Shri Krishna Puja: You Have To Be Festive

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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Shri Krishna Puja. Cabella Ligure (Italy), 20 August 1995.

Today we are going to worship Radha and Krishna. It’s a very festive feeling because Shri Krishna came on this earth at a time when people had become extremely serious about religion, about spirituality, and that made the whole aspect of religion as a joyless achievement.

And that’s how people became very serious; also the attention of people was diverted into a kind of a drama, which created aloofness from the society. People became individualistic, secretive and all such people’s children also became the same style because a kind of a fear, perhaps, developed among the people who were in pursuit of religion and truth.

Now the family does make a difference and has a big influence on the personality of the people. So they got it from their parents and then their grandchildren also got the same type of a feeling.

So, for 2,000 years after Shri Rama went away, the whole situation became a very separate pursuit, and they would not tell each other what they have found.

They did not tell even their parents what they are seeking – what they wanted. In this secretiveness they got lost and that’s how there were lots of false gurus and false type of paths, were discovered.

Still it was not so bad, but this aloofness made the society look so disintegrated. The collectivity was thus – even in the family it was not there. The father wouldn’t talk to the son, he wouldn’t talk to his wife or maybe the wife may not talk to her children. They religiously followed – in India especially – followed the dharma part. But they went to the right side – I would say. In such an austere manner they followed Gita without seeing through the lines what was written there.

As I’ve told you many a times – that when he talked of Karma Yoga – he said that action should become non-action – Akar. How, he said, put everything at the Lotus Feet of Shri Krishna, but that never happened.

You see because, unless and until you get your self-realization, you always think you’re doing something, you’re achieving something and when you start doing like that, then you also start sometimes overpowering others, dominating others. And there is another group that starts thinking that, I’m being aggressed, I’m so much in pain, in trouble. So there, two types of people developed – one aggressive type and another were the people who were absolutely crying and weeping. In those days, of course after Krishna – before Krishna came – all these things were such. So, Krishna started talking about the quality of a Sahaja Yogi. He said that a Sahaja Yogi is a balanced person. For him, happiness and unhappiness has no meaning – whatever he does he feels it’s all done by God Almighty – but you have to be a Sahaja Yogi to be that way. Though he described a Sahaja Yogi, there were no Sahaja Yogis at that time. Mostly people were extremely austere, they went to Himalayas and all the places for seeking truth – what Gita had told, they followed it.

So, the another thing started was a bhakti cult. In the bhakti cult, I mean when they moved in a collective. See they thought we should have a bhakti of Shri Rama. And in that bhakti also, they were secretive, they wouldn’t tell anybody what they were doing and what was it.

But, Shri Krishna came and he talked about bhakti, that – he said that – you have to have bhakti when it is absolutely surrendered to God – Ananya. Means that “you are not the other” – you become one – and this is what people missed, because they thought Ananya means complete, full, from the heart – it was not so.

So, Shri Krishna was also misunderstood by these people and they went to another extreme with this Ananya Bhakti. You know now a big wave started in Bengal only and people used to run on the street – Hare Rama, Hare Krishna, and used to do all kinds of things all over without understanding what he said about bhakti – how to have bhakti without connection – there is no bhakti according to him.

So, some people got lost into that kind of a bhakti, which was not at all meant for your ascent, for your evolution.

But with that, you see also, so many saints who came; they didn’t know what to tell people about because they couldn’t give them realization. So, they said you should remember God. You should remember the name of Shri Ram, Shri Krishna and all that. Especially in Maharashtra there were many saints who said that – that try to remember the name of God. But it didn’t mean, just remember means, just all the time to say – Oh, do whatever you like and say “I remember God.” So, you see, they also have failed that way – I should say. Because they never understood what sort of human beings they were facing.

Also, the saints became very intimidated by other priests and other people. So, in that, we have two types of saints where we have people who are talking of “Birahar” means, separation from God. Even Ravindranath was like that to begin with.

And then they start talking about the meeting of God. So, this another type of saints were the real saints who talked about it, but very few people really showed any interest in becoming that.

They would say, we have regard for this, we respect this, we believe in this, we believe in Shri Krishna. They used to go to a place called Pandapur in Maharashtra.

Everywhere you go you will find Shri Krishna’s thing all over the country. Especially in Gujarat, because Shri Krishna ruled there, so they are all believers of Shri Krishna.

What he came for was forgotten. He was talking about realization, he was talking about connection. So in all these preachings they could not read between the lines and they started doing on their own.

In our – I mean – history, we have horrible things done in the name of Shri Krishna. Not only Hare Rama, Hare Krishna, but we have a temple of Shri Nath Ji – and that temple was created for a deity which was very vibrated, was the deity of Shri Krishna, when he ran away from the field of battle – Ranchordas. Now, when he ran away from the field of battle it was because he wanted to deceive one monster and to get him killed. So, this Ranchordas state was very important because how he tricked this horrible monster and how he managed to take him to a cave where a saint was sleeping and who was given a sort of a boon – that anybody who tries to wake you up, you can open your third eye and kill him.

So, Shri Krishna played a trick, he ran into his cave and this monster also ran after him, running away from the battle field, and he put his shawl on top of this saint who was sleeping – so the monster came behind him, he said “so now, you are tired (from) running and sleeping here” and he pulled the shawl, and as soon as he pulled the shawl this saint got up and he burnt him. And that’s how he killed this rakshasa, the devil. So, the life style of Shri Krishna was very different from that of Rama. Rama was the one who accepted everything, he went in the exile and he also spent 14 years, then he went out in search of his wife and also his children did not accept him much.

Now, the aspect of Shri Krishna’s life was very different. First thing, he came to know about human beings that they are very cunning people and if you tell them about God or anything, they will never accept. They will do the way they think about it. So he said, let us try the other way round. So, he played a trick with his preaching – that you have to do your Karmas or your actions – which become non-actions – which is an impossible situation – and the second one that your devotion should be Ananya – when you are connected.

Now, these two conditions, nobody could fulfil, he knew. So, they’ll go on working on this and at the time of Sahaja Yoga, they’ll come round knowing that they have not achieved anything by practicing all those things, whatever Shri Krishna has said.

But his life style was different. When he came as a little boy, he first tried to kill all the monsters who were invading the Gokul, the place where he was living. In a different, different manner he killed Putana, who was a horrible woman, she was a rakshasi, whom he killed just by sucking her breast because she wanted to poison him with her poison and that’s how he did it. So this shows you see, that the first thing he took to was extreme aggressiveness against all the negative forces that were working, which Rama did not do. Rama succumbed to everything, whatever was happening to begin with, later on then he killed Ravanna. But as a child, he was a sweet little child, and lots of descriptions are there about him. So, from very childhood, the attitude of Shri Krishna was more action as far as the negativity’s concerned and he killed many rakshasas until he killed Kamsa. So, the first part was killing these people. Because they were very aggressive and they were sucking the energy of the people and they were also becoming like a megalomaniac, as you call that, they used to think no end of themselves, so there, you see, he killed their ego, he killed them, so many of them, and then he helped the Pandavas to establish the truth. To help the people who are truthful, who are for truth. But he could not give them realization, he didn’t give them realization. Up to a point he brought them to understand that always the truth wins. They call it “Satyamewajyati” – truth wins.

This happened at the time when it was very important to show that those negative forces cannot overpower. To show how useless they were, to show how they had been active and have been dominating and everybody had fear but all of them were neutralized by him. That he can kill all these negative forces. This is one of his styles which is very important for modern times. Now, in America, as you see, there are so many negative forces that have come up. They are in a different form, they are not like monsters. But they are by temperament, are monsters.

The collectivity that he preached through Rasadena and all that, that he brought in his, I should say adolescent age, was also remarkable. That he made people dance together, pray together, to be festive and to know that you are a witness, you are not a slave of religion or of your meditation, but you have to be festive.

And he got this introduction of Holi festivals and many others, like Rakhibandhan, all these he brought in because he thought this is how the society will be cleansed and also they will have a lot of enjoyment.

So the idea of enjoyment he brought it into the lives of people. In the little childish pranks he used to play on people just to teach them and make them turn to something that was a very great enjoyment.

Now, his enjoyment was enjoyment of the spirit, the enjoyment, pure enjoyment. You see all these things reflected in the American life today – but in a perverted way. Now, the sense of enjoyment in American life is absolutely perverted, because it is self-destructive. Whatever they take to is self-destructive. You tell them anything they’ll say “what’s wrong”.

Why all these gurus prospered there because they pampered the ego of Americans and said “it’s alright, you can do whatever you like, as long as you give us money”. And this suited them very well and they started doing all these things of – a sort of – in a way going into perversion.

Like Rajaneesh now. Rajaneesh came to America and how people liked him. He had a Rajaneesh “Hindi word” this, that and he established there thousands and thousands of people. But then again Shri Krishna’s power worked on him and he was defeated then. Everywhere you find there are so many gurus like that. They all were defeated, really, by Shri Krishna’s power, because he has all the tricks of the trade. He knows how to make a fool out of them. Just imagine, this Rajaneesh was so powerful and an idea came into his head that he can become the lord of that place – or whatever it is, and they conspired, but its over – it’s finished. One must know also how much also we have achieved.

Then there was another one, Muktananda, and this 16-year-old fellow – so many of them. One by one all of them are finished, I would say that it is Shri Krishna’s power that has worked. Because his lifestyle was, from the very beginning like that was, that to kill all those who were negative. Now, if you see in America, I think, except for one or two leftovers, most of them are finished.

Now, there is one more who will be finished also I’m sure, within no time, and you will see that the influence of these people, negative people, will be finished. As a result of that, as a result of all that, what has happened that people have lost faith in anyone. They have no faith in anyone. They think if these people could deceive us like that, take away our money, we have no money even to educate our children, we have sold our houses, so all these things, you see, made them absolutely flabbergasted and they decided not to have anything to do with the gurus who are coming from India – and that goes against us, in a way.

But all of them, you see, what they did, we should find out, is that, to make a very absurd, queer type of organization.

We are not, we are very normal, absolutely normal people. We haven’t made any absurd type of religion or absurd type of following or absurd type of meditation like you’ll fly in the air and all sorts of things. But the people of America are not so matured to understand, otherwise they would not have fallen to these horrible gurus.

So, on one side we have people who are very much affected by these gurus, on the other side we have people who think that I must be also one of them and on the third aspect is this, that the people are extremely simple, and extremely, I should say immature – they are like children. So many Americans also told me they are like children and to approach them you have to say that a Mother’s love can only put them right.

Now, as far as I’m concerned, that was the first country, I should say, I visited for any programme. In 1971, I went there. So you can imagine, we got realization on this Sahasrara Day in 1970 and went to America in 1971 and I gave realization to people – no doubt, to many – but what I felt was, that they didn’t care for deeper things, firstly. So we lost many Sahaja Yogis like that. Then there were some people who were sick they wanted their treatment that’s all – nothing more.

Then came some people who were taken away, I should say, by other bombastic gurus who told them lots of stories and they claimed so much, so, so many joined them.

Like that it was, I found that the people were absolutely not prepared for Sahaja Yoga. They were seekers, no doubt, no doubt they were seekers, and they had that restlessness of a seeker, no doubt. But they were not for Sahaja Yoga – they didn’t know what to seek, what to get. That was the part where I felt they were very immature.

So I, after that I didn’t go for 9 years, because I thought, better to devote your time to something else till these people mature and understand what’s wrong with them.

Now, they have been to gurus and they are lost, there are some who have this restlessness still. I see in many things, the articles they write, sometimes the books they write, that there is this kind of a restlessness – which is very important for Sahaja Yogis.

Most of you have been seekers in your last lives and you had this restlessness within you.

But with this restlessness we didn’t know what to do, where to go and with that restlessness some people went even up to Japan, some Australians came up to America, and all kinds of things happened.

That restlessness you cannot describe, but these gurus found a good market so they came down and tried to overpower them.

With this restlessness you see, it was very reasonable, logical, to see that if you go to somebody – Do you get rid of your restlessness or not? – minimum of minimum – but that never happened. So when it never happened, you see, they thought that this is missing, somebody said, “no you have to have another programme or you have to go through another course” – this, that. So they went on falling more and more and more.

At the same time, at the same time, negativity of immorality took place. Though if you read the constitution of America you will be amazed. In very subtle ways it has just supported complete morality. I mean, I was surprised, there’s a law that when you go out of the house you cannot wear funny dresses, when you are in the swimming suit – also that is regulated, and nobody can be absolutely nude – like in Italy, you can find on television such things.

So, you see, the constitution was made with great idea of morality – I mean the whole basis was, people have to become moral. But always if you make any law, human beings have a capacity just to sort of blast it, to say: “Why this law? I don’t want anything”. And that’s how the idea of control started. How can you control? How can you say one should not do like this?

Now, the whole this explosion started in the family also and the children started disobeying the parents. The parents themselves were the same style. Then the children become the same style, now the whole thing started exploding and they thought – there’s no freedom.

Those who don’t know how to use freedom – should not get any freedom – I think. They must know what is freedom is, those who respect freedom and understand freedom can only be free people.

So in that freedom, with this explosion, they were thrown away and they started taking to lives which are really absolutely absurd, calling it most reasonable, most logical. So, the people became homosexuals – it’s absurd, it’s not natural at all, it is absolutely absurd.

But when this idea of freedom exploded in them, then all the bhoots came – took over their freedom. And its from the bhoots they got these ideas. And in such a large scale they are taking to it – it’s very surprising.

Such a large scale these bhoots are affecting, and people are getting into it. As a result of that they started getting all these diseases and all. The worst was, I would say, that at that same moment, the most negative personality from Austria – was Freud. He was a Jew and he was not respected by the people of America’s at that time. So he got hold of some Jews and all that, and then he made up this story about the mother and all that. And he’s the one who ruined their lives, because as soon as they became free they thought, anybody who writes anything black and white is the bible. They started following this fellow and some others also from France and just it’s a sign of complete immaturity – a mature person won’t take to this or won’t take to that.

I’ve talked to some Americans, at that time, and they were, I mean, they were not Sahaja Yogis, not seekers, I think. They said “we enjoy every part of life, see, we never have any problems – we enjoy everything, we do this, we do that. The enjoyment is important, 100% of our life is full of enjoyment”.

Now, after that phase – I think this was so when they came to India about 1960’s or 50’s, they were talking like that. Now, they are talking about all the problems they are facing out of these enjoyments. They say that 65% people might become schizophrenic, 30% will become lunatic. Means who are left, no more then, I can’t understand.

All kinds of statistics you see – you are shocked. How could such a big number of human beings get into trouble of this kind? And the diseases they have is also very funny, that they have most of the diseases of Mooladhara, where the constitution is based on Mooladhara.

England has no constitution, no constitution at all, but they believe more in Mooladhar than the people in America.

So there, because when I was like, you see, a wife of a diplomat and all that, I found such a wretched temperament these ambassadors and all these diplomatic people had. I couldn’t believe, how could they be at the helm of affairs and from America, especially you know, they would wink at every woman and they would twitch on their faces – and the way they would talk about women was so degrading so demeaning and also women would talk about men. I told you the story of the one who came to England and she wanted to see a pub and she told me, “Have you visited this particular pub?” I said, what?

And then her two sons, when she went back… she told me, “we are very free, we have given all freedom to the children – do what you like”. And they were celebrating, these two children, were celebrating their birthday and they had a party with lots of drinks and the whole house got burnt, the children were dead and the parents were dead –

She went to see the pub and she had a list of the interesting pubs that there are in England. I mean this interest in the pub itself shows what sort of a personality she was. She had two children, she had a husband – her husband was a very big man of a very high repute and all that – and his wife was like that. He also used to join her – yes, we gave all freedom to our children, we asked them to do what they like, but they must enjoy life.

Now enjoyment at what point? Where do you enjoy? You enjoy in your heart, you can enjoy in your Sahasrara, but with Mooladhara there’s no question, because if you go on like this there is no end to it and that has created now tremendous problems in America.

I know, I feel very sorry, that was the first country I went to because I could see that there are lots of seekers, but all of them were not there, some had gone to this guru, some had gone to that guru.

And there is one lady, actress – she came to my programme, and she noted down what I was saying and she used it for her own purpose and she started teaching Sahaja Yoga there. Is beyond me, how they are also very money oriented. To them, money is success, money is joy, money is everything.

Now, this third quality, from where did it come I can’t say but at the time of Shri Krishna, people were very money oriented. In the sense that they used to take their milk to sell, milk and butter and everything, to sell in the Kingdom of Kamsa, who was a devil. So he used to break their pitchers, so that they did not pay.

But just to make money they would starve their children, but to make money, they used to take this to the monsters because he had lots of armies and things and they needed milk. So these women would not give milk to their own children, would not give them butter, but would take all that for these horrible people.

So that money orientation you see now – I mean it is like a shadow and a light. If light is Shri Krishna, see what you find in the shadow. It’s just the other way around, people behave. He was such a detached person, such a detached person, that he can never commit any wrongs, he could not do any immoral things. Whatever he did was absolutely moral. Because if you are detached and you are doing something, then nothing touches you. He brought in this idea of Leela, of this play, the play of the Divine.

Now we see in our lives also how the play of Divine works. The Sahaja Yogis first when they come they are really restless and they go on asking me a hundred questions or they start also dominating others, doing all kinds of things. But once they get the experience of the Divine power then they start settling down. Now then they see that there are so many coincidences that happen, so many miracles that happen, then they start understanding that there is some power which is looking after us, which is guiding us, which is taking us to the right path. So, unless and until this happens, that this understanding, even before realization, if people start getting this realization that there is a power that is helping us, something beyond what we know, then things will start changing.

Now, we have to work out in America, we have to tell them, and we have to tell that, this is the power that is beyond, is wanting to transform you. There is going to be a global transformation, I can see it so clearly now, in every country I go I see this, that it works, it works – whether it is a Turkish country, or it is Tunisia or if it is Russia – any country I go to, all those people who come, it works, this global transformation – I never thought I’ll be able to see it in my lifetime. But has really reached it’s highest – I would say I think so – is the highest point of development.

So you are all transformed, this was predicted, long time back in India, and also I must say, it must have (been) predicted somewhere else also. Now when you start feeling the vibrations and you start using it, then you understand that there is this power, it works, now then you start seeing energy centres of Swayambu’s and all that – then you start understanding this. Goes on, your understanding increasing.

But first thing is that they have to believe that there is a power beyond. They may not believe in Kundalini, it doesn’t matter, but once you know that there is a power beyond then they’ll try to work it out.

And this is what is very, very difficult to convince people, that there is a power behind. Because they are so conditioned by Science, also by their family traditions, also all nonsensical ideas about ego, that they cannot see, that’s the point is, that the nature is helping.

Now, why America is such a rich country, why? They never ask such a question – Why is it so rich? What have they done? What are their punyas?

Now, one of the reasons is that Shri Krishna is Kubera. He’s doing his job, I should say, he’s working it out. But people not understanding that this is a Divine blessing they think that this is their right to have it and they boast about it, they are very boastful people, they talk about their own wealth, they’ll talk about everything, it’s a very different situation and a culture.

For an Indian, if somebody starts boasting about his wealth, they would think he must be mad coming from a lunatic asylum because it is regarded as bad manners. So there is nothing like bad manners, you see, in the west as it is, but the worst is in America.

I mean they can abuse their father with a very dirty word, all the time they are using, even the judges. I saw one film in which a judge used a dirty word, I did not know much of that meaning, but it was not a good word that he used.

So they become sort of, what’s wrong, type of people, with this arrogance I don’t know how we are going to convince them about Sahaja Yoga. I’m going to try also something like approaching these top class people to talk to them about it. Maybe, you see, they might feel influenced that these top class people have taken to it, so there must be something about Sahaja Yoga.

I wonder if they would talk about us so much – what is Sahaja Yoga is, what it can do to this country. Because we have to save, really save this country. It is from all the sides, is under attack – from all the sides. You take morality part, it is under attack, you take from the artist’s point of view, it is under attack.

They are not creating many artists there, I went to see their paintings there, their latest paintings with modern painting and all that – they haven’t got the depth at all. It’s all full of filthy things about it and they talk about absolutely filthy things. There is one artist from India, he went to America, and when I saw his paintings I was surprised. I said “What are you doing?”, he said “This is what sells here”. I said “And what about India?”, he said “No, no, they will never touch it, it’s horrible”.

He himself knows, but he said this will sell here, so he has made it like that. It’s a point of judgement, whether you think it is worth selling or not is the point.

Now whom do you sell to these people who are not mature enough, who are so much enticed by the Mooladhara problem, how can you help them? How can you bring them around?

It is a question of people maturing for which of course this Paramchaitanya will help, I am sure, the way yesterday you felt it, I’m sure, Paramchaitanya has to do something about it, it has to work it out, it has to enter into different dimensions in human beings to understand.

Like creating coincidences and all that and then bringing them down to Sahaja Yoga.

Can work out, no doubt. Also Sahaja Yogis must work there, I know they are very few, and that’s why they were upset about it because they were really working very hard and it didn’t work out there so they feel that there is something basically wrong.

I have told you already what is wrong with them, is this, that they lack maturity as far as evolution is concerned. Even those who have come now to Sahaja Yoga have done very well. There are, of course, some who I would say not yet so much of it.

So what you have to do is to get to reality, to know what’s the problem is really and what we can do about it.

Now, so many European leaders, or we can say European Sahaja Yogis are free because I am not going there to Europe, so they should take charge also and can go sometimes and have some sort of a programme, conference, whatever you want – and get in contact with them and talk to them in such a manner that they do feel that this is something very remarkable. Something very much what they wanted, something that is the future of the whole world.

So this global transformation is taking place and you have to talk on those lines little strongly.

But with media we had very bad experiences because we arranged a hall and we spent a lot of money there and not one person came from media, not one. So we did not know what to do, we had prepared so much food, everything, and everything was wasted, not one person from the media came.

So also we can start a kind of a newspaper, could be, could be some sort of a media of having cable TV or something like that by which we can propagate Sahaja Yoga and tell them what good it has done and what it can do.

It’s quite a mad place because they have so many books, everything is so much, every number is so much, that if you write a book also I do not know where it will be lost.

Now for today, I have to announce that my book is ready now, I have done it and I would like to publish it now so that it will be available to you and I’m sure you will enjoy it. Not only that but it will help you to understand the problems of the west. I have not dealt in that the problems of the east but I have dealt in that with the problems of the west, what problems they have and how to tackle them. So this book they will be bringing now and showing you. We’ll see how it is published and how people like it, that part I will do.

I would say I would not have liked to write a book like that, to be very frank, because for a person like me I should only write all the splendour of spirituality, all the beauty of heavens, everything, all poetic things, but I thought reality is very different and people must be told what is the reality.

So, I have ventured to write this, otherwise I would have liked to write something like Amrutananya written by Jyaneshwara, but there’s no controversy, nothing, just sweetness and just overflowing compassion, I would have been very happy, but that doesn’t work out you see, it will float in the air I think.

So I thought first I must write this book and point out where are we wrong and to make you aware of it.

Then what we can do is to have another book, I could have, with all my experiences with Sahaja Yogis and Sahaja Yoga. It would be another interesting thing.

One of the defects of these incarnations that they never wrote a book themselves. You see Christ never wrote any book, Krishna never wrote any book, Rama never wrote any book. They knew how to read and write but they never wrote. And then we have people; like Nanaka, who has written, not himself so much as he has compiled all the great literature of the realized souls. Alright, then still what happens is something that they just read it word by word then they have to finish it in 2½ days the whole thing. So one person reads it puts the finger at one point, finished, then another one comes, starts from there, puts the finger here, it is finished. Nothing goes in the head, you see that’s the problem is.

Same with Mohammed Sahib, he never wrote the book. If he had himself written the book it would have been very different but somebody else in the 5th calipher, who was a very cruel and a bad man, who wrote it. The same thing has happened with bible.

So you see it’s like such a great diamond is put in the mud and everywhere there are complications because of this. You cannot blame these great people, but only thing that is happening is all bad name is coming to them.

They are not the ones who wrote anything wrong, they are not the ones who would say anything wrong, but if the book falls into the hands of some people who are absolutely adharmic, who are cruel, then this is what happens.

Now, you see what’s happening with Catholic Church, you see what’s happening with Moslems. Everywhere you find there is violence, there’s corruption and there’s fighting – this is no religion, nobody could have preached that thing – but it is doing that way.

So now you all stand out, out of all this where you love each other, you care for each other, you enjoy everything, despite that, your enjoyment is absolutely pure. And this is what is to be seen by others and it can work out.

I’m sure, one day in America, we will be there very successful.

May God bless you.

(Presentation of the book “Meta Modern Era” after the cerimony)

This is the book. It looks big, but it wouldn’t  be that big when it is printed. Is going to offer to all the Sahaja Yogis so that they read and find out what’s wrong and what we have to do. (Hindi)

In the preface I have written: “Actually, I did not want to write a book of this kind. I am a person who is in complete joy of Divinity. This is all pervading joy of Divine love and I wanted everybody to enjoy it. Especially in the West, I saw there are many seekers of Truth. There are many scientists who have written voluminous books about consciousness, about awareness. One can give a list of them.

But all these books really weary you completely, because they do not emit any knowledge of the ultimate truth. I don’t want to criticise them; after all, whatever they are doing constitutes honest research. But why not also give a chance to this new discovery which is being made? Why not humble down to see what is beyond this mind which gives you all this artificial intelligence? (Applause)

It is extremely difficult for me to write about the problems of Western life. It is like a tree which has grown outside. This is now to be pushed towards the roots and made to grow inside. It is only by going deep inside that we can find out what the problems of the Western civilisation are.

This book is especially meant for the Western people, but unfortunately, I have never studied any Western language before. English is one of the blessings of the British given to India when they ruled our country. But there too, unfortunately, I studied in a vernacular school and later on in a medical college, where there is no question of learning this language – English – which is today universally accepted, especially in the West, especially in the West.

This book is no way to show any flowery language or to show any literary talent of mine. It is just a straightforward statement of facts which I know and which I want to communicate with the Western world. I would request people not to waste their time in finding faults with my English, because that is not my Mother tongue and I never studied it. Unfortunately, I could not get anybody else to write for me, because it had to be written by me personally.

The most difficult part is to convince a human being that in the entire creation, he is the most highly evolved being; that he is capable of becoming a glorious personality, a beautiful, peaceful angel. To tell him about the problems of modern times is not a very good way of convincing him about what the human beings truly are.

There has been so much demeaning of human beings, so much of degradation in their value system that I thought that unless I go to the root of the problems, it won’t be easy to explain why they should break away from their present shackles in order to evolve and ascend.

One has to tell frankly what the problems are and what the real solutions are. Frankly, there is no peace within human beings nor without. The poor and the rich alike are unhappy. Everywhere people are groping for solutions. At the artifical level, the intellectual can work out certain problems about things that we see around us in jeopardy. But while a few problems may be resolved in this way, others arise.

[The] true solution lies not in the material circumstances outside human beings but inside the human beings, inside the human beings themselves. True and lasting solution to present ills can be found only by inner, collective transformation of human beings. This is not an impossibility. In fact, it has already happened.

There are so many thousands and thousands… There are so many – thousands and thousands who have actually achieved this state. (Hindi)  The reality of en-masse inner transformation of human beings by Self-realisation is the most revolutionary discovery of the present age.

But so far, very few governments have accepted this discovery, especially in America, England, France, Italy or Germany. The Pope, who himself is supposed to be in charge of religion, meets false gurus, but he will never meet me or talk to me, though I have met him before he was elected to this job of a Pope.

This is not my job, this is not my work, but it is a spontaneous desire of the Divine that this should be brought in full – in full swing, so that human beings are raised to a higher state of consciousness by which they can realise what they are, so that they can appreciate and glorify themselves. To me, human beings are like the deities who are still in stone form and who can be transformed, with Kundalini awakening, into angels.

I wish with this book I will not hurt people. On the contrary, I hope to be able to get many more people for this great work of Sahaja Yoga, by which they can achieve their ultimate. I have to use humour, because by nature I am very humourous and I see humour in every kind of incident, which people sometimes take very seriously.

It is too much for a Mother to talk about the ills of her children, but unless and until that is faced, I don’t think the children can ever get their benevolence and can reach their ultimate goal, which is their Self-realisation.

So, I would ask all of you not to get angry with me, but to understand that out of my tremendous compassion and love, I have written this book for the benevolence of the people, with whatever English I can use, with whatever literature I can use, with whatever style I could adopt.” (Applause)

Ah, thank you very much.

This is just the preface…(laughter), I would… (She laughs, laughter). Just to introduce this book I thought better be apologetic so that nobody gets angry, to begin with. All right. But the book has come out well, I think, and we are thinking of printing it somewhere and getting it done in a proper way.

So, I think, it might be ready by one or two months time and may be that in Diwali Puja, I can’t say when, depends on how they print it.

The first edition will be only for Sahaja Yogis.

May God bless you.



The title of the book is: (Hindi)

What’s the title? (She laughs, laughter)

Modern… Modern Era – Meta Modern Era. (Yogi: “Meta Modern Era.”). It is called as “Meta Modern Era” – “Meta Modern Era”. (Applause)