Public Program, Forcing people to take to morality doesn’t work out at all

Escola Nacional de Música da UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

1995-08-24 Public Program, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 72'
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1995-08-24 Public Program, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 72

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

At the very outset, I have to say truth is what it is. You cannot change it; you cannot transform it. You cannot describe it, but you have to experience it. Whatever I am going to tell you here today, you need not take it for granted. We have had lots of problems with blind faith. So, whatever I am saying, if it is proved then you have to accept it. Because it is for your benevolence, for the benevolence of the family, benevolence of your country and benevolence of the whole World.

If you see in modern times, people are very restless. And there is no peace within. This restlessness starts when your try to find the truth. You may not be aware of it. But it exists. I am very happy to see so many people here in Brazil, in Rio, who are seeking the truth. At the very outset, again, I would like to tell you what is the truth. The first thing is when you say this is my body, these are my hands, this is my intelligence, we talk of ‘my my my!’ But who is the owner of this ‘I’. This owner is your spirit. Actually, you are not this body, this mind, you are not your emotions, your intelligence, you are not your ego and your conditionings but you are pure spirit. Unless and until you become, unless and until you become the spirit, you are going to be restless. That is what Christ has said, that you have to be born again. It is not like branding yourself I am born again but it’s an experience. And you become the spirit. And you get all the powers of the spirit.

There is another clue, which we have to know about. You see all this beautiful flowers, it’s a miracle. But they take it, take them for granted, you take them for granted. And we never think how they have been created. We don’t know anything about the living process. For example, if you ask a doctor who works your heart, he’ll say it is an autonomous nervous system. So, you can ask who is this auto? In the same way, I have to tell you that there is all pervading power of divine love, which is a subtle energy. Which does all the living work. It has also done our evolution and we have come to this human level. But at this human level, we live in a world which is relative, it is not absolute.

Why we have to know the absolute truth? Once we have an absolute truth, then there will be no quarrel, no fights, no wars. And all of them, all of you, will know the same truth. This is what has happened so far that everybody thinks this is the truth and another one thinks this is the truth, and they are just fighting. No religion is exclusive; you should understand this point. When Christ came, he talked about Abraham and about Moses. So it was not exclusively written, he established. Then came Mohammed Sahib, he talked about Abraham, about Moses, about Christ, also about the mother of Christ with great respect. So, Islam is also not an exclusive religion. The growth of spiritual life is described in every incarnation like that. But now we are fighting in the name of God. Not only that; but among the Christians, among the Muslims, among the Jews, they are fighting among each other. But once you know the absolute truth, then you realize that all these religions came on this Earth. [Inaudible] at different times. And now we have plucked the flowers and fighting with the dead flowers, bringing bad name to all those great incarnations who came on this Earth to save us.

So, as it is, [inaudible] you have been already described about the subtle system we have within ourselves. That works out this ascent. This triangular bone is called as the sacrum, where this power of Kundalini resides. That means the Greeks knew it was a sacred bone. Now, this resides in every individual. She is your own individual mother. She knows everything about you. Like a tape recorder, she has taped all that you have aspired, all that was your past. So, it’s your own power, which is to be awakened. It is like a seed which is put in the Mother Earth and sprouts by itself. Now, the problem is that you have to understand that what life we are having today is extremely chaotic. Chaotic. You don’t know about your children, what drugs they will take. You don’t know about anyone; what wrong life they have lived. By forcing people to take to morality doesn’t work out at all. So something more has to happen to us that we develop our own personality. That we have our own identity. That we know why are we on this Earth.

So, I was telling you about the second proof that there’s an all pervading power of divine love. In the Bible, it is said ‘Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost’, is called as. In the Quran, it is called as ‘Ruh’. And in the Indian scripture it is called as ‘Paramchaitanya’. Whatever you may call it, it exists. It thinks, it organizes, understands, it works out, controls the nature, ultimately it loves. So you might find many coincides happening in your life, which you cannot explain. And you are surprised, these coincides happen because of the guidance of this all-pervading power of divine love. So, when this power rises within us into six centres, it pierces through our fontanelle bone area and becomes one with the all-pervading power. This union is the yoga, where you become one with this power and from your hands cool breeze like vibrations start flowing. In…with these vibrations you can know what’s wrong with your centres, you know about yourself, that means this is self-knowledge. Then you can know about others also, because you become collectively conscious. Your awareness gets a new dimension that you can feel the centres of others. These centres, are there which cater to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. When they get exhausted or weaken; then you develop all kinds of physical, mental, emotional diseases. So when the Kundalini rises she nourishes all these centres and connects them, and connects you to that all-pervading power, the source of vital energy. If it’s so, you get rid of your diseases and you become healthy person.

In India, we have got four doctors now, who have got MD for curing people with Sahaja Yoga of their diseases, which are incurable. So, you know how to cure others, you know how to cure yourself, you become extremely dynamic with this force also extremely compassionate. Many children who were very bad students have suddenly become extremely intelligent and successful. Thus all your problems even financial problems are solved. It is fantastic, the way I am saying things to you, you might think that is something out of the blue, but you don’t know you are fantastic, you are glorious. You are glorious. But unless and until, you are connected to the mains, you don’t know yourself. Supposing this thing [pointing to the mic] is not connected to the mains, it has no identity. Moreover, you give up all that is destructive. We have in America, if you see people ideas that you should enjoy every moment of your life. And all their enjoyments are self-destructive. They are saying that within ten years’ time, 65% of Americans will be mad or schizophrenic. Or, they will have other horrible diseases which are incurable. Because their lifestyle is absolutely unwise, immature. But if I say that, they won’t listen to me. If I tell them, they won’t listen to me. But if they get connected and the light of the spirit comes in their attention, then they are completely transformed. I am talking of global transformation. Sahaja Yoga is working in 65 nations.

In Russia, in one program you cannot get less than 16,000 people. On the whole, they are not so materialistic. And at least, I would say 60% people are extremely spiritual. I just don’t understand how they have such deep spirituality. All other false gurus have been banned. That’s also very wise thing to do…that’s also very wise thing to do. Because there are so many seekers and they fall into traps of these people who just want to make money. You cannot pay for God or for spirituality. What do we pay to this Mother Earth? Which gives us such beautiful flowers. It is all built-in within you. And it just works spontaneously, Sahaja, you don’t have to pay for it. It is something so invaluable. As a result of this happening, you become enlightened. Your attention becomes enlightened. And if you pay attention to anything, you can solve the problem. You must know that this all- pervading power is full of blessings. It guides you, and it protects you. It is to be in the Kingdom of God. And the government of God is extremely alert and is very efficient. You jump into the ocean of joy. And you feel extremely secure. Once Sahaja Yogis meet together they have nothing but pure love. There is no greed and there is no lust. Sahaja Yoga has created many beautiful families. And also the children are very beautiful. So, this is the judgement time. You have to judge, yourself. And you will know whether you want the truth or falsehood. It’s working out everywhere and I am happy now in Brasil, in Rio, there are so many people who are seeking. So we have today here, tonight, the experience. But, you must have a pure desire to get it. That’s all is needed. And it will work for all of you, I promise. But if you are rude, adamant, and don’t want it, it cannot be forced. It will take hardly ten minutes. But I request that nobody should walk out during that time. I have already told you that I cannot force it on you. Actually you have to ask for it. If you want, you will get it. So for ten minutes you have to keep quiet and if you do not want to have it, you should leave the hall. I have already told you it is your own power, there is no obligation. If you can all be seated, it would be better.

There are very simple three conditions. The first one is that all of you have to be very confident about it, that means you must forgive yourself, you should not feel guilty at all. At this moment, please remember that this all-pervading power is the ocean of forgiveness. And you cannot do anything that cannot be completely dissolved by the power of this ocean of love. So, please forgive yourself. Don feel guilty [Inaudible]. Because if you feel guilty, then the centre on the left hand side [points to the Left Vishuddhi] catches [inaudible]. And physically you are hurt, you get what you call Angina as one of the diseases. Or you might get Spondylitis. Or you might get what you call the lethargic organs. So why have this guilt? Actually you have to respect yourself. Third condition is you have to forgive everyone. Whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive, then you fall into bad hands because you tortured yourself. While the person who has troubled you is a happy person. So don’t also think about them, because it’s a headache. And you will feel very relaxed with that. So again, these are the three simple conditions that you have to follow. It will help if you can take out the shoes.

[Self-realisation starts]