Talk to Sahaja Yogis

Palacio Bencich, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

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Talk to Yogis, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1995-08-28

Shri Mataji: I never expected so many Sahaj Yogis to be there at the airport to welcome me. (Spanish interpretation). Some of you I have not even met and not even see you and I felt very happy to see you all. (Spanish interpretation). Specially yesterday when we began was tremendous we had so many people and all of them got realisation

Shri Mataji: That shows that in this country we have a great potential. (Spanish interpretation). And that if you really, properly have this Sahaja Yoga, we can have many many, many, many more Sahaj yogis. (Spanish interpretation). First of all, one has to know that we have to be extremely kind and gentle with the new Sahaja Yogis. (Spanish interpretation). They will see you and form their ideas about Sahaja Yoga. (Spanish interpretation). I have seen many a times new Sahaja Yoga come and just disappear because people don’t handle them with care. (Spanish interpretation). Now we are sort of a stage, in a building stage here and we have to be really very careful that you are the foundation and that you have to bear the whole load upon yourself. (Spanish interpretation)

Shri Mataji: I also heard that there are many girls and boys who want to get married. (Spanish interpretation). That is a very good idea. (Spanish interpretation). But first of all who have married, who have come all the way, should give certificate that the people are all right. (Spanish interpretation)

Shri Mataji: Actually the Spanish girls have very bad reputation. (Spanish interpretation). That they are extremely dominating and they don’t understand what they have got in Sahaj Yoga. (Spanish interpretation). They are very ordinary looking, ordinarily educated and they think that they are the Queens of Spain. (Spanish interpretation). So I asked the leader of Spain, “What’s the matter with these women here? Why do they behave like that?” Because Sahaja Yogis leaders have told me, “Mother, don’t marry these Spanish girls they are horrible, they can’t be quiet nice” So I asked the leader and he said that Mother, nowadays they are trying to become Matadors to fight the bull. (Spanish interpretation). They are no more women but have become more than men. (Spanish interpretation). I have to send back so many women I must stay to their countries. (Spanish interpretation). And now they are black listed they are not allowed in Sahaja Yoga. (Spanish interpretation).  Because nobody has business to make anybody miserable. (Spanish interpretation). If you think too much of yourself, you should not marry. (Spanish interpretation). And bring bad name to Sahaja Yoga. (Spanish interpretation). It’s very dangerous to do like that. (Spanish interpretation). And it can end up into anything. (Spanish interpretation). So to be a good housewife is very important for a Sahaja Yogini. (Spanish interpretation). I am myself a woman and I am surprised how the women in Sahaja Yoga are not upto the point. (Spanish interpretation). I have given many lectures about it. (Spanish interpretation). That you are a woman, you are the pillar of the society of Sahaja Yogis. (Spanish interpretation). You must respect your husband otherwise nobody will respect you. (Spanish interpretation). And your children won’t respect you either. (Spanish interpretation). So all these kind of stupidity will just take back the Spanish women. (Spanish interpretation). My lecture has worked no doubt. And they are much better. (Spanish interpretation). They are good wives and very good mothers. (Spanish interpretation). But one of the reason I think in Spain, Sahaj Yoga doesn’t spread because the women as they are, they were. (Spanish interpretation). When I go to Spain lots of people come in but they drop out. (Spanish interpretation). Because the Sahaja Yogi must give pure love to them. (Spanish interpretation). I am sure we had so many people yesterday, they will all come and they would like to go. (Spanish interpretation). They might be in great number. (Spanish interpretation). But when they start seeing Sahaja Yogis how they gave, how they talk together, all these things work on their mind. (Spanish interpretation). So these kindness and this compassion and this love is to be absolutely fully expressed in Sahaja Yoga. (Spanish interpretation). So that others who come see this and they feel happy about it. (Spanish interpretation). There’s nothing to learn from American women. (Spanish interpretation). They are really mad. (Spanish interpretation). They have ruined their lives. (Spanish interpretation). They have ruined their children, their families by fighting with each other. (Spanish interpretation). Our Sahaja culture is different. (Spanish interpretation). We believe in having beautiful families. (Spanish interpretation). And also we believe that we should have such beautiful relationship of husbands and wife that the saints want to take birth, to be born in our families. (Spanish interpretation).  You must understand that you are not like ordinary men or women. (Spanish interpretation). You are special (Spanish interpretation). Selected because of your speciality. Because you are seeking. (Spanish interpretation). So now when the new people are coming, please be very careful. (Spanish interpretation). So that others see and feel enamoured by Sahaja Yoga. (Spanish interpretation). And I am sorry I am saying this because I have seen many a times, people coming in thousands to my lecture and afterwards there are hardly very few. (Spanish interpretation). After all we are all Sahaja Yogis. (Spanish interpretation). You are my children. (Spanish interpretation). Understand your importance is the only thing that you have to do. (Spanish interpretation). You cannot be cheap you cannot be cheap and frivolous. (Spanish interpretation). But I have seen now in Argentina people are doing very well and working out everything. (Spanish interpretation). Everything was so first class. I enjoyed my stay thoroughly. (Spanish interpretation). I thank you very much really for looking after every arrangement so beautifully, so capably. (Spanish interpretation). In the same way you have to look after the new people who are coming, with love and respect. (Spanish interpretation). Don’t have any trouble there, just enjoy their company. (Spanish interpretation).  Anything you need, anything you want, anything that troubles you, you can always write to me. (Spanish interpretation). I am your Own, you can always call Me. (Spanish interpretation). Now we have brought some presents, some very few for the ladies only because we didn’t know what to get for men. (Spanish interpretation) Thank you very much!

Shri Mataji: Now the list of ladies.

Shri Mataji conversing with local coordinator and Indian Sahaja Yogi. 

Shri Mataji in Hindi: What have you brought?

Sahaja Yogi: Brought Your Pooja photographs.

Shri Mataji in Hindi: What is it?

Sahaja Yogi in Hindi: Your Pooja photographs, many are there

Indian Sahaja Yogi explaining to Shri Mataji about the photos from Pooja being brought. 

Shri Mataji in Hindi:  Have they come? 

Sahaja Yogi in Hindi: Last year Pooja that happened in America, these are those photos

Shri Mataji in Hindi: Are you giving these as presents? How many are there?

Sahaja Yogi: Many are there.

Shri Mataji in Hindi : These are only inside. It took long time to come. 

Shri Mataji to the Sahaja Yogis: There are photographs for the presents, somebody can distribute to the men again. These are of American Pooja …[16:30] 

And also keep some of them for those who need them

We have more for others but first….[17:53] 

Mataji distributing presents to the ladies who are called out one by one by the local Sahaja Yogi. 

Shri Mataji to local Sahaja Yogi: These are the ladies from Columbia….. [21:01] (Spanish interpretation).

Shri Mataji: I have given you, no? Come. 

And She presents the gift to one more Sahaj yogini.

Presents distribution is completed and Shri Mataji again starts talking to the Sahajis.

Shri Mataji: I have given this to take it because it is to first understand the responsibilities. (Spanish interpretation). We have some very great Sahaja Yogis in the world. (Spanish interpretation). And I want all of you, all the ladies of Columbia, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay and also from your country to be good ladies. (Spanish interpretation). With sweet and nice and sensible, wise. (Spanish interpretation). Best way is to be smiling. (Spanish interpretation). Thank you! (Spanish interpretation)

Shri Mataji then receives the presents brought by the Sahaja Yogis. She is presented a necklace by one of the Sahaja Yogini. (Spanish interpretation).

Shri Mataji while admiring the necklace and appreciating it: How many things you brought? Thank You. 

Another Sahaja Yogini presents a beautiful painting. (Spanish interpretation)

Shri Mataji while looking at the painting: Thank you very much.  

Other Sahaja Yogis offering a shawl to Shri Mataji and one more present.

Shri Mataji: Yes, I know. (Spanish interpretation). And everyone starts laughing.

Local Sahaj Yogi: She is Mariana from [..35:17]

Another Sahaja Yogi brings table cloth. 

Shri Mataji: You have done it?

Sahaja Yogini: No my aunt. (Spanish interpretation)

Shri Mataji opens the cloth and looks at it. 

One more Sahaja Yogi comes forward and gifts Her a statue. (Spanish interpretation).

Shri Mataji looking at the statue: Very good I must say. Done very well. They are all artist (Spanish interpretation) .[36:05] May God Bless you.

Shri Mataji in Marathi to her assistant Yogi: Its done very beautifully.

Sahaja Yogi explaining one more present given to Shri Mataji: This is piece of art done with paraffin. 

Shri Mataji: Honeycomb

Laughter all around.

Shri Mataji: Thank you!

Shri Mataji receives one more fur cloth piece and looks at it turning around: Thank you very much! Thank you, Aasan.. In Sanskrit we call Aasan. We use for seat. 

Sahaja Yogi translates for all in Spanish about meaning of Aasan. (Spanish interpretation)

Another Sahaja Yogi opens a present of a delicate thread work table cloth at the Lotus feet of Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji looks forward and bends and picks it with admiration

Shri Mataji: Ooh!

Sahaja Yogi : Her grandmother made it

Shri Mataji while looking at it all around and the details of hand work: Very pretty. Thank you very much. Thank you. One more Sahaja Yogi comes forward and gives a shawl. (Spanish interpretation)

Sahaja Yogi: She made it

Shri Mataji smells the cloth and ask the coordinator to smell it as well. (Spanish interpretation). Shri Mataji sees the cloth all around and over. (Spanish interpretation).

Shri Mataji: She didn’t put any scent? It has good smell. (Spanish interpretation)

Local Sahaja Yogi: It’s a table cloth….[39:26]

Sahaja Yogi in Hindi: It’s the body perfume. 

Sahaja Yogis start singing songs for Shri Mataji in Spanish. (Spanish interpretation). Shri Mataji claps at the end of the song with all other Sahaja Yogis. 

Shri Mataji: I  am thinking of having a group of Sahaja Yogis from a kind of a (asking in Marathi to an Indian Sahaja Yogi, what is called?) troupe on the stage.

Local Sahaja Yogi: In America?

Shri Mataji nods Her Head: In America

Sahaja Yogi: He is coming to America in January with entire choir

Shri Mataji: I am going now

Sahaja Yogi: No he is coming in January

Shri Mataji: That’s all right. But I will tell them about it. (Spanish interpretation). If you come and stay for some days it is better. I am going to America(Spanish interpretation 

Shri Mataji: After the…. (Spanish interpretation). [43:11]

Argentina Sahaja Yogis start the music. (Spanish interpretation).

Shri Mataji in Marathi to the Indian Sahaja Yogi : He plays instruments very beautifully. (Spanish interpretation).

Sahaja Yogi after completing the Spanish song: One song in English

Shri Mataji nods her Head in approval.

Sahaja Yogi: Shri Mataji I can, Shri Mataji (laughter all around), I will first say the words of this song and then sing. The song says, “There is something, I want to say and I hope that you can feel it. There is a Universe within lying in every human being just waiting to arise. (Spanish interpretation). If you are searching Eternity and you want to get it in reality, then you are a special man who has come on the right time to be born again.  There is a birth of evolution. And today is the day of revolution. The revolution from inside and all the mysteries of life today you reveal. 

And then he says, you may ask me How this is possible? You may ask me why today? this is Heaven on Earth, you will feel it for yourself. 

Then the songs start with Shri Mataji listening to it with concentration. 

Singer starts singing:

“There is something, I want to say and I hope that you can feel it. 

There is a Universe within lying in every human being just waiting to arise. 

If you are searching Eternity and you want to get it in reality 

Then you are a special man who has come on the right time to be born again.  

There is a birth of evolution. And today is the day of revolution. 

 Revolution from inside and all the mysteries of life today you reveal.

(You may ask me how this is possible? You may ask me why today? This is the Heaven on Earth, you will feel it for yourself).X 2

 [Song Repeats twice]. 

Video Ends.