you marry somebody good or somebody your husband is better off or the wife is better off or something, so they will say that person has got the ‘badha of gher’ [?]. Gher means false pride. On the face they will say it, now you got badha of gher, finished! [laughs] On the face they will say it you have got the badha of gher, on the face. Supposing somebody talks big about oneself, you see, I am this, I am that, then they will say that you are climbing on the little shrub of this [unsure], such a little shrub, you are climbing on that! On the face only! If they have said this to Hitler, it would have been alright. All such, there are proverbs, there are words by which you can really correct the society. If somebody has an attention that he starts looking at every woman or looking at everything they call it ‘madhya’, the name – madhya, which means he goes on to it. So, it is condemned. [corrects translator] And that is how they correct. 

Once an Indian was married in America, and he told me a few things about Americans that was very useful. He said in Marathi they are antipodes, you see their legs are toward us you see, their heads are towards the other side – antipodes. [translator yogi doesn’t understand, everyone laughs, Shri Mataji explains] So, they do everything opposite. Like he said, that if you see a man with a big tail or a big…uh… [asks for Marathi translation and description] plaited thing. What you call this, when you tie the hair? [plaited/braided hair, laughs] So, if you have, if you see anyone from the back know that it is a man not a woman! And if it is a crew cut from the back, then it’s a woman! They were quite shocked these Indians who went there, and they couldn’t understand. He said they are [inaudible], means they run after their own whims. He said that I gave some money to my wife to buy a shirt for me and she came back with lots of skirts. So, he said, ‘Why did you buy these skirts? You have so many.’ [wife replied] ‘I like so I bought!’ 

So, it is a…you have to be down to Earth, you should be wise and down to Earth in Sahaja Yoga.  I mean whatever is clumsy or wrong, or absurd from your country you should give it up! Also, in India we have lots of clumsy nonsensical things, you see people are on the whole are traditionally very wise. I ask you to learn English but I don’t think English are very wise people. [laughs] They may be wise but very lethargic. Once upon a time, they [inaudible] conquered the whole World and now they want to sleep. You can make out an English Sahaja Yogi after 12’oclock at night. They ask me, ‘Mother, how do you keep awake, after 12?’ So, that is how it is but I would request you to understand me is better you people learn little English, may be better. Because I can’t learn all these languages, it’s very difficult for me, say German and another is Italian, so difficult. They tried to teach me but I couldn’t manage. Worse is this French; because they write something, and they spell something, and they say something. They can make it quite universal, at least European languages, but they want to have their exclusiveness. 

In Sahaja Yoga, we have no exclusiveness; we encompass all the religions, all the races, all the communities. There is no exclusiveness of any in Sahaja Yoga, except that we don’t like people who are not spiritual. Minimum of minimum, a Sahaja Yogi has to be spiritual-minded, not money-orientated, or material-orientated. They told me that in Hungary people are becoming very materialistic that’s why they don’t come to Sahaja Yoga. Matter is for what, is just for our joy. It doesn’t give you joy at all. It only gives you joy when you are generous and try to express your love through any matter. It is a myth in the West that if you are very materially off then you are very happy and joyous, you are not. All the people who have too much money spend it on destroying themselves. The other day I read in newspaper that in Russia these mafia people have earned so much of money and they are wasting now, look at them in [inaudible], which very horrible and very vulgar. So for money, material things they become mafia and they waste money like this, what’s the use?   

We are Sahaja Yogis of a very high level human beings. We cannot become like these ordinary people, who might go to hell because they don’t ascend. This is the choice before you, to ascend, to ascend beyond the mind. But if that is not there, then you go on all the time floating in the air with funny ideas about yourself. While you should be in reality, that’s very important because Sahaja Yogis have to play a very important role in this World. You are the highest human beings, of highest level. And you cannot stoop down the level of other stupid people. When these new people come in, don’t argue with them. Just say to that there is no argument, first take your realisation, settle down. It is your own behaviour, your own character, and your own joyous nature will convince them that you are something special. 

I am so very happy to see so many people from now Hungaria coming to Sahaja Yoga. If you have any difficulties, you can write to me. But every individual, you people can give realization to so many. But first, you have to mature yourself and evolve yourself. As soon as you are evolved, you meditate, I know who is evolved and who is not yet evolved. Also, it’s a wrong thing to attack your leaders. If I find that not alright, I’ll ask them to get out of Sahaja Yoga or at least step down. We have had problems with some leaders but they had to leave Sahaja Yoga. First of all, you must get the full knowledge of Sahaja Yoga, about chakras, about kundalini, about the three channels, everything. Also, you must meditate every night before sleeping. Try to meditate in thoughtless awareness, really very good. Then, you really become doubtlessly aware. Sahaja Yogis have to be always smiling and enjoying their relaxed mode. You should witness the drama, not get upset but witness the drama. There are so many things I can say but in this little talk what can I tell you that I am very happy that you have become good Sahaja Yogis.

Thank you very much.